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Hello Music Theory was started back in 2014 and our aim is that no one will fail their music theory exam. We’re trying to accomplish this by providing awesome learning resources to make studying and teaching music theory super easy.

On this page, we’ll quickly talk you through the website, to help you find what you’re looking for and let you know what we’re working on at the moment.

Resources For Students, Parents and Teachers

Our main focus at the moment is helping people to prepare for and pass an ABRSM music theory exam. But, these resources will still be useful even if you’re not taking an exam. Here are some of the more popular resources.

Music Theory Resources Ebook

We’ve put together a free 33 page ebook with all of our favourite music theory resources, links and tips for anyone learning and studying for a music theory exam.


The Practice Papers

Taking mock tests in advance of sitting a music theory exam is crucial to preparing.

We’ve created a series of practice papers modelled on the 2018 ABRSM exams and syllabus that are available to download in PDF format so you can print them out instantly. Each pack of 5 papers is $10 and includes all the answers.


The Worksheets

Putting into practice all the things that you’re learning about in your journey through music theory again, is a key part of fully mastering the techniques and remembering all the information. We’re putting together a series of paid and free high quality PDF worksheets available to download. Find out more here.


Useful Posts

Music Theory Exam Tips – Taking an exam? Have a read of these.

Music Theory Book Recommendations – All of our favourite music theory books.

Musical Terms and Symbols – All the words and definitions you need to know for each grade.

Practice Paper Model Answers – All the answers to our practice papers are now included.

Coming Soon

We’re working hard on new resources constantly. We have a really long list of things to add to the site and are getting round to them all so bear with us!

Music Theory App Recommendations – All of our favourite music theory apps to use on the go.

Music Theory Flashcards – We’re making some free flashcards packs to help with your revision.

Exam Information – All the information you need for booking and taking ABRSM exams.

Worksheet Model Answers – All the answers to our worksheets.

Music Theory PDF Guides – Soon We’ll be releasing PDF guides teaching you everything you need to know for each grade.

Music Theory Video Courses – This is a big job but we’re planning and working on a video course teaching you everything you need to know for each grade.

Music Theory Teacher Resource Packs – As well as students and parents we’re working on resources and training for those teaching music theory.

I hope you find all the resources on the site useful. I’m working hard on adding new and quality resources. Stay up to date with the new releases each month by signing up to my mailing list below and following me on Facebook or Twitter.