13 Of The Best Worship Songs About Joy

Written by Dan Farrant

Worship songs are not just melodious tunes but prayers set to music. They capture the essence of joy in its purest form.

Discovering joy through worship songs can uplift, inspire, and bring peace to the heart. These songs, which provide spiritual insights, offer a unique pathway so we can express our gratitude for the diving being. They provide us with a reservoir from which we can tap into when we are flooded by struggles and challenges.

There are times when what we need is a reminder of the endless love and grace that envelops us. Hence, we present you with 13 of the best worship songs about joy. Read and be blessed!

1. “House Of The Lord” By Phil Wickham

From the 2021 album Hymn of Heaven comes “House of the Lord” by Phil Wickman. At its core, this song is a celebration of joy in its purest form.

The song tells us that there are many reasons to rejoice. We have a God who “opened the prison doors” and “parted the raging sea,” both of which allude to His miracles. Furthermore, He is the one who heals, saves, and makes a way for us.

The lines “There’s joy in the house of the Lord… And we won’t be quiet, We shout out Your praise” encapsulate the spirit of rejoicing in God’s presence. The song offers a sense of happiness and gratitude and encourages us to express our joy through praise.

2. “Joy Of The Lord” By Rend Collective

What “Joy of the Lord” by Rend Collective says is that we can find strength in joy, even in times of hardship and trials. The song is deeply rooted in the scripture that says, “The joy of the Lord is our strength.” What this means is that joy is a powerful force that can sustain us during dark times.

The lyrics of this worship song with “joy in the title” describe the defiant joy. It’s the kind of joy that persists even when “the tears may fall” or “in the dead of night.” These lines suggest that despite adversity, being in God’s presence can wash us with joy that uplifts our spirit.

In addition, this song emphasizes that joy is more than just a feeling. It’s our conscious decision to trust in God and find comfort in His presence.

3. “joy.” By For KING & COUNTRY

When you’re in the middle of a difficult time, you’ll appreciate “joy.” by For KING & COUNTRY. This anthem encourages people to look beyond their circumstances and find happiness in the hope and love offered by faith.

The lyrics address the reality of living in today’s world. Every day, we are surrounded by negativity, worry, and stress. Even then, the narrator makes a conscious decision to always choose joy. This tells us that joy is not merely a feeling but a decision we can make every day.

In addition, “joy.” is not just about our circumstances or emotions. Instead, it’s a spiritual state that we can choose to embrace. It suggests that even in the most difficult moments, we can find joy in God.

4. “Trading My Sorrows (Yes Lord)” By Darrell Evans

When you are filled with burdens, sorrows, and shame, the Christian musician Darrell Evans suggests a surefire way to turn things around. “Trading My Sorrows (Yes Lord)” is about surrendering these things in exchange for God’s joy.

The lyrics basically convey that we lay down our troubles, sickness, and pain and embrace the joy of the Lord. The song is based on Psalm 30:5, captured in the lyrics, “Though the sorrow may last for the night, His joy comes with the morning.”

What this says is that despite enduring hardships, there’s joy in the promise of a new day. This is a gift from God, one that is available to anyone willing to surrender their pain and sorrow to Him.

5. “I’ve Got Joy” By CeCe Winans

In CeCe Winans‘ “I’ve Got Joy,” the narrator finds joy in his relationship with Jesus. This song is a celebration of the unwavering joy that believers have despite the circumstances.

At its core, the song tells us that joy is not dependent on external conditions. It is a deep-seated experience through faith. So even when we are bombarded by challenges, a steadfast joy remains constant.

The song emphasizes that believers can experience joy because they are children of heaven. It’s the kind of joy that runs through one’s soul and follows them everywhere they go.

6. “Joy Of The Lord” By Maverick City Music And Naomi Raine

Another worship song with “joy” in the lyrics is a collaboration between Maverick City Music and Naomi Raine. “Joy of the Lord” also features Katie Torwalt, Mav City Gospel Choir, and Dante Bowe.

This song explores the concept of joy as a spiritual resource and strength. It’s a divine gift that a believer can “pull” from “heaven’s reserve” no matter the circumstances.

The song further describes joy as the strength of believers, reinforcing the teaching found in Nehemiah 8:10: “The joy of the Lord is your strength.”

7. “Joy To The World (Unspeakable Joy) By Chris Tomlin

When Christmas comes around, we often hear various Christmas carols, one of which is “Joy to the World.” Chris Tomlin‘s “Joy to the World (Unspeakable Joy)” is a reinterpretation of Psalm 98.

The song is about the indescribable joy that comes with the birth of Jesus Christ and is often celebrated during Christmas. It features added lyrics that amplify the theme of joy.

“Unspeakable joy” refers to a joy so profound that it defies description. The song says that this joy is like an overflowing well that can’t be contained. In addition, the song highlights the personal nature of this joy, suggesting that it comes from welcoming Jesus into one’s life.

8. “Your Love Defends Me” By Matt Maher

In “Your Love Defends Me,” Matt Maher explores the joy found in the love and protection of God. The song is inspired by Psalm 91, which embodies the comfort and joy of God’s unwavering love.

The opening lines of the song go, “You are my joy, You are my song, You are the well, the One I’m drawing from.” This sets the tone for the rest of the song, where the narrator draws from God the joy, inspiration, and sustenance in his life.

This further suggests that God’s love not only defends. It also nourishes and replenishes, bringing joy even in the darkest moments.

9. “Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble” By Hillsong Worship

In 2004, Hillsong Worship released “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble.” This song is about the joy experienced in the presence of God’s transformative power.

At its core, the song illustrates the impact of collective worship and the joy it brings. The lines “Did you feel the mountains tremble? Did you hear the oceans roar?” metaphorically describe the earth-shattering power of united worship. It suggests the immense joy and awe inspired by God’s presence.

In addition, the song delves into spiritual revival, suggesting that joy can come from personal and collective spiritual awakening.

10. “Joy” By Rend Collective

In our next song, “Joy,” Rend Collective celebrates the joy found in the love and strength of God. It revolves around the theme of choosing joy and seeing God as the source of happiness.

The song’s opening lines, “We’re choosing celebration, Breaking into freedom,” speak to the deliberate choice to embrace joy and freedom in God’s presence. And it is God who is the reason to celebrate.

The song also highlights that the joy of the Lord is a source of strength in difficult times. He’s the “joy lighting my soul” and “making me whole.” The song encourages us to seek God even when we are at our weakest.

11. “Exceeding Joy” By Hillsong Worship

Another Hillsong Worship song on our list is “Exceeding Joy.” Released in 2003, this song encapsulates the overwhelming joy found in the love, mercy, and grace of Jesus Christ.

The song begins with the lines, “I have found exceeding joy, Jesus answered when I called this Name that has saved me, pure love that embraced me.” These signify the joy that comes from experiencing Jesus’ love and salvation.

This joy is “exceeding” because it goes beyond ordinary happiness or satisfaction. It’s an all-encompassing joy that stems from spiritual fulfillment.

12. “Joy Of The Lord (Spontaneous)” By Bethel Music

The American worship movement Bethel Music sings about joy as a divine gift in “Joy of the Lord (Spontaneous).” This gift can transform sorrow into happiness and provide strength in challenging times.

The lines “You turn my mourning into joy, my mourning into joy, You break depression, You turn my mourning into joy” prove that sentiment. These speak to the transformative power of God’s joy.

This song that mentions “joy” suggests that it springs forth like a well, turning our sorrows into happiness. What it tells us is that the joy of the Lord can break the chains of depression, offering healing and hope.

13. “Hymn Of Joy” By Chris Tomlin

For our final song, we have “Hymn of Joy” by contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter Chris Tomlin. He sings about the joy found in the love and grace of God. Tomlin invites his listeners to experience this joy with a sense of reverence.

With lines like “Joyful, joyful, we adore thee, God of glory, Lord of love,” the song depicts joy as something that takes root within the heart. It suggests that experiencing God’s love brings about an inner transformation. This leads to a heart filled with joy.

In addition, the song presents imagery of God’s creation, singing in joy and worship. This implies that the joy of the Lord is not just a human experience but is echoed throughout all of creation.

Summing Up Our List Of Joyful Worship Songs

Whether we are on cloud nine or down in the dumps, it helps to listen to songs that can uplift our spirit. As our list has shown you, these worship songs can help you find immense joy by being in God’s presence.

We hope that through this list, you have songs you can listen to when you feel down and need something to remind you of the joy that comes from God. This is the kind of joy that will not let you down. Because the joy of the Lord, as some of the says above say, can be your strength.

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