19 Of The Best Songs About Being 24

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Being 24 is quite a milestone in life as it marks the transition between the early to mid-twenties. At this age, it’s now crystal clear that we have adult responsibilities to take care of.

This fascinating stage of life has inspired some artists to pen songs that capture the essence of being 24. These songs delve into topics such as reflecting on life and embracing the future.

Here, we have collected quite a number of songs that capture the experiences and emotions that come with this age. Read on and find out 19 of the best songs about being 24.

1. “Twenty-Four” By Switchfoot

When we talk about songs with “24” in the lyrics, Switchfoot must come to mind. The band’s lead vocalist, Jon Foreman, wrote “Twenty-Four” when he was this age. As such, this is a personal song that encapsulates the journey of life at 24, including the failures and triumphs.

The opening lines of the lyrics go, “Twenty-four oceans, / twenty-four skies, / twenty-four failures, /and twenty-four tries.” These demonstrate a sense of introspection and the narrator’s acceptance of his successes and failures.

In addition, people this age usually experience self-doubt as they find their place in the world. However, in the song, the narrator balances this out with a sense of hope and resilience.

2. “24” By Game Theory

Our next song, “24” by Game Theory, does not focus on being 24. However, it suggests themes of inner conflict and self-doubt, which most people in their mid-twenties experience.

The line “And for whatever reason, I wish that I had two minds” indicates a struggle with decision-making or a yearning for different perspectives. It hints at a state of inner conflict and uncertainties that people experience in young adulthood.

“24” reminds us of the human condition during this transformative period of life. Twenty-four is not just a number but a time of growth and self-discovery.

3. “You’re Mines Still” By TFR Natu

The version of “You’re Mines Still” by TFR Natu is a remix of Yung Bleu’s 2020 song. The remix delves into themes of past relationships, emotional turmoil, and possessiveness.

In the mid-twenties, individuals go through emotional growth and relationship changes. This is reflected in the song wherein the narrator longs for his ex while struggling to move on.

One particular line in the remix mentions the age. The line “My goals changed now by the age of 24, I need five mill” reflects the narrator’s desire for financial stability, which is common in this age. It also depicts the expectations that young adults face to establish themselves financially.

4. “My 24th Birthday” By Dave

The British rapper Dave reflects on his life at age 24 in “My 24th Birthday.” This is actually a follow-up on his earlier single, “My 19th Birthday.” Through these songs, he takes stock of his life on these milestones.

In the lyrics, the narrator celebrates his 24th birthday surrounded by the people he loves. He acknowledges the importance of his relationships with these people. Also, he expresses his gratitude, particularly for his mother, Drake, and Jesus Christ.

The line “For the diamonds, gotta see through the dust” indicates the necessity of overcoming challenges to realize his full potential. This is a theme that resonates with young adults navigating adulthood.

5. “24” By Red House Painters

Being 24 is not all about the good times. In “24” by Red House Painters, the song captures the angst and disillusionment of reaching this age.

In the lyrics, the narrator struggles with the harsh realities of adulthood. His youthful expectations disappoint him. He thinks “at fifteen that I’d have it down by sixteen.”

Turns out that being 24 is not as glamorous or exciting as he once imagined in adolescence. As such, he has a fear of growing up, as reflected in the lines, “Like a friend you don’t want to see, / oldness comes with a smile.”

6. “It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career” By Belle & Sebastian

 Next, we have the 1998 single “It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career” by Belle & Sebastian. It abruptly begins with the line, “He had a stroke at the age of 24,” which sets the tone for the rest of the song.

To be clear, the stroke here is not of the medical kind, but a stroke of genius. The lyrics seem to talk about two talented and young artists having the edge and selling out. However, they do not seem to take advantage of the opportunities that go their way.

At its core, the track is about unfulfilled potential. The line “Selling lies to the boys with the old Dansettes” proves this, suggesting societal expectations and pressures that get the better of them.

In the end, the male character indeed suffers a stroke. Perhaps he realizes that his life had been a waste and he could have had a brilliant career when he was young.

7. “Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun” By Beastie Boys

Many 24-year-olds can relate to feelings of vulnerability, inner turmoil, and societal pressures. These issues can be found in the Beastie Boys‘ “Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun.”

The narrator is a 24-year-old who feels he’s on edge. He struggles with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety as he navigates life’s challenges. The “gun” in the title and lyrics may be a reference to the consequences of decisions made at this age.

In addition, the song speaks to the experience of societal pressures in terms of career, relationships, and personal growth.

8. “24” By Sundial

Life sometimes catches up to us, and we find ourselves in situations we are not proud of. And perhaps that’s just what the narrator feels in Sundial‘s “24.”

This song with “24” in the title captures the uncertainties and pressures that come with being in the mid-twenties. There are societal expectations that only leave us stressed when they don’t happen accordingly.

At the same time, the narrator realizes that his own personal expectations are not realized, such as getting married, having a family, or living on his own. He feels he lacks progress, for at 24, he’s still living with his parents and has not achieved what his peers have.

9. “I’m 24” By Pat Stansik

If there is something that Pat Stansik‘s “I’m 24” tells us, it can be summed up this way: “Gettin’ older sucks” and “growin’ up’s tough.”

The song is a humorous but introspective look into being 24 years old. The narrator is caught up between the carefree days of his youth and the big responsibilities of adulthood. Just like individuals his age, he experiences the pressures brought about by societal expectations and his struggles to find his place in life.

The lyrics reflect his mixed feelings of nostalgia for the past and the uncertainty of the future. But instead of worrying about his age, he’s thankful for many things, including not being “anyone’s father.”

10. “No Hope” By The Vaccines

Our next song, The Vaccines‘ “No Hope,” speaks to the experience of being young and feeling lost and disillusioned. While it does not focus on being 24, themes of uncertainty and self-doubt will resonate with people in their mid-twenties.

In the context of being 24, the narrator feels disillusioned as he struggles to find hope and meaning in the face of adversity. He acknowledges the lack of hope he’s feeling at the moment.

He also admits that he does not care about anyone else as he’s got his hands full trying to figure out his life. At 24, he’s young, bored, and does not fully know himself.

11. “1985” By SR-71

The rock band SR-71 released “1985” for their album Here We Go Again. The song chronicles the life of a woman named Debbie, who is stuck in her past, particularly her teenage years in 1985.

This song mentions “24” from the perspective of someone in her mid-twenties who feels like her life is going by so fast. At 24, her dreams “went out the door.” She had plans of becoming an actress and a star, but she had to give it up.

She realizes that her life didn’t turn out the way she wanted it to. She had settled down and started a family before she could live out the rock-and-roll lifestyle she imagined as a teenager.

12. “Twenty-Somethings” By Judah & The Lion

The twenties are often a time of uncertainties and adventures. But Judah & The Lion‘s “Twenty-Somethings” is a reminder that we are young and we don’t need to have everything figured out.

Life is difficult at times and brings a lot of things that challenge our resolve. Basically, the song says it’s okay to feel lost. The lines “We don’t know where we’re going, / but we’re on the run” speaks to the lack of direction most young adults experience.

Though we don’t always know where we are headed, the important thing is “we’re having fun.” We live and enjoy what comes our way in our twenties.

13. “Get Cha Mind Right” By Kane & Abel

The rap song “Get Cha Mind Right” by Kane & Abel delves into themes of violence, drugs, and crime. It perfectly paints a picture of street life riddled with harsh realities that often put an end to youthful dreams.

From the beginning of the song, the narrators command their listeners to “get your mind right.” It could mean having the right mindset to navigate life’s challenges successfully.

In the context of being 24, the song explores the theme of aging prematurely as a result of hardships that take a toll on one’s health and mindset. The line “Niggas senior citizens at the age of 24” means that by this age, those who live and grow up on the streets have seen and experienced enough to be considered “old.”

14. “Montreal” By The White Noise

In “Montreal” by The White Noise, the band captures a sense of loss and the struggle with personal demons. The song chronicles the band’s own experience when they were in Montreal.

In the lyrics, the narrator sings, “I get that I should celebrate ’cause I’m turning 24.” Instead, he finds himself faced with struggles and uncertainties as he reaches this point in his life.

The song will resonate with individuals who are also trying to find their place in the world. We deal with the challenges of adulthood while grappling with personal issues. We can get lost as we try to cope with the harsh realities of life.

15. “Speedboat” By Denzel Curry

Up next is a 2019 single from the American rapper Denzel Curry. “Speedboat” explores his experiences with wealth and a fast-paced lifestyle.

The song does not focus on being 24. However, Curry references this age by saying, “My dawg didn’t make it to 21, so I gotta make it past 24.” At this age, he has already made a career, living a life that most can only imagine.

Curry has gone from rags to riches and uses “speedboat” to represent living the fast life. At the same time, he expresses worries about the future. The song will resonate with many people who navigate the highs and lows of early adulthood.

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16. “Still On” By Ashanti

At 24, a lot of people navigate the complexities of being adults. They are busy establishing careers, developing personal identities, and building relationships. Ashanti‘s “Still On,” a collaboration with Paul Wall and Method Man, is about resilience when faced with many challenges.

In the lyrics, the narrator experiences an ongoing struggle as she tries to move on from an ex-lover. Her resolve is put to the test when her ex comes back around, bringing back their memories together. And while she is still affected by him, she doesn’t want to go back.

Wall, on the other hand, raps about his rise to fame at 24 years old. It’s been a difficult but meaningful journey, and he has no plans of going back to his old ways.

17. “Life’s Too Fast” By Matt Corman

Rapper Matt Corman references being 24 in his 2019 single, “Life’s Too Fast.” He shares with his listeners how he feels like life is moving at an overwhelming pace.

As such, we often forget to pay attention to the little things that matter. We forget to stop and observe the world around us because we are preoccupied with a lot of things.

The line “Age of 24 and my life’s too real” reflects the pressure and reality checks that people this age often go through. We rush to achieve success and struggle to maintain balance. All in all, the song expresses a longing for a slower pace and a need to chill.

18. “Skywriter” By Jared Rocco

In Jared Rocco‘s “Skywriter,” the narrator experiences a rude awakening, being dismayed by the direction his life is taking. He is 24 years old and wishes his life is different.

The lines “Stuck on the payroll at age 24, / I never thought life would end up such a bore” reflect what many people feel in their mid-twenties. It’s when they realize that their lives are not unfolding as they had imagined.

The song chronicles the ups and downs of this period in life, including the aspirations and challenges. The narrator longs to escape the realities of his adult life and experience better times.

19. “Old Man” By Neil Young

Finally, we have Neil Young‘s “Old Man,” where he reflects on his life as a 24-year-old and compares it to that of an old man.

The song depicts the similarities and differences between youth and old age. In this case, Young is the young man, and the caretaker of a ranch he bought in California inspired the titular character.

In the context of being 24, Young shares his realizations of their shared experiences and emotions. Despite their age gap, he sees that they have the same basic needs and desires in life.

Summing Up Our List Of Being 24 Songs

Being in the mid-twenties can be daunting. After all, it’s a period marked by self-discovery, growth, changes, and challenges.

We hope that our list of songs reminded you of what it means to be 24. While it is challenging, it is also a time when we recognize the beauty of youth and the endless potential ahead.

Let these songs be your go-to when you feel like reminiscing on your 24th year. Allow us to end this post by saying that being 24 is a remarkable journey that shapes the course of our lives.

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