16 Of The Best Songs About The Color Blue

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There are two ways to look at the color blue. On one hand, it represents open spaces such as the sky and the sea. It can also symbolize freedom, inspiration, and serenity, among other things.

On the other hand, blue is associated with negative feelings such as sadness and depression.

Whatever the case, blue has found its way into countless musical compositions. This blog post is your ultimate guide to uncovering handpicked tracks that celebrate this versatile hue.

Ready to dive into a sea of bluesy tunes? Check out 16 of the best songs about the color blue.

1. “Blue Suede Shoes” By Elvis Presley

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, brilliantly brings to life “Blue Suede Shoes,” a song about the color blue that has stood the test of time. This musical gem from 1956 is much more than just a popular tune. It’s an enduring symbol of rockabilly music and represents a defining moment in Elvis’s career.

The lyrics center around a man loving his blue suede shoes so much he’d let anything happen except for them being stepped on. He’ll allow anyone to “knock me down, step in my face” and even defame him.

He wouldn’t even hold grudges if his house is burned or his car is stolen. It’s imperative that no one should step on and smudge his shoes.

2. “Blue Monday” By New Order

One of the songs with “blue” in the title, New Order‘s “Blue Monday” depicts emotional depth with its haunting lyrics. While its meaning has been debated through the years, we can look at the song from the perspective of a failed relationship.

From this point, the song explores the themes of alienation and emotional suffering at the hands of the person that the singer trusted. The rest of the lyrics show this person as manipulative, bringing out the worst in the singer’s life.

Sadly, he does not have the power to turn away from this person. He is left pondering on the emotional abuse he goes through.

3. “Mr. Blue Sky” By Electric Light Orchestra

The English rock band Electric Light Orchestra released “Mr. Blue Sky” in 1977. It is notable for its upbeat and uplifting sound. With the color symbolizing sunny optimism and joy, the song is an auditory embodiment of a bright blue sky free from clouds, often linked to feelings of hope, tranquility, and happiness.

The song celebrates the end of a long rainy season and the appearance of cloudless blue skies. And because it has stopped raining, everyone is out to “play” and enjoy such beautiful weather.

The turn of the season is also a metaphor for overcoming challenges. After going through dark times, one can feel the joys of facing better days. It is indeed a cause for celebration.

4. “Blue Bayou” By Roy Orbison

All of us have this one special place that we always long to go back to. In Roy Orbison‘s “Blue Bayou,” the singer desires to return to the peaceful and love-filled memories of the picturesque bayou.

The place is special for him because it’s where his lover is and where he has found happiness. With the separation, his heart is filled with longing for her and their happier times.

Being away from her only becomes bearable by being distracted with work and saving as much as he can in anticipation of his return. Despite feeling blue because of the separation, he can’t wait until he is with her again.

5. “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” By Willie Nelson

With gentle melody and soulful lyrics, Willie Nelson‘s “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” captures the pain of a broken relationship. The song tells a story of lost love and longing, with Nelson’s distinctive vocals delivering raw emotion.

Nelson’s heartfelt rendition brings to life the image of blue eyes filled with tears against a backdrop of rain. Blue eyes can also refer to eyes that reflect sorrow following a breakup.

The song’s simplicity allows listeners to easily connect with its emotional depth, making it an enduring favorite among fans of all ages.

6. “Behind Blue Eyes” By The Who

Our next song, The Who‘s “Behind Blue Eyes,” captures a sense of vulnerability and introspection. It was written from the perspective of a villain named Jumbo from guitarist Pete Townshend’s project, Lifehouse.

With its emotionally charged lyrics, the song delves into the inner turmoil of Jumbo, who feels misunderstood by the world. But while he asks for sympathy, he falls victim to his own bouts of intense anger that come from the pressures around him.

While Townshend and vocalist Roger Daltrey both have blue eyes, the song isn’t autobiographical. It aims to show that sometimes being on the top is lonely.

7. “Feelin’ Blue” By Creedence Clearwater Revival

If you’re going through melancholy and uncertainty, “Feelin’ Blue” by Creedence Clearwater Revival might resonate with you. This song mentions “blue” as a metaphor for sadness or depression.

The lyrics suggest that the singer is going through a dark time and struggling with his emotions. He is confused, as proven by the line, “Now, I ain’t certain which way to go, But I got to move, sure.”

This only adds to feelings of despair, particularly after seeing “people laughin’ by, walkin’ easy.” Somehow, he couldn’t bring himself to take it easy like they do.

8. “Blue Velvet” By Bobby Vinton

Fondly remembering a past romance is what “Blue Velvet” is all about. The song was released in 1963 in Bobby Vinton‘s album, Blue on Blue, which contains songs about this particular color.

In the song, the singer recalls a lover who wore blue velvet. Even her eyes were “bluer than velvet.” From the way he describes her, we can tell she is the epitome of elegance and grace.

They once shared a love so passionate, “like a flame burning brightly.” But when she left him, that flame died. And now all he has is memories of their past romance.

9. “Blue Moon” By The Marcels

When we say “once in a blue moon,” it means “very rare.” The Marcels‘ “Blue Moon” captures the idea that searching for true love is rare.

This timeless classic beautifully explores loneliness, youthful romance, and dreams. It follows a man who is lonely and longs to experience love. Under the enchanting blue moon, he prays for someone to come his way, someone he can love and care for.

And when he sees the woman that he prayed for, he knows that the blue moon has granted his prayer. Now he is not alone and has someone to share the love.

10. “Colors” by Halsey

When you listen to Halsey‘s “Colors,” you’ll agree that it explores the complexities and dynamics of a romantic relationship. The singer uses different colors to represent different stages and emotional states.

The lyrics describe a tumultuous relationship where the couple experiences highs and lows, as represented by different colors. Blue is often associated with feelings of sadness, melancholy, and vulnerability.

In this context, Halsey uses blue to depict a sense of emotional turmoil within the relationship. In addition, she describes her lover as red, highlighting the differences between the two of them.

11. “Baby Blue” By Badfinger

One popular song with “blue” in the lyrics is “Baby Blue” by Badfinger. Released in 1972, this song became a hit and reached high positions on music charts worldwide.

“Baby Blue” explores feelings of longing and regret following a breakup. It talks about longing for someone who has moved on, leaving the singer feeling blue and unable to let go of their memories together.

In the song, the title can refer to a few things. It could be a term of endearment that the singer had for her. It might be the color of her eyes. Or he might be feeling blue after their separation.

12. “Blue Jean” By David Bowie

With its infectious rhythm and David Bowie‘s iconic vocals, “Blue Jean” is the perfect track to get you up and dancing. This catchy and upbeat song was released in 1984 and quickly became a fan favorite.

Bowie himself claims that the song is a “piece of sexist rock ‘n roll.” It’s supposed to be enjoyed as a fun song. There’s nothing deeper to be analyzed when it comes to its meaning.

But from the lyrics, we can tell it’s about a young man infatuated with a woman named Blue Jean. He longs to be close to her and fantasizes about their romantic relationship. However, the woman has every guy vying for her attention, and she has them all wrapped around her finger.

13. “Blue Eyes” By Elton John

An ode to one’s mesmerizing blue eyes is Elton John‘s timeless ballad, “Blue Eyes.” It was released in 1982 from the album Jump Up!

The lyrics weave a tale of longing and admiration for someone with blue eyes. The singer compares them to the deep blue sea and “a blue blue day.” They are also a mirror to her emotions, such as when she tries to hide the tears when he’s about to leave.

And while he’s away, he dreams about seeing those blue eyes again, for he knows that when he looks into them, he is home.

14. “Pale Blue Eyes” By The Velvet Underground

The hauntingly beautiful “Pale Blue Eyes” by The Velvet Underground explores themes of longing and nostalgia. It also exposes the complexities of love and heartbreak.

Lou Reed’s soulful vocals enhance the song’s sad tone as he reflects on a past relationship and the lingering emotions it evokes. He laments the impossibility of him and her being together, as she’s already married.

“Pale Blue Eyes” offers a unique perspective on the color blue. It symbolizes sadness and a sense of longing for something lost or unattainable. Obviously, he cannot have her and will be forever haunted by her pale blue eyes.

15. “Blue World” By Mac Miller

Up next is the 2020 single “Blue World” by singer and rapper Mac Miller. From his album Circles, the song is about feeling lost and searching for meaning in life.

Miller uses the song to reflect on many subjects, such as his inner struggles and having the resilience to face them all. Just like everyone else, he experiences ups and downs, even having “the devil on my doorstep.”

He further acknowledges that without this certain person in his life, it’s a sad world. But there is hope amidst the dark moments in our lives. He decides to remain optimistic and assume a good attitude despite the hardships.

16. “Blue Spanish Sky” By Chris Isaak

Finally, we have “Blue Spanish Sky” by American singer-songwriter Chris Isaak. The lyrics talk about a man who is dealing with losing a loved one and the longing and sadness that come after.

With the reference to a Spanish sky, the singer is in a place where he looks at the sky and ponders his lost love. The blue in the title represents his feelings after she left him.

Now that she’s gone, things have changed. He thinks of rain, which is symbolic of sadness or represents tears. It makes him wish that she feels the way he does.

Summing Up Our List Of The Color Blue Songs

The songs above showed you that blue can be about wonderful things and experiences. But it can also stand for feelings associated with sadness and melancholy.

We hope that you’ve found new favorites from our list. Better yet, you can create a new playlist with all the songs in our compilation.

So the next time you’re in the mood for some introspection, listen to these songs and let their enchanting sounds wash over you.

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