10 Of The Best Songs About April

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When you hear “April,” the first thing that you will probably think of is something positive. Mainly because April is the peak of spring, and we know spring bodes well. As such, April is synonymous with spring flowers, new love, and rain showers.

April is a dreamy month that we often associate with new beginnings and productivity. No wonder it has inspired its fair share of songs.

Our list of 10 of the best songs about April will show you what songwriters think of this particular month. Have fun reading!

1. “April In Paris” By Ella Fitzgerald And Louis Armstrong

If we’re talking about songs with “April” in the title, we should include this rendition by jazz duo Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. In “April in Paris,” spring and Paris seem to be the perfect combination.

In the lyrics, the singer had seen what spring is like where she came from. Perhaps there’s nothing special about it. It just comes and goes without much fanfare.

But all that paled in comparison to spring in Paris. There, holiday tables are set under the trees, and we can imagine lovers taking their dates here. And the chestnut blossoms add to the charm of the season.

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2. “April Come She Will” By Simon & Garfunkel

From famed folk-rock duo Simon & Garfunkel, we have “April Come She Will.” It debuted in 1966 on their most famous album, Sounds of Silence.

In true poetic fashion, the song mentions “April” and other months metaphorically. They seem to perfectly symbolize female emotions that change as gradually or abruptly as the seasons themselves.

For instance, the song says that in April, she comes “when streams are ripe and swelled with rain.” This period alludes to a good time in the couple’s lives. In May, she stays with him. In June, she becomes restless. In July, she leaves. In August, their love dies. In September, he only has memories to remember.

3. “April Fools” By Aretha Franklin

From the Queen of Soul herself, “April Fools” debuted on Aretha Franklin’s album Young, Gifted, and Black in 1972. The album was one of her most popular compilations, even if “April Fools” isn’t the most famous single on the album.

If you live in the US, you’re aware of April Fools. This is the first day in April dedicated to silly pranks and blatant lying followed by a joking admission. Franklin uses April Fools to express skepticism about whether love will last.

But sometimes love beats all odds and blossoms into a long-lasting relationship. In the song, the singer is happy to say that she has found true love.

4. “April Again” By Dean Martin

Up next is another song with “April” in the lyrics. “April Again” is a lesser-known single from the King of Cool Dean Martin. It debuted in 1968 as another dreamy pop song for fans to swoon over.

For the singer, April holds a special place in his heart. From what we can glean from the lyrics, he memorializes a past love that has given him happy April memories. He remembers her in the rain falling on his window and the flowers they pressed inside the pages of a book.

He wishes he could return to that particular April. But for now, he can only reflect on the happy days at the beginning of their relationship.

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5. “April 29, 1992 (Miami)” By Sublime

Our next song, “April 29, 1992 (Miami)” by Sublime, is not about a date that’s special for just one person. This song documents the riots that ensued after the brutal beating of Rodney King, a black man, by white policemen the previous year.

The verdict came out on April 29, 1992, acquitting the officers. Hours later, angry protests broke out in the black regions of Los Angeles, leading to riots and looting.

The riots lasted six days, leading to 63 deaths and thousands of injured people. The song mentions other places across the United States where riots also occurred.

6. “April Fool” By Patti Smith

American singer-songwriter Patti Smith is a female icon in the history of punk rock. Not only is she a gritty and edgy New York punk, but her lyrics are the height of poetic literature. “April Fool” is proof of that.

“April Fool” is a playful song about getting into good trouble with your favorite person. It’s an invitation to a significant other or best friend to go on an adventure and live by the seat of your pants.

April Fools is a day of mischief. But Smith argues it’s also a fun-loving state of mind that deserves more than one day a year.

7. “April Skies” By The Jesus And Mary Chain

Next, we have “April Skies,” one of the best songs from The Jesus and Mary Chain‘s Darklands album. The song was released in 1987 and peaked at #8 on the UK Single Chart.

“April Skies” is basically either of two things. One, it’s a breakup song. Two, it’s about walking away from a toxic person or relationship. In the first verse, the singer says, “Don’t you walk away, And the world comes tumbling down.” This alludes to the idea that if the other person leaves him, her world will fall apart.

We can say that April skies are a metaphor for a broken relationship. The line “Sun grows cold, sky gets black” tells as much.

8. “April 8th” By Neutral Milk Hotel

We can only guess what happened on “April 8th,” a song by indie rock band Neutral Milk Hotel. But what we know is that it is a perfect example of the sound they’re famous for.

Neutral Milk Hotel is also known for depressing themes, and that manifests in the song. “April 8th” speaks of loneliness. It hints at watching one’s life pass him by without anyone to share it with.

The singer shows his vulnerability by remembering memories with a past lover. He imagines all the good times they have and being safe in the warmth of a blanket.

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9. “Pieces Of April” By Three Dog Night

Sometimes we can best describe things by comparing them to months of the year. In “Pieces of April,” Three Dog Night looks at a relationship like April, the peak of spring.

The song recounts the singer’s love story as promising as April. During spring, plants grow, the rivers and creeks swell with water and fish, and the weather is good. The singer uses these as a metaphor for the status of their relationship.

And even when it rains, it doesn’t matter because spring does not have space for sadness. The lines “I’ve got pieces of April, It’s a mornin’ in May” tell us that their relationship is still going strong.

10. “April” By Beach Bunny

Last but certainly not least, we have “April” by Beach Bunny. This is a melancholy song about the mourning period after a breakup.

The month of April marks the end of the relationship in the song. April showers mirror the tears the singer sheds as she faces life without her ex.

His absence in her life makes her yearn for somebody to love her. She wants him back, that’s clear in the lyrics. But it appears he doesn’t. She hasn’t been able to get a hold of him for more than a year. She finally realizes that they’re just memories.

Summing Up Our List Of April Songs

April is special for many people for different reasons. As the songs above showed, April stood for something that had an impact on the singers’ lives. Whether it’s happy or sad, April will always have a place in their hearts.

If April is special for you, too, then we hoped you’ve found something from our list that speaks to your experience.

For others who are simply looking for some music, there are plenty of songs about April to enjoy.

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