31 Of The Best Songs About Winning, Success And Victory

Written by Dan Farrant
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Let’s admit it. We all want to win. Whether it’s a competition, a personal milestone, a dream, or a goal, we want to come out successful.

And there’s nothing better to accompany that feeling than songs that help us celebrate. What’s good about these songs is their motivational and uplifting lyrics. They celebrate the human spirit of perseverance, resilience, and triumph.

So set your eyes on the prize as we give you 31 of the best songs about winning. Customize your own playlist to help you celebrate even the smallest wins.

1. “Eye Of The Tiger” By Survivor

Starting our list is “Eye of the Tiger,” from Survivor’s 1982 album of the same name. It rose to the #1 spot on the U.S. Singles Chart thanks to the movie Rocky III.

Survivor wrote the lyrics around the theme of perseverance needed to succeed in any competitive setting. The song details how to turn a loss into a win despite the odds and setbacks.

It’s no coincidence that “Eye of the Tiger” is the greatest fighting song. Sylvester Stallone requested the band to write a pump-up song after Queen denied the use of “Another One Bites the Dust” in the film.

2. “We Are The Champions” By Queen

What better way to celebrate winning than “We Are the Champions”? This song from Queen’s 1977 album News of the World is arguably the most used celebration song in sports.

The song’s popularity is thanks to its positive message and the simplicity of the lyrics. They talk about all the challenges the singer goes through before tasting that victory. He has made mistakes and experienced having “sand kicked in my face.”

But through it all, he does not give up. He tells his listeners that we are made to persevere until we win.

3. “The Winner Takes It All” By ABBA

Not every song about winning is a happy one. A case in point is ABBA‘s “The Winner Takes it All.” This is the most celebrated breakup song of the Swedish supergroup.

The song is from the perspective of a woman going through the aftermath of a breakup or divorce. She can’t do anything about it now, though she’s still hurting that their relationship ended.

Apparently, the “winner” here is the ex, who has moved on whereas she is still affected by their breakup. In a way, she’s congratulating him on moving away from their relationship and finding a new flame.

4. “Winning” By Santana

If we’re talking about songs with “winning” in the title, we’re pretty sure Santana‘s cover comes to mind. “Winning” is sweeter after you’ve fallen to the bottom and tasted defeat.

The song tells the story of a person who has been through the most difficult part of his life. No one comes to his rescue, not even friends. At this point, he feels like he is “one of life’s losers.”

But he does not allow himself to not do anything about it. He can’t bear to lose again after he’s tasted victory.

5. “Don’t Stop Believin'” By Journey

If you want to win, “Don’t Stop Believin’.” This song by the American rock band Journey is the motivation one needs to keep going despite the challenges.

The song starts with the journey of two people coming from different backgrounds. Taking “the midnight train going anywhere” speaks to taking a risk when you want to achieve something.

The song furthers that in life, you either win or lose. But whatever it is, despite the uncertainty, the singer urges the listeners to remain optimistic and to never stop believing.

6. “Champion” By Kanye West

Up next, we have the bright and reggae-inspired track “Champion.” The song was featured on Kanye West’s Graduation album.

Like the title says, “Champion” celebrates coming out as a champion in terms of personal success. In the lyrics, the singer explains how he became a champion. He’s saying he’s gone through challenges to become one of the most influential people of his generation.

At the same time, the song tells listeners that they must look at themselves in a better light. That’s because people look up to them and believe in them.

7. “All I Do Is Win” By DJ Khaled Ft. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, And Rick Ross

Another anthem for numerous sports teams is “All I Do is Win.” This song by DJ Khaled, featuring T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, and Rick Ross, was released in 2010 on the album Once Upon a Time.

At its core, the song is about the feeling of being a winner and how it motivates people to continue striving for success. “All I do is win, win, win, no matter what” means that the singer doesn’t want to be associated with losing.

Of course, life isn’t all about winning. There are ups and downs. But what the song says is that the singer will do anything to win in life.

8. “Winning Ugly” By The Rolling Stones

Sometimes you don’t just win. You win ugly. That’s what The Rolling Stones are saying in their 1986 song “Winning Ugly.”

However, this song with “winning” in the lyrics is not about cheating to win. In the sports vernacular, winning ugly means the kind of victory won with a bit of luck or through a counterattack.

In life, it’s what happens sometimes. But it still means that you have to put in the effort and hard work. And that you don’t have to be perfect to win or “to be on top.”

9. “Roar” By Katy Perry

In 2013, Katy Perry released her album Prism, which contains many empowerment anthems. But “Roar” stands out as a song about winning.

The song begins with an insecure narrator who isn’t able to make decisions for herself. She is afraid to make mistakes or be a nuisance. And even when people push her “past the breaking point,” she lets them.

She eventually grows in her confidence until she has conquered her enemies. She learns to stand back up whenever people push her down. And she proves to everyone that she’s a fighter and a champion.

10. “Fighter” By Christina Aguilera

If you want an anthem for self-empowerment and motivation, Christina Aguilera has one for you. Her 2002 song “Fighter” shows that you can use all the negative things thrown at you to work for you.

If someone does something bad against us, it’s our choice to let that drag us down. Or rise above them. In the song, the singer chooses to do the latter. That is, despite being treated badly.

In the end, the singer is not just the bigger person but the winner as well. You can see how strong she is to be able to thank the other person despite what he made her go through.

11. “You’re The Best” By Joe Esposito

How uplifting it is to know that we possess the strength to keep fighting. We all have that strength inside us, as Joe Esposito‘s song, “You’re the Best,” shows.

As the title suggests, the song is about encouragement and believing in oneself. This isn’t a song that uses metaphor. It sends a message of encouragement that the listener should keep going because they already have everything they need.

Our circumstances might be different, but we are the same in that we are strong. So “when the odds and the game defy you, try your best to win them all.”

12. “The Greatest” By Sia Ft. Kendrick Lamar

Our next song describes someone who’s a winner. Australian singer-songwriter Sia collaborated with rapper Kendrick Lamar to bring us the empowering song “The Greatest.”

In the lyrics, we find the singer able to go through everything because she doesn’t give up. She is self-aware in that she knows her capabilities, and that makes her powerful.

With this awareness, she comes out as a winner in life. She can overcome adversity and each stumbling block a step closer to winning obstacles. And above all, she’s living life to the fullest.

13. “I’m Still Standing” By Elton John

British singer-songwriter Elton John released “I’m Still Standing” in 1983 on the album Too Low for Zero. The song became a commercial success and is still considered one of his signature songs.

In “I’m Still Standing,” the singer declares that he has been knocked down in the past. Whether it was an ex or people around him who didn’t believe in him, he shows that they underestimated him.

Because despite everything, he’s standing stronger than ever and refusing to be defeated. He proves to them that he is a winner and a survivor.

14. “I Believe That We Will Win (World Anthem)” By Pitbull

American rapper Pitbull believes that winning requires believing that you will. His song, “I Believe That We Will Win,” was released in 2020 from the album of the same name.

In the song, the singer shares that there are two things fear can make us do. It’s either we “forget everything and run,” or “face everything and rise.”

The singer furthers that getting back up after each fall is important. And that what does not kill us “makes us stronger.” So whatever challenges life throws at us, we won’t be defeated. Instead, we fight. That’s what winners do.

15. “Raise Your Glass” By Pink

Some people think underdogs have no chance of winning in life. But that’s where they’re wrong. Pink proves there’s more to underdogs and misfits as she celebrates them in “Raise Your Glass.”

The song, first and foremost, sheds light on being true to oneself. It encourages listeners to let go of inhibitions, be themselves, and enjoy life to the fullest.

“Raise Your Glass” also promotes the importance of embracing individuality and living in the moment. When underdogs appreciate themselves more and realize their potential, then they can win in life.

16. “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” By Kelly Clarkson

What makes winners different? They come back stronger after hitting rock bottom. Kelly Clarkson‘s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” is all about that.

The lyrics of “Stronger” talk about strength and personal growth after a bad breakup. Her ex is wrong in thinking that he “had the last laugh” after breaking up with her.

But all these experiences and challenges make her stronger than before. As it turns out, the breakup is more of a blessing for her because she realizes what a fighter she is. Losing him works out for her in the end.

17. “Best Day Of My Life” By American Authors

Being a winner requires having the right mindset. And looking at each day as the best one yet puts you in the right direction. American Authors tell us more of this in their song “Best Day of My Life.”

The song isn’t about just one day, though. Generally, it sends us the message of living in the moment. We must enjoy life to the fullest and be optimistic as we pursue our dreams.

This is the right mindset for winners. Even with all the obstacles in our journey, we look forward to our destination.

18. “Lose Yourself” By Eminem

Winners know what it takes to win, according to Eminem‘s “Lose Yourself.” This song was a soundtrack for the movie 8 Mile, where Eminem starred.

Opportunities don’t come often. And when they do, we should seize them and use them to better ourselves. This might be the chance that we’re looking for.

In addition, “Lose Yourself” tells us not to let fear or self-doubt hold us back. Giving up is not an option either, or we lose the chance at greatness. Like Eminem’s character in 8 Mile, he overcame his doubts and fears to seize his moment in the spotlight.

19. “Unstoppable” By Sia

Winning means not letting any setback stop you from your goal. Sia, for her second entry on our list, offers us her song “Unstoppable” to show that the winners do not stop until they reach their goals.

In “Unstoppable,” the singer declares that she won’t be held back by anyone or anything. She displays inner strength and perseverance in the face of challenges.

Aside from these attributes, the singer makes it a point to “win every single game.” She may break down and cry, but she’ll wipe her tears and be ready to face another day.

20. “The Climb” By Miley Cyrus

Life is an uphill battle, or so “The Climb” says. This motivational song was a soundtrack for Miley Cyrus‘ movie, Hannah Montana: The Movie.

“The Climb” shows us what we should do when things get tough. We keep climbing those mountains. And it’s “ain’t about how fast I get there.” It’s about not giving up and persevering no matter how steep the climb is.

Going through these obstacles is what matters because it shows us who we truly are. When we persevere, that’s strength right there. And winners don’t quit.

21. “Survivor” By Destiny’s Child

In our next song, “Survivor,” the title can be synonymous with “winner.” The song is by the American girl group Destiny’s Child and was released in 2001 as part of their album Survivor.

In the lyrics, the singer talks about winning despite being put through a difficult time by someone close to her. It could be an ex, a friend, or anyone who used to be important to her.

The funny thing is, this person thought she’d mope around with him leaving her. How wrong he is. With him gone, she learns to be wiser and grow as a person. She proves to him, and to herself as well, how strong she is to successfully go through a tough time.

22. “I’m The Best” By Nicki Minaj

Our next song, “I’m the Best,” shows that if you want to win, you’ve got to put in work. Nicki Minaj released the song in 2010 as part of her album Pink Friday.

The lyrics of “I’m the Best” are about self-confidence and belief in one’s own abilities. The singer tells us that she has made mistakes in the beginning but she never let them drag her down.

She is a living testimony that she can rise and turn setbacks into successes. Even when people doubt her, she proves that she can win over and over. And she is aware that it’s going to take hard work to be the best in what she does.

23. “Believer” By Imagine Dragons

Pain is nothing new to people who win in life. Imagine Dragons‘ “Believer” is about finding meaning in pain rather than just trying to cure it.

The singer makes it clear that he is a believer and that he will win. He won’t let the pain and struggles he’s faced bring him down. Rather, he is willing to learn from the pain.

True enough, pain is part of our lives. Without pain, we won’t know what it means to be happy. Without pain, we can’t fully comprehend the successes we experience. Pain puts things in perspective, and it makes winning a little sweeter.

24. “The World Is Mine” By David Guetta

People who win have the world at their feet. David Guetta‘s song, “The World is Mine,” is about living life to the fullest, seizing every opportunity, and winning in every game.

In the lyrics, the singer believes he has what it takes to be a winner. Thus, he feels that he can possess the world and do whatever he wants.

Winners are different from other people in that they have overcome the things they fear. They are not afraid to take risks or fail. And they are not afraid to go through pain. Because, in the end, they know it’s worth it.

25. “The Power” By Snap!

If there’s one thing winners have, it’s “The Power.” This is a song by the German Eurodance group Snap! It was released as their lead single from the debut 1990 album, World Power.

The song became a massive hit worldwide, especially in the dance music genre. The lyrics of “The Power,” however, seem to express the idea that everyone has the power within themselves to achieve their dreams and goals.

The song also emphasizes the importance of determination and believing in yourself to overcome obstacles and challenges.

26. “Glory” By Common And John Legend

Up next, we have “Glory,” released in 2015 by American rapper Common and singer John Legend. It was written specifically to be part of the soundtrack for the civil rights movie Selma.

Like the film, the lyrics of “Glory” center around the struggle for civil rights and equality. The singer declares that they will keep fighting for justice and won’t let anyone bring them down.

It’s a song calling for people to rise up. And while the fight has yet to be won, there is a chance of winning. That’s thanks to people who have made significant contributions toward freedom.

27. “Winner” By Pet Shop Boys

One of the songs that mention being a winner is Pet Shop Boys‘ “Winner.” This 2011 single is all about celebrating a moment of winning.

In the lyrics, the singer tells the listeners that now is the moment to win. It has not been an easy journey. It was one full of challenges, one where the singer experienced losing too many times.

But after what he went through, he’s finally reaping the fruits of his sacrifices. It took a while, but it’s never too late. The singer further urges his listeners to enjoy winning while it lasts.

28. “Hall Of Fame” By The Script Ft. Will.i.am

In the field of music or sports, being in the Hall of Fame means you’re a winner. “Hall of Fame” is a 2012 song by Irish pop-rock trio The Script that features American rapper Will.i.am.

“Hall of Fame” encourages listeners to go after their goals and dreams. They can be who they want to be because they have the power to achieve that. They can be the greatest, the master of their own fate, and a hero, among others.

If everyone can realize their potential, then what they can do is limitless. They can be winners and champions in their chosen fields.

29. “Victory” By Puff Daddy Ft. The Notorious B.I.G. And Busta Rhymes

Released in 1998, “Victory” came out as part of Puff Daddy‘s No Way Out album, in collaboration with Busta Rhymes and the Notorious B.I.G.

Puff Daddy’s success inspires this song, and he raps about the rewards of hard work and dedication. He talks about how he doesn’t need to boast because he already knows how it feels to achieve victory after overcoming challenges.

He recorded the song when the East and West Coast rap scenes were feuding, and each music scene tried to claim “victory” over the other.

30. “Born To Win” By Papoose

American rapper Papoose is correct in saying that “everybody loves a winner!” This line comes from the song “Born to Win” from his album Endangered Species.

Papoose’s gritty lyrics convey a message of hope and inspiration to listeners. He encourages them to keep their eyes on the prize and never give up. We should always choose victory and not settle for losing.

We can tell that the singer has tasted defeat before, and it’s not something he wants to go through again. He declares that he was born to win and he won’t let anyone bring him down.

31. “Stronger Than You” By Estelle

To end our list, we have “Stronger Than You” by British singer Estelle. It was released in 2015, best known as the theme song for the animated television series Steven Universe.

The song is about not letting others bring you down and instead standing up for yourself. One of the characters (Garnet) in the series finds confidence in her strength and refuses to be defeated by anyone.

This is what a winner should be. You do not conform to how people want you to be. You have your own individuality that makes you unique. You are who you are. Being aware of that makes you a winner in life.

Summing Up Our List Of Winning Songs

We are winners. Sometimes, it’s difficult to see that when we’re facing problems left and right. It’s difficult to see from another point of view how strong we are while going through some really difficult times.

Thankfully, we have the songs above to remind us that we can win through hard work, determination, and perseverance.

So the next time you’re losing sight of what a winner you are, go back to our list. The songs above will give you a boost of motivation to help you keep winning.

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