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A 5 Book Series of PDF Study Guides to Teach You Everything You Need to Know for Grades 1 – 5


A Complete Guide To Music Theory Series

When you purchase A Complete Guide To Grades 1 – 5 Music Theory, you instantly get access to 5 PDF guides.

You can download them to your device or print them off as many times as you need.

PRICE: $15

A Complete Guide To Grade 1 Music Theory

Book 1 starts off with the fundamentals, giving you a solid foundation in the language of music theory.

From understanding basic building blocks of music like notes, their time values, and how they’re represented on the staff to the complexities of time signatures and keys.

Then, we move on to tied and dotted notes, rests, accidentals, scales, chords, intervals, and tips for clear musical notation. This book will equip you with everything you need to build a strong foundation of music theory knowledge.


PRICE: $15

A Complete Guide To Grade 2 Music Theory

Our second book builds on the foundations from Grade 1 and introduces some new topics.

Here, you’ll learn about some new time signatures, explore the nuances of triplets, and discover the minor scale as well as major keys with up to three sharps or flats.

We also introduce melodic and harmonic intervals, such as relative keys, and some new performance directions.


PRICE: $15

A Complete Guide To Grade 3 Music Theory

On to Grade 3 where we’ll learn about some more advanced concepts like simple and compound meter time signatures, converting between them, and thirty-second notes or demisemiquavers as they’re also known.

Then, we’ll continue to expand your repertoire of scales, introducing major and minor scales with up to four sharps or flats and the melodic minor scale.

You’ll also learn about interval qualities, transposing up and down an octave, and musical phrases.


PRICE: $15

A Complete Guide To Grade 4 Music Theory

The penultimate book in our series, Grade 4, deepens your understanding of music theory with some more complex musical elements.

You’ll learn about double whole notes, duplets, the alto clef, and double accidentals. We’ll also cover major and minor scales with up to five sharps or flats, augmented and diminished intervals, the technical names of scale degrees, and primary triad chords.

And to finish, you’ll learn about ornaments, standard orchestral instruments, and some new performance directions.


PRICE: $15

A Complete Guide To Grade 5 Music Theory

Next is Grade 5, the last book in our series. Here, we’ll put everything together and learn some more advanced music theory.

In this book, you’ll learn about irregular time signatures like 5/8 and 7/4, irregular time divisions such as quintuplets and nonuplets, and keys with up to six sharps or flats.

The book also introduces the tenor clef and cadences, dives deeper into transposition, and expands your knowledge of intervals by introducing compound intervals up to 15ths.


PRICE: $75 $49

A Complete Guide To Music Theory Bundle

Or, for those of you who want to save some money, we have the bundle of all five books. If you were to buy them individually, it would cost $75. But, currently, we have a special offer where you can save over 33% and get all five books for only $49!


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Dan Farrant

Dan Farrant, the founder of, studied at the Royal Academy of Music and has been teaching music theory for over 15 years. During that time, he has helped hundreds of thousands of students to learn music theory.

From teaching so many students, he noticed that they often face the same challenges when it comes to music theory. So, he put together these guides to address those challenges, providing a comprehensive resource that guides students through the essential concepts and techniques necessary to succeed in the ABRSM music theory exams.


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“A game-changer! The explanations are clear, the examples are practical, and the guide is structured in a way that makes learning enjoyable.

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Whenever you purchase one of our resources, you get two copies. One with British terms like crotchets and semitones, and another with US terminology like quarter notes and half steps.

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Still Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Q. What Music Theory Syllabus Are These for?

These books are specifically written with the ABRSM Grades 1 – 5 Music Theory syllabus in mind. But they’re perfect for beginners and will give you a good fundamental knowledge of music theory whether you’re taking an exam or not.

Q. Do You Sell Physical Copies?

Sadly, not yet. Currently, they are a digital download only. This is something that we’re looking into for the future. Sign up to our newsletter for updates.

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Absolutely. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just let us know why you don’t like them, and if we can’t make it right, we’ll refund you 100% of your money.

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