21 Of The Best Worship Songs About Prayer

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For many people, prayer is a vital part of their spiritual practice and worship. Whether it’s a way to connect with a higher power, express gratitude, or seek guidance, prayer can be an influential tool for connecting with the divine.0

Music can also be a vessel in worship, helping to create a sacred atmosphere. It can also help to express the deepest emotions and thoughts of the heart.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 21 of the best worship songs about prayer, ranging from classic hymns to contemporary anthems. Enjoy reading!

1. “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” By Joseph M. Scriven

Our first song, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” was written as a poem in 1855. Joseph M. Scriven wrote it to comfort his mother who lived far away from him.

This classic hymn is a heartfelt reminder of the comfort and peace that can come from prayer. If you’re going through a tough time, pray. If you feel weak and carry a heavy burden, pray. If your friends turn their back on you, you will find comfort in prayer.

The song’s lyrics are a reflection of one’s faith in God’s love and care. The words encourage listeners to come to Jesus in prayer no matter the season.

2. “The Lord’s Prayer” By Hillsong Worship 

Up next is a worship song that is a musical setting of the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples. “The Lord’s Prayer” was released in 2018 from Hillsong Worship‘s album There Is More: Instrumental.

The song’s lyrics are a powerful reminder of how prayer can connect us to God and to each other. The song features a simple yet powerful arrangement that emphasizes the beauty and simplicity of the original prayer.

This song with “prayer” in the title invites listeners to join in prayer with Jesus’ words and to reflect on the meaning and significance of each line.

3. “Thank You Lord” By Paul Baloche

If you want to say a prayer of thanks, consider listening to “Thank You Lord” by Paul Baloche.

Too often, we ask things from God. But this song is a joyful expression of gratitude for all His blessings and goodness. The singer encourages us to say thanks even “for all the blessings that I cannot see.”

The chorus, “Thank you, Lord, I just want to thank You, Lord,” invites us to recognize God’s goodness in everyday life. This is a small thing compared to the wondrous things He has done for us.

4. “Good Good Father” By Chris Tomlin

Our next popular worship song has become a modern classic. Christian singer Chris Tomlin released “Good Good Father” in 2016 from his album The Ultimate Playlist.

The simple lyrics describe God as a compassionate father who is always there to listen and guide us. They show the many ways in which God cares for us, from providing for our needs to comforting us in times of trouble.

The assertive chorus, “You are perfect in all of Your ways,” reminds us of God’s unwavering love and grace. The song is a beautiful expression of how prayer can deepen our relationship with God.

5. “Spirit Of The Living God” By Vertical Worship

The contemporary Christian band Vertical Worship released “Spirit of the Living God” in 2015. In this song, which came from the album Church Songs, the singer asks for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and presence.

Furthermore, the song recognizes how powerful God is and what it can do to His people. When He speaks, moves, and acts, it changes people. God is the one who makes possible these changes to take place.

And so the song asks listeners to open themselves up to God’s transformative power. To surrender themselves to God’s will and ask for the Spirit to “change us” and “change everything.”

6. “Lord, I Need You” By Matt Maher

Christian music artist Matt Maher leads the prayer, “Lord, I Need You.” This worship song is a humble plea for God’s help and guidance, with lyrics that highlight our dependence on Him.

The song describes our human frailty and need for God’s grace. Without Him, we “fall apart.” And when “sin runs deep” and “temptation comes my way,” we should find God in prayer.

The song’s chorus, “Lord, I need You, oh, I need You, Every hour I need You,” is an expression of humility in front of a powerful God. It reminds worshippers that in their weakness and need, they can find strength and hope in God’s love.

7. “Pray” By Sanctus Real

We’re pretty sure that everyone has gone through difficult days. It’s when we feel as if we carry the world on our shoulders. The solution? According to Christian rock band Sanctus Real, it’s to “Pray.”

This contemporary Christian song is a call to prayer and action. It encourages listeners to turn to God in times of trouble and seek healing. Many can resonate with the song with the brokenness and pain of the world while also expressing hope and faith in God’s power to heal and restore.

The line, “You know my heart, You know my need,” encourages worshippers to see beyond their present circumstances and trust God’s love and power.

8. “Before The Throne Of God Above” By Shane And Shane

Up next is a classic hymn given new life by the contemporary Christian duo Shane and Shane. They released “Before the Throne of God Above” in 2007 for their album Pages.

The song’s lyrics are a beautiful expression of the power of prayer. When Satan tempts us, we only have “to look on Him,” the God who forgave our sins.

The song tells us that we have hope in Jesus Christ, who intervenes on our behalf. When Christ died on the cross, He purchased our souls. And now we must live our lives for Him.

9. “Our Father” By Bethel Music

This next song, by Bethel Music, is a revamp of The Lord’s Prayer. “Our Father” was released in 2012 from the album For the Sake of the World.

If you know The Lord’s Prayer, then you can easily familiarize yourself with “Our Father.” In the first verse, the singer praises God’s name and calls for His kingdom to “come quickly.”

The chorus, “Let heaven come,” reflects the cries of believers for God to come. They recognize that God rules the kingdom and possesses such power that no one can measure up to Him.

10. “Thy Will” By Hillary Scott & The Scott Family

When our hearts are broken, it’s difficult to see the good that can come out of it. Pain is what we focus on and not what God is trying to tell us. But Hillary Scott & the Scott Family reminds us in “Thy Will” to surrender all to God.

And that requires trusting God’s plan amid uncertainty and pain. This is by no means an easy thing to do. It’s difficult to see pain as part of God’s plan.

But the singer also tells us in this song with “pray” in the lyrics to stop trusting in ourselves. We must stop listening to the “noises” around us. We should remember that He is God, and we can surrender to Him all our pains. And tell Him, “Thy will be done.”

11. “Warrior” By Hannah Kerr

What Hannah Kerr‘s 2016 song, “Warrior,” tells us is that anyone can be a warrior. We fight through all the hardships we go through in life.

The song encourages us that in times of fear, “when the negative is all you hear,” hold on to your faith. Despite the hard times, there is a light that will guide us to God. We hold on to hope and be “brave enough to fight the fight.”

And as warriors, we don’t allow anything to stop us. We might fall sometimes, but let that setback make us stronger. With your “hands lifted higher,” we only need to come to God in prayer.

12. “Talking To Jesus” By Elevation Worship, Maverick City Music Ft. Brandon Lake

From the album Old Church Basement came “Talking to Jesus.” This 2021 song by Elevation Worship, Maverick City Music, and Brandon Lake has a story behind how one person ends up talking to Jesus or praying.

The song begins with the singer recounting how his grandma and mother influenced him to pray and start a relationship with Jesus. He followed them, and now he’s thankful that he did. Because from then on, praying became an important part of his life.

Later on, he has a family of his own, with a kid who was his age when he began talking to Jesus. He also encourages his son to do as he did, and that is to pray. It doesn’t have a template to follow. One just has to tell Jesus, “what’s on your heart.”

13. “Take My Life And Let It Be” By Chris Tomlin

In 1874, Frances R. Havergal wrote the classic hymn “Take My Life and Let It Be.” Christian singer-songwriter Chris Tomlin recorded the song for his 2004 album, Hymns Ancient and Modern (Live).

This hymn is a beautiful prayer about surrendering to God everything. The singer asks God to use her life, feet, and voice to share His message with others. She implores Him to use her life as a living testimony of His endless Grace and mercy.

It’s all for God’s glory and kingdom. It’s allowing God to take residence in our hearts and make it His “royal throne.”

14. “Make My Life A Prayer To You” By Keith Green

Up next, we have a song that mentions “prayer” as the singer’s earnest request from God. Singer-songwriter Keith Green released the song in 1978 from his album No Compromise.

In the lyrics, we find the singer asking God to make “my life a prayer to You.” He’s willing to follow and obey the path that God has set for him. He may not know God’s plans, but he trusts in Him.

He trusts God so much that he wants to go out to the world and tell others about Him. That He is not just a made-up entity in his life. He wants to live a life of devotion and prayer to God.

15. “Here’s My Heart” By Passion Conferences Ft. David Crowder

Prayer requires a willing heart to listen to what God has to say. The Christian organization Passion Conferences and David Crowder tell us this in the worship song “Here’s My Heart.”

In the song, the singers narrate all the ways God has moved in their lives. In God, they are found, loved, made pure, healed, and free. They found a life worth living for by having a relationship with God.

Furthermore, they bring praise to God’s name by declaring He is strong, good, and always true. He endures, and His light leads His people to an everlasting life.

16. “Give Us Clean Hands” By Charlie Hall

In 1999, contemporary worship leader Charlie Hall released his album Joel’s Window. One of the songs that stood out from this album is “Give Us Clean Hands.”

The song quickly starts with a little preparation for prayer. The singer leads the invocation, encouraging listeners to prepare their hearts and bend their knees. He asks the Spirit for humility while at the same time turning away from evil.

In the chorus, the singer invites us to cleanse our hearts first. A pure heart and a clean conscience are prerequisites before facing God. It means repenting and seeking His forgiveness.

17. “Hear Our Prayer” By Tanya Riches

Yet another worship song about prayer is Tanya Riches‘ “Hear Our Prayer.” This simple hymn is one’s love song for God.

In the lyrics, the singer falls down to her knees in God’s presence. She implores Him to hear her prayer and calls for the Spirit to come and make its presence known.

Her yearning for God makes her feel like a “deer longing for water.” Only He can satisfy the hunger in her soul. The song becomes a vessel for her to tell God that she cannot go on without His love.

18. “In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)” By Katy Nichole

In our next song, “In Jesus Name (God of Possible),” Katy Nichole prays to God and, at the same time, prays for others. She bridges between God, with whom she has established a relationship and others who need intervention.

Throughout the song, the singer prays using Jesus’ powerful name. She prays for healing for people who are hurting and sorrowful. She asks Jesus to remove the fear in their hearts and says that “a breakthrough would happen today.”

The singer also speaks of blessings being showered, knowing that Jesus keeps His promises. She asks others to claim and receive these blessings. All of these, she prays in Jesus’ name, having faith in what God can do.

19. “I Surrender All” By Judson W. Van DeVenter

Next we have “I Surrender All,” a classic hymn written by the musician Judson W. Van DeVenter and published in 1896. In the video above, the Christ Cathedral Worship Session, a contemporary church, brings to life this song.

In the lyrics, all five verses begin with the line, “All to Jesus I surrender.” It sets the tone for the rest of the song as it expresses the deep desire to surrender everything to God in prayer.

The singer also shows humility as he bows “at His Feet.” He turns away from material possessions and lays down his desires and ambitions to follow God’s plan.

20. “When We Pray” By Tauren Wells

Recording artist and songwriter Tauren Wells released “When We Pray” in 2017. The song came from his album Hills and Valleys and shows the changes that praying can bring.

The singer brings attention to the depressive state of a lot of people. We are hurting and broken, “beaten down and feeling hopeless.” But it doesn’t have to be like this.

The singer encourages the listeners to unite by praying on their knees “before the King.” When the church does so, changes start happening. For one, “strongholds start to break” and “prison walls start shaking.” That’s the power of prayer.

21. “Open The Eyes Of My Heart” By Michael W. Smith

At the end of our list is “Open the Eyes of My Heart.” The song was written by Christian music artist Paul Baloche. American musician Michael W. Smith covered the song for his 2001 album Worship.

In the song, the narrator sings a heartfelt plea for God to “open the eyes of my heart” so he could see Him and experience His greatness. It is his heart’s desire to witness God in His shining glory.

This worship song has very simple lyrics but possesses a profound message. It’s the singer’s prayer for God to make His love felt while His people sing of His holiness.

Summing Up Our List Of Prayer Worship Songs

These songs depict prayer as a powerful tool for spiritual growth and transformation. It’s the right vehicle to let God know of our gratitude and thanksgiving.

By praying, we surrender to God’s will and purpose. We can seek forgiveness and cleansing from our sins. And lastly, we can ask for guidance and direction.

Truly, prayer is a vital aspect of the Christian life. And like what the song “Talking to Jesus” says, praying doesn’t have to be difficult. Just talk to God like He is a friend.

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