31 Of The Best Songs About Healing And Recovery

Written by Dan Farrant

We go through tough times in our lives that leave us broken, in pain, and in need of healing. Whether it’s from physical illness or mental and emotional distress, healing is a process that takes time.

While healing is never easy, music can help you get there. Listening to songs can help uplift your spirit and provide you comfort.

And so we have come up with 31 of the best songs about healing to begin your journey. Sit back and relax, and let these songs speak to your heart.

1. “Healer” By Kari Jobe

Christian contemporary artist Kari Jobe released “Healer” in 2009 from her self-titled album. This moving song speaks to the profound concept of healing in physical, emotional, and spiritual forms.

Thematically, the song encapsulates the belief in God as the ultimate source of healing and restoration. It underscores the faith that He can calm the tumultuous seas of life, walk us through trials, and heal us from all afflictions.

In addition, the song gives voice to the universal experience of seeking comfort and healing in times of distress. It is a testament to the power of faith in the healing process.

2. “Heal” By Tom Odell

When we talk about songs with “heal” in the title, pretty sure Tom Odell‘s “Heal” comes to mind. This song explores themes of healing in the context of emotional pain and heartbreak.

In the lyrics, the narrator longs for recovery after a devastating breakup, conveying his willingness to let go of the past. He seeks solace and wishes for someone to take away his mental anguish and past mistakes, a process that he likens to a bottle collecting rain.

“Heal” captures his vulnerability and his desire for reassurance within a relationship. This aligns with the repeated line, “And tell me some things last.”

3. “Heal Me O Lord” By Don Moen

The heartfelt worship song “Heal Me O Lord” by Christian singer-songwriter Don Moen centers on the theme of divine healing. The lyrics convey a deep sense of faith and reliance on God’s power to restore health on physical and spiritual levels.

In the lyrics, the narrator pleads for God’s intervention, healing, and salvation. He believes in the power of God to heal and save. The lines “Oh heal me Oh Lord, And I will be healed, Save me, and I will be saved” express this sentiment of absolute faith and dependence on God for healing.

In essence, this song is about the journey of seeking divine healing. It underscores the importance of turning to a higher power in times of physical, mental, or emotional distress.

4. “Heal The World” By Michael Jackson

Released in 1991, Michael Jackson‘s “Heal the World” still resonates today. This song with “heal” in the lyrics uses the concept of healing in a global and humanitarian context.

The song is an earnest appeal for understanding, compassion, and kindness. These days, there are still wars and hunger all over the world, with people living without enough food and water. There are children who live in war-stricken places and women who lack access to basic needs.

The narrator urges humanity to make the world a better place, not just for us but for future generations. It tells us to take care of the environment and to teach children to help others.

At its core, the song leaves a message about how we can change the world in our own ways. It starts in a small step, like a ripple that spreads out.

5. “Thank U” By Alanis Morissette

Up next is a reflective song that speaks to the healing power of gratitude and self-discovery. Alanis Morissette released “Thank U” in 1998, which was based on her trip to India.

At its core, the song is a “thank you” not to life’s challenges, experiences, and lessons learned. Here, the narrator accepts life’s trials as necessary for growth and healing. She shows us that even hardships can be transformative and healing when viewed from a perspective of gratitude.

In relation to healing, “Thank U” embodies the journey of emotional healing. It underscores the importance of acknowledging one’s feelings and expressing gratitude for the lessons they bring.

6. “Everybody Hurts” By R.E.M.

Aimed at teenagers, R.E.M.‘s “Everybody Hurts” is about the universality of pain and suffering. However, the message behind this song not only applies to adolescents but to people of all ages as well.

The song reassures us that nobody is alone in their struggles. We have gone through dark moments at some point and experienced pain and hardships like everyone else. This suggests that shared experiences make us more sympathetic to the plights of other people.

Furthermore, the song promotes emotional resilience and mental health awareness. It encourages people who are hurting to hold on and persevere through tough times. It’s about not giving up when faced with adversity, knowing that endurance will lead to healing.

7. “Rescue Me” By OneRepublic

There are many ways to look at OneRepublic‘s “Rescue Me.” One is through the themes of healing, vulnerability, and the need for support in difficult moments.

The lyrics depict a person who feels lost and seeks help and love. This request for rescue can be a metaphor for the healing process, where the person recognizes his need for support so he can heal.

“Rescue Me” touches on the importance of human connection during periods of distress. It suggests that reaching out to other people when we are hurting can be a critical part of our healing process. By asking for help, one takes the first step to recovery and healing.

8. “Fix You” By Coldplay

The emotional song “Fix You” by Coldplay resonates with themes of healing, support, and resilience. It sends a strong message of hope, offering comfort to people going through difficult times.

The song is about providing reassurance to someone who is hurting. While the reason why they are hurting is vague, the intent to console is clear. The line “I will try to fix you” is a promise to be there for someone, to help them through their healing journey, rather than literally “fixing” them.

“Fix You” also suggests that time and love can mend emotional wounds. It highlights the importance of empathy and being there for each other, which can aid in the healing process.

9. “Recovery” By James Arthur

Up next is a deeply personal song about the journey of healing and recovery. James Arthur released “Recovery” in 2013 from his self-titled album.

The narrative follows Arthur as he struggles with his personal demons and pursues a better path. This signifies a process of self-healing and growth.

The song also delves into finding strength in vulnerability, acknowledging past mistakes, and making a conscious decision to change. It suggests the concept of overcoming hardship and addiction toward healing.

In relation to healing, “Recovery” is about resilience and the power of self-belief in overcoming obstacles. Healing is a personal journey that one must take responsibility for.

10. “And The Healing Has Begun” By Van Morrison

In Van Morrison‘s “And The Healing Has Begun,” love and music have the power to heal. This song is considered the central piece in his career, underscoring the transformative influence of art and literature on healing.

The song depicts a journey of recovery by revisiting memories and rekindling joy through music. This can be a metaphor for healing, where revisiting past memories and feelings plays a key role in the process of recovery.

In the context of healing, the song asserts that love, music, and memory can be therapeutic tools. It further suggests that healing is an ongoing journey, often intertwined with nostalgia, love, and joy.

11. “In Repair” By John Mayer

Singer-songwriter John Mayer reflects on the journey of self-recovery and healing in “In Repair.” The song is about his personal journey toward overcoming his struggles and working on his flaws. This reflects his commitment to self-improvement.

In the first verse, the narrator admits to thinking about various issues, likely in relation to a past relationship. That’s why he deals with “too many shadows,” “too many hours,” and “too many corners.”

The song reflects the fact that healing and recovery take time. It’s not a quick process but instead deals with painful emotions. Good for the narrator, though. He’s still hurting, but he is “getting there.”

12. “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again” By Danny Gokey

If you’ve experienced tragedy, it can be difficult to start over and move on. Danny Gokey‘s “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” can help you in this trying time.

At its core, the song is a reminder to keep going and allow our hearts to “beat again” despite heartbreak and pain. This is a metaphor for the process of healing, which often requires us to step out of our comfort zones and choose to face our pain head-on.

In addition, the song reminds us to have faith in God’s power to heal our hearts. After all, He’s the Great Physician. However, we must make a conscious effort to embrace that healing, even when it seems difficult.

13. “Better Place” By Rachel Platten

Positive emotions, according to Rachel Platten‘s “Better Place,” can help us recover from challenging situations. The song delves into themes of healing, love, hope, and optimism.

The song tells us that despite the circumstances, things will get better. It encourages listeners to believe in the possibility of a better tomorrow. The narrator communicates the idea of healing through the power of love and positive emotions.

Furthermore, the song suggests that the world can be a better place when we choose to respond with kindness, compassion, and understanding. The healing process in this song is not just about personal recovery. It’s also making the world around us a better place.

14. “I Will Carry You (Audrey’s Song)” By Selah

Losing someone is one of the most painful things a person can experience. Selah‘s “I Will Carry You (Audrey’s Song)” speaks to healing from such loss.

The song was inspired by the birth and death of the daughter of founding member Todd Smith and his wife. It embodies the pain, heartache, and sorrow of such profound loss, yet it also provides a sense of hope and comfort.

The song is what the Smiths wanted to show or tell their daughter. Despite knowing that they can never do things with her, they leave their heartaches in God’s hands. By doing so, they are also on the path to healing.

15. “Heal Me” By Lady Gaga

In many cases, healing requires that we open ourselves up to others. When we do so, we believe that love and connection can help us on our healing journey. Lady Gaga‘s “Heal Me” is about this sentiment.

The lyrics of the song mention “healing” on spiritual and emotional levels. In particular, she longs for her partner to heal her. This plea can be considered a call for help and an acknowledgment of her vulnerability. It is a testament to the importance of interdependence toward healing.

One of the key messages of the song is that nobody can begin healing if she doesn’t open the door. This is a metaphor for the necessity of acknowledging her pain and seeking help.

16. “Healing” By Riley Clemmons

Our next song, Riley Clemmons‘ “Healing,” delves into the theme of healing, particularly emotional and spiritual recovery. It’s about overcoming personal struggles and emerging stronger on the other side.

In the lyrics, the narrator has been in a dark place, feeling hopeless and trapped. However, she learned to move beyond these feelings. She believed in herself, took a leap of faith, and was able to overcome the obstacles.

Now, she embraces hope and faith and is standing stronger than before. She acknowledges that though she’s still healing, she is moving forward.

In this context, healing is not just about recovering from physical or emotional pain. It’s also about finding inner strength and renewal through faith.

17. “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” By Oasis

Released in 2002, Oasis‘ “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” speaks volumes about healing, particularly emotional recovery. The lyrics talk about overcoming adversity, dealing with heartache, and finding the strength to move on.

The title itself is a comforting message which suggests that it’s okay to feel pain and grief. However, there will come a time when you need to let go and start the healing process.

The song further encourages listeners not to dwell on their sorrows and to stop crying their hearts out. It’s a reminder to not allow difficulties to break you. Instead, seek emotional healing.

18. “Healer Of Souls” By Switchfoot

Another gospel song on our list is “Healer of Souls” by Switchfoot. Released in 2016, the song is intrinsically tied to the theme of emotional and spiritual healing.

The song delves into the contradictory nature of faith and suffering. It depicts how our deepest wounds sometimes become channels where light shines. This notion suggests that healing often comes through adversity.

In relation to healing, it is a process that involves navigating through the darkness to find light. The song reminds us that true healing is not just about mending physical or emotional wounds. It’s also about restoring the soul through faith.

19. “Healing Begins” By Tenth Avenue North

The opening track from the album The Light Meets the Dark, “Healing Begins” by Tenth Avenue North, is about emotional and spiritual healing. It’s about the journey from darkness to light, which embodies the transformative power of confession and forgiveness.

Speaking of confession, the song suggests that it’s a starting point for healing. It says that by confessing our sins, we can initiate the process of healing. This is not just about seeking forgiveness but also about acknowledging mistakes and learning to forgive ourselves.

The song also conveys that healing involves overcoming fear. Confession is a scary thing to do as it leaves us vulnerable. However, this act of bravery and honesty paves the way for healing.

20. “You Say” By Lauren Daigle

In Lauren Daigle‘s “You Say,” the narrator testifies to the power of faith, self-belief, and acceptance. She believes more in what God thinks of her than her own opinion.

In some ways, this song celebrates being accepted by God. The narrator sometimes feels that she does not measure up, suggesting her inadequacies and insecurities. There are negative voices in her head that she keeps fighting.

This is where God comes in. Even when her inner resolve falters, God is the constant in her life who gives her strength. By turning to God, she finds her healing, completeness, worth, and identity.

21. “Fight Song” By Rachel Platten

The 2014 single “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten is an anthem of resilience and determination. It’s synonymous with the theme of healing in terms of emotional and physical recovery.

The lines “This is my fight song, Take back my life song, Prove I’m alright song” convey a sense of empowerment and self-assertion. They speak to those who are going through difficult times and encourage them to reclaim their strength and resilience in times of trouble.

In the context of healing, “Fight Song” reminds people that they have the power to overcome struggles. They must foster a sense of self-belief, which is crucial to the healing process.

22. “Come As You Are” By Crowder

Using the lens of Christian faith, Crowder‘s “Come As You Are” delves into spiritual and emotional healing.

The narrator invites listeners to “come out of sadness, from wherever you’ve been,” referring to those who are emotionally hurt or burdened. He encourages them to leave their worries behind and start anew, which is an important step in initiating the healing process.

The song is also about laying down our burdens and shame as a way to surrender our worries, guilt, or fears. This act is a form of healing as it allows us to let go of what’s weighing us down emotionally and spiritually.

23. “Just Be Held” By Casting Crowns

The song “Just Be Held” by Casting Crowns stands out from our list. While most of the songs here are from the perspective of the narrator or people around him or her, this one is written from the perspective of God.

In the lyrics, we find God telling us that we can’t be strong all the time. Holding it all together for ourselves and the people we love can sometimes leave us weak. Nevertheless, we keep hanging on and still fight.

But God tells us to surrender ourselves to Him. To “lay it down and let it go.” Instead of holding on, we must allow Him to hold us and let go of control. By doing so, we let healing wash over us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

24. “With Hope” By Steven Curtis Chapman

Another song that deals with the pain of losing someone is Steven Curtis Chapman‘s “With Hope.” Released in 1999, he dedicated it to family friends who lost a child. The song offers a powerful message of healing in the wake of loss and grief.

While the song focuses on having hope in dark times, it also delves into the healing process by leaving everything in God’s hands. It’s never easy to deal with losing a child, and the pain can be unbearable. And sometimes, it’s difficult to understand God’s plan when someone passes away.

But the song urges people who grieve to have hope, knowing that someday you’ll see your loved ones again. To “grieve with hope” allows God to heal and comfort your heart.

25. “Easy On Me” By Adele

During a very turbulent period in her life, Adele co-wrote “Easy on Me as she navigated a divorce from her ex-husband, Simon Konecki. The song explores themes of despair, loss, and healing.

The opening verse of the song says that divorce was the best option for her, her partner, and their son. In the rest of the song, Adele addresses her son, pleading for understanding and grace and for him to “go easy” on her.

This is an acknowledgment of the pain she’s been through and a request for patience as she navigates the process of healing. The lines “Go easy on me, baby, I was still a child” reveal Adele’s vulnerability and her struggle to forgive herself during healing. This reinforces the idea that healing is a journey that involves self-compassion and understanding.

26. “Be OK” By Ingrid Michaelson

Our next song serves as a mantra of resilience in the face of life’s adversities. Ingrid Michaelson‘s “Be OK” resonates with themes of emotional and psychological healing.

“Be OK” conveys a message of hope and perseverance. It encourages us to believe that we will be okay despite our struggles. This idea is relevant to the healing process, where maintaining a positive mindset can hasten recovery.

The lines “Just give me back my pieces, And let me hold my broken parts” suggest a journey of reclaiming oneself after a period of hardship. This can be a metaphor for healing, where one recovers their sense of self and regains their strength.

27. “Let Go” By Sharon Van Etten

When we let go of pain and heartaches, we allow change and transformation to take place. Sharon Van Etten‘s “Let Go” is about this sentiment.

At its core, the song is all about overcoming emotional struggles and letting go of anything that hinders personal progress. This idea is an essential part of the healing process because it allows space for growth, acceptance, and, ultimately, healing.

The lyrics reveal Van Etten’s own journey of healing, where she uses music as a form of therapy. This is a means to express and release her feelings, and letting go is a therapeutic way to start healing.

28. “Real Life (Angel)” By Elbow

A moving and poignant song, “Real Life (Angel)” by the rock band Elbow, is about healing from heartbreak and self-discovery.

In the lyrics, the narrator is addressing someone who is heartbroken. The song provides a backdrop for the exploration of the healing process after emotional trauma.

A key line in the song says, “As it starts to heal, you’ll find a better mirror in another.” This suggests that as you heal from heartbreak, you begin to see yourself more clearly in your relationships with others. This is an important part of the healing process, where you rebuild yourself after heartbreak.

29. “Heal Over” By KT Tunstall

Singer-songwriter KT Tunstall has some wise words to say for a friend or a loved one in “Heal Over.” This deeply touching song is one that touches on healing from emotional trauma such as heartbreak.

The title, “Heal Over,” depicts the healing process. It emphasizes that healing takes time and that emotional scars may linger even after the wound has healed. This mirrors the journey that people go through when recovering from emotional pain.

However, the narrator offers comfort and reassurance, telling them that things will eventually get better. This sense of hope and optimism is an important part of the healing process. We can all appreciate someone who encourages us to keep going despite the pain.

30. “It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To” By Billy Currington

In Billy Currington‘s “It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To,” the narrator is on the path to complete healing. This song resonates with a lot of people who moved on from their past relationships.

The title encapsulates the central idea of this track. It conveys a message that while the pain was once overwhelming, it has lessened over time, illustrating the process of healing and recovery from heartbreak.

The song also depicts the raw emotions that come with a breakup. On the other hand, it also expresses a sense of hope and resilience. The narrator acknowledges that even though the pain is real, it doesn’t last. He is moving forward and healing from his emotional wounds.

31. “Doin’ Fine” By Lauren Alaina

The final song seems to be the perfect way to end this list. Lauren Alaina‘s “Doin’ Fine” is a testament to our ability to move past family trauma and personal struggles and heal.

The song was a peek into Alaina’s personal life when her parents’ marriage ended. It’s a brutally honest portrayal of her family life and the challenges she faced as a result.

In the song, Alaina sings about her heartbreak following her parents’ divorce and her father’s sobriety. Despite the hardships, she emphasizes her resilience and her journey toward healing. She acknowledges that she’s not okay, but she’s “gonna be alright.” She’s moving forward and healing from her past.

Summing Up Our List Of Healing Songs

That wraps up our topic for today. The songs above depicted healing as a transformative process in their own ways. We hope that they showed you the importance of having faith in yourself or in a higher power as a crucial component of healing.

From Kari Jobe’s “Healer” to “Doin’ Fine” By Lauren Alaina, these songs encapsulate the diverse aspects of healing. May these offer you comfort and hope as you go through your own healing journey.

Finally, may these songs remind you that healing is possible and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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