31 Of The Best Songs About Young Love

Written by Dan Farrant

Young love is a recurring theme in literature, music, and art throughout human history. It’s a whirlwind of emotions, a rollercoaster ride of joy, excitement, fear, and uncertainty. It is so potent that it can make hearts flutter with just a shared glance or touch.

When you’re in love at a young age, everything seems perfect and every moment feels like an adventure waiting to happen.

Today, we’re presenting you with 31 of the best songs about young love. People at this age and those beyond this period in their lives will both resonate with these tracks. Let’s start!

1. “Young Love” By Air Supply

When we talk about songs with “young love” in the title, Air Supply probably comes to mind. “Young Love” is about a heartfelt exploration of the feelings associated with experiencing young love for the first time.

The song depicts the all-consuming nature of young love, where the narrator’s every thought and emotion is centered around his beloved. It embodies the excitement of initial attraction and the thrill of discovering a deep connection with someone.

In addition, “Young Love” portrays the intensity of emotions such as innocence, purity, and being deeply in love. The lyrics resonate with listeners as they remind them of their own experience of young love.

2. “Perfect” By Ed Sheeran

Our next song, “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, is a beautiful portrayal of young love that matures into a deep, lifelong relationship. The song was inspired by his wife Cherry Seaborn.

“Perfect” is a heartwarming love song that took root when they were children. It captures the essence of finding true love at a young age and how that love can grow into a strong bond as they grow older.

In the lyrics, Sheeran expresses his undying love for her as he reminisces about their shared past. He looks forward to a future together, including having children of their own. Through this song, Sheeran celebrates the joy of being with someone who feels like his perfect match.

3. “Teenage Dream” By Katy Perry

Young love brings out euphoric feelings, and Katy Perry encapsulates that perfectly in “Teenage Dream.” At its core, the song is about being in love and the sense of commitment and security it brings.

The lyrics describe the romance that brings the narrator the joy and carefree spirit reminiscent of a teenage love affair. She sings about a boy who makes her feel youthful again, embodying the essence of a “teenage dream.”

Furthermore, the lyrics explore themes of teenage lust, infatuation, and emotions, capturing the essence of adolescent love and the exhilaration that comes with it.

4. “Blame It On September” By Allstar Weekend

Young love is not all about the euphoric feelings. It also encompasses the pain of parting, as Allstar Weekend‘s “Blame It on September” shows us.

In the lyrics, the narrator reminisces about a summer romance that took place in September. He and his lover were deeply in love. But when September came around, they were forced to part ways. This separation left him heartbroken.

He tries to pretend that everything is okay. The line “Waves get louder” represents the growing distance between the two of them. He recognizes that “no summer lasts forever” and settles with blaming September for the end of their relationship.

5. “A Teenager In Love” By Dion DiMucci

In the late 1950s, teenagers made up the majority of consumers of pop music. “A Teenager in Love” was written with them in mind. Recorded by Dion and the Belmonts, the song reached #5 on the Billboard pop charts.

Thematically, this song is all about the ups and downs of young love. It speaks to the emotional rollercoaster that often comes with teenage relationships.

In particular, the narrator sings about the confusion and heartbreak that can come with young love. He expresses his feelings with a delicate heart who is trying to navigate his feelings and understand the complexities of love.

6. “Baby” By Justin Bieber Ft. Ludacris

Himself only a teenager when “Baby” was released in 2010, Justin Bieber sings about the sentiments of young love. Featuring Ludacris, the song focuses on the emotional aftermath of a breakup.

The narrator conveys feelings of longing and heartache knowing that the girl he likes does not feel the same way toward him. The lyrics express the intensity of his emotions and his persistence to hold on to this love despite the separation.

This reflects the passionate and sometimes tumultuous nature of young relationships. They’re marked by heightened emotions due to the intensity of first-time love experiences.

7. “First Kiss” By Kid Rock

If you want a song steeped in nostalgia, consider listening to Kid Rock‘s “First Kiss.” Here, he finds himself reminiscing about young love and the simplicity of youth.

The lyrics paint a picture of the innocence of youth, coupled with the excitement and novelty of a first kiss. The narrator loves going back to this time in his life when life was simple but brought him so much joy. He remembers how he didn’t have money but it didn’t matter. What counted was spending time with his girl.

And good for him, the girl stayed by his side to the present day. But it doesn’t stop him from wishing that he “could go back in time” to relive their first kiss.

8. “Young Love” By Kip Moore

Country music singer-songwriter Kip Moore sings about the intensity, innocence, and reckless abandon associated with teenage relationships. “Young Love” is about two young people who are so in love that nothing else in the world matters to them.

This song with “young love” in the lyrics depicts the adventures of sneaking out late at night and experiencing the thrill and exhilaration of being together. It also explores the theme of being wild and good for nothing, reflecting the rebellious nature of youth and the willingness to defy norms when you’re in love.

The song was inspired by Moore’s personal experience when he was 16. He was in Panama City and snuck away with a girl he really liked. He got in trouble, but it made him realize all the crazy things he’d do for love.

9. “Memories Are Made Of” By Luke Combs

Released in 2017, Luke Combs reminisces on his teenage years in “Memories Are Made of.” It perfectly captures the lasting impact of young love on the individual.

The song is filled with nostalgia as the narrator remembers his first experience of freedom, breaking rules, and his first relationship. There was a girl named Katie whom he was fond of but never had an opportunity to be with.

The narrator yearns to go back in time to relive his memories. But that’s all it is, just memories. He can only remember her face and imagine himself in her arms.

10. “Strawberry Wine” By Deana Carter

At its core, Deana Carter‘s “Strawberry Wine” is all about a girl’s first love. It draws heavily from the experiences with the first love of one of the songwriters.

The title refers to Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill. This is a fruity wine popular among teenage girls who want to try alcohol for the first time. Like first love, the wine is intoxicating.

The lyrics are filled with vivid imagery of a summer romance at the age of 17. The song captures the essence of youth and freedom, resonating with listeners of all ages.

It also talks about the lasting impact of first love. As expressed in the lyrics, “It’s funny how those memories, they last.” And while not all first love lasts, it still leaves a lasting imprint on one’s heart and mind.

11. “She’s In Love With The Boy” By Trisha Yearwood

If there’s one thing we can say about young love is that it is intense. You’ll do anything for the other person because of love. That’s the idea behind Trisha Yearwood‘s “She’s in Love With the Boy.”

The song follows the story of a teenage couple, Katie and Tommy, who are deeply in love and wish to get married. However, they face opposition from Katie’s father, who disapproves of their relationship due to their youth and lack of life experience.

Nevertheless, the couple shows their determination to fight for their young love. It showcases the strength and resilience of their relationship, as well as their willingness to defy societal norms for the sake of their love.

12. “Our Song” By Taylor Swift

In “Our Song,” Taylor Swift sings a nostalgic ode to young love and the special moments that define early relationships.

This track is about a couple’s unique love language, which doesn’t require lavish gestures or extravagant gifts. Instead, their love is made special by small, shared experiences that become their “song.” These include sneaking out late and tapping on his window.

These memories, while simple, hold profound meaning for them. They represent the innocence, excitement, and intimacy of their relationship. The song shows how shared experiences contribute to the depth of young love.

13. “Stacy’s Mom” By Fountains Of Wayne

Released in 2003, Fountains of Wayne‘s “Stacy’s Mom” is a humorous portrayal of young love, or more accurately, young infatuation. It follows the story of a young boy crushing on his friend Stacy’s mother rather than Stacy herself.

The song captures a common experience in adolescence where young people develop crushes on older people. This is often due to the latter’s perceived maturity and allure. The narrator insists he’s “grown-up” enough for Stacy’s mom, reflecting the common adolescent desire to be seen as older and more mature.

To make things complicated, Stacy is in love with him. This triangle adds depth to the narrative, presenting a picture of young love and unrequited feelings.

14. “Young Dreams” By Elvis Presley

The romantic ballad “Young Dreams” by Elvis Presley depicts the fervor and innocence of young love. It portrays the narrator’s youthful aspirations and his heartfelt yearning for love.

The lyrics focus on his dreams and hopes for a future with his beloved, reflecting the optimism and intensity often associated with young love. The song captures the essence of adolescence, a time when emotions are intense and dreams about love feel real and important.

In essence, this song uses the power of music and storytelling to paint a picture of young love. It highlights the passion, hope, and sense of possibility that characterize it.

15. “When We Were Young” By Adele

The poignant song “When We Were Young” by Adele captures the essence of young love and the passage of time. It’s about rekindling memories of past relationships and reflecting on how those experiences have shaped us.

The song talks about the narrator meeting an old flame and how memories rush back. It shows that first love lingers, even as people grow and change. The lyrics reflect the intense attraction and connection she once felt, making it feel like a dream come true.

But more than just a recollection of past love, the song touches on the fear of getting older and the yearning for youth. It reminds us to appreciate moments of love that we experience in our younger years before they slip away.

16. “Young Love (Strong Love)” By The Judds

Up next is a song that mentions “young love” and chronicles the romance of a young couple. The Judds‘ “Young Love (Strong Love)” is a story of shy teenagers who meet, fall in love, get married, and start a family.

The lyrics emphasize the resilience and power of young love, portraying it as a force capable of overcoming obstacles. The song says that theirs is not just a young love but a strong love that’s going to see them through the ups and downs.

The song also encourages the couple to hold onto each other and not let go. This reflects the wild, free, and enduring nature of young love.

17. “Teenage Love” By Slick Rick

The rap song “Teenage Love” by Slick Rick reflects on the complexities of young love. It speaks to the experience of two people who believe they are meant to be together, but the ending is far from it.

The song chronicles the couple’s journey as they navigate the ups and downs of their relationship. They share a strong emotional connection despite experiencing heartbreak and disappointment before.

Unfortunately, they cannot maintain their relationship as time passes by. Nevertheless, the song is a testament to the enduring impact of our early relationships and a reflection on how they can either uplift or break us.

18. “Teenage Love Affair” By Alicia Keys

A song that captures the thrill and innocence of a first love experienced during teenage tears is up next. “Teenage Love Affair” by Alicia Keys was released in 2008 from her album As I Am.

In the song, Keys takes on the role of a schoolgirl navigating her first intense romantic relationship. She doesn’t care about anything else other than being with her love interest.

Overall, the song portrays the joy and heartache that come from young love. Listening to the song evokes feelings of nostalgia and happiness with a touch of sadness about the inevitable lows of a young love affair.

19. “Thirteen” By Big Star

Our next song, “Thirteen” by Big Star, is about the innocence and simplicity of young love. Particularly around the age of 13 when someone experiences the first stirrings of romantic affection.

The song follows a young boy who is trying to connect with a girl he’s attracted to. The lyrics suggest an innocent middle school crush where the narrator is asking the girl to a dance and engaging her in conversation.

What stands out from this song is how it perfectly emphasizes the nostalgic and innocent young love. While the song is simple to understand, it captures the tender, fragile, and wildly aching feelings of early teenage years.

20. “Love Story” By Taylor Swift

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift was propelled to prominence with the release of “Love Story” in 2008. The song is a tale of young love inspired by the classic narrative of Romeo and Juliet.

This means that it’s a forbidden love that must be kept hidden due to disapproval from people around the couple. The theme echoes the challenges often faced by young lovers as they navigate societal expectations and familial disapproval.

Despite the obstacles and challenges, the two individuals choose to remain together. This speaks to the resilience and determination often found in young love.

21. “Only Sixteen” By Sam Cooke

In “Only Sixteen,” Sam Cooke laments falling in love too young. In particular, the girl he’s set his eyes on is only 16 years old.

The lyrics express the innocence and naivety of their relationship. In other words, they are too young to fully understand the complexities of love. Though they enjoy being together, the song suggests that their youth and inexperience keep them from recognizing the depth of their feelings.

The song also shows the kind of love that isn’t fully reciprocated due to their young age. The narrator feels his love interest is too young to fall in love, and he’s too young to comprehend his own emotions.

22. “Love Is A Battlefield” By Pat Benatar

In “Love Is A Battlefield,” Pat Benatar sings about the struggles of young love. It uses battlefield imagery to describe the trials that come with romantic relationships.

In addition, love is neither simple nor easy. And human beings are complex, which means that at some point in their relationship, they will face conflict. It will be a period fraught with intense emotions, misunderstandings, and heartbreaks.

The song furthers that love can be a fight. Not necessarily against each other, but together against the challenges that come their way.

Nevertheless, the narrator stands her ground, showing self-worth and strength even when faced with the difficulties of love.

23. “The One That Got Away” By Katy Perry

We all have that someone whom we loved but slipped through our fingers. Katy Perry knows it too well, as reflected in her 2010 single “The One That Got Away.”

The song centers on young love and the lingering feelings of regret and nostalgia that accompany a lost relationship. The narrator recalls falling in love with a guy after high school summer. And though they’re seemingly perfect for each other, a disagreement leads to their breakup.

This song captures the intensity of young love as well as the heartbreak that comes with it. It is symbolized by the matching tattoos they get on her 18th birthday and the subsequent removal of the guy’s tattoo after their breakup.

24. “Remember When” By Alan Jackson

Some songs beautifully capture the journey of young love evolving into a lasting relationship. One of those is Alan Jackson‘s “Remember When.”

This song was inspired by Jackson’s own relationship with his wife. It begins with the narrator recalling the early days of their relationship when they were young and time seemed to stand still.

As the song progresses, it narrates their journey through life together. They raise children, face hardships together, and celebrate triumphs. Their shared experiences deepen the bond they’ve formed over the years.

“Remember When” is not just about young love. It’s also a testament to how love grows and changes over time.

25. “Teenage Dirtbag” By Wheatus

Released in 2000, “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus is considered the second-best-selling single of that year. It spent four weeks at the top of the charts in Australia and was certified three times Platinum.

Thematically, the song reflects the experience of every teenager of being an outsider, particularly in school. Hence, the term “dirtbag.”

The narrator is a high school boy who has a crush on a girl seemingly out of his league. It represents the feelings of inadequacy and yearning that many teenagers face during their high school years.

Despite feeling invisible and misunderstood, he dreams of being with her. And to his surprise, he’s not the only teenage dirtbag around.

26. “Summer Nights” By John Travolta And Olivia Newton-John

From the musical Grease comes the popular song “Summer Nights” by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. They sing about the exhilarating experiences of young summer love.

The song portrays two contrasting perspectives of the same romantic relationship. Sandy, the character that Newton-John plays, describes a sweet and innocent connection filled with tender moments. Travolta’s Danny, on the other hand, recounts a more macho and playful version of the events.

The song ends on a somewhat melancholic note with the lines “Summer dreams ripped at the seams, / But, oh those summer nights!” This suggests that while their summer love is intense, it’s also fleeting, as summer romances often are.

27. “September Song” By JP Cooper

Teenage romance will always be one of the best things you can reflect on. JP Cooper reflects on young love in the 2017 single “September Song.”

The narrator still fondly remembers a young romance that took place when he was 15. This track captures the innocence and intensity of that first romantic experience. The line “I feel alive” evokes the exhilaration of being in the moment and cherishing every second.

Cooper calls it “September Song” to refer to a girl he’s been missing all summer long. In the UK, September marks the start of school after the holiday. Seeing her again is what he’s looking forward to.

28. “You Belong With Me” By Taylor Swift

Your teenage years won’t be complete if you have not experienced unrequited love. Taylor Swift knows it all too well in “You Belong With Me.”

In this 2008 single, the narrator harbors deep feelings for her male friend, but he is oblivious to them. Instead, he is involved with another girl who doesn’t appreciate or know him that well. The song captures the frustration that comes with unrequited love, especially in a high school setting.

While it delves into the bittersweet reality of unrequited love, the song also carries a message of hope. It suggests that the boy might eventually recognize the true love that she’s willing to offer him.

29. “Young Forever” By Eric Paslay

Another song that reminisces about young love is Eric Paslay‘s “Young Forever.” It celebrates youth, being carefree, and the belief in the magic of things.

The opening lines, “Do you remember believing in magic, Taking a chance just cause we had it,” suggest an exploration of the innocence and adventurous spirit of young love. It’s about taking risks, embracing the moment, and experiencing the magic of new emotions.

The song also emphasizes that one does not need material possessions such as money or a car to have fun. And if there’s one thing he wants, it’s to stay with his beloved and stay young forever.

30. “You Make Me Feel So Young” By Frank Sinatra

Being with the right person can make one feel younger than their years, as Frank Sinatra‘s “You Make Me Feel So Young” tells us. Sinatra’s version came out in 1956 and is featured in the movie Elf.

The song expresses that love has the power to make you feel youthful and vibrant. The lyrics are filled with whimsical imagery, such as “play hide and seek” and “bounce the moon, / Just like a toy balloon.” These metaphors convey the childlike feelings that being in love can bring.

In addition, the song celebrates the ability of love to transcend age and life experiences. It says that love can make individuals feel alive and full of joy regardless of their age.

31. “Young Love” By Sonny James

To end our list, we have Sonny James‘s rendition of the 1956 song “Young Love.” His version was a #1 hit on country and radio airplay charts.

The lyrics perfectly encapsulate the raw emotions and deep devotion one feels for his beloved. It may be young love and his first love, but his promise to her reinforces the sincerity and depth of their relationship.

The song is easily relatable with its simple yet meaningful lyrics to depict the overwhelming feelings of young love. Lines such as “Just one kiss from your sweet lips, / Will tell me that your love is real” emphasize the passion inherent in this young relationship.

Summing Up Our List Of Young Love Songs

Young love is beautiful. It is an experience that reminds us of how intensely we can love someone. It brings back nostalgic experiences such as sneaking out, spending time together, and making memories.

If you’re in your younger years, we hope that the songs above teach you to live in the moment and appreciate the ones who love you. And for those who are past this stage, we hope that the songs transport you to those wonderful years of youth and remind you of how young love feels. Whatever the case, stay young and remain in love!

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