21 Of The Best Songs About Soulmates

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When it comes to music, love is a bottomless source of inspiration. Across generations, artists have passionately sung about fate, destiny, and their search for that particular person: their soulmate.

Words do not suffice to describe how it feels when you finally find that one special person. But let these songs speak for you.

From country to R&B, pop to rock, this list features iconic songs that you’ll fall in love with. Without further ado, we give you 21 of the best songs about soulmates.

1. “Unchained Melody” By The Righteous Brothers

With more than 1500 recordings, “Unchained Melody” is one of the most recorded pieces of the 20th century. The most popular is The Righteous Brothers‘ version, which still remains popular today.

With heart-wrenching lyrics, the song uses metaphors to refer to love and longing. It is about an everlasting love so strong that it connects two people, or soulmates.

While the song depicts a never-ending kind of love, sadness also permeates the verses. For some reason, the singer is away from his love and he yearns to be with her. He likens his love to a lonely river, which he hopes would be reunited with the sea. In the same way, he hopes to be with his lover soon.

2. “Endless Love” By Diana Ross And Lionel Richie

Ranked as the #1 love song of all time by Billboard magazine, “Endless Love” is a romantic ode to eternal devotion and enduring affection. It was written by Lionel Richie and recorded as an iconic duet with Diana Ross in 1981.

This timeless track has become a sentimental favorite for generations of lovers. Here, the lovers pledge their commitment to each other, as seen from the line, “I’ve found in you, my endless love.”

Along with their promise not to love anyone else is their promise to love each other endlessly.

“Endless Love” continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. Its heartfelt lyrics communicate universally relatable feelings. This makes the song an ideal anthem for those who believe in true love transcending time and space.

3. “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

The heartfelt ballad “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran has captured the hearts of many with its emotional and romantic lyrics detailing an unconditional love for his wife-to-be Cherry Seaborn.

This song revolves around the idea of soulmates based on how Sheeran and Seaborn met. She is the love he is looking for, and he is the one she is waiting for. He celebrates finding the one who’s destined to share his life and make a home with him.

Indeed, his soulmate will always be perfect in his eyes. He likens her to an angel, someone he doesn’t deserve. But here they are, sharing a love just for the two of them.

4. “At Last” By Etta James

True love doesn’t come as often as we like. So when we find our soulmate, it feels like we’ve been looking for a long time. This is the message behind Etta James‘ “At Last.”

The song was released in 1960 and captures the euphoria of finding that special someone. With the arrival of her soulmate, the singer puts an end to her lonely days.

Everything feels different this time. The skies are blue, which symbolizes better days ahead with her soulmate. And with him by her side, she feels like they are in heaven.

5. “SoulMate” By Justin Timberlake

Up next is a song that takes a different look at soulmates. Traditionally, soulmates refer to lifelong partners. But in Justin Timberlake‘s “SoulMate,” he refers to a temporary connection with someone.

Specifically, he’s looking for a “soulmate for the night.” He seems to be describing someone with whom he feels a deep connection and attraction despite meeting for the first time.

This song with “soulmate” in the title tells us that soulmates can provide us with meaningful connections, even on a temporary basis. That we can meet someone who fits into our life at a specific moment.

6. “You’re Still The One” By Shania Twain

Up next is Shania Twain‘s “You’re Still the One,” a classic song about an unbreakable love that overcomes external criticism. She and her then-husband, Robert John “Mutt” Lange, wrote the song with their marriage as an inspiration.

Not many know that Lange was 17 years older than Twain. This led to criticisms and accusations, one of which was Twain using him to further her career. No one believed that their relationship would last.

But they proved that they were stronger than all of these criticisms. It prompts her to say, “Looks like we made it. Look how far we’ve come, my baby.” She shows the power of true love and how it can overcome any obstacle.

7. “Crazy Love” By Van Morrison

The romantic ballad “Crazy Love” showcases Van Morrison‘s soulful songwriting. The track was released as part of Morrison’s 1970 album, Moondance.

The lyrics to “Crazy Love” evoke a sense of passion and romance between lovers willing to endure anything for love. It speaks to the deep connection between them, as shown by the line, “I can hear her heart beat from a thousand miles.”

“Crazy Love” also depicts the dynamics of the relationship between soulmates. When he feels down, she is there to lift him up. Her mere presence makes the burden light. But most of all, she gives him the kind of love that makes him whole.

8. “Soulmate” By Natasha Bedingfield

In Natasha Bedingfield‘s 2007 song, “Soulmate,” she laments having no one to call her own. In this song with “soulmate” in the lyrics, the singer expresses a deep yearning to find that one person who truly understands and complements her.

She describes this person as someone “who knows how to love you without being told.” This line conveys the universal human desire for companionship and her hope that there’s a perfect match for her.

At the same time, she expresses distress over the fact that she hasn’t found this person yet. She desperately wants to know why she is still waiting if there’s a soulmate for everyone.

9. “I Just Called To Say I Love You” By Stevie Wonder

Up next is “I Just Called to Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder. This ballad is as straightforward as the title says. It speaks of the kind of love that is not tied to special occasions.

And so the singer just wants to tell her that he loves her. He doesn’t have to wait for occasions such as New Year’s Day, summer, Christmas, or Halloween. Today is like any ordinary day, and he is calling her for the sole purpose of telling his feelings for her.

When we look at this song in relation to soulmates, it portrays the deep connection between two people. They can express their love at any time because ordinary days become extraordinary when they are together.

10. “Stand By Me” By Ben E. King

Since its release in 1961, “Stand by Me” has been covered numerous times. The song was co-written by its original performer, Ben E. King.

The lyrics support the idea that soulmates provide each other with unconditional support and companionship. In this context, the song is one’s promise of unwavering love and loyalty to his significant other.

Despite the challenges and difficulties that come their way, they can overcome them, knowing they stand by each other. They can draw strength from their love to get them through the dark times.

11. “The Way You Look Tonight” By Frank Sinatra

Another timeless classic that has captured the hearts of audiences for decades is “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra. The song was initially written for the 1936 film Swing Time, where Fred Astaire performed it. It wasn’t until Sinatra’s rendition in 1964 that the song gained widespread popularity.

In the song, Sinatra sings about how his lover looks so beautiful that night. He expresses his deep affection and can’t help falling more deeply in love with her. He showers her with sweet and heartfelt words that show just how much she means to him.

The song also shows how the singer admires the smallest details about his woman. This resonates with the idea of soulmates, where a person loves everything about his partner.

12. “Something” By The Beatles

One of the greatest love songs ever written is The Beatles‘ “Something.” Written and performed by George Harrison, it speaks of feelings of love and admiration.

The lyrics are incredibly romantic, expressing a deep love for someone considered your soulmate. The lines, “Something in the way she moves, Attracts me like no other lover,” point to the attraction and deep connection that the singer feels toward his lover.

In the lines, “I don’t want to leave her now, You know I believe and how,” the singer makes known his desire to stay with her, assuring her of his commitment. We can say that this is characteristic of the bond between soulmates.

13. “Make You Feel My Love” By Adele

One of the most beautiful songs that perfectly encapsulate the idea of soulmates is Adele‘s “Make You Feel My Love.” Her soulful vocals and heartfelt rendition make this song an intimate expression of love for your soulmate.

The lyrics reflect the singer’s willingness to do anything for the man she loves. She will face challenges and go to great lengths to show and prove her love, as proven by the lines, “I could hold you for a million years, To make you feel my love.” This reflects the intense bond often seen between soulmates.

While this is not a song that mentions “soulmates” anywhere, it explores themes of unconditional love and sacrifice that resonate with the concept of soulmates.

14. “Unconditionally” By Katy Perry

As the title suggests, “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry is a powerful song that talks about unconditional love. You accept the other person regardless of his flaws or shortcomings, which reflects the idea of soulmates.

The lyrics remind us that true love does not come with any conditions. It is about understanding, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, and loyalty toward our soulmate. The singer proves that when she declares that it “never made me blink one time” when she saw her partner’s insecurities.

He might not be perfect, but she is ready to accept him for who he is. She will support him and love him endlessly through the good times and bad.

15. “Lucky” By Jason Mraz Ft. Colbie Caillat

Not only is “Lucky” by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat a feel-good song. It is also a romantic and soulful duet about a commitment between soulmates even when they are apart.

The lyrics also show how it feels when the one you love is your soulmate. It brings happiness and comfort, knowing that the other person loves you deeply. You connect on a deep level that you are not just lovers but best friends as well.

And the love you share can transcend distance. For some reason, the singer and his significant other cannot be physically together at the moment. But their love is so strong that their separation is bearable. They cannot wait until they can be together again.

16. “Your Song” By Elton John

Let’s move on to another timeless classic love ballad, “Your Song” from Elton John. It was first released in 1970 and quickly became one of John’s most beloved songs, reaching international success by hitting the Top 10 charts worldwide.

The song has become an anthem for soulmates because of its romantic lyrics that express the singer’s deep love and emotional connection to his partner.

Perhaps the most unforgettable line is, “How wonderful life is while you’re in the world.” It expresses the joy and fulfillment he experiences when he is with his soulmate. By saying it, he appreciates her existence and the positive impact she has on his life.

17. “Truly, Madly, Deeply” By Savage Garden

Just like Savage Garden professes in their 1997 song, you love your soulmate “Truly, Madly, Deeply.” This romantic ballad captures the kind of love you’re willing to put on the table where your soulmate is concerned.

That said, it is love where the singer wants to be everything for his partner – her dream, wish, and fantasy. He desires to fulfill her need and establish a deep connection, things that are associated with soulmates.

The song’s chorus declares, “I wanna stand with you on a mountain, I wanna bathe with you in the sea, I wanna lay like this forever Until the sky falls down on me.” These lines showcase the singer’s willingness to do anything to prove his undying devotion to her.

18. “All Of Me” By John Legend

Undoubtedly one of the best songs about soulmates is “All of Me” by John Legend. This popular love song has heartfelt and soulful lyrics that speak to the emotional connection between two people in a relationship.

The lyrics express a level of vulnerability and transparency, which soulmates are not afraid to show for their loved ones. Here, Legend sheds light on all the positive and negative sides of her, but he declares that “I’ll be alright.” That’s because he accepts everything about her – flaws and all.

In relationships, unconditional love, acceptance, and commitment are must-haves. These make it easier for one to face challenging times.

19. “Amazed” By Lonestar

Up next is “Amazed” by Lonestar, a song that speaks to the heart of every romantic with its unwavering message of undying love. It’s a country classic that has stood the test of time and remains one of the most famous love songs ever written.

“Amazed” is known for its sincerity and realness in capturing what true romance means. The singer expresses his admiration and growing love for his partner, who, in turn, inspires love and appreciation.

In addition, the heartfelt lyrics show how genuine love can endure over time despite life’s challenges and setbacks. That said, the singer sees a lifetime with his partner beside him. He knows love will keep getting better because he has found his perfect match.

20. “Better Together” By Jack Johnson

In “Better Together,” singer-songwriter Jack Johnson expresses how everything becomes better when you are with your loved one. It makes things easier.

“Better Together” perfectly captures the idea of love and companionship between soulmates. Here, the singer tells us that we all need someone special to share our ups and downs.

Wonderful experiences become more profound when we have someone to share them with. And the dark times and challenges don’t seem daunting when someone stays beside us to help us get through them.

21. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” By Elvis Presley

The timeless classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley perfectly encapsulates the idea of soulmates. From his 1961 album Blue Hawaii, the song has become synonymous with romance and love.

The lyrics are heartfelt and emotional, as the singer expresses falling deeply in love with someone despite knowing there is no way out. He does not plan on fighting the irresistible pull toward the person he loves.

This aligns with the concept of soulmates. The song depicts two individuals who are drawn together by a deep connection.

Summing Up Our List Of Soulmates Songs

The search for soulmates has truly inspired some of the most beautiful and heartfelt songs in music.

From classic ballads like The Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody” to modern hits like “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, these songs have captured the magic of falling in love with your other half.

With our compilation above, we hope you have fallen in love more with your soulmate. And if you’re still looking for your Mr. Right or Ms. Right, let these songs accompany you in the meantime.

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