13 Incredible Bands Similar To Black Label Society

Written by Dan Farrant

Black Label Society, a powerhouse in the world of heavy metal, has significantly influenced music since its inception in 1998. Their dynamic mix of commanding vocals, potent guitar riffs, and rhythmic mastery has made them a cornerstone in their genre.

Fans who enjoy their distinctive sound may yearn for more bands that deliver similar sonic intensity. If this is you, then you don’t need to look further.

Here, we’ve curated a list of 13 incredible bands like Black Label Society. Let’s get started.

Black Label Society by Andreas Lawen, Fotandi (CC BY-SA 3.0)

1. Down

One of the most prominent bands similar to Black Label Society is Down, formed in 1991. This southern stoner metal and metal supergroup was formed by Phil Anselmo from Pantera, Pepper Keenan from Corrosion of Conformity, and Kirk Windstein from Crowbar.

Since their start, Down has made an impact within the heavy music scene thanks to their powerful sound and unique blend of influences.

The band’s rise to fame began with their debut album, NOLA, released in 1995. Named after their hometown, the album was a tribute to their southern roots and was met with widespread critical acclaim.

Though they have had a few lineup changes and have not released new work since 2014, Down is still active and continues to hold their place in the heavy metal scene.

2. Corrosion Of Conformity

Next up, Corrosion of Conformity made a significant impact on the heavy metal music scene with their sound that fused hardcore punk, blues, and southern rock influences. They emerged in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 1982 and have since released ten studio albums.

The band’s most recent project, No Cross No Crown, shows off their maturity as musicians while preserving the signature sound that has cemented them among hard rock royalty.

Their distinctive approach has earned them loyal fans worldwide who eagerly attend high-energy performances at music festivals and concert tours.

While sharing ample similarities with Black Label Society, especially when it comes to guitar riffs and heavy sound, Corrosion of Conformity also holds its own appeal for die-hard fans and new listeners alike.

3. Pantera

The year 1981 saw the formation of one of the most iconic heavy metal bands in history: Pantera. This Texas band currently reigns with about 20 million records sold worldwide since their start.

Pantera started out playing glam metal but shifted to a heavier sound with the release of their fifth album, Cowboys from Hell, in 1990. This album is often seen as their official debut, introducing their new groove metal style that would define the band’s sound going forward.

Pantera’s success continued through the 1990s with albums like Far Beyond Driven and The Great Southern Trendkill. These releases further showcased the band’s aggressive style and technical prowess.

However, internal tensions led to a breakup in 2003. Despite their split, Pantera’s powerful sound influenced countless bands and helped shape the genre in the 1990s.

4. Clutch

Active since 1993, rock band Clutch has made a name for themselves in the heavy metal and stoner rock genres with their hard-hitting riffs and catchy hooks.

Clutch’s journey to fame began with their self-titled debut album in 1995. Since then, they have released several albums, each showcasing their musical evolution and growth.

One of their most critically acclaimed albums is Blast Tyrant, in 2004, which was lauded for its powerful riffs and compelling lyrics. Another significant release, the 2013 Earth Rocker, topped the Hard Rock Albums chart and was named Album of the Year by Metal Hammer magazine.

Despite the changing trends in rock music, Clutch has remained true to their unique blend of styles, consistently delivering music that resonates with their fans.

5. Crowbar

Another heavy metal band that echoes Black Label Society’s sound is Crowbar. They were formed in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1989 by Kirk Windstein, who serves as the vocalist and guitarist.

They debuted with Obedience Thru Suffering in 1991, introducing their distinctive sound to the world. However, it was their self-titled second album in 1992 that really put them on the map, earning them a cult following and critical acclaim.

Another well-received album was their fifth, Odd Fellows Rest, which contained their signature song, “Planets Collide.” Decibel magazine inducted the album into their Hall of Fame in 2017.

Despite experiencing several lineup changes over the years, Crowbar continues to release hard-hitting albums, their latest being Zero and Below in 2022.

6. High On Fire

Hailing from Oakland, California, the heavy metal band High on Fire came to be the same year Black Label Society was formed. And like BLS, High on Fire became known for their intense sound.

One unique aspect of High on Fire’s sound is their use of a custom nine-string guitar, which adds an extra layer of complexity to their compositions.

Though High on Fire debuted in 2000, they gained their breakthrough with Death Is This Communion in 2007, which climbed to #22 and #2 on the Hard Rock and Heatseekers charts, respectively.

All their releases following this landed in the top 10 of both the Indie Albums and Hard Rock charts, a testament to their consistent ability to deliver powerful, compelling music. This is further underscored by their 2019 Grammy win for Best Metal Performance for “Electric Messiah” from their last album.

7. Mastodon

Award-winning heavy metal group Mastodon is a name that comes to mind when looking for bands like Black Label Society. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Mastodon has been around since 2000, astounding fans with their jazz, blues, and psychedelic rock–influenced sludge metal sound.

Since their start, Mastodon has released eight studio albums. Many of these were critically acclaimed and received awards, like the 2009 Crack the Skye and 2011 The Hunter.

In 2018, Mastodon’s single “Sultan’s Curse,” from the album Emperor of Sand, won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. The 2021 “Pushing the Tides” also received a Grammy nod, a testament to their enduring appeal.

8. Lamb Of God

Originating from Richmond, Virginia, Lamb of God is a formidable presence in the American heavy metal scene. The band’s journey began in 1990 when Chris Adler, Mark Morton, and John Campbell, who were dorm mates at Virginia Commonwealth University, decided to combine their musical talents.

Over the years, Lamb of God has grown into a linchpin of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal movement. Their uncompromising approach to their music has garnered both respect and sales.

They have released nine studio albums throughout their illustrious career, each one showcasing their unique sound and musical talent. Wrath (2009) and VII: Sturm und Drang (2015), in particular, received Best Album awards.

Lamb of God is also known for their extensive touring and participation in music festivals like the Ozzfest and Soundwave in Australia, to name a few. They consistently deliver unforgettable experiences that leave audiences in awe.

9. Machine Head

Since their formation in 1991, Machine Head has been rocking the music scene, letting everybody know their heavy metal sound. The band was founded by vocalist and guitarist Robb Flynn, who has been the driving force behind their success.

Machine Head’s music is all about getting you pumped up and ready to take on the world. With hard-hitting tracks like “Davidian” and “Locust,” they have cemented themselves as masters of heavy riffs and intense drumming.

In 2022, they released the album Of Kingdom and Crown, which continues to showcase their distinctive sound.

If you’re a fan of Black Label Society and looking for something similar, Machine Head should definitely be on your list. Their high-energy shows and powerful lyrics are sure to leave you wanting more.

10. Motörhead

From across the pond, we have the heavy metal band Motörhead, formed in London back in 1975. The founder of the band, Lemmy Kilmister, was a bass guitarist and lead vocalist who became known for his gravelly singing voice and distinctive facial hair.

Motörhead has been an influential band in the development of other sub-genres of rock music, such as punk rock and speed metal. Mand bands, including Black Label Society, have drawn inspiration from their iconic outlaw culture and high-energy performances.

Their discography is nothing to scoff at, boasting 23 studio albums, 16 live albums, and 29 singles. Notable among their releases is the 1980 “Ace of Spades” and their cover for Metallica’s “Whiplash,” which won them a Grammy for Best Metal Performance.

11. Superjoint

Originally called Superjoint Ritual, the American metal band Superjoint was formed in the 1990s. The band’s inception was marked by the collaboration of Phil Anselmo, Joe Fazzio, and Jimmy Bower. They were later joined by Hank Williams III.

Anselmo, also known for his work with Pantera and Down, was the frontman for Superjoint. He contributed his distinctive vocal style to the band’s music, which is often categorized as a mix of hardcore punk, sludge metal, and black metal.

The band released their debut album, Use Once and Destroy, in 2002. This album received positive reviews and was followed by A Lethal Dose of American Hatred in 2003.

Despite their successful start and growing fan base, the band had a falling out and split. However, in 2014, they regrouped for a performance at the Housecore Horror Film Festival.

12. Alice In Chains

Rising from the vibrant music scene of Seattle, Washington, in 1987 came the prominent rock band Alice in Chains. Their sound, a potent blend of heavy metal, grunge, and alternative rock, helped them carve out a unique niche in the music world.

Their discography includes memorable albums such as the award-winning Dirt and the chart-topping Alice in Chains, characterized by their exploration of dark themes and harmonized vocals between frontman Layne Staley and singer-guitarist Jerry Cantrell.

The band was dealt a heavy blow with the tragic death of Staley due to a drug overdose in 2002. Yet they refused to bow down. In 2005, William DuVall took over as the new lead vocalist, and the band has since released several more albums.

13. Disturbed

In the heart of Chicago, in 1994, the heavy metal band Disturbed was formed. The quartet consists of vocalist David Draiman, guitarist and keyboardist Dan Donegan, drummer Mike Wengren, and bassist John Moyer, who joined later in 2003.

Like Black Label Society, their sound is a powerful fusion of heavy metal and hard rock, creating a unique sonic signature that fans worldwide love. Their music often explores intense themes, and their energetic performances have become a hallmark of their identity.

Disturbed’s discography is nothing short of impressive, boasting several chart-topping albums, including Believe, Ten Thousand Fists, and Indestructible. Their most recent album, Divisive (2022), continues to showcase their musical evolution while staying true to their roots.

Summing Up Our List Of Bands Like Black Label Society

In wrapping up, we’ve taken an exciting journey through the world of heavy metal and rock music, uncovering the histories and sounds of bands that echo Black Label Society’s sound.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. We hope this article has not only been informative but also added a few more tunes to your playlist. After all, discovering new music is one of life’s greatest joys.

Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome. If there are any bands that you think should have made it to our list, please feel free to let us know, and we’ll add them here!

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