13 Amazing Bands Similar To Evanescence

Written by Dan Farrant

If you’re a fan of Evanescence, chances are you’re captivated by the band’s unique blend of symphonic metal, gothic rock, and haunting vocals. But once you’ve listened to all their albums on repeat, where do you turn for similar music?

Look no further than our list of 13 bands like Evanescence. From Within Temptation’s soaring melodies to Delain’s orchestral compositions, we’ve got the perfect suggestions to help expand your musical palette and discover new favorites.

Evanescence by Jacquelin Corrales (CC BY-SA 2.5)

1. Within Temptation

A Dutch symphonic metal band, Within Temptation, shares several similarities with Evanescence, making them an excellent choice for fans looking to expand their musical horizons.

Formed in 1996, Within Temptations released their debut album, “Enter,” in 1997, which received critical acclaim and helped to establish the band’s signature sound.

They went on to release several more successful albums, the first of which was “Mother Earth” in 2000. It contained the “Ice Queen,” which showcased singer Sharon den Adel’s operatic vocal prowess and a rich tapestry of orchestral arrangements.

Like Evanescence’s Amy Lee, den Adel continues to impress listeners with her emotive voice and commanding stage presence.

2. Lacuna Coil

Formed in Milan, Italy, in 1994, Lacuna Coil has carved out a unique position within the world of alternative rock and gothic metal.

Their blend of powerful female vocals by Cristina Scabbia and dark male growls from Andrea Ferro create a contrasting yet harmonious sound that fans of Evanescence will surely appreciate.

Lacuna Coil’s music incorporates elements of nu-metal, symphonic metal, and even some progressive influences as they continue to evolve with each album release.

Songs like “Heaven’s a Lie,” “Our Truth,” and “Spellbound” showcase not only the incredible vocal range of Scabbia but also highlight the band’s ability to craft memorable melodies that resonate with listeners, just like Evanescence.

3. Delain

We have next a Dutch symphonic metal band called Delain, formed in 2002. The founders were Martijn Westerholt, former Within Temptation keyboardist, and singer Charlotte Wessels.

Delain is known for their captivating blend of powerful vocals, heavy guitars, and atmospheric keyboards—similar to Evanescence’s signature sound—and built a reputation as one of the top female-fronted rock bands in the genre.

Their debut album in 2006, Lucidity, quickly garnered critical acclaim for its unique fusion of classical orchestration with hard-hitting rock beats.

Since then, Delain has released several successful albums, like We Are the Others and Moonbathers, further establishing them as an influential force within the symphonic metal scene.

Fans of Evanescence will appreciate Wessels’ emotive vocal range alongside the dynamic musicianship showcased by each member of this melodic rock band.

4. The Pretty Reckless

American rock band The Pretty Reckless, led by Taylor Momsen, is a fantastic find for fans of Evanescence. They burst into the music scene in 2009 with their debut album, Light Me Up.

This female-fronted alternative rock band has since garnered a passionate following for their powerful vocals and dark, edgy melodies. Momsen’s haunting voice shares similarities with Amy Lee’s iconic vocals, making them one of the contemporary bands on this list that you should definitely explore further.

Stand-out tracks include “Heaven Knows,” “Going to Hell,” and “Take Me Down.” As you delve deeper into The Pretty Reckless’ discography, it’s easy to see why they are considered as part of the popular alternative metal bands influenced by nu-metal and dark wave genres.

5. Halestorm

Another excellent band like Evanescence that any fan of female-fronted hard rock should check out is Halestorm. This Grammy-winning alternative metal band from Red Lion, Pennsylvania, features the powerful vocals of lead singer and guitarist Lzzy Hale.

Known for their explosive live performances and edgy songwriting with a touch of classic rock influence, Halestorm has earned a loyal fan base around the world. They have released five studio albums to date, including Into the Wild Life and Vicious, both of which received critical acclaim.

Fun fact: Amy Lee is featured in their 2020 song “Break In”—another reason for Evanescence fans to follow Halestorm and add their songs to daily playlists.

6. Nightwish

Another band that fans of Evanescence may enjoy is Nightwish. This Finnish group is known for their unique blend of symphonic metal and operatic vocals, which creates a powerful and cinematic sound.

The band was founded in 1996 by keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen. They have undergone several lineup changes since then. Despite this, they’ve released nine studio albums, with seven of them topping Finnish charts.

One interesting aspect of Nightwish’s music is their use of orchestral elements and complex arrangements, which give their songs a grandiose feel—similar to Evanescence’s use of classical music influences.

7. Epica

Next, we have another Dutch symphonic metal band. Epica has been active since 2002. With Simone Simons as the lead vocalist, Epica’s music features an interesting blend of heavy guitar riffs, classical instruments, and electronic elements.

Their sound can be described as grandiose and emotive, with powerful vocals and intricate orchestration. While they may not be as well-known in the mainstream as some other bands on this list, Epica is definitely a must-listen if you’re into Evanescence’s gothic metal style.

Epica has released eight studio albums to date, with each album showcasing their growth and evolution as a band. Their music often tackles deep and complex themes, such as human emotions, societal issues, and philosophical concepts.

8. Kamelot

From Tampa, Florida, we have symphonic metal band Kamelot. Formed in 1991, the band combines elements of progressive and power metal with orchestral arrangements and classical music influences.

They are known for their virtuosic musicianship and the powerful vocals of lead singer Tommy Karevik. Kamelot also features female vocalists on some tracks, “The Haunting (Somewhere In Time)” and “Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire),” adding an extra layer to their sound.

Kamelot has released thirteen studio albums throughout their career, including 2018’s “The Shadow Theory.” Their music features complex song structures, soaring melodies, and epic storytelling themes that fans of Evanescence may find appealing.

9. Type O Negative

Fans of gothic rock, metal music, and Evanescence should definitely check out Type O Negative. Also known simply as Type O, the Brooklyn-based group was formed in 1989 with members Peter Steele on vocals and bass guitar, Kenny Hickey on guitar, Josh Silver on keyboards, and Sal Abruscato on drums.

Type O is known for incorporating dark humor into their lyrics alongside serious themes such as depression and mortality. Their songs often feature prominent bass lines and slow tempos that create a haunting atmosphere, similar to many of Evanescence’s songs.

Some notable albums include the 1993 Bloody Kisses, which eventually went Platinum since its release, October Rust in 1996, and Dead Again in 2007, among others.

10. HIM

Another band to check out if you’re a fan of Evanescence is HIM. This Finnish rock group, whose name stands for His Infernal Majesty, was formed in 1991 and gained popularity in the early 2000s with their blend of gothic rock and metal.

HIM has released eight studio albums over the years, including Love Metal and Dark Light, which both reached high positions on international charts. Several of their singles also charted in Finland’s charts, like “Join Me in Death” and “The Funeral of Hearts.”

Unfortunately, the eight-time Emma Award–winner band separated in 2017. However, Evanescence fans can still enjoy their hit songs.

11. The Birthday Massacre

Like Evanescence, the Canadian band Birthday Massacre incorporates elements of gothic rock in their music. They also fuse synth-pop and new wave, creating a unique blend.

Led by the enchanting vocals of frontwoman Chibi, the Birthday Massacre has been wowing audiences around the world since their inception in 1999. Highlights from their discography include “Blue,” “Looking Glass,” “Lovers End,” and “Red Stars.”

So if you like Evanescence’s dark and brooding style, then The Birthday Massacre is definitely worth checking out. Their music often explores themes of alienation, isolation, and darkness that will resonate with fans of Evanescence’s earlier work.

12. In This Moment

Penultimate on this list, In This Moment, is another band worth checking out if you enjoy Evanescence’s style. Founded in 2005, this American metal band boasts a female powerhouse vocalist by the name of Maria Brink.

The band has released several albums over the years, with their most notable being Blood and Black Widow. In This Moment combines elements of heavy metal, hard rock, and industrial music to create a unique sound that fans have come to love.

Their live performances are known for their theatricality and elaborate costumes, making them an exciting act to see in person. With hits like “Whore,” and “Sick Like Me,” it’s easy to see why In This Moment has such a devoted fan base.

13. The Sisters Of Mercy

Another band similar to Evanescence is the Sisters of Mercy. Originally formed in 1980, this British rock band has also incorporated elements of gothic and alternative rock into their music.

One notable aspect of the Sisters of Mercy is their influence on the gothic rock genre as a whole. Their music has inspired countless other bands that incorporate darker themes, intricate guitar riffs, and haunting vocals.

Sadly, the group has not released new music since 1993, as a strike against their previous record label. Though still active, the Sisters of Mercy is now a tours-only band.

Summing Up Our List Of Bands Like Evanescence

There you have it, dear readers. If you’re a fan of Evanescence or simply love alternative rock music with female-fronted vocals and dark undertones, this list of 13 bands is perfect for you.

From Within Temptation’s soaring melodies to Delain’s symphonic prowess, plenty of artists on this list will satisfy your craving for melodic goth rock music. With our carefully curated collection of similar bands like Evanescence, we hope you can discover new favorites and expand your music taste.

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