13 Amazing Singers Like Norah Jones: Similar Artists

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Norah Jones, a renowned American singer-songwriter and pianist, has captivated millions of fans worldwide with her soulful voice and unique blend of jazz-infused melodies.

As a multi-award-winning artist who’s sold over 50 million records, it is no surprise that music lovers continually seek similar talents to grace their playlists.

If you love Norah Jones and want to find some singers like her, then keep reading. In this post, we’re going to look at 13 amazing singers like Norah Jones that you’re sure to love. Let’s get started.

Norah Jones by Jeff Drongowski (CC BY 2.0)

1. Diana Krall

With her contralto voice, renowned Canadian jazz pianist Diana Krall has made her mark in the music industry with over 15 million records sold worldwide. Born into a musical family in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, in 1964, she developed an undeniable passion for jazz from a young age.

Listening to Diana Krall’s elegant piano playing paired with her sultry voice captivates audiences around the globe. While studio albums are undeniably enjoyable, it’s important to note that experiencing Krall’s live performances showcases an even more profound understanding of her artistry—much like one would say about Norah Jones’ concerts.

With eight albums debuting at #1 on the Billboard Top Jazz Albums chart, Diana Krall has solidified herself as an extraordinary musician and a powerful influence on other up-and-coming artists within the jazz realm. Jones fans should really give her music a try!

2. Katie Melua

Born in Kutaisi and raised in both Belfast and London, Katie Melua is a talented Georgian-British singer-songwriter with a unique musical style. Her soulful voice and soothing melodies have often drawn comparisons to Norah Jones, making her an artist that fans of Jones should check out.

Katie Melua has expressed her desire to be recognized for her music rather than labeled as the “new Norah Jones.” Yet she has successfully gained recognition by producing chart-topping albums like Piece by Piece, showcasing her skillful combination of jazz, pop, and folk influences.

The album contains her greatest hit, “Nine Million Bicycles,” which peaked at #5 on the UK Singles chart. Fans of Norah Jones can undoubtedly find comfort in discovering new music from similar artists like Katie Melua.

3. Melody Gardot

The gifted American jazz singer Melody Gardot has captivated audiences with her unique blend of jazz fusion and music that speaks to the soul. Gardot’s musical preferences range from traditional jazz standards to more contemporary styles, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Influenced by iconic singers like Cassandra Wilson and Nina Simone, Gardot has carved out a niche in the music industry. Like Norah Jones’ soothing vocals and heartfelt lyrics, listeners can quickly draw parallels between these talented artists.

Gardot’s discography includes several highly regarded albums, such as My One and Only Thrill, The Absence, and Currency of Man. Each album showcases her growth as an artist and her willingness to explore different musical directions while staying true to her unique sound.

4. Madeleine Peyroux

American singer-songwriter Madeleine Peyroux is a unique artist combining folk music, jazz standards, and bluesy torch songs. Her voice has captivated audiences worldwide, earning her comparisons to legends like Billie Holiday and Bessie Smith.

Peyroux first gained popularity in 2004 with the release of her album Careless Love, which was heavily influenced by jazz buskers in Paris’ Latin Quarter, where she began performing at an early age. Since then, she’s continued to release stunning albums that showcase her vocal prowess and songwriting abilities.

Peyroux should be on your radar if you like Norah Jones’ sultry vocals and laid-back style. Not only are their voices similar in tone, but they both have a knack for infusing their music with personal stories and emotions that truly connect with listeners.

5. Dido

Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong—or Dido, as you probably know her—is a British singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the early 2000s with her debut album, No Angel. Her music has a similar mellow and soothing quality to Norah Jones, making her an excellent recommendation for fans of the genre.

Some popular tracks by Dido include “Thank You,” “White Flag,” and “Here with Me.” Her music has sold millions of copies worldwide, including physical albums and digital downloads.

Many of her songs have also been featured in movies, like “If I Rise” in the film 127 Hours and “Everything to Lose” in Sex in the City 2, giving her popularity a boost and expanding her reach beyond her dedicated fan base.

6. Eva Cassidy

Soprano singer-songwriter and guitarist Eva Cassidy became well-known for her unique interpretations of jazz, folk, and blues music. With her stunning vocal range and skillful acoustic guitar playing, she quickly gained a dedicated following among fans who appreciated her musical interpretation.

Cassidy’s musical journey was unfortunately cut short, as she tragically passed away at the young age of 33 due to melanoma. Although she gained little mainstream recognition during her lifetime, Eva Cassidy’s posthumous success is a testament to the timeless quality of her music.

Following the release of her compilation album Songbird in 1998, her exquisite renditions of songs like “Over the Rainbow” and “Fields of Gold” garnered widespread acclaim. The album gained international attention and became a commercial success, earning Cassidy a devoted fan base that continues to grow to this day.

7. Stacey Kent

Renowned for her mesmerizing voice, Stacey Kent has risen to global prominence as an American jazz singer, establishing herself as one of the foremost contemporary vocalists in the genre.

Originating from New Jersey, Kent’s roots lie in a musically inclined family, and her passion for singing blossomed from an early age. Her vocal prowess has garnered praise and drawn favorable comparisons to acclaimed jazz artists like Norah Jones, Diana Krall, and Madeleine Peyroux.

With a repertoire that showcases both original compositions and reinterpretations of beloved jazz standards, Kent’s music effortlessly blends traditional jazz elements with a contemporary sensibility.

Notable albums include Breakfast on the Morning Tram, The Changing Lights, and I Know I Dream. These records helped cement her position as a highly respected figure in the world of jazz.

8. Lisa Hannigan

Recognized for her extraordinary talent, Lisa Hannigan stands as an exceptional Irish singer and songwriter, drawing comparisons to the likes of Norah Jones. Her music beautifully weaves together elements of folk and indie, creating a distinctive and captivating sound that has garnered widespread acclaim.

Hannigan first gained prominence as the backing vocalist and guitarist for Damien Rice, with whom she collaborated on his critically acclaimed album O in 2002 and 9 in 2006.

However, it was Hannigan’s solo career that truly allowed her to showcase her own artistic vision. Her debut album, Sea Sew, released in 2008, garnered widespread praise. Tracks like “Lille” and “I Don’t Know” became fan favorites, solidifying her position as a rising star in the music industry.

9. John Mayer

Born in 1977, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, singer-songwriter and guitarist John Mayer has made a significant impact on the music industry, rising to fame in the early 2000s with his soulful blend of pop, rock, and blues.

Mayer’s musical talent is characterized by his exceptional guitar skills and his smooth, emotive vocals. His debut album, Room for Squares, in 2001, which featured hits like “Your Body Is a Wonderland” and “No Such Thing,” placed him firmly in the spotlight as fans adored his work.

His subsequent albums, such as Continuum in 2006 and Battle Studies in 2009, further solidified his success, showcasing his versatility and growth as an artist.

Fans of Norah Jones may appreciate John Mayer’s work for several reasons. Both artists possess a talent for crafting introspective songs that touch on themes of love and self-reflection. While their musical styles differ, Mayer’s blend of blues and jazz elements can provide a similar sense of warmth found in Jones’ music.

10. Feist

Canadian singer-songwriter Feist gained popularity in the early 2000s with her hit song “1234.” With her smooth vocals and folk-pop sound, many fans of Norah Jones will enjoy Feist’s music.

Other tracks like “Mushaboom” and “I Feel It All” have also become fan favorites, exemplifying Feist’s knack for combining heartfelt storytelling with catchy melodies.

One of Feist’s most distinctive qualities as a vocalist is her dynamic range. Whether delivering soft and gentle verses or belting out powerful choruses, she always conveys emotion with ease.

If you’re a fan of Norah Jones’ laid-back vibe and soothing melodies but also appreciate some experimentation in your music choices, give Feist a listen. 

11. Lizz Wright

Renowned for her soulful music that seamlessly blends jazz, gospel, blues, and folk, Lizz Wright emerges as a gifted singer-songwriter. Hailing from Georgia, USA, Lizz’s deep-rooted love for music blossomed in her formative years, singing within the nurturing environment of church choirs.

Wright’s musical journey gained momentum with the release of her debut album, Salt, in 2003. The album showcased her rich and resonant voice. Tracks like “Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly” and “Soon as I Get Home” captivated audiences, introducing the world to Wright’s extraordinary talent.

Drawing parallels to Norah Jones is warranted due to the artists’ shared musical influences and the ability to create an engaging and evocative sound. From her early days singing in church choirs to her celebrated albums, Wright continues to captivate listeners with her heartfelt and soul-stirring music.

12. Jamie Cullum

The British musician Jamie Cullum has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the contemporary music scene with his undeniable talent and charismatic performances.

With a musical background rooted in jazz, Cullum’s journey began when he first laid hands on a piano at a young age, which propelled him to study music and hone his skills.

Cullum’s discography boasts a collection of popular hits that have resonated with fans worldwide. Songs like “Frontin'” and “Everlasting Love” shows his ability to craft unforgettable melodies and deliver them with his signature blend of soulful vocals and virtuosic piano playing.

Fans of Norah Jones may also find themselves drawn to Jamie Cullum’s music. Like Jones, Cullum infuses his performances with soulful sensibilities. His jazz background adds a unique flavor to his compositions, creating a dynamic sound that is both captivating and accessible.

13. Mélanie De Biasio

Our last music artist, Belgian singer and composer Mélanie De Biasio has been favorably compared to Norah Jones due to her music, which is characterized by its blend of jazz, blues, and soulful vocals.

Though she had good success with her earlier albums, De Biasio’s 2016 and 2017 albums (Blackened Cities and Lilies, respectively) pushed her to greater fame as they peaked in the top 10 of Belgium’s charts.

Whether you’re a longtime lover of jazz music or simply looking for something new to add to your playlist rotation, Mélanie De Biasio is an artist worth exploring.

Summing Up Our List Of Singers Like Norah Jones

That’s it for this post; we hope you enjoyed our selection of artists. As you can see, if you’ve listened to any of the videos above, singers like Melody Gardot, Lisa Hannigan, Jamie Cullum, and others share a musical style reminiscent of Norah Jones. Their exceptional vocal abilities, diverse influences, and heartfelt performances captivate audiences worldwide.

Fans of Norah Jones will enjoy exploring the soulful arrangements of these men and women. Their talents, like Jones, can connect with listeners on a deep emotional level, offering a rich tapestry of timeless and heartfelt music to be cherished.

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