15 Of The Best Worship Songs About Faith

Written by Dan Farrant

Worship music, a profound expression of faith and devotion, serves as a conduit for individuals to connect with the divine. These songs offer solace, inspiration, and a sense of unity to those who partake in them.

Faith in worship music is more than just an abstract concept. It’s a palpable force that breathes life into the lyrics and melodies, stirring the hearts of the listeners.

These songs are not just expressions of belief but also declarations of steadfast trust, even amidst trials and tribulations. In this article, we will explore 15 of the best worship songs about faith. Let’s get started!

1. “Faith” By Hillsong Church

Let’s start this list with a song by Hillsong Church, a renowned Australian Christian music praise and worship group. “Faith” was released as part of their 1994 album People Just Like Us.

The song was written by Reuben Morgan, a key member of the Hillsong team. It beautifully encapsulates the essence of faith and strength in God. In particular, the repeated line “Faith, the mountains will be moved” is a reflection of unwavering belief.

“Faith” has made a significant impact on its target audience, serving as an anthem for those seeking musical expressions of their faith. It not only uplifts but also challenges listeners to reflect on their faith and their relationship with God.

2. “You Say” By Lauren Daigle


Up next is “You Say” by Lauren Daigle. The song is the lead single from her third studio album, Look Up Child. It beautifully encapsulates the essence of faith and self-worth through the lens of divine love.

“You Say” offers a deeply personal exploration of faith and identity. The lines “You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing / You say I am strong when I think I am weak” reflect a sense of trust in God’s affirmations despite feelings of inadequacy and doubt.

Despite these doubts, the narrator sings, “And I believe… / What You say of me, I believe.” This encapsulates the core of the song: choosing to believe and have faith in God’s truth about us, even when we struggle to believe in ourselves.

3. “Graves Into Gardens” By Elevation Worship Ft. Brandon Lake

From Elevation Worship’s album of the same name comes “Graves into Gardens.” This powerful song features Christian music singer-songwriter Brandon Lake. It became both the group’s and singer’s first #1 single on the US Hot Christian Songs chart.

The song is a testament to God’s power to bring about transformation and renewal. The title itself is a metaphor for how He can turn situations of death and despair (represented by graves) into places of life and abundance (represented by gardens).

Some of the most powerful lines in the song are “You turn graves into gardens / You turn bones into armies… / You’re the only one who can.” These lyrics illustrate God’s ability to bring about miraculous change, reaffirming the listener’s faith in divine intervention.

4. “Walk By Faith” By Jeremy Camp

Contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter Jeremy Camp is an artist whose music has consistently resonated with listeners. His style, deeply rooted in rock and pop, is marked by heartfelt lyrics and a vocal delivery that exudes sincerity. “Walk By Faith” is no exception to this.

The song is a declaration of unwavering faith, even in times of uncertainty. The narrator questions, “Would I believe You when You say Your hand will guide my every way?” and his affirmative reply is a testament to his faith, “even when [he] cannot see.”

Released in 2002, “Walk By Faith” stands as a powerful proof of the human capacity for faith and resilience. This makes the song a valuable addition to any contemporary Christian music collection.

5. “Can Anybody Hear Me” By Meredith Andrews

Some people believe only what they can see. Faith requires believing without seeing. And Meredith Andrews‘s song “Can Anybody Hear Me” perfectly paints this.

Released in 2010 from the album As Long as It Takes, the song is a poignant exploration of faith, doubt, and the human longing for connection with the divine. In it, the narrator feels lost, unseen, and unheard. She begs for the Lord to hear her because she’s “barely hanging on.”

Despite these feelings, she acknowledges that she “just need[s] the faith to see” and knows that nothing can come between her and God’s love.

6. “Cornerstone” By Hillsong Worship

The praise and worship collective Hillsong Worship has no shortage of songs about faith. “Cornerstone,” released in 2012 from the Forever Reigh album, beautifully blends spiritual themes with emotive melodies.

The opening lines, “My hope is built on nothing less / than Jesus’ blood and righteousness,” set the tone for the entire song. These lines express a profound faith in Jesus Christ, highlighting Him as the sole foundation of hope and trust.

The term “cornerstone” is a biblical metaphor for Jesus, which describes Him as the cornerstone of the church. By using this metaphor, the song underscores the belief in Christ as the essential foundation of Christian faith.

7. “I Believe” By Bethel Music

Led by Jonathan and Melissa Helser of Bethel Music, “I Believe” is a powerful expression of faith. It’s also a resonant declaration of what the artists hold to be true in their spiritual journey. This track captures the essence of worship, articulating who God is and humanity’s relationship with Him.

The lyrics of the song are a reminder of the power of the Gospel and the hope that it brings. They speak to the potency of Jesus’ sacrifice and the liberation it offers from the consequences of sin.

Overall, “I Believe” reinforces the core tenets of the Christian faith. It underlines the belief in Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection as a path to salvation.

8. “Faithful Now” By Vertical Worship

Next is a song with “faith” in the lyrics. “Faithful Now” by Vertical Worship is a deeply moving worship song that provides an affirmation of God’s unwavering faithfulness. It is a declaration of trust in God’s promises and His consistent nature.

The song mentions faith in the lines “I am holding on to faith / Cause I know you’ll make a way.” These words set the tone for the entire song, expressing a strong belief in God’s ability to provide guidance and direction.

The bridge of the song, “I will speak to my fear / I will preach to my doubt,” further underlines the theme of faith. It speaks to the power of proclaiming faith even in the face of fear or doubt, reinforcing the idea that faith can overcome obstacles.

9. “There’s Nothing That Our God Can’t Do” By Passion Conferences Ft. Kristian Stanfill

When you have a strong faith in the Lord, you will resonate with the message behind Passion Conference‘s song “There’s Nothing That Our God Can’t Do.” Featuring Kristian Stanfill, it is a testament to the belief that there are no limits to what God can achieve and the miracles He can perform.

Its lyrics revolve around God’s limitless power and His ability to transform circumstances. The lines “There’s nothing that our God can’t do / There’s not a mountain that He can’t move” are a bold declaration of faith.

The song also emphasizes God’s ability to overcome any obstacle, no matter how insurmountable it may seem to humans. It also encourages listeners to praise God, who always provides a way out of difficult situations.

10. “Give Me Faith” By Elevation Worship

If you want a deeper connection with God, our next song with “faith” in the title might be for you. “Give Me Faith” by Elevation Worship portrays the struggles of faith and the yearning for a more profound spiritual experience.

The song is a heartfelt plea for divine intervention and a deeper connection with God. In it, the narrator acknowledges his weakness and seeks for God to “give [him] faith” because he knows the Lord will never fail him.

“Give Me Faith” is a song that speaks to the heart of every believer. It’s a reminder of their dependence on God’s strength and the transformational power of His love.

11. “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” By One Sonic Society Ft. Mike Weaver

Featuring the singer-songwriter Mike Weaver, One Sonic Society’s “Great is Thy Faithfulness” is a beautiful rendition of the classic hymn. It is a testament to the enduring faithfulness of God, making it a resounding declaration of faith and trust in His consistent love and mercy.

The lyrics are an expression of gratitude toward God’s unchanging nature and His steadfast fidelity. The line “Beginning to end, my life in Your hands” is a powerful affirmation of God’s sovereignty over our lives.

Through it all, the song reinforces the belief that God holds our lives in His hands from beginning to end, and His faithfulness guides us every step of the way. It serves as a reminder of the strength and comfort that come from believing in Him.

12. “Promises” By Maverick City Music

Like the previous track, Maverick City Music‘s “Promises” is a profound worship song. It speaks about God’s unwavering faithfulness and the unchanging nature of His promises.

At its core, the song talks about relying on God’s promises, especially during challenging times. Phrases like “Your faithfulness endures always” and “Great is your faithfulness to me” emphasize the belief that He is constant, irrespective of circumstances.

With its gentle melody and rhythm, “Promises” creates an atmosphere of worship. It allows listeners to connect with God on a deeper level. Its compelling message has resonated with audiences worldwide, making it a popular choice for worship sessions.

13. “You Never Let Go” By Matt Redman

Faith entails believing in what God can do. “You Never Let Go” by Matt Redman perfectly encapsulates this. In this 2006 track, the narrator speaks about the enduring presence of God in our lives, regardless of the trials he faced.

Lines like “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death / Your perfect love is casting out fear” underscore the theme of the song. The narrator, despite being in the darkest spot, shows his faith that God will “never let go” and keep him safe.

Overall, “You Never Let Go” provides comfort and assurance to believers worldwide, reminding them of God’s unwavering love and faithfulness.

14. “Great Things” By Phil Wickham

From his album Living Hope, released in 2018, Phil Wickham talks of “Great Things.” It is a celebration of the greatness of God and His deeds that inspires faith in believers.

The lyrics are filled with praise and worship, inviting listeners to acknowledge and rejoice in the wonderful things God has done. The line “Our God has done great things” speaks loudly of belief and faith in Him.

And with its lively and joyous melody, “Great Things” is the perfect song of faith for Christian gatherings and worship services. It is a testament to the greatness of God, who provides comfort and assurance and a reason for believers to have faith in Him.

15. “This Is A Move” By Tasha Cobbs Leonard

American urban contemporary gospel musician and songwriter Tasha Cobbs Leonard has created a powerful gospel song in “This Is a Move.” Released in 2019, it is a song of faith in several meaningful ways.

Though the word “faith” is not mentioned explicitly, the lyrics are themselves an expression of faith. The words declare belief in God’s power to perform miracles and change lives.

By singing, “We are here for You, come and do what You do,” the narrator is expressing faith in God’s ability to move in powerful and transformative ways.

Overall, “This Is a Move” is a call to action for believers to open their hearts and minds to the presence and power of God. It encourages listeners to believe in the possibility of miracles and divine intervention in their lives.

Summing Up Our List Of Faith Worship Songs

Songs of faith have played an integral role in the spiritual journey of many believers. They serve as a vehicle for expressing reverence, sharing testimonies, and inspiring faith in others.

Music has a way of touching our souls and connecting us to the divine in a profoundly personal way. We hope that these songs have not only entertained you but also provided comfort, reassurance, and a deeper understanding of faith.

As we continue to celebrate the power of faith through music, we invite you to share your recommendations so we can add them here for you!

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