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40+ Printable PDF Worksheets to Help You or Your Students Master the Circle of Fifths

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The circle of fifths is one of the most important concepts in music theory.

It helps students understand major scales, minor scales, keys, key signatures, intervals, relative minors, chord progressions, cadences.

The list is long…

So, being able to write one out from memory is crucial for every music student, whatever stage they are at.

To help our students, we put together this Circle Of Fifths Worksheet Pack to help them truly internalize it and unlock all the amazing benefits it has in music theory.

And we’re happy to now offer them to you (or your students) too!

Whether they’re learning about key signatures in the alto or tenor clefs or just want to understand the relationship between keys in the treble clef, we’ve got a worksheet for you.


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Dan Farrant

Dan Farrant, the founder of, studied at the Royal Academy of Music and has been teaching music theory for over 15 years. During that time, he has helped hundreds of thousands of students to learn music theory.

From teaching so many students, he noticed that they often face the same challenges when it comes to music theory. So, he put together these worksheets to help students get to grips with such an important topic as the circle of fifths.


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“An excellent resource for music teachers, students, or for a beginner dipping their toes into the murky waters of Music Theory! Dan’s worksheets are clean, easy to read, precise, and very well laid out. My students are really enjoying them. A great find!”

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“I started studying piano last week, and during the search for resources and worksheets, I came across Hello Music Theory.
I must say the resources are fantastic, with loads of useful material (the answers to check your work is a big bonus). Highly recommended!”

Kenneth F – Student, Malta

“These worksheets have saved me so much time. I would have spent HOURS making them. It is well-designed and simple, and my students love them. A great product.”

Jennifer S – Student, US

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