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Disturbed, a heavy metal band from Chicago has rocked the music industry with their dark, compelling lyrics and powerful metal sound. Formed in 1994, they’ve consistently pushed boundaries, experimenting with genres while staying true to their roots.

Their distinct style has not only garnered a global fanbase but also influenced numerous other bands, like Slipknot and Avenge Sevenfold, to name a few.

If you’re a fan of Disturbed’s gripping music and are looking for bands that echo their style, you’re in luck. Dive in as we explore 13 incredible bands similar to Disturbed. Let’s get started!

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1. Linkin Park

We start with the globally renowned rock band Linkin Park. Formed in California in 1996, the group’s sound blends elements of alternative rock, nu-metal, and electronic music, successfully creating a genre fusion that appeals to various crowds.

Linkin Park released its debut album, Hybrid Theory, in 2000, which became a massive commercial success and certified 12x Platinum! Their next album, Meteora, further solidified their popularity, featuring tracks like the smash hit “Numb.”

If you enjoy Disturbed’s music style and are searching for similar bands to add to your playlist, Linkin Park should definitely be on your radar! Like Disturbed, this band is known for its heavy instrumentation, powerful vocals, and introspective songwriting.

2. Slipknot

Established in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1995, Slipknot has made quite the name for itself in the heavy metal scene. Characterized by a distinct blend of alternative metal, nu-metal, and industrial influences, the band’s music effortlessly creates powerful sonic experiences for listeners.

In 1999, Slipknot’s self-titled debut album propelled them to mainstream success, instantly resonating with fans drawn to the group’s powerful sound and chaotic energy. Over the years, Slipknot has showcased its evolving sound and lyrical depth with several more albums, including Iowa and All Hope Is Gone.

All in all, fans of Disturbed are sure to enjoy Slipknot’s heavy guitar riffs and aggressive music style. Both bands are also known for their incredible live performances and emotional lyrics, which is pretty cool if you ask us.

3. System Of A Down

Next up is System of a Down, a.k.a. SOAD. This American rock band formed in California in 1994 and began blending blends elements of alternative metal, heavy metal, and hard rock to create a multifaceted listening experience.

Similar to Disturbed, SOAD is known for releasing music with heavy guitar riffs and powerful vocals. Some of their most famous songs to date include “Toxicity,” “Aerials,” “B.Y.O.B.,” and “Chop Suey!” 

Aside from their incredible musical talent, SOAD also stands out for its social activism efforts. The lyrics to many of their songs convey strong political commentary about the likes of war and government corruption, thus leaving a long-lasting impression.

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4. Papa Roach

Another California-based rock band makes this list. Papa Roach, formed in 1993, has become a household name in the metal scene due to their explosive live performances and catchy music.

In 2000, Papa Roach’s breakthrough album, Infest, made waves throughout the metal community. Their subsequent album, Lovehatetragedy, further solidified their place in the industry as it landed at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart, showcasing the band’s ability to evolve while retaining their signature style.

If you’re a fan of Disturbed, you’re sure to love Papa Roach’s emotionally charged lyrics and aggressive sound. Give them a listen, and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

5. Five Finger Death Punch

Formed in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2005, Five Finger Death Punch quickly gained recognition among audiences with their unique fusion of heavy metal, hard rock, and thrash metal elements. 

Like Disturbed, this band is known for having a captivating stage presence and incorporating personal themes into their songs. On top of that, both bands embrace aggressive sounds in their music by utilizing heavy guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and intense drums.

Throughout their career, Five Finger Death Punch has released various critically acclaimed and chart-topping albums, some of which include The Way of the Fist and American Capitalist. Give them a listen to see what the hype is about!

6. Korn 

As one of the most influential bands in the nu-metal genre, Korn is definitely worthy of your time and attention. Formed in California in 1993, the group has a distinctive sound — a heavy metal and alternative rock blend that fans go wild over.

In 1994, Korn skyrocketed to fame with the release of its excellent self-titled debut album. Since then, they’ve released various fantastic projects, including Untouchables and Take a Look in the Mirror

Fans of Disturbed will immediately find themselves drawn to Korn due to their similar genres and styles. Essentially, both bands have a penchant for creating aggressive music with intense vocals and introspective themes.

7. Avenged Sevenfold

The heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold has been taking the music industry by storm since 1999. Established in California, the group gained a wide following for their distinctive sound, melodic sensibilities, and versatile musical style. 

Like Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold produces music that deals with issues related to life struggles and personal demons. Both bands’ lyrics talk about fighting through adversity and coming out victorious on the other side, the essence of which can be found in tracks like “Hail to the King” and “Nightmare.”

Overall, if you’re looking for an act that combines traditional heavy metal elements with modern influences to create a dynamic and memorable musical experience, you can’t go wrong with Avenged Sevenfold!

8. Godsmack

Next is Godsmack, another excellent band that shares many similarities with Disturbed. The group was formed in 1995 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and has since become a staple of the hard rock and heavy metal music scene.

One reason why Godsmack often draws comparisons to Disturbed is the shared affinity for fusing different music genres into their sound. Additionally, both acts are known for delivering songs with introspective themes and aggressive guitar riffs.

So, if you’re looking for more bands like Disturbed, Godsmack should undoubtedly be on your list! They’ve had an illustrious career spanning over two decades, and some of their most notable projects include Awake and Faceless.

9. Breaking Benjamin

Formed by Benjamin Burnley (vocals/guitar) and Jeremy Hummel (drums) in 1999, Breaking Benjamin has become an iconic rock band known for their hard-hitting sound and melodic singing style.

Thanks to hits like “Polymarous” and “Skin,” the band’s debut album, Saturate, instantly put them on the map in 2000. This was followed by We Are Not Alone in 2004, featuring the chart-topping single “So Cold.” Evidently, their discography has solidified their presence in the rock scene and effectively showcased their immense talent.

If you’re a fan of Disturbed, you’ll find yourself drawn to Breaking Benjamin’s powerful guitar riffs, driving drums, and relatable lyrics about personal struggles. If this sounds like your cup of tea, don’t forget to add this band to your playlist!

10. Drowning Pool

If you’re a fan of Disturbed, you’ll likely enjoy Drowning Pool! This American rock band was established in Dallas, Texas, back in 1996 and has been rocking out ever since.

Iconic in every sense of the word, Drowning Pool’s music is a stunning blend of alternative metal, post-grunge, and nu-metal. Like Disturbed, their sound is characterized by heavy guitar riffs, aggressive vocals, and powerful drumming.

Throughout their impressive career, the group has released various outstanding projects, including Sinner and Desensitized. So, if you’re looking for something exciting to listen to and seeking out bands with the same vibe as Disturbed, give Drowning Pool a try! They might just be your next favorite band.

11. Seether

Making music since 1999 is the rock band Seether. The group hails from South Africa, and their sound is classified as hard rock, post-grunge, and alternative metal.

Seether first gained recognition in 2002 with the release of its debut album, Disclaimer. Their 2005 album, Karma and Effect, further solidified their place in the rock scene, thanks to the hit single “Remedy,” which landed at #1 on the US Mainstream chart.

Similar to Disturbed, Seether is widely renowned for its energetic live performances, painfully relatable lyrics, and guitar-driven rock. With its continued presence and musical evolution, the band continues to remain a prominent force in the rock music landscape.

12. Stone Sour

 Next is Stone Sour, a phenomenal rock band formed in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1992. Their music incorporates elements of alternative metal, hard rock, and post-grunge, resulting in a versatile and dynamic sound that fans love.

Released in 2002, the band’s self-titled debut album is a stunning piece of work that includes the hit “Bother.” Almost instantly, the project became a mainstream success and helped catapult them into the music industry limelight, paving the way for subsequent albums like Come What(ever) May and Audio Secrecy

Due to their metal-infused sound, incredible stage presence, and lyrical depth, Stone Sour often draws comparisons to your favorite, Disturbed. Today, they is one of the most respected and influential bands within the rock and metal music communities. 

13. Mudvayne

Established in Illinois in 1996, Mudvayne is an American band that has gained immense popularity in the heavy metal genre and is known for its innovative music and striking visual aesthetics. Fans of Disturbed will appreciate the band’s intense musical style and captivating stage presence.

Mudvayne’s vast discography showcases its technical abilities and consistent evolution of sound. A few albums that serve as a testament to this statement include L.D. 50 and Lost and Found.

Another thing that sets Mudvayne apart from its competitors is its theatrical live performances. On stage, their aesthetics are characterized by elaborate face paint and stage costumes, creating a visually striking image.

Summing Up Our List Of Bands Similar To Disturbed

Metal and rock music lovers know for a fact that Disturbed is one of the most iconic bands in the industry today. And if you can’t get enough of their intense sound and unique style, the bands on this list are calling your name!

From Five Finger Death Punch to Slipknot to Linkin Park, there are plenty of options that will satisfy your cravings and entertain you every step of the way.

However, 13 bands are just the tip of the iceberg. Who have we missed that should be on this list? Let us know, and we’ll add them in!

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