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The relationship between siblings is special. But it’s on a different level between twins. Not only do twins share the same environment for the first nine months of their lives. They grow up forming a special bond that remains or grows even stronger as they grow old.

Indeed, twins are fascinating. While we might not encounter twins often, they appear in TV shows and movies. What’s more, there are songs written about them as well.

To celebrate our twinning friends, let’s check out 11 of the best songs about twins. This selection will likely make you wish there was a twin version of yourself.

1. “Twin Flame” By Tegrenade

Up first, we have Tegrenade‘s “Twin Flame.” The song had just been released in February 2023 from the album Sector 33.

In this song with “twin” in the title, twin does not refer to a relationship bound by blood. The singer refers to a woman as his twin flame. Some people might see it as synonymous with the term “soulmate.” But twin flame is more than that.

From the lyrics, we can see the deep soul connection between the singer and his love interest. He believes that their “connection is Devine like it’s coming from Heaven.” And nothing can take that away from them.

2. “My Twin” By Killumantii

Up next is “My Twin” by Killumantii. The song was released in 2022 from her album My Bad I’m Late.

In the lyrics, we find the singer talking about how she and her twin enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. They enjoy material possessions such as diamonds on their wrists, a coupe, and branded makeup and bag.

The singer makes a point about how her twin must have what she has. So if her lover gifts her with something, then her twin must have one, too. Aside from sharing these luxury items, they seem to be partners in crime as well.

3. “Evil Twin” By Meghan Trainor

The song “Evil Twin” by Meghan Trainor certainly gives off some fun, playful vibes as she breaks down the antics of her “evil twin.” The song is off Trainor’s 2020 album Treat Myself.

In the lyrics, the singer paints a picture of her twin – her wild side – as her worst enemy. This part of her makes bad decisions and causes a commotion. On the other hand, the singer recognizes that her twin is a free spirit. She “can’t tame her” and won’t even try to.

Technically the tune is symbolic, as she uses her twin to escape the consequences of her actions. But one can take it literally, too. No matter how hard it gets, it’s just part of life’s entertainment when you’ve got an evil twin.

4. “Twin Flames” By Epica

The Dutch symphonic metal band Epica released “Twin Flames” in 2012. The song came from their fifth studio album Requiem for the Indifferent.

At its core, “Twin Flames” is a love song showing appreciation for one’s significant other. The singer acknowledges what his presence does to her. With him, she is “at ease.” All she needs is to be together with him.

The singer finds in him the person who will balance her. But for some reason, they find themselves apart. It only makes her yearn for him more. She is willing to go “beyond the sea” to find him, the person who will complete her.

5. “Treacherous Twins” By Drake And 21 Savage

Our next song with “twins” in the lyrics was released in 2022. Drake and 21 Savage‘s “Treacherous Twins” explores the dark side of a friendship.

If you notice, the words “treacherous” and “twins” heavily contrast each other. When joined together, it presents a toxic friendship. In some parts of the song, the singer expresses how he wants the best for his “treacherous lil’ twin.” He is willing to go anywhere with him and wish him the best in life.

A friendship becomes toxic when you’re still willing to do anything for your friend, even if it’s not right. The singer still pledges his loyalty to his twin no matter what.

6. “Evil Twin” By Eminem

In 1997, rapper Eminem introduced his sadistic and violent alter ego, Slim Shady. He brings Slim back to life in his 2013 song “Evil Twin.”

In the song, Eminem disses personalities such as Casey Anthony and Britney Spears. Some special mentions include Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. In addition, Eminem is bummed that he’s got no boy bands to make fun of anymore.

Eminem delivers his scathing remarks through catchy rhyme schemes, which leave the audience singing along. He points to his evil twin as the one behind these remarks.

7. “Twin” By Roddy Ricch Ft. Lil Durk

One of the most recent songs on this list is “Twin” by Roddy Ricch, featuring Lil Durk. Here, “twin” does not refer to a sibling who is born at the same time as you.

Rather, a twin refers to someone who shares a lot of things with you, whether it’s personality or likes and dislikes. You relate with each other so that you’re almost like siblings.

Additionally, Ricch articulates how despite their differences, they stay close through similar tastes in material possessions. They brag about wealthy living and having a “matchin’ Benz.”

8. “Twin Glocks” By Shyheim

In our next song, “Twin Glocks,” rapper Shyheim pays tribute to his close friend and associate Twin. The song came from his 1999 album Manchild.

As soon as the rap starts, we discover that Shyheim’s friend has died. He expresses regret that Twin was gone too soon. His friend “was supposed to be shinin’.”

The best way he can keep Twin’s memories alive is to rap the lyrics that Twin would have written. His friend’s death gives him the courage to do what he was afraid to do before. And that’s to rap.

9. “TWINNEM” By Coi Leray

Here’s another song where “twin” refers to someone the singer is not related by blood. Coi Leray expresses her loyalty to a person she calls “TWINNEM.”

It’s safe to say that the singer and her best friend have been together for a very long time. They know each other so well that there’s no point in making new friends to include in their circle. For her, it’s just her and her twinnem.

The singer puts a high value on their friendship and wants to maintain the bond they created. In her twin, she has found someone who will not betray her.

10. “Aye Twin” By 03 Greedo And Kenny Beats Ft. Key

If you’re looking for a song that mentions “twin” to refer to a close friend, then listen to “Aye Twin.” The song was included in the 2019 album Netflix & Deal of 03 Greedo and Kenny Beats and features rapper Key!

In the lyrics, the rapper refers to a particular person as his twin. This person sounds like someone he considers his best friend. They share certain physical characteristics and attributes that prompt the rapper to declare so.

First off, they look similar. Both of them speak a certain way and don’t care about trivial things.

11. “Twins” By Guttermouth

Finally, we come to “Twins” by the punk rock band Guttermouth. The song appeared on their 2002 album Gusto.

In the song, the singer does not refer to a twin related by blood or a friend who is close to you like kin. Rather, the twin here refers to a love interest whom the singer wants to be with all the time.

He imagines what they could do together, such as eating some Chinese food and sharing some drinks. He wishes they “were Siamese joined together at the hip.” He wants to be with no one but her.

Summing Up Our List Of Twins Songs

As our list showed you, a twin is not only someone related by blood. A bond can form between two people so strong that you might as well consider yourselves twins.

The songs above showed us what it’s like to have a twin. It’s certainly a different feeling to have someone you can count on, someone you share a special relationship with.

Whether you have a twin or not, we hope you liked the compilation we have come up!

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