25 Of The Best Songs That Start With The Letter T

Written by Dan Farrant

You’ll find out today that songs beginning with “T” are varied. From one genre to another, these tracks have made a significant impact in the world of music.

Many of these songs continue to be enjoyed for their lyricism and unforgettable melodies. Some have become anthems. Others found their way into different playlists.

Today, we are bringing you 25 of the best songs that start with the letter “T.” No matter what your musical preference is, there’s likely a “T” song for you on this list. Let’s continue!

1. “Thriller” By Michael Jackson

Let’s start our list with one of the most iconic songs from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. “Thriller” was released in 1983 from his album of the same name.

This disco-funk song is about the thrill and excitement of horror. The spooky lyrics tell a story of a nightmarish creature coming out to haunt and dance in the night.

The song’s music video is unforgettable. It became a cultural phenomenon, featuring the now-famous graveyard dance. It also became the first music video to be inducted into the National Film Registry in 2009. The success of the song propelled Thriller to become the best-selling album in history.

2. “Take A Bow” By Rihanna

Another notable song beginning with the letter “T” is “Take a Bow” by Rihanna. This song appears on her album Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded.

The song follows a woman who has had enough of her unfaithful partner’s excuses. He is such a pro when it comes to “put[ting] on a show” and lying that she believed he had good intentions for a while. The title is the narrator’s sarcastic approach to her ex’s deceitful performance.

This narrative and Rihanna’s emotional delivery make this song a standout on this list. It resonates strongly with people who have experienced betrayal in a relationship.

3. “Take Me Home, Country Roads” By John Denver

Up next, we have the country song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by singer-songwriter John Denver. Released in 1971, it reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles and became one of the state songs of West Virginia.

Lyrically, it’s about longing for home and peace. The song describes the countryside, with its beautiful landscapes and winding roads. For the narrator, it’s “almost heaven.”

Throughout the years, many covers of the song have been made. Denver’s recording was inducted into the National Recording Registry in 2023.

4. “Twist And Shout” By The Beatles

Get the groove going with The Beatles‘ “Twist and Shout,” from their Please Please Me album. Their rendition was the only cover song in their discography with a million sales. It only reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 because their follow-up single, “Can’t Buy Me Love,” dominated the top spot.

“Twist and Shout” features simple and straightforward lyrics. It encourages listeners to let loose, have fun, and celebrate!

John Lennon provided the vocals, though he was initially embarrassed at his performance. Nevertheless, “Twist and Shout” became strongly associated with the band and became one of their most iconic songs.

5. “Teenage Dirtbag” By Wheatus

The American rock band Wheatus was the brainchild behind the single “Teenage Dirtbag.” Released in 2000, it became the second best-selling single of the year.

“Teenage Dirtbag” follows the story of a teenager who feels like a “dirtbag” due to his inability to fit in. The memorable chorus, “‘Cause I’m just a teenage dirtbag, baby,” is an act of defiance. It shows him owning his outsider status. It’s his way of saying he is okay with who he is.

In essence, the song captures the angst and alienation that most teenagers go through in their formative years. It also reflects the experience of being an outsider and a nobody, which many people can resonate with.

6. “Teach Me How To Dougie” By Cali Swag District

The dance rap “Teach Me How to Dougie” was a success for the hip-hop group Cali Swag District. It was their debut single from their debut studio album The Kickback.

The “Dougie” refers to a hip-hop dance that originated in Dallas, Texas, by rapper Lil’ Wil in his song “My Dougie.” “Teach Me How to Dougie” contains instructions on how to do the dance, which involves shoulder leans and elbow twists.

Thanks to the single, the Dougie dance became popular in mainstream culture. It became viral, with even celebrities and athletes doing the Dougie in public events.

7. “Teardrops On My Guitar” By Taylor Swift

From Taylor Swift‘s 2006 self-titled album comes “Teardrops on My Guitar.” This acoustic guitar-driven ballad reached #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #2 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

This song is about unrequited love, inspired by Swift’s experience of having a crush on a boy named Drew. Unfortunately, Drew is oblivious to her feelings. This causes her emotional pain that she expresses through the metaphor of teardrops on her guitar.

The lyrics capture one’s agony of loving someone who doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. This makes “Teardrops on My Guitar” a compelling addition to songs beginning with the letter “T.”

8. “Tattoo” By Jordin Sparks

The lead single from Jordin Sparks‘ self-titled debut album is “Tattoo.” It explores themes of love, loss, and moving on.

The lyrics follow a woman who can’t let go of the memories of her past relationship. She struggles with moving on but acknowledges that he left a permanent mark on her heart just like a tattoo.

Despite the somber tone, the song features an element of hope and resilience. The narrator always comes back to love even though it causes her pain at times. It reflects her strength and her belief in the transformative power of love.

9. “Tell Him” By Céline Dion And Barbra Streisand

Two powerhouses in the world of music, Céline Dion and Barbra Streisand, came together for the 1997 single “Tell Him.” The track delves into the complexities and vulnerabilities of expressing love.

The lyrics are a conversation between two women. The younger woman expresses her fear of confessing to the man she loves. The older one, on the other hand, tells her to open up her emotions and “tell him.”

The duet lends a powerful dynamic to the song. Dion and Streisand bring their unique vocal prowess and emotional depth to the narrative.

10. “Terrified” By Katharine McPhee Ft. Zachary Levi

From Katharine McPhee‘s Unbroken album comes “Terrified.” This duet with Zachary Levi is a standout addition to our list.

“Terrified” explores love’s vulnerabilities and fears. It weaves the story of two individuals who cautiously navigate their feelings. They are terrified but still drawn to the possibility of falling in love.

In the lyrics, the narrator expresses the challenges of opening herself up to love, as there are the risks of heartbreak and disappointment. She is on the brink of something potentially wonderful, but she is held back by the fear of getting hurt.

11. “T-Shirt” By Shontelle

Up next is the 2008 single “T-Shirt” from Barbadian singer Shontelle. This track stands out for its portrayal of love and longing.

Listeners can easily relate to the scenario of missing someone tremendously. And in their absence, we find comfort in their belongings such as a T-shirt. Just like the narrator who finds solace in the familiar scent of a T-shirt left behind by her lover.

“T-Shirt” resonates on a deeper level for its honest depiction of coping with the absence of a loved one. It captures a moment of vulnerability that many people have been in.

12. “Thank God I Found You” By Mariah Carey Ft. Joe And 98 Degrees

Singer-songwriter Mariah Carey sings her way to our list with “Thank God I Found You.” Released in 1999, this track is a collaboration with R&B singer Joe and the boy band 98 Degrees.

The lyrics express the narrator’s gratitude for finding not just the love of her life but a soulmate. Nothing can contain the overwhelming joy and relief of such a discovery.

At its core, “Thank God I Found You” conveys feelings of thankfulness for having found true love. It portrays how finding the right person can bring fulfillment and happiness.

13. “Two Steps Behind” By Def Leppard

The English rock band Def Leppard came to popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, but many of their songs have transcended time and remained popular. One of them is “Two Steps Behind,” a distinctive addition to our list.

The lyrics portray a selfless kind of love where the narrator expresses his willingness to support his loved one unconditionally. That is, even if it means being in the shadows and “two steps behind” her.

The song conveys a message of steadfastness and resilience. It highlights the importance of being there for someone no matter what. This testifies to the strength and persistence of unconditional love.

14. “Tomboy” By Destiny Rogers

In 2019, the world was introduced to singer Destiny Rogers with the release of her debut single “Tomboy.” This track celebrates individuality and challenges traditional gender norms.

The song conveys an empowering message of breaking free from societal expectations. Specifically, Rogers defies stereotypical female roles in society. She expresses this sentiment in the line “I’m a girl’s girl, I’m a boss in a man’s world.”

Through these lines, she shows she is comfortable in her skin no matter what people think of her. This message resonates with listeners who appreciate themes of self-expression and personal identity.

15. “Thinking ‘Bout You” By Dua Lipa

To further add to the diversity of our list, we have “Thinking ‘Bout You” by English-Albanian singer Dua Lipa. It’s an acoustic R&B ballad released in 2017 from her debut studio album.

The lyrics find the narrator doing her best to forget an ex but failing miserably. Despite working harder and “drinking stronger,” she couldn’t fight the onslaught of memories. And now she “can’t stop thinking ’bout [him].”

At its core, the song offers a glimpse into the emotional turmoil one experiences following a breakup. Dua Lipa’s raw delivery and the sparse instrumentation amplify the sense of solitude and introspection.

16. “That Don’t Impress Me Much” By Shania Twain

Our next song is from the Canadian singer Shania Twain. “That Don’t Impress Me Much” was released in 1998 from her album Come On Over.

The song is a humorous but pointed commentary on the superficial qualities that some people prioritize in romantic pursuits. The narrator shares her experiences of meeting potential suitors who are more into showing off their impressive qualities than establishing a genuine connection.

Her response is the cheeky “That don’t impress me much.” It’s a refreshing take on the dating scene, emphasizing the importance of substance over style in a way that’s empowering.

17. “Toxic” By Britney Spears

In a musical treasure chest of “T”-titled songs, Britney Spears‘s “Toxic” stands out. It was released in 2004 from her In the Zone album.

In the lyrics, the narrator talks about being drawn to someone in an intense way that it feels toxic. She recognizes that falling for him is dangerous, yet the attraction is too strong to resist. And instead of staying away from him, she seems to feed more on the attraction.

“Toxic” is a remarkable song that captures the kind of love that’s both exhilarating and dangerous. It reminds us that sometimes, the most intoxicating connections are the ones that push us to the edge.

18. “Thinking Out Loud” By Ed Sheeran

Moving on, we have a distinctive addition to our list of letter “T”-titled songs. Ed Sheeran‘s “Thinking Out Loud” came out in 2014 from his album x (Multiply).

In the lyrics, the narrator talks about the kind of love that flourishes as the years go by. He expresses his deep feelings for his special someone as he envisions a future where their love remains strong.

Upon its release, “Thinking Out Loud” became a success. It reached #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the Canadian Hot 100. It also won a Grammy Award for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance.

19. “Through The Fire” By Chaka Khan

Another classic you’ll find on this list is Chaka Khan‘s “Through the Fire.” It may be almost four decades old, but it remains a timeless piece in songs beginning with the letter “T.”

Listening to this song evokes profound emotions. The narrator portrays love’s power to endure and flourish despite hardships. In other words, she is willing to go “through the fire, to the limit, to the wall” just so she can be with her loved one.

In essence, “Through the Fire” is all about love’s resilience and bravery. It resonates with listeners who understand the risks and rewards of opening their hearts to another person.

20. “Thank You” By Dido

From the late 1990s, we have “Thank You” by English singer-songwriter Dido. It features a narrative where a person finds comfort and happiness in the presence of a loved one despite difficulties.

In the song, Dido articulates how a loved one can be a beacon of hope and comfort on your worst days. Just the thought of them makes a huge difference. That’s why she can say, “And I want to thank you / for giving me the best day of my life.”

In the realm of “T”-titled songs, “Thank You” occupies a unique space. It evokes a warm feeling of love and appreciation for finding sanctuary in someone.

21. “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree” By Tony Orlando And Dawn

Released in the early 1970s, “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” by Tony Orlando and Dawn deserves a special spot on our list. Already a classic, this track is ranked 37th biggest song of all time by Billboard in 2008.

The song tells a story that transcends time and genre. It’s about a man returning home from prison after several years. Wanting to find out whether his lover still wants him, he decides to ask for a sign.

And that is for her to tie a yellow ribbon around the oak tree in the town square. Imagine his surprise to find not just one but a hundred yellow ribbons. The yellow ribbon becomes a powerful symbol of forgiveness, hope, and acceptance.

22. “Time After Time” By Cyndi Lauper

The mid-1980s witnessed the release of Cyndi Lauper‘s single “Time After Time.” From her album She’s So Unusual, this track is a defining piece of the 1980s music scene and is an enduring classic in the world of pop.

The heartfelt lyrics depict a love that remains steadfast “time after time.” It offers comfort and companionship even in times of doubt or loneliness. It conveys a message of being there for someone through thick and thin.

In essence, “Time After Time” delves into themes of love, trust, and unwavering support. It’s a beloved anthem of enduring affection, which resonates with many listeners.

23. “TiK ToK” By Ke$ha

In a diverse landscape of songs beginning with “T,” Ke$ha‘s “TiK ToK” is proof of pop music’s ability to capture a mood, a moment, or an era. This vibrant and energetic track is an anthem of carefree life and youthful abandon.

“TiK ToK” captures the essence of living in the moment and partying as if there’s no tomorrow. It’s a celebration of the joy of letting go and having fun. It tells listeners not to allow anything to bring them down.

At its core, Kesha’s song depicts an unapologetic zest for life. She’s not ashamed to take advantage of enjoying every single moment.

24. “Take A Chance On Me” By ABBA

Up next is a standout track from the Swedish pop group ABBA. “Take a Chance on Me” was released in 1978 from their album ABBA: The Album.

The song conveys a message of vulnerability and hope in the face of potential rejection. The narrator asks to be given a chance at love, embodied in the popular line “Take a chance on me.”

The idea of putting yourself out there despite the risk of heartbreak strongly resonates with listeners. More than 40 years later, this message still rings true, adding to the song’s timeless appeal.

25. “Titanium” By David Guetta Ft. Sia

Last but not least is the 2011 single “Titanium,” a collaboration between David Guetta and Sia. The song is a standout track from Guetta’s album Nothing but the Beat.

The lyrics depict an anthem of resilience and inner strength. The narrator overcomes adversity, coming out strong in the face of trials. She compares herself to titanium in that nothing can bring her down.

“Titanium” was an immense success for both Guetta and Sia. It topped the chart in the UK and reached top 10 positions in many other countries. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified it double Platinum.

Summing Up Our List Of Letter T-Starting Songs

In wrapping up, we have shown you a diverse list of songs whose titles begin with the letter “T.” From pop to rock, these songs invite listeners into varied experiences.

And as always, our list is far from comprehensive. But thanks to you, we can make this list even better! So if you think we’ve missed some songs, let us know so we can add them to the list. Until the next time!

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