27 Of The Best Songs About Cold Weather And Being Cold

Written by Dan Farrant

Cold weather is not all bad. When it’s cold outside, it’s a perfect time to spend cuddling with someone special. Or maybe you can sit back, relax, and listen to some songs.

Music has a magical way of transporting us to different places and states of mind. It can make us feel warm on the chilliest days.

In this article, we’ve listed 27 of the best songs about cold weather and being cold. They’re the perfect soundtrack for chill days, so grab a cup of hot chocolate, and let’s get started.

1. “Winter” By Tori Amos

We begin with a gentle but evocative song by Tori Amos. “Winter,” released in 1992, has garnered a reputation as one of her most beloved tracks. It deftly employs the motif of cold weather to encapsulate themes of growth, change, and the passage of time.

The lyrics are metaphorical, with Amos drawing parallels between life’s stages and the changing seasons. Here, winter serves as a symbol of the maturity and wisdom that come with age.

“Winter” might be a song set against the backdrop of the coldest season, but its underlying warmth and wisdom shine through. The song’s depth continues to touch listeners, even decades after its release.

2. “Sweater Weather” By The Neighbourhood

Up next is The Neighbourhood‘s “Sweater Weather.” From the title itself, this implies a time when it’s cold enough to wear a sweater but not too cold to prevent outdoor activities. This is the backdrop of the song.

The narrator and his beloved are at the beach. It’s cold, yet this does not stop the narrator from wooing his girl. He entices, “‘Cause it’s too cold for you here and now / so let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater.”

These lines can be interpreted as a metaphor for providing comfort, security, and affection in a relationship. The sweater becomes a symbol of the warmth, intimacy, and comfort found in a healthy relationship.

3. “’Tis The Damn Season” By Taylor Swift

From her Evermore album comes Taylor Swift‘s “‘Tis the Damn Season.” It’s about a protagonist returning to her hometown for the holiday season and reconnecting with an old flame.

However, their relationship is short-lived. It is in this context that coldness represents both the physical distance and emotional detachment that has grown between them.

The lines “If I wanted to know who you were hanging with / while I was gone, I would’ve asked you” hint at a frostiness and tension in their relationship. This is further emphasized by the chilling imagery of the lyrics, “It’s the kind of cold, fogs up windshield glass.”

4. “Winterlude” By Bob Dylan

Released in 1970, “Winterlude” is a charming song from Bob Dylan‘s album New Morning. It stands out for its light-hearted and joyous take on the winter season.

Dylan uses winter as a backdrop to paint a picture of serene tranquility and simple pleasures. The cold weather is used not as a symbol of harshness or loneliness but rather as an opportunity for camaraderie and shared experiences.

For instance, Dylan sings, “The snow is so cold, but our love can be bold / Winterlude, this dude thinks you’re fine.” These lines suggest a playful, romantic interaction, using the term “Winterlude” almost like a pet name for his companion.

5. “Cold As Ice” By Foreigner

Being cold does not necessarily mean feeling the chill of the weather. It could also mean lacking in emotion, as what the rock band Foreigner expresses in “Cold as Ice.”

The lyrics tell the story of a love gone wrong, where one party is perceived as emotionally detached and selfish. This person is described as “cold as ice” and “willing to sacrifice” their love.

Written by Mick Jones and Lou Gramm, “Cold as Ice” was released in 1977 and became a hit in both the United States and Canada. The combination of a catchy tune and relatable lyrics has made it one of Foreigner’s most popular songs.

6. “Cold” By Maroon 5 Ft. Future

Another song using being cold as a metaphor is Maroon 5‘s “Cold.” Released in 2017 from their Red Pill Blues album, the track features the rapper Future.

Like in the previous song, “cold” is used to describe the feelings of the narrator’s ex as well as the drastic changes in their relationship. It describes their love, which has grown distant and has left him feeling confused and isolated.

A prime example of this can be found in the line, “I don’t understand why you’re so cold to me.” This is further emphasized in “Cold enough to chill my bones / It feels like I don’t know you anymore.”

7. “Hazy Shade Of Winter” By The Bangles

One of The Bangles‘ greatest hits during the 1980s is “Hazy Shade of Winter.” It was originally by Simon & Garfunkel, but the all-female pop-rock band gave it a more rock-oriented twist.

In this song, winter’s coldness is used as a metaphor to depict a period of hardship and struggle. The image it shows is a bleak, wintry landscape: “leaves are brown,” “snow is on the ground,” and the air is a “hazy shade of winter.”

It also touches upon the transition between seasons, from fall to winter and spring. This suggests hope for new beginnings, as implied in the lines “Look around / Grass is high / Fields are ripe / It’s the springtime of my life.”

8. “This Is What Winter Feels Like” By JVKE

Up next is “This Is What Winter Feels Like” by JVKE. It’s a track that utilizes the concept of winter’s chill to depict emotional states and experiences.

In the song, the protagonist deals with the aftermath of a failed relationship. He describes the emotions he feels as “cold like I’m seeing my breath.” It is so cold he is “too numb to feel the pain” of heartache.

“This Is What Winter Feels Like” is a sad song. It is a relatable piece for anyone who has been through a tough breakup or experienced the harsh reality of heartbreak.

9. “Coldest Winter” By Kanye West

Cold weather can often be melancholic. There is a chill in the air, and sometimes the atmosphere is bleak. This is the image Kanye West gives in his song “Coldest Winter.”

The lyrics use the harshness of winter to illustrate the protagonist’s inner turmoil and desolation after the death of a friend. The memories evoked by the chilly weather convey his deep feelings of loss and longing.

“Coldest Winter” is actually a tribute to the singer’s mom, following her passing in 2007. This adds a layer of sadness and nostalgia to the already somber song.

10. “Snowman” By Sia

As part of her Everyday Is Christmas album, Sia presents to us “Snowman.” This captivating song uses the imagery of winter and a snowman to express deep affection and longing.

In this song, a snowman is the object of the protagonist’s affection. She tells him not to cry, or else he’ll melt and disappear from her life. Wanting to keep him forever, she invites him to “go below zero and hide from the sun” with her.

“Snowman” was a critical success upon release. It landed in the top 10 of music charts worldwide, and today, the song continues to be a hit.

11. “Winter” By Khalid

Heartbreak and loneliness are often associated with the cold. Khalid‘s song “Winter,” from his 2017 album American Teen, expresses this sentiment exactly.

Its lyrics tell a story of emotional hardship. The song uses the metaphor of winter to convey the chill of love lost when the protagonist’s lover “left [him] out in the cold.” The coldness is not just physical but also emotional.

Its somber tone captures the emotions of longing and sadness as the protagonist sings about missing their lover and feeling alone on cold winter days.

12. “Colder Weather” By Zac Brown Band

Known for their soulful country tunes, Zac Brown Band presents to us the poignant song “Colder Weather.” In it, they use the cold climate to paint a picture of longing and unfulfilled love.

Its story is of a wandering man who, despite his deep affection, cannot stay put with his love. Instead, he is drawn to the open road. The song uses “cold weather” in the title as a symbol of the emotional distance between the two lovers.

Now a double-platinum track, “Colder Weather” received widespread acclaim when it was released in 2010. It topped both Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs and Canada’s Country charts.

13. “Hypothermic” By Goodnight, Texas

Almost in a hypnotic way, Goodnight, Texas gives an ice-cold visual of a runaway in their song “Hypothermic.” The narrator is on a solitary journey on an icy highway, heading northbound to Alaska.

With the lines “I can see them / I can hear them … / speeding up behind,” he appears to be running away from something or someone. The coldness in the song does not only refer to the weather and climate. It also refers to the man’s emotional state — isolated, alone, and desperately trying to cope with his inner turmoil.

Released in 2022, “Hypothermic” was inspired by dreams the songwriter Avi Vincour had of Alaska. It’s the last state he’s never been to. He’s intrigued by the idea of going there and putting his thoughts into a song.

14. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” By Margaret Whiting And Johnny Mercer

Originally written by Frank Loesser in 1944, Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer presented their version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” in 1949. The song is a playful and romantic conversation between the two.

It opens with Whiting stating, “I really can’t stay,” and Mercer replying, “But, baby, it’s cold outside.” The cold weather is wielded as a reason for the protagonists to prolong the evening spent together.

These lines set the stage for a back-and-forth exchange. It presents the allure of warm companionship contending with the freezing conditions outside as well as the social expectations of the time.

As a beautiful classic song, it’s no surprise that there are many renditions (over 400!) of it today. Other popular recordings are by Dinah Shore and Buddy Clark, Dean Martin, Idina Menzel, and Michael Bublé.

15. “Love Like Winter” By AFI

American rock band AFI uses the chill of winter as a compelling metaphor in their song “Love Like Winter.” The concept of cold weather frames a story of intense yet seemingly incompatible love.

The icy conditions portrayed in the song are used to describe a love that is passionate but fraught with challenges. The coldness represents the hurdles and emotional struggle they face in their relationship, which seems as harsh and unyielding as a winter’s day.

“Love Like Winter” was released in 2006 and met with critical acclaim. It became one of AFI’s most successful songs. It reached #4 on Billboard‘s Alternative Songs chart and landed a spot on the Hot 100.

16. “Winter Song” By Sara Bareilles And Ingrid Michaelson

The chilling beauty of winter often inspires artists to create metaphors in their work. Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson‘s “Winter Song” is no exception. It uses winter to explore themes of longing and hope amid isolation.

The cold weather is a metaphor to express the narrator’s longing, especially since her beloved is “not where [he] belong[s] / inside [her] arms.” The lyrics then describe a storm rolling “in from the sea.” This symbolizes an impending emotional upheaval or challenge.

However, the lines “My voice, a beacon in the night … / will be your light” suggest that despite the cold, dark winter nights, the narrator is offering the warmth of connection: comfort and guidance.

17. “In From The Storm” By Jimi Hendrix

Up next is from the legendary rock icon Jimi Hendrix. His 1971 “In from the Storm” is a love song despite its rock-infused melody. It uses cold, stormy weather as a metaphor for a tumultuous emotional state from which the protagonist seeks shelter.

The song begins with the protagonist coming “in from the storm.” He describes his time in this weather as “cold and lonely,” and the “wind cryin’ through the rain tared [him] up.”

However, now he is safe. The protagonist thanks his savior, his beloved, who dug him up from the mud and brought him in. He declares his love for her and promises to “never stray” from her again.

18. “Wintertime Love” By The Doors

Rock band The Doors was known for their poetic and often symbolic lyrics. An example of their creative talent is “Wintertime Love.” It uses the cold weather of winter as a backdrop to the relationship told in the lyrics.

The first part of the song describes a blossoming love that the protagonist feels as he dances with his beloved. However, the lyrics also paint a love that has been lost.

In both instances, the protagonist asks if the reason for love found and lost is because of the wintertime wind, “cold and freezing.” This suggests that love is just as unpredictable and harsh as the winter weather.

19. “Frozen” By Madonna

The Queen of Pop, Madonna, uses the motif of coldness in her song “Frozen.” It symbolizes emotional isolation and the inability to express or feel love. This chilling track is from her seventh studio album, Ray of Light.

The narrator’s beloved is portrayed as frozen metaphorically. He is unable to experience or express love due to this emotional coldness: “You’re frozen when your heart’s not open.”

She laments that he’s “broken” and wastes his “time with hate and regret.” Despite this, the narrator hopes to melt his cold heart, if only he’d allow it.

20. “Winter Winds” By Mumford & Sons

The folk quartet Mumford & Sons takes us through a cold London day in their song “Winter Winds.” This track was released as the second single from their debut album, Sigh No More.

“Winter Winds” draws upon the bleakness of winter to reflect the emotional state of the protagonist. The biting chill of the season reflects the internal battle he’s facing.

His heart and mind are warring over love, with the former telling him “Let love grow” and the latter replying “This time no.” A sad and poignant song, “Winter Winds” is a perfect example of Mumford & Sons’ ability to balance raw emotion with catchy folk melodies.

21. “Cold, Cold Heart” By Hank Williams

Up next is a country ballad by Hank Williams. “Cold, Cold Heart” is an emotional song of unrequited love. Rather than weather, the song mentions cold as the state of a woman’s heart: resistant to love and intimacy.

The song tells of the protagonist’s struggle to capture a particular woman’s love. He’s “tried so hard” to show her she is his “every dream.” However, past hurts and fears have rendered her cold and close to another relationship.

Feeling defeated, the protagonist mourns, “The more I learn to care for you, the more we drift apart.” He ends the song in a sad tone, questioning why he could not melt her “cold, cold heart.”

22. “Cold Heart” By Elton John And Dua Lipa

In 2021, Elton John and Dua Lipa collaborated to create a remarkable track, “Cold Heart.” This song, remixed by Pnau, is part of John’s 32nd studio album and has made waves in the music industry.

Like in the previous song, the protagonist is trying to reach out to a partner whose heart has turned cold, as shown in the lines “Cold, cold heart / hard done by you.”

It is in this emotional disconnect that the protagonist struggles to navigate. Believing he can’t get past her icy feelings, he laments, “I think it’s gonna be a long, long time / ’til touchdown brings me ’round again to find.”

23. “Cold December Night” By Michael Bublé

The Canadian crooner Michael Bublé offers us a festive treat in his song “Cold December Night.” Co-written with Alan Chang, it is the only original piece on Bublé’s Christmas album.

The song begins with an evocative verse about stockings being hung with care while children sleep with one eye open. This scenario suggests the excitement and anticipation of Christmas Eve.

The lyrics then transition into a heartfelt confession of love, suggesting that “there is more than toys at stake,” especially now that the narrator is older.

“Cold December Night” utilizes the winter setting to set the stage for a romantic Christmas narrative. It creates an atmosphere of cozy intimacy against the chill of the season, making the warmth of love even more inviting.

24. “Winter Things” By Ariana Grande

The Florida-native singer Ariana Grande is known for her powerful vocals and wide range of pop hits. She has also brought us a unique spin on holiday music with her song “Winter Things.”

The song is a charming ukulele-driven ballad. It captures the singer’s longing for traditional winter activities despite being in a warm climate. The lyrics paint a picture of snowless winters, with Ariana pretending she’s “at the North Pole / turning the heat into an ice cold holiday” and partaking in quintessential “winter things.”

The song’s folky vibe and Grande’s silky-smooth vocals create a cozy and heartwarming atmosphere. The song may lack jingling bells and choral accompaniments typically found in Christmas songs. But “Winter Things” still manages to evoke a strong sense of holiday cheer.

25. “Cold Day In The Sun” By Foo Fighters

Up next, the Foo Fighters uses a chilly day as a metaphor in the track “Cold Day in the Sun.” The song is from their fifth album, In Your Honor, released in 2006.

The “cold day” here represents a period of emotional desolation and internal turmoil. This is suggested in the lines “Took the high dive into your brain / and you made your lonely calls.”

However, the narrator urges the man to escape this dive into depression. He provides hope by saying, “You’re so afraid that you are the only one … / Don’t be afraid because you’re not the only one.”

26. “Snow (Hey Oh)” By Red Hot Chili Peppers

The American rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers is known for their unique fusion of punk and funk. They have a track that takes listeners on a profound emotional journey. Titled “Snow (Hey Oh),” the song is from their 2006 double album Stadium Arcadium.

The lyrics describe the narrator’s personal struggles and his decision to make changes in his life. Despite the title, cold weather is not discussed; rather, it’s the resulting snow.

Still, even snow is used metaphorically: “Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder / where it’s so white as snow.” This can be translated as a blank slate, the new start that the singer wants in his life.

27. “Let It Go” By Idina Menzel

We end this list with a playful twist. We present each parent’s 2013 earworm, Idina Menzel‘s “Let It Go” from the Disney movie Frozen.

Undeniably a song with “cold” in the lyrics, the meaning of “Let It Go” is far from chilly. Rather, the lyrics mirror Elsa’s journey of self-discovery of her ice powers. The cold weather here is intertwined with her identity and emotional state.

One of the most memorable lines, “The cold never bothered me anyway,” serves as a bold declaration of Elsa’s acceptance of her unique abilities and the isolation they’ve brought. It shows she’s no longer afraid of her connection with the cold, but rather, she sees it as a part of who she is.

Summing Up Our List Of Cold Weather Songs

As we reach the end of our musical journey, it’s clear that music has a unique way of capturing the essence of the cold season or of feeling cold. With their diverse styles and tones, these songs paint a vivid picture of a chilly day, season, and even emotions.

That’s it for today! We hope this compilation of songs has provided you with some melodic inspiration. If you have any recommendations, let us know so we can add them here!

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