25 Of The Best Songs With The Name Sarah In The Title

Written by Dan Farrant

What’s in a name? You’ll find out there are many songs containing names in the title. That is pretty common as artists are inspired by their girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, friends, or even children.

Sarah is a common name around the world, so it’s not surprising to find quite a number of songs with this name in the title. These songs encompass a broad range of genres, each offering a unique take on this melodious name.

For today, we’ve come up with 25 of the best songs with the name Sarah in the title. Whether it’s Sarah or Sara, you’ll find some of the best tracks dedicated to this name. What are we waiting for? Let’s begin!

1. “One Thousand Sarahs” By Eddie From Ohio

What better way to start this list than with a song with “Sarah” in the title? The American folk band Eddie from Ohio released “One Thousand Sarahs” in 2001 from their album Quick.

Lyrics-wise, the song offers a multifaceted portrayal of a person named Sarah. The narrator describes her as only three feet tall but packs a powerful personality. The lyrics suggest that the community admires and envies her. The boys find her attractive, while the girls appreciate her style.

Essentially, “One Thousand Sarahs” contributes to the many representations of the name Sarah in songs. It paints a picture of a character who is unique and commands attention.

2. “What Sarah Said” By Death Cab For Cutie

A song with a sad meaning is up next. Death Cab for Cutie‘s “What Sarah Said” delves into themes of mortality, loss, and love.

In this song, Sarah is a character who brings depth to a narrative. She is the acquaintance of the lead singer, Ben Gibbard. Her words to him, “Love is watching someone die,” form the crux of the message.

The song is set in a hospital where the narrator is faced with the imminent loss of a loved one, Sarah. He realizes that what she said is true: loving someone means witnessing their inevitable end. Sarah’s words are a reflection of the fleeting nature of life.

3. “Creeping Out Sara” By NOFX

The hilarious song “Creeping Out Sara” by NOFX is about an awkward encounter between lead singer Fat Mike and Sara Quin, one half of the indie rock/pop duo Tegan and Sara.

The lyrics, from Fat Mike’s perspective, chronicle his conversation with Sara. He admits to saying things that might have creeped her out. The song shows his attempts at humor and his observations of her reactions.

Essentially, “Creeping Out Sara” specifically refers to Sara Quin and is a playful recollection of their interaction. It caused a bit of controversy and even prompted a response from the duo.

4. “Me And Sarah Jane” By Genesis

In “Me and Sarah Jane,” the English rock band Genesis explores themes of loneliness, longing, and imagination. Here, Sarah Jane is not a real person.

The lyrics find the narrator experiencing intense solitude. To deal with the loneliness, he invents a relationship with an imaginary woman named Sarah Jane. Their relationship is intimate and special to him, as addressed in the line, “Me and Sarah Jane, / we had a special thing going.”

However, things worsen for the narrator when he descends into insanity. With his made-up girlfriend, he runs into the sea and drowns.

5. “Zak And Sara” By Ben Folds

Released in 2001, “Zak and Sara” by Ben Folds is about individuality, loneliness, and the desire for connection. The track was released as part of the album Rockin’ the Suburbs.

The lyrics find “Zak without a ‘c'” and “Sara spelled without an ‘h'” at a guitar shop. They are represented as ordinary individuals, but it’s not clear whether they are in love or even friends. Sara is bored sitting on an amp while watching Zak try out guitars.

In the narrative, Sara is described as having the ability to see visions of the future. In fact, she even talks to the salesman about his eventual death. In relation to the name Sarah, the song uses her character to reflect on important themes.

6. “Halls Of Sarah” By Neko Case

In “Halls of Sarah,” Neko Case uses the name symbolically to represent women and their experiences throughout history. According to Case, she chose the name because “it is a name people like to sing … It’s a very melodic-sounding name.”

In the song, Sarah isn’t a specific person but an archetype. She stands for all women who have been objectified and commodified. The song depicts her as a “childless widow of a nation.” This suggests that she bears the burdens of society. However, she is also expected to bring about renewal (“springtime”).

The song also mentions that “men build their industries around you.” This indicates the notion that women are used and exploited. Hence, Sarah symbolizes the struggles that women face in society.

7. “Oh Sarah” By Sturgill Simpson

In our list of songs with “Sarah” in the lyrics, Sturgill Simpson‘s “Oh Sarah” is a unique addition. Here, the singer uses the name to symbolize the struggles and complexities of love.

In the lyrics, Sarah is the narrator’s partner, with whom he has a hard time expressing his feelings. He finds it difficult to live up to his commitments. It pains him to not be able to fully express his feelings to her.

In some ways, the song serves as both a love song and an apology. It reflects the narrator’s sadness over his inability to allow Sarah in emotionally.

8. “Sara” By Starship

In our next song, “Sara” by Starship, the focus is on a real person. The song is based on the tumultuous relationship between Mickey Thomas, one of the lead vocalists, and his then-wife Sara.

The lyrics reflect the complexities of love and the longing for a relationship that has already ended. The words are filled with melancholy and regret. They capture the emotional turmoil that often comes from a painful breakup.

The song uses the character of Sara to symbolize lost love and the pain that comes when a significant relationship ends. It becomes a reflection of the personal experiences of the artist.

9. “Sara” By Fleetwood Mac

Written by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, “Sara” is a deeply personal song reflecting her life experiences. There had been at least three explanations for the use of the name.

“Sara” reflects on the romantic relationship between Nicks and Mick Fleetwood. It is believed that the song referred to an affair with a woman named Sara, which ended the relationship.

In addition, “Sara” marks the tumultuous times the band was going through when it was written. The lyrics capture the emotional turmoil and complex dynamics within Fleetwood Mac at the time.

10. “Sara” By Bob Dylan

Another tribute to a real-living person is Bob Dylan‘s “Sara.” The titular character refers to his then-wife, Sara. The song chronicles their shared history, including their children and eventual estrangement.

The song is filled with intense emotion as Dylan expresses his joy of their time together and the pain of their separation. He pleads for her return, revealing his deep longing for her.

In this context, the song uses the name to symbolize lost love and a past relationship that is significant to the songwriter. Sara becomes a representation of the complex emotions associated with it.

11. “Sara Swan Sleepy Head” By Jewel

Up next, we have a song that mentions “Sara” to form a whimsical narrative. “Sara Swan Sleepy Head” by Jewel is about Sara, who is torn between dreamland and real life.

When her mother wakes her up, Sara lets her know that her dreams are better than her mundane daily life. She wants to dream more, where she goes on adventures with pirates.

Near the end of the song, Sara has a change of heart. The pirate tells her, “You best get out of bed, Sara swan sleepyhead.” This line is a reminder for Sara to face her fears and embrace everything that life has to offer.

12. “Sarah” By Thin Lizzy

There comes a time when a certain person changes our whole life. For Thin Lizzy‘s frontman Phil Lynott, it’s his newborn daughter. “Sarah” was released in 1979 and included in their album Black Rose: A Rock Legend.

Penned by Lynott and guitarist Gary Moore, the lyrics express a father’s admiration and love for his daughter. The line “When you came in my life you changed my world” forms the crux of the song’s message.

In this context, the name Sarah becomes a symbol of love and a profound personal connection. This tribute to a daughter expresses the unbreakable bond between a father and his child.

13. “Sarah Smiles” By Panic! At The Disco

In Panic! At The Disco‘s “Sarah Smiles,” frontman Brendon Urie pays tribute to his real-life girlfriend and now wife, Sarah Orzechowski. He penned the song to impress her when they first met.

The lyrics show how Sarah has had a significant impact on Urie’s life. They describe her beauty and allure and how she captivated him from the very first moment. The song captures the emotions Urie felt toward her, including his admiration for her.

The lines “Sarah smiles like Sarah doesn’t care … / Does she know that my destiny lies with her?” reflect his belief that their destinies are tied together. He expresses how he is ready to commit and connect on a deeper level.

14. “From Sarah With Love” By Sarah Connor

Moving on, we have Sarah Connor‘s “From Sarah with Love.” This deeply emotional song is about friendship and unrequited love, with “Sarah” referring to the artist herself.

The lyrics narrate a long-standing relationship between two people. It starts as a friendship, with the guy falling for her first. The narrator feels that she cannot reciprocate “the passion and love [he was] feeling.” But when she realizes her feelings for her friend, he has already found someone else.

And now that he’s away, she keeps hoping that they’ll see each other again. In the meantime, she’ll send him letters to let him know how she feels toward him.

15. “Sara Smile” By Hall & Oates

Pop rock duo Hall & Oates pay tribute to Sara Allen, Daryl Hall’s longtime girlfriend, in “Sara Smile.” They were together for 28 years before parting ways. Nevertheless, Sara had a significant role in Hall’s life.

The romantic ballad expresses the narrator’s unwavering love and support for his beloved. The lyrics express how Sara finds comfort in their relationship, even through the most difficult times. He urges her to smile for him and, in return, promises to hold her when she feels weak.

In essence, “Sara Smile” depicts the deep connection and affection that Hall felt for Sara. She becomes a symbol of enduring and devotion.

16. “You Don’t Know Sarah” By KNAPSACKHEROS!

Up next is “You Don’t Know Sarah” by KNAPSACKHEROS! The narrative surrounds a woman named Sarah, whom everyone seems to misunderstand. That’s because between her personality and life, there’s more than meets the eye.

The lyrics portray Sarah as someone who “can’t leave well enough alone.” Still, people enjoy her company. For the narrator, she is intriguing, adding to the sense of mystery surrounding her character.

That’s why, in the chorus, the narrator says, “You don’t know Sarah.” This suggests that she is a multifaceted person who defies easy understanding.

17. “Sarah Lee” By Foghat

The blues-rock song “Sarah Lee” by Foghat was released in 1972 from their self-titled debut album. Here, the name refers to a woman who has deeply affected the narrator.

This is a common theme in blues and rock music, where a woman’s name is used to represent love or heartbreak. In the song, the name Sarah represents these emotions, making her the central character in the narrative.

The lyrics revolve around a man’s sadness over how his relationship with Sarah Lee changes. It reflects the fact that people and situations change over time. What could be good at the beginning could turn into something heartbreaking in the end.

18. “Sarah Maria” By James Taylor

First released in 1975, “Sarah Maria” by James Taylor is a good addition to our list. The lyrics express the narrator’s deep affection for a woman named Sarah Maria.

The song is a heartfelt declaration of love. The lines “And all that I can see / is my sweet Maria’s eyes / Sarah, Sarah Maria” suggest that she is a very important person in his life. Her presence is overwhelming in a positive way.

The repeated invocation of her name throughout the song is proof of his feelings for her. For him, she is the embodiment of deep love, affection, and admiration.

19. “Sara’s Mask” By CKY

In “Sara’s Mask,” CKY tells a story about a girl named Sara. Apparently, she has facial deformities, symbolizing her struggles and hardships.

This is directly addressed in the line, “And is it your face / that’s got you down?” The title suggests she conceals her true self or pain behind this mask.

All in all, “Sara’s Mask” uses this name as a symbol of her resilience and the ability to cope with challenges. In the context of the song, “Sara” stands for a significant person in the narrator’s life, embodying a sense of understanding and compassion.

20. “Death Of Sarah Lucas” By Luke Haines

The 2001 song “Death of Sarah Lucas” refers to the English artist Sarah Lucas, who is very much alive as of this writing. English musician and songwriter Luke Haines released the song on his album The Oliver Twist Manifesto.

Lyrics-wise, the song uses her death as a symbolic event. It could represent the end of a certain era or style in art that she embodies.

In the song, the name Sarah represents the artist herself. She became known for her confrontational and thought-provoking works. The lyrics depict her controversial persona and her impact on the art world.

21. “Sarah” By Eskimo Joe

The second single from Eskimo Joe‘s album Black Fingernails, Red Wine is “Sarah.” Released in 2006, it reached #2 on the Australian Singles Chart. It also garnered a nomination at the ARIA Music Awards in 2007.

Lyrics-wise, the song revolves around a shy character named Sarah. The narrator has been waiting for her in a garden by the flowers, likely trying to connect with her. The song suggests that Sarah is an elusive figure whom the narrator tries to understand.

In the context of the song, Sarah becomes a symbol of longing and mystery. She appears to be a significant person in the narrator’s life who exudes intrigue and a quiet beauty.

22. “Sarah Yellin’” By 3 Doors Down

American rock band 3 Doors Down created a narrative about a girl named Sarah in “Sarah Yellin’.” The story is that she has suffered sleepless nights and emotional pain from someone who should have protected her.

Sarah has suffered abuse at the hands of her own father. The line “that man took my soul away” suggests that she may have experienced sexual abuse as well. It comes to a point that she can no longer put up with it and shoots him dead.

The title “Sarah Yellin'” indicates that Sarah is finally speaking out. It metaphorically represents her cry for help and courage in breaking her silence.

23. “Sarah” By Mojave 3

The dreamy track “Sarah” by Mojave 3 is our next song. It’s about the ups and downs of the narrator’s relationship with a girl named Sarah.

The lyrics express longing and lament the complexity of the relationship. The lines “Sarah I can’t see / Your hair has grown too long / Been away for such a long time / Just can’t find the words” suggest the physical and emotional distance between the couple.

“Sarah” perfectly captures the complexities of a romantic relationship and the pain it brings. It serves as a reminder to listeners of their own past relationships and the memories they leave behind.

24. “The Eyes Of Sarahjane” By The Jayhawks

Released in 2003, “The Eyes of Sarahjane” by The Jayhawks delves into feelings of nostalgia and yearning. This story of love and longing is from the perspective of someone reflecting on a past relationship.

The lyrics describe the narrator’s memories spent with Sarahjane at the Warwick Hotel. When he looks at her, it reminds him of the sweet memories. However, his reminiscing is filled with a sense of melancholy.

In the context of the song, the name Sarah becomes an emblem of nostalgic love and lost time. Though their relationship has ended, it’s clear that they have shared experiences that still haunt him from time to time.

25. “Sarah Sarah” By Jonathan Butler

Finally, we’re at the end of our list with “Sarah Sarah” by Jonathan Butler. The song depicts the narrator being reminded of his past upon seeing a woman named Sarah.

It’s clear that the narrator still has lingering feelings for his ex. Memories of their past come flooding his mind upon seeing her again. And at the back of his mind, he still wishes that they could be together, as expressed in the lines, “There was a sparkle in her eyes / Was it for me?”

The title and the repeated use of “Sarah” underscore the depth of his feelings for her. He regrets losing her and admits that things could have worked out between them.

Summing Up Our List Of Songs About The Name Sarah

Sarah or Sara may be a very ordinary and common name. But the experiences that songwriters have about this name are what makes it special.

Our list showed us that Sarah serves as a symbol of emotional connections and memories. It represents different aspects of relationships, from nostalgia and sorrow to admiration and longing.

That’s it for now. We are pretty sure there are still a lot of songs out there with this name in the title. If you have some song recommendations, then we’d love to hear from you.

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