21 Of The Best Songs About Paris: City Of Love Playlist

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People don’t call Paris the City of Love for nothing. Once you get there, you’ll feel the romantic vibes that the city has become known for.

Artists and songwriters fell in love with Paris, too, judging by an abundance of songs celebrating the city. That’s regardless of whether their experience with Paris was happy or sad. There’s no better way to remember this place than through songs that transcend place and time.

Today, we have compiled 21 of the best songs about Paris. Fall in love or feel the heartbreak as you listen to these tracks. Or learn about the things that add to the magic that is the city of Paris. Read on!

1. “Give Paris One More Chance” By Jonathan Richman

This Jonathan Richman hit might have been old, having been released in 1983. But “Give Paris One More Chance” is a timeless piece that talks about Paris and why it’s a special place.

In the lyrics, the singer keeps imploring his lover to “give Paris one more chance.” It sounds as if she’d had enough of love or of looking for a place. It’s clear that she also has doubts about the city being “made for love.”

But the singer has a counter-argument for that. To convince her, he mentions notable French personalities such as Piaf, Chevalier, Trenet, and Charles Aznavour. He hopes that she’ll change her mind about Paris.

2. “Paris” By The 1975

When you think of Paris, you’re probably thinking of Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and being in love. You know, all the good stuff. But songs about a certain place are not always about its positive side. Just listen to The 1975‘s “Paris” to know what we mean.

While the song is about a girlfriend, it also shows some bad interactions with her. In the chorus, the singer keeps repeating, “How I’d love to go to Paris again,” which could be symbolic of a happier time in their relationship.

It’s not necessarily Paris itself. The city is a metaphor for that place that feels good for both of them. But considering all that has happened in their lives, they are not able to reach that place.

3. “Paris” By Taylor Swift

At some point in our lives, we experienced being in love and not caring about who knew. Taylor Swift sings about it in her 2022 hit “Paris,” which came from her most recent album, Midnights.

Swift talks about a deep requited love in this song with “Paris” in the lyrics. The love she feels is so strong she “might stop breathing.” She and her lover are in their own world, falling more in love and not caring about anything else except each other’s company.

Away from the drama, their love makes her feel like they were in Paris. This song uses the city to express how deep their love grows, to the point that it doesn’t matter where they are as long as they are together.

4. “Paris” By The Chainsmokers

The American duo The Chainsmokers have its own song with “Paris” in the title. In some ways, their “Paris” single is similar to that of The 1975’s. The city is a metaphor for a place where everything is okay.

The lyrics talk about living in Paris out of spite, just so the couple can escape from their parents. In the chorus, the line “If we go down, then we go down together” tells of their loyalty to their love.

However, the line “We’ll get away with everything” says that they’re still naive. This is further cemented when the duo sings, “Posting pictures of yourself on the internet.” It may show them as an independent couple by being on their own in Paris. But they’re still naive and easily give in to impulses.

5. “Paris In The Rain” By Lauv

Up next is another song about not being in Paris but feeling like you are. Lauv‘s “Paris in the Rain” is a love song for that one special person who makes you feel like anywhere is great. As long as you are together.

Paris is a romantic place. Similarly, rain often gets characterized as particularly romantic. Some examples include kissing in the rain or dancing in the street while it’s pouring.

Lauv explains to his lover that “anywhere with you feels like Paris in the rain.” It’s a romantic scene that will never die, just like their love. So it doesn’t matter wherever they may end up. The feeling of being in Paris remains the same.

6. “Paris” By Sabrina Carpenter

Some of the songs on our list talk about finding passionate love that it feels like being in Paris. Sabrina Carpenter‘s “Paris,” on the other hand, is about going to Paris to find love. Only to realize she already had it with her lover back home in LA.

She acknowledges how romantic Paris is. Initially, she thinks going there would solve all her issues. She also sees it as an escape, admitting that she tends to leave when shown too much love.

But once in Paris, she realizes that she doesn’t need to be there to experience the true love she had been searching for all along. This song shows that some things we are searching for have been right in front of us all along.

7. “Postcard From Paris” By The Band Perry

A song that mentions “Paris” in a sad way is The Band Perry‘s “Postcard from Paris.” This is one of those songs that are open to interpretation, depending on how you look at the lyrics.

We’re offering you one way to explain the meaning behind the song. It’s about the mistake many of us have made. Like in the song, the girl is already in a relationship when she meets her dream boyfriend. She realizes that the dream guy is her missed opportunity at love, but now she can only look at him.

“Like a postcard from Paris” means that her boyfriend provides the excitement that comes along with new relationships. But once she experiences it, that excitement fades. She only realizes it when she sees her dream guy. Now the singer feels ruined because what or who she needs is what she can’t have.

8. “I Love Paris” By Dean Martin

Believe it when we say that Dean Martin is serious about his love for Paris. When he sings “I Love Paris,” he’s telling us that this is his favorite place. Written in the 1950s, this song was released in 1962 from his album French Style.

This song illustrates how Paris has always been a place people adore. The fact that Martin loves Paris in springtime, fall, winter, and summer attests to that. Everything simply reminds him of this beautiful place.

The song’s fantastic ending explains why the singer loves Paris all year round: you can find love there all the time.

9. “Dreaming About Paris” By MISY

For those who haven’t seen Paris in person yet, let’s listen to MISY‘s “Dreaming about Paris.” Her description of the beautiful place is enough to give us ideas about what Paris is like.

MISY takes its listeners through all the beautiful, calming places Paris has to offer. “Dreaming about Paris” mentions cobblestone streets, the Eiffel Tower, and fine wine. It talks about having “coffee and croissant,” taking photos, and watching a French film. Things that make people fall in love with it.

It’s a relaxing song, fitting in with its title of it all being a dream. The singer has never been to the city, so the lyrics are dreams and what she imagines the beautiful city to be like in their mind.

10. “Paris” By Magic Man

Our next song on the list is another one where the interpretation is up to you. If we listen to the lyrics, it might seem that “Paris” by Magic Man is talking about missing Paris and wanting to be with her again. It seems like he is speaking to someone named Paris.

But if we listen closely, the lyrics could be talking about a man trying to get over someone. The line “you know I held on too much” is an indication of him holding on to her, but now he has to “put you in my past” because he knows they’re not going to be together.

However you interpret it, this song uses Paris as something to be desired and missed.  The melancholy and lovelorn vibe and the message ring throughout, concluding that “it’s just a fantasy.”

11. “April In Paris” By Ella Fitzgerald And Louis Armstrong

With the beautiful voices of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, this song about spending spring in Paris is stunning. “April in Paris” is about not understanding the season’s charm and the rain until the singer finally visits Paris.

It is understandable how everything is romanticized when it comes to Paris. The cold and soggy weather included. Yet, with the two different perspectives, this could also be two people finding love in Paris at an unexpected time.

That is what sticks with them and makes them realize that April isn’t all that bad. And being in Paris with this weather stirs “a feeling that no one can ever reprise.”

12. “Summertime In Paris” By Jaden Smith Ft. WILLOW

The title of this song by Jaden Smith and WILLOW isn’t enough to tell what it is about. Because while “Summertime in Paris” follows a love story that progresses during the summer, it doesn’t happen in Paris.

That’s as far as the lyrics go. They start with, “Summertime is meant to fall in love,” a line that appears throughout the song. We can say that the singers are referring to fresh romances here.

This is another song that is essentially saying that they may as well be in Paris because they are so in love with this person but in a clever way. They don’t mention Paris in the tune itself, but the title exaggerates how some people view Paris and love as two things that go hand in hand.

13. “Paris” By MXMS

There is something about Paris that can make you fall in love with a stranger you’ve only just met. MXMS acknowledges that in their song “Paris” in their short-time love affair with someone they wish to spend the night with.

Through the lyrics, they express how these emotions are confusing. But the one thing they know is that they don’t want to be alone on this particular night.

Paris is a beautiful place to be that’s full of love. So when you’re there by yourself, all you want is to find someone to share the city with.

14. “Paris” By New West

Up next is a song set in the City of Love. New West‘s “Paris” details the singer’s dreams and falling in love in Paris.

This song starts with a very French-themed guitar solo that transports you to Paris before the lyrics come in. It’s a very intimate sound and voice that makes everything New West sings about feel romantic.

The singer talks about enjoying the small things that are very Paris-like. He mentions smoking and drinking champagne, singing French songs, and staying inside all day. The song ends with the repetition of the French phrase, “c’est la vie.” It’s a gentle, beautiful song that fits the title very well.

15. “Paris” By Samia

In Samia‘s “Paris,” she talks about finding love in Paris but in a much more bittersweet light. Samia sings about how she and her lover travel to Paris together. Their love is beautiful in their paradise, but it ends after the trip.

Things are so good between them in Paris. But back home to their everyday lives, things change. Paris is romantic and carries some of the best moments of her life. But with the city gone, their love is quick to follow. She often dreams about being back there to feel that love again.

She hopes her lover will remember her that way, the woman she was in Paris,  and not the girl who broke his heart.

16. “Lost In Paris” By Tom Misch Ft. GoldLink

The English musician Tom Misch has a very soothing voice, combined with a soft, jazzy vibe on his track “Lost In Paris.” This makes for a very gentle song about losing something or someone in Paris. While it’s mostly up for interpretation, the singer realizes he needs this person but she’s gone now.

He sings about how he won’t forget her and the memory of the place because they’re stuck in his head. Being lost in Paris could be something she wants to be, not necessarily a bad thing.

For now, he can only hope that she’s “warm and safe,” even without him. He can only look back on their memories of being together.

17. “Wake Me Up In Paris” By Anthony Keyrouz And Paradigm

The first thing you’ll notice from Anthony Keyrouz‘s “Wake Me Up in Paris” is its focus on the beat. The second is its repeating lyrics throughout the entire song.

The song begins with the line, “Wake me up in Paris.” In the next verse, the singer asks to be woken up in Rio. Throughout the rest of the song, it alternates between these two places.

The singer also mentions driving through Dallas and eventually being woken up in heaven. Keyrouz compares these places to heaven because these are where dreams are made and where sins are forgiven.

18. “Paris” By Ben Rector

The beginning of Ben Rector’s song “Paris” has the sound of a film reel playing in the back. Then his vocals come in to sing about a lover he hasn’t seen since he met her in Paris.

This implies that this love feels like a movie, the same way being in Paris can feel like starring in a movie. Rector tells us how being in Paris with her makes him feel young again, and he allows himself to fall in love carelessly.

He isn’t sad about having not seen her in a month because of the memories they shared and how amazing they were to experience.

19. “Paris, Or Wherever We Are” By Emily Hearn

With this beautiful song, you are bound to fall in love in Paris just as much as singer-songwriter Emily Hearn did. “Paris, or Wherever We Are” is about how Paris is a gorgeous place and just the perfect place to fall in love with your special someone.

In the lyrics, Hearn shares with us all the romantic things she does with her partner. Going to Paris is just a small idea, but something that her lover quickly makes possible.

She finds that being in Paris, or basically wherever, is fine as long as she’s with him. His presence in her life is all that matters.

20. “Paris” By Indigo

Another song about the city of love is Indigo‘s “Paris.” It may not be as famous as some of the songs on our list. But this one has a feel-good vibe to it that you’ll enjoy listening to the song.

In the lyrics, we find the singer addressing another man who is attempting to prove to a girl he’s the right guy for her. But it’s clear as day that the time is not right for them. This is the reality in some relationships nowadays. Everything might look good on the surface. But it’s just not the right time for the relationship.

Indigo says to this man that he will see her in the future in Paris, succeeding and winning at life. He can try to convince her to come back to him. But only then he’ll only know her answer.

21. “Paris” By April

The last song on our list is another one that mentions all the fantastic parts of Paris. “Paris” by April is a love song that’s fittingly set in the city of love.

In the song, the singer invites someone she likes to go on a date around Paris. She thinks of dancing beneath the Eiffel Tower and exploring the city. The possibilities appear to be endless to the singer and her lover.

It could also be a fantasy in her head of what she dreams of Paris to be. She is dolled up in a beautiful red dress and has a handsome man on her side who she loves. They see every place they possibly can, only adding to the magic of their love-filled paradise.

Summing Up Our List Of Paris Songs

Paris will always be a special place for people who have seen firsthand its beauty and grandeur. And for those who haven’t, it will be a dream that represents love and romance.

Either way, let these songs above transport you to Paris. Let them show you all the places that make this city different.

We hope we have included all your favorite Paris-themed songs. The next time you feel like experiencing Paris, you can always go back to this list.

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