19 Of The Best Songs About The Color Gold

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If you notice, among trophies, medals, and jewelry, gold stands out. It’s a color that symbolizes prosperity and success. It also represents beauty, status, and wealth.

Even in music, gold is a popular subject matter. The allure and shine of gold are irresistible, and songwriters just have to make a song about this precious metal.

We urge that you celebrate all that gold means to you with our list of 19 of the best songs about the color gold. Have fun reading!

1. “Gold Skies” By Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix, And DVBBS

The captivating electronic dance “Gold Skies” is up first on our list. The song, by Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix, and DVBBS, showcases an energetic combination of catchy melodies and intense beats.

Lyrically, the song invites the listeners to cherish every moment of love that comes. It encourages us to find happiness even in times of darkness. And remaining in love evokes the euphoria that one feels when standing under the gold skies.

The color gold in the song represents a dreamlike reality. It gives us feelings of warmth and a sense of peace. On the other hand, the color can also stand for the “golden” moments.

2. “Gold Dust” By Galantis

Harnessing the allure of gold, Galantis, a Swedish electronic music duo, delivers a striking display of musical prowess with “Gold Dust.” This catchy tune is imbued with an energetic vibe characteristic of their style.

“Gold Dust” is a feel-good dance anthem that celebrates the power of love and connection. The lyrics metaphorically compare the purity and preciousness of love to shimmering gold dust, emphasizing its transformative and uplifting qualities.

It’s like being in love with a person, and that feeling seeps into every part of your bones. And when that person is not around, it leaves “a hollow” feeling.

3. “Fields Of Gold” By Sting

Inspired by sunsets over golden fields, Sting penned “Fields of Gold.” It captures a sense of longing and transports listeners to scenic landscapes where the gentle westward wind blows.

“Fields of Gold” is a nostalgic ballad reflecting on time’s fleeting nature and the beauty of love. It uses the imagery of walking in golden fields with your loved one while the sun shines ahead. Here, the color gold is used to represent warmth and happiness.

All in all, the song serves as a reminder to cherish and hold onto precious moments and relationships. No wonder it has become a popular choice for funerals.

4. “Gold” By Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

If you want a song that’s teeming with gold, at least in words, then listen to “Gold” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. From their album The Heist, “Gold” quickly gained popularity and became one of their most successful songs.

This song is filled with “gold” in the lyrics, from the gold sun to gold chains, gold coins, and a gold car. We can take these as representations of success, fame, and self-expression.

Moreover, the song emphasizes the journey and hard work required to achieve one’s goals and dreams. The lyrics encourage listeners to embrace their talents and shine brightly, symbolizing their worth and value like gold.

5. “Gold Dust Woman” By Fleetwood Mac

A haunting and introspective rock song, Fleetwood Mac‘s “Gold Dust Woman” delves into the dark side of fame, addiction, and inner turmoil. It has become a fan favorite and a staple in the rock band’s discography.

Stevie Nicks, the songwriter and lead vocalist, uses “gold dust” as a metaphor for cocaine. The band was consuming large quantities of this substance during the recording of the song.

“Gold dust woman,” meanwhile, refers to a person going through a difficult time and trying to survive it. The song’s lyrics explore themes of vulnerability and the struggles those in the music industry face.

6. “Golden Brown” By The Stranglers

Another song that mentions “gold” in a metaphorical sense is “Golden Brown” by The Stranglers. This captivating song, released in 1981, combines rock, pop, and folk elements.

According to songwriter Hugh Cornwell, the phrase “golden brown” refers to two things. First, it is a metaphor for heroin, which appears golden brown when mixed with some additives. That’s why it’s called “brown sugar” on the streets.

Second, the term refers to a woman with whom Cornwell spent considerable time. Both the heroin and the woman provided him with pleasurable times.

Still, “Golden Brown” is a timeless piece of music that continues to captivate audiences with its unique sound and evocative lyrics.

7. “Golden” By Harry Styles

Up next is “Golden” by Harry Styles. This upbeat pop song captures what it’s like to be vulnerable, in love, and moving on.

Lyrically, the song uses the color gold in a metaphorical way. Here, he sings about the golden stage of his new relationship – the honeymoon phase. It’s a time when sparks fly all over the place, and there’s only happiness. In this case, the color gold represents this emotion.

In addition, he compares his girl to the sun, which is “too bright” and burns him just the right way. When saying, “You’re so golden,” he expresses his admiration for her, suggesting that she is cherished just like gold.

8. “Black And Gold” By Sam Sparro

What we have next is the soulful song “Black And Gold” by Sam Sparro, released in 2008. Here, the color gold represents God’s path of guidance.

At its core, the track delves into the interconnectedness of reason and spirituality. We find the singer seeing bright gold stars against a night sky, which he describes as “golden beacons.” This can be interpreted as a metaphor for seeking guidance from the uncertainty of life.

In addition, the color gold stands for the divine light that guides the singer out of the darkness.

9. “Gold Dust” By DJ Fresh

The electrifying drum and bass song “Gold Dust” by DJ Fresh made waves in 2010. With its infectious beats and empowering lyrics, it quickly gained popularity in the dubstep scene and became a favorite at clubs and festivals.

In the first verse that starts with “It’s like gold dust,” “gold” is used to symbolize music. The lyrics depict music as alluring and whose impact listeners cannot deny.

The song further posits that, like gold dust, music is addictive and sought-after. This is proven by the line, “I know you can’t get enough of my sound.” The singer seems to say that the music he produces is unique and precious.

10. “New Gold Dream” By Simple Minds

Our next song with “gold” in the title is Simple Minds‘ “New Gold Dream.” Released in 1982, it is the title track and centerpiece of their album of the same name. The song carries an ethereal and atmospheric quality, with “gold” used as a metaphor.

The lyrics convey an optimistic sentiment as the singer talks about a new and exciting journey. The “new gold dream” and “she” referred to in the lyrics refer to the same thing: fame. It aligns with the band’s aspirations and hopes for fame and recognition.

They believe in a better future that includes success in the music industry. And as gold represents wealth and achievement, it perfectly encapsulates their ambitions during this period.

11. “Golden Ring” By George Jones And Tammy Wynette

Known for their successful collaborations, George Jones and Tammy Wynette were considered the power couple of country music. They released the classic country song “Golden Ring” in 1976.

The lyrics tell the story of a gold ring that witnesses the journey of a couple through love, marriage, and divorce. The couple first sees the ring in a pawn shop. The man says it’s not much, but it’s the best he can buy for her.

Later that afternoon, they get married, with the ring now finding its home. But somewhere down the line, the couple starts fighting. The man accuses her of wanting to leave town, while she declares that she doesn’t love him anymore. She removes her ring, throws it down, and leaves.

The ending of the song finds the ring back in a pawn shop, with a new couple looking at it with interest.

12. “Golden” By Kylie Minogue

From Kylie Minogue‘s 14th studio album comes “Golden.” This upbeat pop song is all about resilience and self-empowerment and captures the essence of joy and embracing new beginnings.

The lyrics convey a message of enjoying each moment as it comes. The color “golden” symbolizes a state of positivity and confidence, representing a newfound sense of self-assurance and embracing one’s true identity.

The chorus drives home the idea that we are in this moment right now. The best we can do is “burn like the stars.” The past is gone, and the future is still untold. But the present is here. The singer encourages us to “stay golden straight from the heart” and be strong no matter what.

13. “Gold” By Owl City

What a beautiful and uplifting message Owl City‘s “Gold” carries. Released in 2012, the track is optimistic and dreamy, characteristic of Owl City’s signature sound.

The song mentions “gold” as a metaphor for the beauty and resilience of people. It shares a message of self-confidence, personal growth, and the ability to shine regardless of life’s challenges. Despite going through challenges, our value as a person does not diminish.

Moreover, the song encourages chasing passions and aspirations. Here, gold symbolizes success, achievement, and reaching for something extraordinary.

14. “Golden Slumbers” By The Beatles

Written primarily by Paul McCartney, The Beatles‘ “Golden Slumbers” is a poignant and melodic song from their 1969 album Abbey Road. It is a lullaby-like ballad based on the poem of English dramatist Thomas Dekker.

The song explores themes of nostalgia, innocence, and loss. In relation to the color gold, McCartney used it as a metaphor both for restful sleep and memories of childhood. The song evokes a sense of comfort as it speaks of being protected and cared for.

In addition, the song signifies a sense of longing for the golden days of the past. Specifically, “Golden Slumbers” posits that we can no longer bring back those moments.

15. “Golden” By My Morning Jacket

Another song that deserves a spot on our list is “Golden” by My Morning Jacket. The song delves into themes of longing, self-discovery, and the passage of time.

The lyrics seem to depict a daydream that unfolds during a road trip. The line “And on heaven’s golden shore we’ll lay our heads” reflects the singer’s hope and optimism for something better.

In addition, gold serves as a metaphor for something precious and cherished, such as a relationship. Even when relationships end, one can look back on the cherished memories that remind them of happier times.

16. “Golden” By Jill Scott

If you want feel-good music filled with positivity and empowerment, look no further than Jill Scott‘s “Golden.” This song is all about living life to the fullest.

Perhaps the line that stands out from this song is “Livin’ my life like it’s golden.” Here, “golden” is a metaphor for happiness, abundance, and fulfillment. Gold symbolizes prosperity, success, and triumph. In this context, golden means embracing and appreciating every moment.

The song sends the message of living life to the fullest because life is precious, and we only live once. Thus, we should not take anything for granted. Despite life’s ups and downs, we must cherish the journey.

17. “Gold” By Yung Gravy And bbno$ Ft. Mia Gladstone

In the 2017 single “Gold,” Yung Gravy, bbno$, and Mia Gladstone use the color gold as a metaphor for success and wealth. It embodies a sense of achievement and the pursuit of a lavish and glamorous lifestyle.

“Gold” is characterized by playful and boastful lyrics, where the singers flaunt their wealth and material possessions. They focus mainly on gold, saying they “don’t play with no brass.”

In the song, gold symbolizes opulence and extravagance, representing their desire for material success and recognition. With their wealth, they have a “pocket full of Dos Equis” and a “brand new coupe.”

Though the song is basically just bragging about their wealth, it shows that the singers are having the time of their lives.

18. “Gold” By John Stewart

This John Stewart song is what you’d call “old but gold.” He wrote and recorded “Gold” in 1979. The song is believed to be a commentary on the pursuit of fame and fortune in the music industry and Hollywood.

Here, “gold” stands for the allure and glamor of wealth and success. We put a high value on them, just like people do on gold.

The lines “When the lights go down in the California town… I jump into my car, and I throw in my guitar” conveys the singer’s anticipation in chasing the “gold,” or his dream of making it big.

19. “Heart Of Gold” By Neil Young

Lastly, we have “Heart of Gold,” a folk-rock song by Neil Young from his album Harvest. The song reflects the universal search for genuine love.

In the lyrics, Young uses “gold” as a metaphor for true love. He’s been to Hollywood and Redwood and even “crossed the ocean” in search of this “gold.” As the song progresses, the singer realizes that it is not an easy feat to search for a genuine connection in a world that can often be deceptive or superficial.

Sadly, searching for this person who is not after his fame or material possessions has been a fruitless labor. It takes his whole life, and now that he’s old, he still has not found the kind of love that will stay with him for a lifetime.

Summing Up Our List Of The Color Gold Songs

It’s surprising how songwriters viewed the color gold in different ways. Their songs capture the essence of luxury, growth, and love associated with this color.

We hope that you liked our list, which offers a comprehensive exploration of music inspired by the allure of the color gold and its symbolism. Whether you prefer pop beats or heartfelt ballads, there’s something for everyone on this playlist.

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