24 Of The Best Songs About Trust And Honesty

Written by Dan Farrant

Trust is one of those universal themes that transcend cultures, generations, and even musical genres. When it works in the context of any relationship, it binds us all and makes the world a better place.

No wonder it has become a source of inspiration for musicians. The songs they have penned often touch on trust’s intricacies. They talk about the joy of finding someone you can rely on, the struggle to regain faith in someone who did you wrong, and the pain of a broken promise.

Throughout history, countless songs have beautifully captured this universal and treasured emotion. And so today, in our post, we explore 24 of the best songs about trust. Enjoy reading!

1. “Trust In Me” By Etta James


Without trust, a relationship is bound to collapse. That’s the idea behind Etta James‘ “Trust in Me.”

In the lyrics, the narrator directly addresses her lover, urging him to have faith in her just as she has faith in him. This mutual trust is a cornerstone of any relationship, with the belief that love will guide them through any challenges.

This song with “trust” in the title is a clear plea for him to have faith in her. It’s one of the things that will sustain their love and help them go through obstacles.

2. “Trust In You” By Lauren Daigle

In our next song, “Trust in You,” Lauren Daigle sings about trusting a higher power. This deeply spiritual song was released in 2015 from her album How Can It Be.

In the lyrics, the narrator surrenders her everything to God’s will and trusts Him regardless of circumstances. The song conveys a sense of unwavering trust because God knows “what tomorrow brings” and what’s in store for her.

Through this song, Daigle encourages her listeners to likewise trust in God’s power. We must let go of our worries and trust that His plans are greater and that He holds everything in His hands.

3. “Honest” By Kodaline

The importance of honesty in a romantic relationship, or in any relationship for that matter, cannot be emphasized enough. The Irish rock band Kodaline agrees, as shown in their 2015 single “Honest.”

In the song, the narrator focuses on the need for truthfulness and honesty for a relationship to work. It presents the idea that dishonesty can create a gap between lovers and ultimately undermine trust.

And so, the narrator pleads for his partner to be transparent because he’s on her side. He suggests that she drop any pretenses and be truthful and open.

4. “I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)” By John Mayer

Up next, we have a song that mentions “trust” in a unique way. John Mayer‘s “I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)” is not about trust in others but trust in yourself.

In the lyrics, the narrator is humbled by confessing that he recognizes his own limitations in keeping a relationship. He is aware of his own imperfections and insecurities.

And above all, he does not trust himself with safeguarding someone’s heart. He fears that he might hurt her due to his emotional instability. As such, he warns a potential partner of what she’ll get into if she gets involved with him.

5. “Lean On Me” By Bill Withers

One of life’s blessings is having someone you can lean on. Bill Withers‘ “Lean On Me” perfectly showcases that sentiment.

In the lyrics, the narrator reflects the essence of trust, especially in difficult times. He says that when you are going through challenges, you can lean on someone you trust. And that person will be there for you to provide support.

The song further emphasizes the importance of being reliable and dependable for others. There may come a time when it’s you who needs a trustworthy friend. This is how trust is built. It’s when you’re there for each other no matter what.

6. “A Matter Of Trust” By Billy Joel

When we talk about songs with “trust” in the lyrics, let’s not forget one from Billy Joel. “A Matter of Trust” was released in 1986 from his album The Bridge.

In the song, the narrator makes it clear that trust is a fundamental element in maintaining a romantic relationship. Without it, relationships fall apart quickly. But those where trust, honesty, and open communication are practiced are bound to last and thrive.

The song further claims that love is not enough to make love last, particularly where partners have been hurt before. Having trust can help them heal and open their hearts to each other.

7. “Imagine” By John Lennon

One of the most easily recognized songs from John Lennon is “Imagine.” Released in 1971, this iconic track quickly became a testament to his unwavering belief in world peace.

The song’s simplicity lies in its inspiring lyrics, vividly depicting a harmonious society built on trust and love. The thought-provoking lines “Imagine all the people, living life in peace” capture what it means to trust one another and live without boundaries or division.

It’s no wonder that “Imagine” has stood the test of time and remains one of the greatest songs ever recorded. The Rolling Stone magazine ranked it #3 on their coveted list of “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

8. “Count On Me” By Bruno Mars

In Bruno Mars‘ “Count On Me,” the message is very clear and simple. It’s how you can trust your friends, and friends can trust you.

This heartwarming song encapsulates trust in the context of friendship. It works when there is unwavering loyalty, support, and dependability.

And if you’ve got a true friend, you can rest assured that you have someone you can rely on no matter the circumstance. When they are trustworthy, then they will always be there to support you. In this song, Mars encourages his listeners to value relationships by putting trust in the middle.

9. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” By Simon & Garfunkel

Sometimes, all we need is someone reliable and trustworthy who offers support and comfort during difficult times. Simon & Garfunkel know this too well, as proven by their 1970 classic “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

The lyrics make use of the title as a metaphor for a person going through a trying time. “I will lay me down” references the sacrifices and perseverance they make as they navigate through this difficult time.

In addition, the narrator promises to be there for someone who needs him. But for that promise to be fulfilled, the other person must trust him. This shows the reciprocal nature of trust. It’s not just about being trustworthy but also about being willing to trust others.

10. “Trust” By Megadeth

In the context of romantic relationships, the lack of trust can lead to betrayal and dishonesty. That’s what Megadeth says in their 1997 single, “Trust.”

The lyrics find the narrator and his partner in a tumultuous relationship where they have been unfaithful to each other. What this leads to is a broken trust that can’t be mended. He is filled with sorrow and regret, reflecting the pain that betrayal causes.

The lines “Trust hurts, Why does trust equal suffering” show the destructive impact of broken trust. When it’s broken, it leaves emotional pain and suffering.

11. “Stand By Me” By Ben E. King

When it comes to trust in interpersonal relationships, check out “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King. This melodic and soulful classic remains as powerful and emotional today as it was back then.

With its enduring popularity, “Stand by Me” has become an anthem of trust and dependability. The lyrics make use of the imagery of natural disasters and other similar scenarios to express the need for someone dependable.

The recurring phrase, “Stand by me,” is the narrator’s appeal for steadfastness and reliability. With the other person standing by him, he will not fear anything. This symbolizes a deep level of trust toward that special person.

12. “Three Little Birds” By Bob Marley And The Wailers

The Rastafari icon Bob Marley and the Wailers released “Three Little Birds” in 1980. This is one of Marley’s songs that has been covered by various artists through the years.

This feel-good anthem delivers a peaceful message of trust, faith, and positivity. It’s saying that we should maintain a positive mindset and have faith in the future. We must trust that “every little thing is gonna be alright.”

When you hear Marley sing, “Don’t worry about a thing,” you can’t help but feel reassured and hopeful. You trust in higher powers that even with difficulties, things will eventually work out.

13. “True Colors” By Cyndi Lauper

Released almost 40 years ago, “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper remains popular to this day. It carries a powerful message of acceptance, embracing one’s true self, and trusting in other people to accept and love you for who you are.

The lines “I see your true colors, And that’s why I love you” suggest a deep level of trust and acceptance. The narrator sees and appreciates everything about the person she cares about.

Through this song, the narrator encourages her friend to be authentic, embrace herself, and not be afraid to be herself around other people. After all, she’ll know that the ones who really love her are those who do not turn away after getting to know her.

14. “You’ve Got A Friend” By James Taylor

In friendships, trust is of utmost importance, as embodied in “You’ve Got a Friend” by James Taylor. His heartfelt rendition of this classic anthem resonates with audiences to this day.

With its comforting melody and poignant lyrics, “You’ve Got a Friend” has stood the test of time. It captures the beauty of true companionship and reminds us that we’re never alone when faced with challenges or hardships.

In terms of trust, this song reminds us of a reliable and trustworthy friend who will be there no matter what. The lines “You just call out my name… I’ll come runnin’, To see you again” suggest unwavering loyalty and commitment. And you can trust this person that he will do just as he says.

15. “Trust Fall” By Bebe Rexha

For someone who has her fair share of heartbreaks, it can be scary to trust and love again. Bebe Rexha‘s “Trust Fall” is about showing resilience and courage despite these past betrayals.

In the song, the narrator explores vulnerability and fear associated with placing her trust in someone else, particularly within a romantic relationship. She has been through emotional journeys where she’d been hurt before.

The lines “Oh, I wanna trust, then I wanna fall, Tell me that you’ll catch me when I trust fall” reflect her desire to take the risk of trusting again. She relies on her love interest to catch her when she falls for him.

16. “Truth And Honesty” By Aretha Franklin

In “Truth and Honesty,” Aretha Franklin calls for sincerity in relationships. She argues that truth and honesty are essential in establishing and maintaining trust.

The narrator expresses her yearning for transparency and openness in the following lines: “I would like to see a show of hands, Nothin’ concealed, roll up your sleeve, Nothin’ up my sleeve except my heart.”

The phrases “show of hands” and “rolling up your sleeves” are metaphors for honesty. These suggest that one should not hide their true feelings because it could lead to mistrust and misunderstanding.

17. “Trust No Man” By Jimmy Cliff

Our next song delves into the complexities of trust in a relationship. Jimmy Cliff‘s “Trust No Man” is a caution on the potential deceit and betrayal that can destroy relationships.

The song shows the dark side of trusting others too much. The narrator knows this all too well when he “trusted mine with my best friend, But that was a bad bargain in the end.” He ends up broken-hearted.

On the other hand, the song shows how important it is to have self-reliance. When people, even the ones you think you can trust fully, let you down, you’re the only one you can depend on.

18. “Fix You” By Coldplay

In 2005, Coldplay released “Fix You” from their X&Y album. It quickly gained recognition and has become one of their most beloved tracks. Rolling Stone magazine ranked it at #392 on its list of 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

Thematically, the song is connected to the theme of trust, particularly when it comes to emotional support and resilience. The is about offering comfort to someone going through a difficult time.

And when the narrator says, “And I will try to fix you,” it’s a promise or commitment to another person, which suggests trust. It lies in his intention to help “fix” the other person when she’s at her lowest.

19. “Trust Issues” By Drake

It’s not a surprise when one who’s been betrayed too many times has difficulty trusting again. Such is the idea behind Drake‘s 2019 single, “Trust Issues.”

In the song, the narrator laments how he can’t trust anyone, particularly women. This stems from his past experiences of heartbreak and betrayal. As a result, he uses alcohol and smoke as a way to escape from feelings and fears associated with trust.

At its core, the song reflects the difficulties of trusting someone and being vulnerable. It sheds light on the fact that trust issues can be a barrier to forming meaningful relationships.

20. “Your Betrayal” By Bullet For My Valentine

Being betrayed is one of the worst feelings in the world, as shown by Bullet for My Valentine‘s “Your Betrayal.” The song explores the theme of trust, or its breach, in a romantic relationship.

The narrator finds himself going through emotional turmoil after discovering a betrayal, presumably infidelity. It brings out negative and raw emotions such as anger, hurt, and confusion.

This song depicts the negative impact when trust is broken. The victim ends up struggling to reconcile his love for the erring party and the reality of her betrayal.

21. “When You Believe” By Whitney Houston And Mariah Carey

One of the most iconic musical duets is “When You Believe” by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. This powerful 1998 song was featured in the animated film The Prince of Egypt and became an instant hit.

Thematically, the song explores themes of faith, hope, and trust. Particularly, it shows the importance of trusting in a higher power and the miracles that can happen when you have faith. Even in times of challenges, having trust in a divine entity can lead to many miraculous outcomes.

The song also highlights the importance of self-trust. When you believe in your own strength and capabilities, it can lead to powerful results.

22. “I’ll Stand By You” By The Pretenders

Another song exploring topics such as trust and unwavering support is “I’ll Stand by You” by The Pretenders. This was released in 1994 and became synonymous with loyalty and commitment.

With heartfelt lyrics, the narrator expresses his unyielding dedication to a person important to him. Despite the other person’s not-so-pleasant side, he is resolved to stand by her through thick and thin. In other words, she can trust him to be there for her no matter what.

In addition, the song also highlights the importance of reliability. She can trust that the narrator will give her comfort and understanding. This reliability is a fundamental aspect of trust.

23. “Landslide” By Fleetwood Mac

Our next song, “Landslide” has become one of Fleetwood Mac‘s most iconic and beloved tracks. This heartfelt ballad explores self-reflection, personal growth, and embracing life’s changes.

When it comes to trust, it touches on some aspects. First, it’s about self-trust. The song reflects the narrator’s fear of things falling apart and the uncertainty of holding on to things while pursuing her dream. But it’s important to trust in herself while navigating through difficulties.

Second, the song highlights the importance of trust in relationships. It reflects the relationship of the band members Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, and there were suggestions of betrayal in their relationship. This directly relates to a breakdown of trust.

24. “Trust” By Keyshia Cole Ft. Monica

To end our list, we have Keyshia Cole and Monica‘s “Trust.” The song, released in 2007, is all about establishing trust in a relationship.

The lyrics portray the narrator’s yearning to establish trust with her partner, who has been through a lot when it comes to trusting people. She is willing to be “the one who can take you from all the things you see.” She furthers that if he trusts her, she can be anything he needs.

The song also delves into the challenges associated with trust. She understands that it requires vulnerability and faithfulness even when the going gets tough.

Summing Up Our List Of Trust Songs

The songs above are enough to show how fundamental trust is in any relationship. Aside from love, trust is a cornerstone that assures a relationship’s longevity. But without it, there will be chaos, pain, and destruction.

Humans have a need for reliability, sincerity, and belief in our relationships. So, let these songs serve as reminders to embrace loyalty, integrity, and faith in ourselves and those we hold dear.

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