25 Of The Best Songs That Start With The Letter X

Written by Dan Farrant

The world of music is vast, and songs beginning with “X” are like hidden gems. Finding these songs can be an exciting challenge. It’s like going on a treasure hunt through your music library or streaming device.

The songs on this list may not be the first to come to mind when you think of popular tracks. But believe us when we say that they have their unique charm and appeal.

Today, we are bringing you 25 of the best songs that start with the letter “X.” Read on and discover fresh sounds and perspectives that might have been overlooked.

1. “Xanadu” By Olivia Newton-John

For our first song today, let’s go back in time to 1980, when “Xanadu” by Olivia Newton-John was released. Jeff Lynne of the rock band Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) penned the song for the 1980 movie Xanadu.

Xanadu is described as a utopian dreamland. The song’s upbeat tempo and enchanting lyrics invite listeners to envision this place where everything is ideal.

In addition, “Xanadu” encapsulates the idea of a perfect paradise where love and joy abound. Despite the film not performing well, the song has become synonymous with the idea of an idyllic haven.

2. “X Marks The Spot” By Coldplay

Our next song on the list is considered a ghost track in Coldplay‘s album A Head Full of Dreams. Released in 2015, “X Marks the Spot” is a blend of mystery and discovery.

The title suggests a quest or search for something valuable. It embodies the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures or truths.

In our list of songs beginning with “X,” this one by Coldplay stands out due to its secretive placement on the album. Essentially, it captures the exploration and the unexpected joy found in discovering something new.

3. “XO” By Beyonce

With its message of universal love and connection, Beyoncé‘s “XO” deserves a spot on our list. It was released in 2013 from her self-titled fifth album.

At its core, “XO” explores the depths of a romantic relationship. Its chorus uses the simple but profound symbols “X” and “O” for kisses and hugs, an expression of love and affection.

In essence, “XO” stands out with its powerful example of cherishing our loved ones. It weaves together themes of love, loss, and remembrance, making it a memorable piece on our list of “X”-starting songs.

4. “X” By Chris Brown

The multifaceted track “X” by Chris Brown is a blend of R&B and soul, complemented by a dance beat. Released in 2014, it was included in the album of the same name.

The song’s title is rich in meaning. First, it represents the Roman numeral for 10, marking a decade of Brown’s music career. Second, “X” refers to an unnamed ex-girlfriend, which adds a layer of personal reflection.

In essence, “X” is a celebration of a milestone and a nod to a past relationship. This duality in the song’s meaning imbues a sense of introspection and evolution.

5. “X” By Tinashe Ft. Jeremih

Released in 2022, “X” is a collaboration between singer-songwriters Tinashe and Jeremih. The blend of R&B and pop elements makes the song a vibrant addition to our list.

The song’s title symbolizes mystery and exploration. It aligns with the song’s theme of seeking out and discovering love’s hidden treasures. Tinashe and Jeremih invite their listeners into a world of romantic pursuit and playful interaction.

“X” is not just a title but a representation of the quest for connection and intimacy. It stands out for its energetic rhythm and engaging narrative.

6. “Xscape” By Michael Jackson

From Michael Jackson‘s 2014 posthumous album comes “Xscape.” The song was intended to be included in his final album before his death. However, it didn’t make the cut.

“Xscape” delves into themes of desiring freedom and breaking away from confining situations. The narrator desires to escape from the pressures and expectations of the outside world. Unsurprisingly, it reflects Jackson’s experience of struggling with fame and the media.

“Xscape” is particularly notable for its exploration of personal themes through the lens of pop music. It invites listeners to reflect on their own desires for freedom and escape from constraints.

7. “X-M@$” By Corey Taylor

Christmas is still far away, but we couldn’t resist adding “X-M@$” by Corey Taylor to our list. Released in 2010, this song is an unconventional take on holiday music.

Unlike other Christmas songs, “X-M@$” injects a dose of reality and humor into the narrative. Taylor addresses the commercialization of Christmas and the overwhelming pressures that come with the holiday season.

In our list, “X-M@$” carves out a special niche for blending the spirit of Christmas with a punk-rock attitude. Its use of the letter “X” in the title cleverly plays on the abbreviation for Christmas, adding depth and diversity to our list.

8. “Xanny” By Billie Eilish

From Billie Eilish‘s album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? comes “Xanny.” It delves into the serious issue of drug use among youth.

In particular, the song is about the recreational misuse of Xanax, a prescription medication. Eilish’s candid and reflective lyrics serve as commentary on the normalization of drug culture in society.

At its core, “Xanny” sends a message of caution and awareness. It serves as a statement on personal well-being and the value of sobriety.

9. “XXX” By Kendrick Lamar Ft. U2

Up next, we have “XXX” by Kendrick Lamar, featuring U2, from his studio album Damn. It’s a look into the complexities of American society, politics, and morality.

The title itself, “XXX,” serves different purposes. One, it symbolizes the explicit content discussed in the lyrics, and two, it depicts the American dream turned into a nightmare for many.

In a broader context, “XXX” provides a thought-provoking content in a masterful execution. It goes beyond mere entertainment to challenge listeners to reflect on their own values and the reality of living in America.

10. “XO” By Kelsea Ballerini

Another vibrant addition to this list is Kelsea Ballerini‘s “XO.” It is included in her debut studio album, The First Time, released in 2015.

This upbeat track stands out in our list of songs beginning with “X.” It explores themes of moving on from past relationships and finding strength within. While other songs interpret “XO” as hugs and kisses, Ballerini’s song is different.

In particular, Ballerini uses “XO” to signify the end of a chapter and the start of something new. It’s the perfect anthem for anyone who wants to leave heartbreak behind and embrace growth.

11. “X” By Jonas Brothers Ft. Karol G

Featuring Karol G, we have “X” by the Jonas Brothers. This collaboration appears in the album Latino Hits 2021.

Thematically, “X” is about living in the moment and the excitement of a new love. It invites listeners to embrace the spontaneity of romantic connections.

This vibrant track marks a significant moment in the Jonas Brothers’ journey as a band. It showcases their evolution from teen pop sensations to mature artists, and with Columbian singer Karol G, the blend of English and Spanish verses creates a dynamic musical experience.

12. “X-Static Process” By Madonna

From Madonna‘s album American Life comes “X-Static Process,” a deeply personal track. Other songs leverage the letter “X” for its mysterious connotations. This one by Madonna carries an introspective and emotional depth.

This track explores themes of self-discovery and the search for personal and spiritual truth. The poignant narrative will resonate with listeners who are on a journey of self-examination and authenticity.

The title is a clever play to show the concept of being in an unchanged state. At the same time, it suggests a process of growth.

13. “Xplosion” By Outkast Ft. B-Real

The fourth studio album, Stankonia, by Outkast was released in 2000. One of the songs that stands out is “Xplosion,” featuring B-Real.

Right from the song title, this track carries an element of intensity and impact. Its fusion of hip-hop with funk and soul showcases Outkast’s innovative approach to music.

Thematically, “Xplosion” delves into the concept of self-expression and how it can affect the world. It explores how words can lead to change and create an explosion of ideas. It reminds us to always speak the truth and use our voices to effect positive change.

14. “X-Kid” By Green Day

Moving on, we have the poignant track “X-Kid” by the rock band Green Day. Released in 2013, “X-Kid” was penned by the band’s lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong.

This song explores themes of loss, grief, and the transition from youth to adulthood. Through emotionally charged lyrics, “X-Kid” offers a raw reflection on the unique set of circumstances that Generation X people face.

Specifically, the song captures feelings of disillusionment and the pressure of meeting societal expectations. These are themes that many listeners can definitely resonate with.

15. “X.Y.U.” By Smashing Pumpkins

Contributing to the diversity of our list is The Smashing Pumpkins‘ “X.Y.U.” It can be found on the band’s third studio album, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

What makes this song stand out is its exploration of personal turmoil and the emotions it elicits. The title “X.Y.U.” is speculated to mean “eX, whY yoU?” This hints at a confrontation and the exploration of pain and anger.

Through “X.Y.U.,” listeners are shown a visceral snapshot of human vulnerability. It invites them to an unguarded space where they can take advantage of the cathartic experience it offers.

16. “X-Static” By Foo Fighters

The rock band Foo Fighters released “X-Static” from their self-titled debut studio album. This rock anthem is characterized by gritty guitar riffs and energetic rhythm.

Like many songs in Foo Fighters, “X-Static” reflects the band’s early sound: a combination of grunge and alternative rock. Thematically, it’s about the narrator’s frustrations stemming from the fact that he can’t seem to get through to someone special.

The “static” in the title represents the energy in him. It hints at an unchanging condition and encapsulates feelings of stagnation.

17. “XXXO” By M.I.A.

Up next is the 2010 single “XXXO” from M.I.A.‘s album Maya. It’s about the complexities of identity and self-presentation in the digital age.

Specifically, “XXXO” discusses the pressure to conform to societal pressures. In this day and age, people are living through the lens of modern media. This adds pressure to what image or personas they should assume.

The title itself is a play on words. It suggests excessive sexualization in media and the sign-off that represents hugs and kisses. It highlights the contrast between genuine affection and manufactured allure.

18. “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” By DMX

The lead single to the soundtrack Cradle 2 the Grave is DMX‘s “X Gon’ Give It to Ya.” Released in 2002, this powerful anthem is about determination and assertiveness.

The song encapsulates DMX’s relentless spirit in his personal struggles and music career. In the song, he assumes his dominance in the rap scene while promising to deliver without fail.

The repeated line in the chorus, “X gon’ give it to ya,” is his rallying cry. It shows that DMX is ready to face obstacles head-on with confidence.

19. “X-Ray Man” By Liz Phair

From the Whip Smart album, singer-songwriter Liz Phair gives us “X-Ray Man.” This song is all about the complexities of a relationship lacking transparency and understanding.

The term “x-ray man” refers to someone who, despite being able to see through things, fails to understand the narrator’s deeper feelings and emotions. It suggests his superficial level of perception. He can only see the surface and not the inner turmoil of the person in front of him.

At its core, “X-Ray Man” is a commentary on one’s longing for a deeper emotional connection. In broader themes, it reflects the visibility and invisibility within personal relationships.

20. “X-Offender” By Blondie

One of the things that makes each song special on this list is the narrative. Our next song, “X-Offender” by Blondie, is about a prostitute who falls in love with the policeman arresting her.

This song provides an unconventional theme of a romantic encounter between a prostitute and a police officer. It was inspired by the real experience of the band’s lead singer, Debbie Harry, before her music career.

The song’s narrative flips traditional romantic tales on their head. It essentially presents a love story coming out of an unexpected and socially taboo situation.

21. “XOXOXO” By Black Eyed Peas

Moving on, we have “XOXOXO” by Black Eyed Peas from their The Beginning album. This upbeat track celebrates ways of expressing love and affection through digital communication.

The title, “XOXOXO,” commonly represents hugs and kisses in text messaging and social media. The song is about the nuances of expressing love and desire through digital platforms. It reflects the significance of staying connected with loved ones through available means.

In addition, the song conveys the excitement involved in a digital relationship. It highlights how technology can bring people closer together despite the physical distance.

22. “X-Ray Visions” By Clutch

Adding diversity to this list is “X-Ray Visions,” the lead single to Clutch‘s album Psychic Warfare. Released in 2015, this track is about paranoia and conspiracy theories.

The narrative revolves around a man who is on the run. He believes he is being chased by unknown forces. He finds refuge in a motel while dealing with visions and thoughts that suggest a deep-seated paranoia.

“X-Ray Visions” uses imagery and references to supernatural phenomena. These create an atmosphere of intense suspense and intrigue that make this song stand out.

23. “XO” By EDEN

Modern relationships have their own share of complexities. For instance, they sometimes accompany unreciprocated feelings and disillusionment. The Irish musician EDEN knows this too well in “XO.”

In the lyrics, the narrator’s partner is in love with the idea of their relationship, instead of the reality of it. As a result, her affections are solely based on her idealized perceptions and not on genuine emotional connection.

In essence, EDEN explores the theme of being in love with the concept of love itself in this song. It resonates with listeners who have navigated the complexities of a relationship where love is imagined and not truly shared.

24. “XS” By Rina Sawayama

Japanese-British singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama criticizes capitalism in the single “XS.” You can find this song from her 2020 debut studio album Sawayama.

The track is a critical and satirical take on consumerism and capitalism, set against the backdrop of an unstable world due to climate change. It shines a light on the irony of desiring too many material things despite the consequences that greed has on the planet.

Through “XS,” Sawayama mocks not just capitalism but the ignorance that allowed such systems to thrive. She recognizes her own participation in this culture but wants her listeners to be aware of the consequences of their desires.

25. “Xanadu” By RUSH

We have another “Xanadu” song on the list, this time from the progressive rock band Rush. The track was inspired by the poem “Kubla Khan” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

In the song, the narrator is on an adventure to find the mythical place of Xanadu. It is believed to grant eternal life. It reflects the human desire for immortality and the allure of a paradise where one can live forever.

In essence, Rush explores themes of ambition and the pursuit of an ideal in “Xanadu.” It also showcases the consequences of achieving one’s deepest desires.

Summing Up Our List Of Letter X-Starting Songs

In wrapping up, we’ve offered you a unique blend of themes and stories with our list today. These songs addressed various issues, from consumerism to human desires.

The allure in these songs is the narratives that are sometimes fantastical, often reflective, and sometimes critical of societal norms. Through the lyrics, they prompt listeners to reflect and introspect on certain issues.

And now we’ve come to the end of our post today. If you know some “X”-starting songs we’ve missed, let us know! We’ll add them for you.

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