Grade 1 Music Theory PDF Worksheets Pack

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This is a digital download of our Grade 1 Music Theory Worksheets Pack, which contains 330+ exercises to help you or your students practice the fundamentals of music theory.

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Are you looking for resources to practice the basics of music theory?

Look no further than our Grade 1 Music Theory Worksheet Pack.

With hundreds of exercises covering all the fundamentals, this pack of worksheets will help you or your students master and apply the foundations of music theory.

Based on the ABRSM Grade 1 Music Theory syllabus, this pack of 40+ pages of worksheets covers everything you need to know at grade 1, including:

  • Notes and time values
  • Time signatures
  • The staff
  • Clefs
  • Rests
  • Tied and dotted notes
  • Accidentals
  • Intervals
  • Scales
  • Intervals
  • Chords
  • And more!

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“I started studying piano last week and amongst the search for resources and worksheets for grade 1 onwards I came across Hello Music Theory.
I must say the resources are fantastic, with loads of useful material (the answers to check your work is a big bonus). Highly recommended!”

Kenneth Formosa – Student, Malta

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As a music teacher, I can see that these really help students practice in their own time away from their tutor. A great find!”

Craig Gamble – Teacher, UK

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Rebecca Raw – Teacher, UK