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The talented English singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse captured the hearts and ears of music enthusiasts around the world back in 2002. Sadly, in 2011, her tragic death left a void in the music industry.

Though her soulful contralto vocals and unique style will continue to live on in her work, fans still yearn for music similar to what she had showcased.

In this post, we’ll explore 13 amazing singers like Amy Winehouse, who each carved their own identity while channeling that unmistakable Winehouse vibe. When you’re ready for a musical journey, read on!

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1. Adele

With a voice that resonates with power and soul, similar to Amy Winehouse’s style, British singer-songwriter Adele has captivated audiences worldwide.

Adele rose to fame with her debut album, 19, which featured hits like “Chasing Pavements” and “Hometown Glory.” Her subsequent albums, 21 and 25, gained the singer multiple Grammys. Other songs worth checking out are “Hello,” “Rolling in the Deep,” and “Someone Like You.”

Adele’s immense success has resulted in her becoming one of the best-selling music artists worldwide, with over 120 million records sold. Fans of Amy Winehouse will appreciate Adele’s emotive lyrics that often delve into themes of heartbreak, loss, and self-discovery.

2. Duffy

If you’re a fan of Amy Winehouse, chances are you’ll love the soulful voice and retro sound of Duffy. The music of this Welsh singer-songwriter is characterized by her powerful vocals and vintage-inspired style reminiscent of classic 1960s pop.

Moreover, similar to Winehouse’s fusion of jazz, R&B, and pop elements, Duffy’s blend of contemporary lyrics with nostalgic melodies creates an irresistible combination that fans can’t get enough of.

Duffy rose to fame with her debut album Rockferry in 2008. Its single “Mercy” was a smash hit, topping charts in five countries, including the UK. Over the years, she’s received numerous awards for her work, including three BRIT Awards and a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album for Rockferry.

3. Joss Stone

With her soulful voice and captivating performances, British singer-songwriter Joss Stone gained fame through her debut album, The Soul Sessions, back in 2003. This remarkable record showcased her talent for covering classic soul songs and garnered numerous accolades, including two BRIT Awards.

Following this, Joss released several more successful albums, such as UK chart-topper Mind Body & Soul and Billboard 200 second-placer Introducing Joss Stone. These solidified her position in the music industry.

Her chart-topping hits, like “Spoiled,” “You Had Me,” and “Right to Be Wrong,” have resonated with fans of both classic soul and contemporary R&B, contributing to her impressive record sales of over 15 million worldwide.

Notably, Stone shares a common thread with the late Amy Winehouse, as both artists possess a remarkable ability to infuse their music with the soulful essence of classic soul while adding their unique contemporary flair.

4. Lana Del Rey

In 2011, American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey made a significant impact with her debut single “Video Games,” which propelled her to widespread recognition. This success was further solidified with the release of her critically acclaimed album Born to Die.

Fans of Amy Winehouse will find themselves drawn to Lana Del Rey’s emotive vocal delivery and her captivating retro-inspired style. Similar to Winehouse, Del Rey explores themes of romance, heartache, and self-destructive tendencies in her music, inviting listeners into a world of raw emotions.

Moreover, Del Rey’s incorporation of jazz and soul elements in her songs echoes the musical landscape that Winehouse also embraced, adding an extra layer of connection between the two artists.

5. Florence Welch

With a powerful and soulful voice that draws comparisons to Amy Winehouse, Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence + the Machine, has made a significant impact on the music scene.

Her rise to fame began with the release of her band’s debut album Lungs in 2009, which contains unforgettable hits like “Dog Days Are Over” and “You’ve Got the Love.” Since then, Florence has continued to enchant audiences with several successful albums, including Ceremonials and Dance Fever.

Florence’s music transcends genres, blending indie rock, pop, and soul influences into a captivating sound. Like Winehouse, she fearlessly delves into matters of love, heartache, and self-discovery, creating songs that resonate deeply with listeners.

Through her artistry, Florence has carved out her own distinct musical path while evoking a similar level of emotional depth and connection that made Amy Winehouse an iconic figure.

6. Paloma Faith

The talented British singer-songwriter Paloma Faith has a captivating presence and a voice that truly stands out. With her unique blend of soulful sound and pop sensibilities, she has carved her own path in the music industry.

Faith first made her mark with her debut album, Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? in 2009, which showcased her powerful vocals and featured hits like “Stone Cold Sober” and “New York.” Since then, she has continued to release successful albums like Fall to Grace and The Architect, further solidifying her artistry.

Faith’s expressive delivery and heartfelt performances bear a resemblance to the late Amy Winehouse’s style. Like Winehouse, Faith has a knack for infusing her music with soulful elements and raw emotions. Both artists share a gift for storytelling through their lyrics, exploring themes of love, heartache, and personal struggles.

7. Macy Gray

Known for her distinctive raspy voice and soulful music style reminiscent of Amy Winehouse’s sound, Macy Gray is an American singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the late 1990s.

Her debut album, On How Life Is, became a breakthrough success. One of the standout tracks from the album was the hit single “I Try,” which reached high positions on music charts and became a defining song of Gray’s career.

Gray has released multiple albums throughout her career, selling over 25 million records worldwide. Some of her other popular songs include “Sweet Baby,” “Do Something,” and “Still.”

8. Norah Jones

Renowned for her melodic, jazz-infused tunes and captivating vocal timbre, Norah Jones made a significant impact with the release of her debut album, Come Away with Me. Its success earned her an impressive eight Grammy Awards, including the coveted Album of the Year accolade.

Among the standout tracks that garnered widespread recognition for Jones are “Don’t Know Why” and “Sunrise.” These soulful songs resonated with audiences, showcasing her emotive delivery and songwriting prowess.

Jones’ music often features piano melodies accompanied by alluring vocals reminiscent of Amy Winehouse’s jazz-influenced style. Their contributions to contemporary music continue to resonate with audiences, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

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9. Corinne Bailey Rae

Let’s head back across the pond and shine the spotlight on the British singer Corinne Bailey Rae. She burst onto the music scene with her self-titled debut album in 2006, which quickly became a sensation. It showcased her incredible talent and featured the popular hits “Put Your Records On” and “Like a Star.”

Rae’s music often showcases her jazz influences combined with elements of R&B and pop. Her sultry vocals have drawn comparisons to Amy Winehouse. In addition, she has a penchant for exploring the emotional complexities of love and grief through her music.

Beyond her solo work, Rae has collaborated with various musicians, such as Marcus Miller on the song “Free” and Herbie Hancock on his rendition of Joni Mitchell’s “River,” demonstrating her ability to connect and harmonize with other artists.

10. Sharon Jones

The esteemed artist Sharon Jones was an American soul and funk singer known for her powerful and dynamic vocal performances. Born in 1956, Jones began her music career in the 1970s but achieved widespread recognition much later in her life.

Jones and her band, The Dap-Kings, gained prominence in the early 2000s with their revivalist approach to soul and funk music. Their sound harked back to the golden era of soul music, reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s. They released several critically acclaimed albums, like Give the People What They Want and 100 Days, 100 Nights.

Similar to Amy Winehouse, Jones possessed an undeniable talent for channeling the raw and emotive qualities of soul music. Both artists drew inspiration from the rich traditions of soul, infusing their music with authenticity and a deep-rooted passion.

11. Beth Ditto

Born Mary Beth Patterson in 1981, this singer adopted the stage name Beth Ditto for her music career. As the lead vocalist of the indie rock band Gossip, Ditto gained recognition for her unique style, outspoken personality, powerful voice, and unapologetic presence.

Ditto’s band Gossip released their breakthrough album, Standing in the Way of Control, in 2006. The album’s title track became a hit, resonating with listeners through its empowering message and infectious energy.

In addition to her work with Gossip, Ditto has ventured into a successful solo career. Her debut solo album, Fake Sugar, was released in 2017 and showcased her versatility as an artist.

Similar to Amy Winehouse, Ditto possesses a unique vocal style and a talent for infusing soulful elements into her music. Additionally, they share a fearlessness in expressing their individuality and challenging societal norms, making them influential figures in their respective genres.

12. Rumer

Next up we have another British singer-songwriter. The Pakistan-born artist Rumer has been compared to the likes of Adele and Amy Winehouse for her voice and heartfelt lyrics.

Rumer got her start in music as a backing vocalist before releasing her debut album, Seasons of My Soul, in 2010. The album was critically acclaimed and earned her nominations for several awards, including the BRIT Awards.

Her music is heavily influenced by classic pop and soul from the ’60s and ’70s, with lush orchestral arrangements that showcase her stunning vocals. Some of her biggest hits include “Slow,” “Aretha,” and “Dangerous.”

13. Emeli Sandé

Completing this list is the Scottish singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé, whose musical journey shares some similarities with the late Amy Winehouse.

Sandé made a significant impact on the music scene with her breakthrough debut album, Our Version of Events, released in 2012. This album features the hits “Next to Me” and “Heaven.”

Similar to Winehouse, Sandé possesses a soulful and emotive voice that captures the essence of her deeply personal lyrics, with her songs often exploring themes of love, heartbreak, resilience, and self-discovery.

In addition to her solo work, Sandé has collaborated with various artists, like Professor Green on the track “Read All About It” and Labrinth on the ballad “Beneath Your Beautiful,” demonstrating her ability to create harmonious and emotionally resonant duets.

Summing Up Our List Of Singers Like Amy Winehouse

We hope you have enjoyed these incredible artists that have so much in common with the amazing Amy Winehouse. Though similar, each one is uniquely different in how they bring their own flavors to the musical table.

Add them to your playlist to fully enjoy their work. For sure, you’ll be singing along to their music in no time!

Have we missed an artist that should be on this list? Let us know, and we’ll add them for you!

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