13 Amazing Singers Similar To Tyler Childers

Written by Dan Farrant

Tyler Childers is a raw and unfiltered singer-songwriter who embarked on a music career in 2011. He has captured the hearts of listeners with his sincere storytelling and soul-stirring melodies.

If you’re looking for other singers and artists like him, then this is the post for you. In this article, we’re taking a look at 13 amazing singers like Tyler Childers. Let’s get started.

Tyler Childers by Roberta (CC BY 2.0)

1. Cody Jinks

Metal-turned-country singer Cody Jinks shares many similarities with Tyler Childers. Jinks is known for his distinctive blend of Texas country, outlaw country, and roots music. He has managed to carve out a unique sound that resonates with fans of Childers.

One example of their shared musical sensibilities is on the Apple Music playlist Real Country Favorites. Here, songs from both artists are featured prominently. When it comes to their songs, they delve into storytelling about heartache and love.

Both artists share a commitment to authenticity and resistance to the slick, pop-influenced sounds of mainstream country music. However, Jinks’ music tends to be more hard-edged and rock-influenced. Childers, on the other hand, is more folk-oriented and rootsy.

2. Brent Cobb

Singer-songwriter Brent Cobb specializes in country and folk music, much like Tyler Childers. Both artists have used their platforms to tackle critical social issues such as rural living and poverty.

Cobb and Childers are both talented songwriters who have a knack for crafting songs in a storytelling way. They can paint vivid pictures using words.

In addition, they are fearless advocates for change within the country music scene, where conversations about cultural shifts are gaining momentum. Case in point, Cobb’s Providence Canyon album. It features songs addressing various societal topics, such as mental health awareness.

This admirable approach demonstrates their commitment to delivering meaningful messages through their work. It showcases the power artists hold in influencing positive change within society.

3. Josh Meloy

Another captivating singer-songwriter who shares many similarities with Tyler Childers in style and substance is Josh Meloy.

This Oklahoma native draws from the country rock scene of his home state. He possesses gritty vocals and pens songs featuring reflective lyrics.

Like Childers, Meloy draws inspiration from the rich folk and country music tradition. Notable tracks such as “Met the Devil in Oklahoma” showcase his talent for crafting evocative stories through songs.

It’s important to bear in mind that despite these similarities, Childers and Meloy are exceptional in their own ways. They have their own musical identities that fans of country music appreciate.

4. Colter Wall

Our next musician on the list is Canadian singer-songwriter Colter Wall. He started gaining popularity with his first EP in 2015. He has since released more albums, such as the critically acclaimed Colter Wall in 2017 and Songs of the Plains in 2018.

Wall can be compared to Tyler Childers in many ways. First, his unique blend of country, Americana, and folk. Childers also draws inspiration from country, folk, and bluegrass.

Second, both artists are admired for their songwriting abilities. Like Childers, Wall’s music uses soulful and honest lyrics to tell stories of rural life and the struggles of ordinary people.

Third, both artists possess deep baritone voices that captivate their audiences. The rich and deep quality of their vocals works to their advantage as it adds texture to their music.

Despite being relatively new to the music industry, Wall already boasts an impressive fan base thanks to touring extensively across North America.

5. Sturgill Simpson

Another country music artist that we can compare with Tyler Childers is Sturgill Simpson. This versatile singer has made a name for himself in the Americana and alternative country music genres.

He gained recognition with his album Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. It was critically acclaimed for blending traditional country sounds with psychedelic elements.

Like Childers, Simpson experiments with different genres while at the same time combining them with elements of folk, rock, and blues. This, along with their exceptional songwriting skills and pushing the boundaries of genres, brings them critical acclaim.

6. Bella White

The young and talented singer-songwriter Bella White has been getting some attention in Americana and folk music. Her musical style resembles Tyler Childers’s unique blend of bluegrass, folk, country, and Americana.

White’s debut album, Just Like Leaving, received rave reviews from critics. It helped establish her as one of the most notable talents to watch out for in contemporary country music.

Both artists are also lauded for their songwriting craftsmanship. They pen meaningful lyrics that evoke emotions in listeners. Their music explores love, loss, and personal experiences.

Childers and White have made their marks in the country music industry. They are admired for their beautiful voices and musical abilities. Their careers are still growing, telling us that there’s more to these talented artists.

7. John Moreland

Like Tyler Childers, singer-songwriter John Moreland is respected in the folk and Americana genres. He had been performing since he was a teenager and switched from hardcore to folk genre.

Both artists are known for their songwriting abilities. In fact, Moreland is into writing heartfelt and introspective lyrics. Often categorized as Americana or alt-country, his music features acoustic guitar-driven melodies. It is characterized by a rootsy sound that blends Southern rock and country-folk influences.

Another similarity between these artists is their strong vocals. Moreland can channel yearning through his vocal performance. Childers, meanwhile, is known for the gravelly quality of his voice.

Over the years, they have garnered critical acclaim for their songwriting and powerful live performances. Both of them are listed among the 23 favorite albums of the decade. This achievement highlights their impact on the modern music industry.

8. Pony Bradshaw

Another alternative country singer-songwriter within the Americana and folk genres is Pony Bradshaw. Like Tyler Childers, Bradshaw uses elements from different genres in his music.

Both artists are applauded for their raw songwriting. Bradshaw showcases that skill in many of his songs, particularly the album Sudden Opera. It contains 12 songs, all of which he wrote.

The lead track off the album, “Van Gogh,” was mentioned in a list of 100+ similar songs by The Bluegrass Situation alongside Childers’ hit tracks like “Whitehouse Road.”

Bradshaw’s penchant for storytelling allows him to produce emotionally-rich songs. He and Childers prioritize authenticity in their songwriting by drawing from their own experiences. They explore relatable themes of struggles, love, and complexities of human life.

9. Waylon Jennings

The legendary Waylon Jennings was a pioneer of the Outlaw Movement in country music. Even Childers was influenced by the movement, having embraced a rebellious spirit in songwriting and creating his music.

Just like Childers, Jennings was a talented performer and a prolific songwriter. He co-wrote many of his biggest hits and collaborated with other notable musicians like Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson.

They are also similar in having unique and recognizable voices. Jennings possessed deep vocals that conveyed emotion in his songs.

Despite passing away in 2002, Jennings remains influential in country music today. Pioneering the outlaw movement secured his place in country music history. On the other hand, Childers is seen as a torchbearer for the continuation of the genre in recent years.

10. William Elliott Whitmore

The Iowa native William Elliott Whitmore is a singer-songwriter that can be compared to Tyler Childers. Whitmore has been active in the music industry for over two decades. His music style can be described as roots-inspired, with a blend of folk, alternative country, and Americana.

Both Whitmore and Childers excel in songwriting. Their introspective lyrics tackle issues such as love and the human condition.

Whitmore’s music often reflects his upbringing on a farm in rural Iowa. He also writes protest songs that reflect social issues affecting Midwest communities.

Through their raw songwriting, Whitmore and Childers can connect with their listeners on an emotional level.

For those looking for artists similar to Childers, Whitmore provides an excellent option. Both have a shared interest in storytelling and a commitment to preserving traditional American sounds.

11. Nikki Lane

Gaining recognition for her Americana, metal, folk, and country music is Nikki Lane. This singer-songwriter has a unique blend of genres that sets her apart from other artists in the industry.

With her music career starting a decade ago, Lane has gained mainstream attention. She released her debut album, Walk of Shame, in 2011. This was followed by several successful releases, including Highway Queen.

Lane should be on your playlist if you like Tyler Childers’ raw energy and emotional delivery style. Her ability to combine multiple genres while staying true to herself is similar to Childers’ approach to his craft.

In addition, both of these artists have engaging live performances. Their charismatic stage presence can keep their audiences hooked.

All in all, Childers and Lane are artists you should include in your playlist. Their achievements in country music brought them acclaim and made them respected songwriters in the industry.

12. Wyatt Flores

If you’re a fan of Tyler Childers, then you might like Wyatt Flores. He is a new country music singer-songwriter with several songs under his name and an upcoming album release.

Flores has been making waves in the local music scene with his heartfelt and soulful performances. A million monthly listeners on Spotify prove his growing popularity. It’s no surprise that he recently gained more than three million streams on several platforms.

One thing you’ll like from Flores’ music is that, like Childers’, it resonates with fans. That’s mainly due to authentic storytelling through catchy melodies and relatable lyrics. Some of his songs include “Losing Sleep” and “Please Don’t Go.”

Flores continues to pen songs inspired by personal experiences. With Losing Sleep slated for a September 2023 release, it’s exciting to see what he has come up with. As an emerging talent in country music, Flores is someone to watch out for.

13. Benjamin Tod

Singer-songwriter Benjamin Tod‘s music has been compared to Tyler Childers. Their music is a mix of several genres, such as folk and Americana. Take Tod’s album Songs I Swore I’d Never, for instance. It features raw, emotional vocals and intricate acoustic guitar playing.

One standout track from his solo work is “We Ain’t Even Kin.” This hauntingly beautiful song showcases his storytelling abilities. The song tells the story of two people who are not related by blood but have a close bond.

Another similarity between Childers and Tod is their stripped-down musical arrangements. They mainly rely on their acoustic guitar, turning the focus to their lyrics and storytelling.

With their talents, it’s no surprise they have garnered critical acclaim. Fans and critics alike gravitate toward their songwriting and their ability to connect with their listeners.

Summing Up Our List Of Singers Like Tyler Childers

There you have it, our list of artists to listen to if you’re a fan of Tyler Childers. With this combination of new and old artists, we’re pretty sure you have new favorites to add to your playlist.

From Cody Jinks to Benjamin Tod, you have plenty of singer-songwriters to explore. You’ll enjoy their raw songwriting abilities and authenticity that closely match those of Childers’.

Do you have another favorite that you think should belong on our list? We’d love to hear from you!

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