13 Amazing Singers Similar To Olivia Rodrigo

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Though Olivia Rodrigo is no stranger to being in the spotlight, it was in 2021 that she was propelled to stardom. After years of acting, she decided to pursue a career in music in 2022.

Her heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals have taken the music world by storm. This talented singer-songwriter, known for hits like “Drivers License” and “Good 4 U,” captivates listeners with her unique blend of pop, indie, and alternative styles.

Rodrigo is deeply influenced by some artists in her songwriting and musical performances. However, other artists resemble her in style, vocals, and lyricism. Read on to find out about the 13 amazing singers like Olivia Rodrigo.

1. Billie Eilish

One of the new artists of the 21st century is Billie Eilish. She is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California, whose song “Ocean Eyes” got her a record deal.

Eilish has a soprano vocal range which she uses to her advantage. Her voice has that ethereal and husky quality that she can manipulate, enabling her to sing in a soft and gentle voice.

Like Olivia Rodrigo, Eilish found fame at a young age. In fact, she became the youngest musician in Grammy history to win in four categories. She also received awards from various award-giving bodies, such as Guinness World Records and American Music Awards.

Eilish shares a striking resemblance in style and substance to Rodrigo. Her music is characterized by alternative pop beats, melancholy sounds, and emotional lyrics.

The close affiliation between them runs deep as they have performed together at events. They are also listed side-by-side on various streaming platforms, such as Spotify.

By exploring Eilish’s work, you may find relatable themes encompassing youthful melancholy found in both their discographies.

2. Taylor Swift

One of the most successful singer-songwriters in pop music is Taylor Swift. With her almost two decades as an artist, she has carved herself a spot in the industry.

She started her career as a teenage country singer who quickly rose to fame with her relatable lyrics and captivating storytelling. She became popular with hits such as “Love Story,” “You Belong with Me,” and “Shake It Off.”

Olivia Rodrigo considers Swift one of her major inspirations, even self-identifying as a “huge Swiftie.” Their bond dates back to when Rodrigo was simply an admirer of Swift’s music. Over time, their relationship blossomed into mentorship.

Fans often draw comparisons between these two pop icons’ music styles and lyrical content. No surprise there, as both express raw emotions through their creative processes.

3. Gracie Abrams

One of the up-and-coming artists to look out for is Gracie Abrams. This talented singer-songwriter is quickly rising in the pop and indie music scenes.

Abrams’s sound combines folk and pop music elements. And let’s not forget her gift for storytelling through lyrics.

Her performances are also noteworthy, attracting attention not only in tours but also in popular festivals around the world. She has already opened concerts for notable artists, even Olivia Rodrigo herself.

Aside from being signed under the same record label, one striking aspect of her journey is her friendship with Rodrigo. The latter had expressed her admiration for Abram’s talent. This brings about exciting potential for future collaborations between the two artists.

We can only imagine how amazing it would be for them to work together. They can definitely relate to one another’s work as both of them write songs that explore themes of introspection, heartache, and sadness.

4. Dua Lipa

Having a unique musical style and a commanding presence on stage seems to be the perfect combination. Just look at British-Albanian singer-songwriter Dua Lipa and you’ll agree.

Born in London in 1995, Lipa grew up listening to various musical genres that have influenced her sound today. Some of her popular hits include “Hotter Than Hell,” Be the One,” and “Thinking ‘Bout You.”

Both Olivia Rodrigo and Lipa rose to prominence through breakout hits. Lipa was successful with her debut album that featured “IDGAF” and “New Rules.” They also share similarities with songs characterized by empowering lyrics and relatable themes.

Despite the similarities, it’s important to note that these artists possess distinctive styles that make them unique. They made their mark in the music industry and cater to different audiences.

5. Sabrina Carpenter

Up next is Sabrina Carpenter, an American actress, singer, and songwriter. Like Olivia Rodrigo, Carpenter has been in the spotlight from a young age.

Both girls had their start on Disney Channel, which helped them build a fan base. After Disney, the girls successfully transitioned to music careers. Much like Rodrigo’s, Carpenter’s music blends pop with a touch of folk to create a captivating sound.

Interestingly, Carpenter was linked to Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett in a speculated love triangle. Her song “Skin” was allegedly a response to Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License.” It showcases her ability to channel personal experiences into her music, a trait she shares with Rodrigo.

As you know, the ladies are into songwriting, having the freedom to craft their own music. They channel their thoughts and personal experiences into their songs. They write about love, heartaches, and the challenges they meet. Such topics have resonated with their fans worldwide and added to their success.

6. Conan Gray

Singer-songwriter Conan Gray is often compared to Olivia Rodrigo with his unique sound and relatable lyrics. Gray gained fame on YouTube and self-released some songs before signing with a major record label.

One of the reasons for his rising success is his impressive songwriting skills. Like Rodrigo, he often writes about personal experiences and emotions. His heartfelt songwriting adds depth to his music.

Both of these artists often get inspiration from their teenage experiences. Rodrigo writes about the ups and downs of adolescence and relationships. Gray, on the other hand, explores teenage angst and unrequited love, among others. These topics resonate with their younger audience.

Another point of similarity is their rise to fame through digital platforms. Gray had a significant presence on Youtube since he was a teenager. Meanwhile, Rodrigo’s hit, “Driver’s License,” was a viral sensation on Tiktok.

7. Nina Nesbitt

The Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt is making waves in the music industry with her unique sound and empowering lyrics. Her most recent album,  Älskar, showcases her talent for writing catchy and moving songs.

Nesbitt is similar to Olivia Rodrigo in many ways. The first point is their songwriting and relatable lyrics. Both artists are involved in the creative process, adding authenticity to their music.

Second, they possess strong and emotive vocals that capture audiences. Notably, they can convey emotions through their voices and showcase versatility.

Another similarity is the blending of pop and alternative elements into their music. They write songs that feature catchy melodies and hooks. And they use their voices to empower young people through storytelling and relatable experiences.

8. Maggie Rogers

Another artist compared to Olivia Rodrigo for her unique vocal style is Maggie Rogers. She burst onto the scene with her hit song “Alaska,” which features an eclectic mix of folk, electronic, and pop sounds.

Like Rodrigo, Rogers gained recognition in the music industry from a young age. Her song “Alaska” went viral after she played it for the record producer and singer Pharrell Williams in 2016.

After being signed, Rogers released albums and songs that showcased a genre-blending approach. She uses elements of pop and folk in her music, the same way Rodrigo does in her songwriting. This approach leads to a sound that’s uniquely theirs.

As they write about their experiences, these artists provide emotional depth and authenticity to their songs. Being able to convey emotions in their performances allows their audiences to connect on a deep level—no wonder these ladies are admired for their raw talent.

9. Ariana Grande

Our next on the list is Ariana Grande, known for her powerful vocals. Like Olivia Rodrigo, Grande started young. She began her career in the Broadway musical 13. She transitioned to television, where she starred in Nickelodeon’s hit show Victorious.

Although their musical styles differ, both Grande and Rodrigo share a deep connection to their fanbase. Grande’s active engagement on social media, particularly on Instagram, allows her to connect with fans personally, just like Rodrigo does.

Furthermore, Grande and Rodrigo have experienced personal challenges that influenced their music. Grande’s resilience and ability to turn personal pain into powerful songs, as demonstrated in her album Sweetener, parallel Rodrigo’s ability to weave her own emotional experiences into her songwriting.

10. Miley Cyrus

Like Olivia Rodrigo, singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus had her career beginnings in Disney Channel. She gained fame for her role as the title character in the series Hannah Montana.

Her successful transition to a music career mirrors that of Rodrigo’s. She shed her Hannah Montana image to adopt an edgier style with her album, Can’t Be Tamed.

Like Olivia Rodrigo, Cyrus writes deeply personal and introspective songs. You can see that from her hit songs such as “We Can’t Stop” and “Flowers.” These tunes reflect her experiences and emotions.

Both artists use their music to self-express and share their journeys through their lyrics. Their songs explore relatable themes such as love and heartbreak.

Additionally, Cyrus is no stranger to controversy and personal growth in the public eye, similar to Rodrigo’s own journey. Both artists have navigated their transitions from child stars to adult artists, experimenting with different styles and embracing their individuality.

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11. Selena Gomez

One of the biggest pop music stars is Selena Gomez. She has been a mentor and role model for many young artists, including Olivia Rodrigo. Gomez was once a teenage star herself. She knows firsthand how challenging it can be to navigate the music industry at such a young age.

In addition to mentoring up-and-coming singers, Gomez is an accomplished artist in her own right. She has received Grammy nominations and other accolades throughout her career. She has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in the business.

Like Rodrigo and some other artists on this list, Gomez began her career with Disney Channel. She gained fame for her role in the series Wizards of Waverly Place. When she was 16, Gomez pursued a career in pop music.

Doing so when she was a teenager brought her a youthful appeal. Both artists were able to connect with a younger audience through relatable lyrics. Their songs talk about self-discovery, love, pain, and personal growth.

12. Maisie Peters

Both Olivia Rodrigo and the English singer-songwriter Maisie Peters are making waves in the pop music scene. Despite being compared to Rodrigo, Peters has created a unique sound that resonates with fans worldwide.

Both artists possess exceptional songwriting skills. They either write or co-write songs that are about personal experiences. Being able to reach out to their listeners through their relatable lyrics added to their success.

In addition to writing her music, Maisie has collaborated with other talented musicians like Dan Nigro. He also worked with Rodrigo on her hit single “Drivers License.”

Another point of similarity between these artists is their captivating performances. They showcase their amazing vocal range. And of course, they can connect with audiences through emotional and powerful lyrics.

With a dedicated fanbase and growing popularity, Peters is an artist worth watching out for in the music industry.

13. Julia Michaels

Another singer-songwriter that can be compared to Olivia Rodrigo is Julia Michaels. She began her career writing songs for other successful artists such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Fifth Harmony. Eventually, she decided to sing her own songs.

What made Rodrigo and Michaels similar is their talent for crafting heartfelt lyrics. Both pull from their experiences to write about relatable topics covering personal experiences and relationships.

The girls also share a pop music background, with Michaels cementing her place in the pop genre. She also incorporates elements of R&B and EDM. Their respective vocal styles fit their musical styles.

Going out as solo artists paid off for the ladies. Rodrigo’s success started with “Drivers License,” while Michaels found success in her debut single, “Issues.”

Summing Up Our List Of Singers Like Olivia Rodrigo

We can tell that there’s so much in store for Olivia Rodrigo in the years to come. Despite being a young star in the music industry, she is a promising artist to look out for.

At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to explore other artists that share similarities with her. They can offer you the same pop and alternative sounds that she does.

From Billie Eilish to Julia Michaels, there’s a whole world of talented musicians waiting for you to discover them.

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