Hello Music Theory was started back in 2014 by Dan Farrant to help more people learn music theory and pass their theory exams.

Dan is a music teacher and musician who studied music at The Royal Academy of Music in London and wanted to find an outlet to share all the worksheets and teaching materials he was making for his students.

Most of the learn music theory online websites were either really hard to use, very dated or contained wrong information so this was another incentive to start this site.

Our goal is to be the goto place on the internet to learn music theory. We want to help teachers by providing awesome teaching materials and also to provide easy to understand teaching instructions for those who are learning by themselves.

Hello From Dan

Hi, I’m Dan. I’m 31 and I live in Surrey in the UK. I’ve been a musician for over 20 years. I play the piano, guitar and the double bass which I studied at the Royal Academy of Music between 2008 and 2012.

I’ve been teaching music for the last 10 years both privately and at schools in London as well as working as a professional musician.

Sadly though, I injured my back towards the end of my degree and so had to stop playing. But, I still wanted to still be involved with music without causing myself any more injuries. So I started Hello Music Theory to help students and teachers out with resources and share my passion for music. I hope you find it useful.

How To Support Hello Music Theory

If you’ve enjoyed using the free resources we have and would like to support us in this project, then you can do so in a few different ways.

Firstly, you can purchase some of our practice exams, pdf worksheet packs or study guides. It helps us keep all the cogs turning.

Secondly, you can share this website with a friend. So far this site has grown pretty much entirely by word of mouth so if you can put a link on your website, share on facebook or tweet on twitter, we’d be really grateful.

Lastly, you can send us a message saying what you like (or don’t like) about the site. We’d love to hear from you!