13 Incredible Bands Similar To Kings Of Leon

Written by Dan Farrant

Are you a fan of the Kings of Leon and their exceptional blend of indie rock, blue-collar roots music, and self-mythologizing lyrics? It wouldn’t be surprising if you are since their distinctively Southern touch to classic rock and garage influences is very catchy.

But as you jam along to their signature Tennessee howl, it’s only natural to crave more bands with similar styles and influences. So in this blog post, we’re going to introduce you to 13 incredible bands like Kings of Leon that are sure to ignite your musical taste buds. Read on!

Kings Of Leon by Raph_PH (CC BY 2.0)

1. The Black Keys

Formed in Akron, Ohio, The Black Keys is a rock duo consisting of vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney. Their mix of alternative rock and garage rock revival sounds has gotten them compared to other prominent artists such as Kings of Leon and Cage the Elephant.

Throughout their career, the duo has produced several high-charting albums, like Turn Blue, El Camino, and Brothers, that showcase their musical prowess.

Despite facing some struggles along the way in their relationship, The Black Keys has managed to bounce back stronger than ever with each new album release. To date, they’re still creating interesting tunes.

2. Arctic Monkeys

Hailing from Sheffield, England, the Arctic Monkeys burst onto the indie rock scene with their infectious blend of garage rock and British music influences.

Formed in 2002 by lead vocalist Alex Turner and three other school friends, the band quickly gained popularity through their youthful energy and compelling songwriting.

Their debut album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, released in 2006, topped the UK Albums chart and won the British Album of the Year Award. After this, all releases the Arctic Monkeys made took the #1 spot on the chart.

3. The Strokes

Emerging from the New York City music scene in the early 2000s, The Strokes became known for their distinctive style and significant influence on the decade’s garage rock revival movement alongside Kings of Leon.

They made a striking entrance into the music scene with their debut album, Is This It, in 2001. It was lauded by critics and has since been recognized as a pivotal work of its time. NME even honored it as the Album of the Decade in 2009.

Today, The Strokes continue to be a prominent figure in the rock music scene, with their most recent work, The New Abnormal (2020), still reflecting the distinctive sound that catapulted them to fame.

4. Cage The Elephant

Next up, Cage the Elephant is a rock band that was formed in Kentucky in 2006. With their distinct blend of alternative, punk, and garage rock sounds, they have become a fan favorite among music enthusiasts.

Their self-titled debut album earned critical acclaim for its rawness and energy, which quickly established them as one of the most exciting indie rock bands to watch out for.

Today, the band is still active. Their most recent release is their album Social Cues, in 2019. It was met with critical acclaim and won the band their second honor of Best Rock Album Grammy.

5. Cold War Kids

Another band that fans of Kings of Leon should definitely check out is Cold War Kids. This American indie rock band hails from Long Beach, California, and is comprised of Nathan Willett on vocals, piano, and guitar and Matt Maust on bass guitar.

What’s interesting about Cold War Kids is that they’ve worked with one of the same music producers as Kings of Leon, Jacquire King. He has produced several albums for both bands, including Robbers & Cowards for Cold War Kids and Only by the Night for Kings of Leon.

If you’re a fan of Caleb Followill’s unique vocal style in Kings of Leon, you’ll appreciate Nathan Willett’s approach with Cold War Kids. His voice can be gritty at times but always delivers emotion-packed performances that will leave an impression on any listener.

6. The Killers

Our next rock band is The Killers. Formed in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2001, their irresistible fusion of post-punk revival and new wave music has gained them a massive following over the years.

If you’re a fan of Kings of Leon’s alternative rock sound, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy The Killers’ music as well. Both bands share similarities in terms of their edgy guitars, driving rhythms, and catchy hooks.

Their biggest hit to date is “When You Were Young,” released in 2006. It peaked at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned two Grammy nominations: Best Rock Song and Best Music Video. Other popular tracks from the band include “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me.”

7. Band Of Horses

Another band with a similar style to Kings of Leon is Band of Horses. This American rock group was formed in Seattle back in 2004 and has been making waves ever since, thanks to their rootsy twang, slow-burn songs, and reverb-drenched production.

Band of Horses has built up a dedicated following over the years with hits like “The Funeral” and “No One’s Gonna Love You.” They’ve also won critical acclaim for their albums like Everything All the Time and Cease to Begin.

With strong ties to the Pacific Northwest music scene where they originated from, Band of Horses’ music captures the essence of life on America’s West Coast while staying true to their alternative roots.

8. Mumford & Sons

If you’re a fan of Kings of Leon, then Mumford & Sons should be on your radar. This British band has made a name for themselves with their unique blend of folk rock and alternative rock since 2007.

Debuting in 2009 with the chart-topping Sigh No More, they added three more albums to their repertoire, all of which took the #1 spot on various music charts around the world and gained multi-Platinum statuses.

Though their last released album was in 2018, Mumford & Sons continues to make a significant impact on the music industry with their unique sound and meaningful lyrics.

9. The White Stripes

Next up, we have another musical duo similar to Kings of Leon. From Detroit, Michigan, The White Stripes, consisting of Jack and Meg White, gained fame in the early 2000s for their unique blend of punk, folk, country, and Mississippi Delta blues.

Their signature red-and-white color scheme is often associated with the band’s image, while iconic tracks such as “Seven Nation Army” cemented them as musical legends appreciated by audiences worldwide.

Despite their success, the band decided to split in 2011 due to a myriad of reasons. As of June 2023, The White Stripes were nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2023. While Jack has continued his career as a solo artist, Meg has largely avoided the spotlight.

10. The Kooks

Founded in 2004, The Kooks have gained a significant following over the years for their upbeat and catchy rock songs. Their music is heavily influenced by garage rock, postpunk revival bands, and indie rock.

Their breakthrough came with their debut album, Inside In/Inside Out, in 2006, which was a massive hit. The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) certified it 5x Platinum as of 2023.

The album included tracks like “Naive” and “She Moves In Her Own Way,” which became anthems of the mid-2000s indie scene. “Naive” remains their most popular song, embodying the band’s characteristic sound with catchy guitar melodies and relatable lyrics.

11. Phoenix

The French pop rock band Phoenix has been active since 1995 and has gained worldwide recognition for their music, a catchy mix of indie, alternative, and electronic influences.

Their music has been well-received globally, with over 1.8 million followers on Spotify. Their tracks “1901” and “Lisztomania” are particularly popular. They also have a significant following on Instagram with 242k followers and on Facebook with over 1.7 million likes.

Phoenix has shared the stage with Kings of Leon before in concerts held in Texas. Additionally, vocalist Thomas Mars has expressed his admiration for Kings of Leon’s music publicly. He even bonded with Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend, discussed next, over their mutual appreciation of the band.

12. Vampire Weekend

When looking for music similar to Kings of Leon’s eclectic sound, Vampire Weekend is one of the bands that comes to mind. This indie pop/rock band from New York City burst onto the scene in 2006.

The band’s first public performance was at a campus battle of the bands competition, where they placed third out of four. Despite this modest start, their popularity grew quickly.

In 2008, they released an eponymous debut album, which was a surprise hit, peaking at #17 on the Billboard 200. However, the three albums that followed were even greater hits—all topping the Billboard 200.

If you’re a fan of Kings of Leon looking for more music in the same vein, be sure to add Vampire Weekend to your playlist. You won’t be disappointed!

13. The Raconteurs

Closing this list is the four-piece alternative rock band The Raconteurs. Formed in 2005, the band featured members from bands like The White Stripes and The Greenhornes.

The Raconteurs are often compared to Kings of Leon due to their similar musical style that incorporates bluesy riffs and raw vocals with catchy choruses.

From 2005 to 2014, the band released only two studio albums, which were quite successful. Following this, however, they took a break until 2018.

To the delight of fans, The Raconteurs released Help Us Stranger in 2019. The fact that the album took the top spot of Billboard 200 is a testament to their talent and enduring influence.

Summing Up Our List Of Bands Like Kings Of Leon

We hope you have enjoyed this musical journey through bands echoing the unique sounds of Kings of Leon.

From the gritty guitar riffs to the soulful vocals, these bands have managed to capture similar elements that have made Kings of Leon a household name in the rock music scene.

However, the world of music is vast and ever-evolving, and there might be bands out there that we might have missed. Let us know who, and we’ll add them here!

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