16 Of The Best Songs About The Color Brown

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It’s probably fair to say that brown is probably not your favorite color. Though it represents the earth, the color isn’t as striking or attractive as some of its counterparts. Even in pop music, brown is not a prevalent topic compared to blue, white, or other colors.

But surprise, surprise, we were able to find a decent number of songs about this particular color. Did you know that brown represents warmth, earthiness, approachability, and dependability? It’s also the color of things we love, such as chocolate, old leaves, skin tone, and of course, teddy bears!

Without further ado, here is our list of 16 of the best songs about the color brown that celebrate this color and its various associations. Enjoy reading!

1. “Brown Eyed Girl” By Van Morrison

One cannot discuss brown-themed songs without mentioning Van Morrison‘s iconic “Brown Eyed Girl.” This 1967 classic is a lyrical masterpiece that effortlessly captures the beauty of earthy brown eyes.

As the title suggests, the song is about a girl in the singer’s past whose eyes are brown. The narrative finds him reminiscing about days with her when they played, laughed, and ran in the rain. They also spent moments “going down the old mine with a transistor radio” and just enjoying their time together.

Though they did not end up together, the singer cannot forget their relationship. For him, she will always be his brown-eyed girl.

2. “Pretty Brown Eyes” By Cody Simpson

Up next is “Pretty Brown Eyes” by the Australian singer Cody Simpson. Through this love song, he pays tribute to the woman who catches his attention.

The color here symbolizes the characteristic of this girl that immediately stands out. While he also describes her as someone “looking like a model,” with the perfect face and body, her brown eyes seal his attraction to her. It’s love at first sight, looking into her pretty eyes.

In many ways, this song is also a celebration for all people having brown eyes. In popular culture, it’s mostly about blue or green eyes. But Simpson shows us that brown eyes are beautiful, too.

3. “Brown Eyes” By Destiny’s Child

The soulful ballad “Brown Eyes” by Destiny’s Child is a love song for someone whose standout feature is having brown eyes.

Through their melodic harmonies, Destiny’s Child beautifully captures the significance of the color brown in conveying both warmth and depth. The lyrics are able to get across a message of admiration and affection for someone important in your life.

At its core, the song shows just how deeply in love she is with him by just looking into his brown eyes. It highlights the deep connection the couple shares, which enables them to communicate even through a simple gaze.

4. “Brown Skin Girl” By Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, SAINt JHN, WizKid

The 2019 single “Brown Skin Girl” pays homage to the beauty and confidence of women with brown skin. This collaboration between Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, SAINt JHN, and WizKid is a powerful celebration of diversity and self-love.

“Brown Skin Girl” honors the unique qualities of brown skin, acknowledging its richness and natural radiance. It reminds us that brown skin is stunning and deserves recognition and celebration.

In a society where beauty standards often marginalize people of color, the song has an important message to deliver that we must embrace what makes us unique, irrespective of societal norms or expectations.

5. “Big Brown Eyes” By Old 97’s

Another song with “brown” in the title is one from the alternative country band Old 97’s. This captivating and energetic song was released in 1996 from the Wreck Your Life album and was often featured in their concerts.

The color brown refers to a person’s eye color, possibly a woman’s, given the context of the song. We can tell from the lyrics that the singer expresses his longing for this woman.

She had made a big impression on him, and now he “can’t get by without you and your big brown eyes.” This line depicts the mesmerizing power held within these eyes. The song also showcases the admiration and fascination that can arise when encountering such enchanting features.

6. “Chocolate Girl” By Animal Collective

The allure of songs is that the listeners are free to make their own interpretations. “Chocolate Girl” by the American experimental pop band Animal Collective is one such song that can be interpreted in many ways.

The title appears to be metaphorical and does not have a direct correlation to the color. The song can be about a girl’s coming of age, a transition between childhood and womanhood. The title can refer to innocence that slowly vanishes.

In another interpretation, the chocolate girl is someone he meets in a dream. He falls in love with her but realizes she melts away like chocolate when he wakes up.

No matter the interpretation assigned to the song, we can tell that it explores themes of memory, longing, and the passage of time.

7. “Brown-Eyed Handsome Man” By Chuck Berry

The rock and roll song “Brown-Eyed Handsome Man” by Chuck Berry is a commentary on race. The color in the title is a metaphor for all black men.

The song serves as a vibrant tribute to the strength and resilience of African American men. The first verse was based on a real experience when Berry witnessed a West Coast policeman about to arrest a Hispanic man for loitering. The policeman let him go after a girl intervened.

In the last verse, Berry describes Jackie Robinson as the “brown-eyed handsome man” who hits the home run.

As you see, the lyrics beautifully capture the confidence and magnetism of these men, whose achievement and resilience deserve to be celebrated.

8. “Brown Skin” By India Arie

If you need a reminder of how beautiful brown skin is, listen to this 2001 song from singer-songwriter India Arie. “Brown Skin” is a tribute to the beauty and uniqueness of this skin color.

The singer is a love-possessed woman who is in love with her man’s dark chocolate skin. She describes it as “kissed by the sun” and can’t help wanting to feel his skin next to hers.

The lines “Brown skin, you know I love your brown skin, I can’t tell where yours begins, I can’t tell where mine ends” are proof of the intimacy that the couple shares. However, it goes beyond physical attraction.

This song with “brown” in the lyrics acts as a reminder that every shade is inherently beautiful and deserving of love, respect, and celebration.

9. “Brown Skin Lady” By Black Star

After India Arie’s tribute to her brown-skinned man, up next is a tribute to all brown-skinned women. The hip-hop duo Black Star consisting of Talib Kweli and Mos Def, released “Brown Skin Lady” as a tribute to the beauty and strength of brown-skinned women.

The song’s poetic verses celebrate melanin-rich skin tones, encouraging women to be proud of their complexion and hair. It also challenges societal beauty standards, telling women to “Turn off the TV and put the magazine away, Look in the mirror, tell me what you see.”

Overall, the song highlights these women’s unique qualities, resilience, and inner radiance. It’s a celebration of their natural beauty and a reminder to be proud of their identities.

10. “Brown Shoes Don’t Make It” By Frank Zappa

Up next is a satirical and thought-provoking song that dives deep into the hypocrisy in American society and politics. Frank Zappa‘s “Brown Shoes Don’t Make It” critiques those who conform to societal norms and place excessive importance on material possessions, symbolized by the brown shoes.

Zappa’s clever wordplay and sharp metaphors shed light on the shallowness of judgment based solely on appearance. The lyrics say that some people blindly follow these norms without even questioning them.

Surprisingly, the title came from a story involving President Lyndon B. Johnson. He was wearing a grey suit and ill-matched brown shoes. Zappa saw this as a perfect way to describe the hypocrisy in American society.

11. “Brown Eyed Woman” By Bill Medley

In a velvety baritone, Bill Medley sings about an interracial relationship in his 1968 single, “Brown Eyed Woman.”

Given the era during which the song was written, this kind of relationship is frowned upon. Understandably, the singer laments the unspoken but palpable obstacles that keep them apart.

The song starts with the line, “You look at me and baby, all you see are my blue eyes,” which proves the complexity between him and the subject of his affection. He is saddened that she is poisoned by “all the hate and the fears,” and she is afraid of trusting him.

12. “Brown Girl In The Ring” By Boney M.

The traditional children’s song “Brown Girl in the Ring,” performed by Boney M. is our next song on the list. This lively and captivating song celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

The singer finds herself reminiscing about one Saturday night when they had fried fish, a common dish in the Caribbean. And then, a brown girl dances in a ring, which suggests a celebration of sorts.

The “brown girl” is an ode to the identity and beauty of Caribbean children. With her skin being compared to “a sugar in a plum,” the song suggests that she is a light-skinned person.

13. “Brown Eyed Blues” By Adrian Hood

In “Brown Eyed Blues,” Adrian Hood sings about a woman whose brown eyes are entrancing. The song is an expression of his affection and longing but also reflects melancholy as he fears rejection.

In the first verse, the singer expresses his deep admiration and desire for the woman. He notices that “She’s got those eyes, those eyes, That’ll see right through you.” Just her gaze is enough to make him fall for her. Thus, he desires to be her man and wishes she thinks of him as much as he thinks of her.

However, it scares him to reveal his feelings, thinking she’s going to turn him down. He is unsure about how she feels for him, and it gives him the blues.

14. “A Pair Of Brown Eyes” By The Pogues

The 1985 ballad “A Pair of Brown Eyes” by The Pogues is a folk-rock song about love, loss, and reflection. The lyrics weave two tales of seemingly opposite lives that intertwine at some point.

The title draws attention to the significance of the color in the song. The brown eyes symbolize a connection to the past, representing memories and experiences that shape the narrator’s perspective. Here, the singer, having broken up with his ex, stumbles into a bar and comes across a war veteran.

The old man tells him of his experiences at the war. He had come back hoping to see his lover again, a woman with brown eyes, only to find she had run off with another man. The young man realizes that they are the same in some ways as they deal with their heartaches.

15. “Brown Baby” By Nina Simone

What you’ll find from Nina Simone‘s “Brown Baby” is a simple but beautiful song that mentions “brown” throughout. Released in 1962, this heartfelt composition addresses racial identity, empowerment, and resilience.

The singer hopes that the baby will grow up in a world far different from the one she came to know. A world of abundance and without racial prejudice. She wishes that her child will become a strong, resilient person who is not afraid to speak her mind.

Through her powerful vocals, Simone conveys a message of love, pride, and solidarity for those who have brown skin. The title directly references the color brown and serves as an endearing term for affection.

16. “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” By Primus

American rock band Primus released “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” in 1995 from their album Tales from the Punchbowl. The song is a playful narrative and a unique representation of the color brown.

The animal here does not refer to an actual beaver but is a metaphorical device used to incorporate a humorous edge. Some interpret the animal as a representation of something precious, such as true love. Others think the song is as literal as it goes.

Whatever the case, the song will leave you feeling good as it follows the adventures of Wynona and her beloved pet beaver. She shows it off to her friends with pride and declares she loves it.

Summing Up Our List Of The Color Brown Songs

As it turns out, there’s more to brown than meets the eye. It’s more than just a boring color because it represents so many good things.

The songs above that use this color invite us to embrace the warmth and authenticity associated with brown while exploring deeper concepts like identity and love.

That’s it for now. We hope you enjoyed reading through our list as much as we did. And we highly encourage you to create your own playlist dedicated just to this particular color.

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