25 Of The Best Songs That Start With The Letter F

Written by Dan Farrant

Welcome to the fascinating world of music where the letter “F” takes center stage. From timeless classics to contemporary hits, these songs showcase the diversity and creativity in the music realm.

Whether you’re into rock, hip-hop, or folk, there’s something for you. Let the melodies guide you in this vast world of music, where every note has a story to tell.

Join us on this musical adventure through 25 of the best songs that start with “F.” So if you’re ready to tap your feet, sing along, and perhaps discover a new favorite song, read on!

1. “Firework” By Katy Perry

Let’s start the list with Katy Perry’s “Firework.” It was released as a single from her 2010 album, Teenage Dream.

The song talks about breaking free from self-doubt and celebrating individuality: “’Cause baby, you’re a firework / Come on, show ’em what you’re worth.”

The upbeat and empowering melody adds to the feel-good vibe of the song, making it a reminder to let your personality sparkle just like fireworks in the night sky.

“Firework” became super popular and made its way onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart, ranking first, adding to the singer’s long list of smash hits.

2. “Fix You” By Coldplay

Our next song is from the iconic band Coldplay. “Fix You,” released in September 2005, offers a soothing blend of music and lyrics, touching the hearts of many.

Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin penned the song to help his then-wife Gwyneth Paltrow get through the grief after losing her father.

Martin also described the song as “probably the most important song we’ve ever written.” The lyrics convey a message of empathy and reassurance, offering comfort in times of struggle.

The song may not have topped the charts, but it connected to the hearts of many. Its comforting words and calming melody have helped people feel better during tough times.

3. “Faded” By Alan Walker

Get ready to sing along with our next song, “Faded” by Alan Walker. This was released in 2015, and since then, it has become one of the most popular songs with over 3 billion views on YouTube.

“Faded” is about feeling sad and nostalgic. It talks about memories and emotions losing their brightness, like colors fading away. It reflects on the passage of time and the bittersweet feeling of things changing.

The song conquered the charts in several European countries. It won the 2016 Spellemannprisen (Norwegian Grammys) Song of the Year and also received Best Norwegian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

4. “Fireflies” By Owl City

Let’s move on to our next song, “Fireflies” by Owl City. It was released on July 14, 2009, from their second album, Ocean Eyes. A huge hit on the Billboard Hot 100, the song was the band’s first chart-topper.

The group’s frontman, Adam Young, got the idea for the song during a camping trip to a quiet lake in northern Minnesota. Watching a meteor shower there made him think of shooting stars like fireflies.

The enduring popularity of “Fireflies” is a testament to its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia and capture the enchantment found in the ordinary wonders of life.

5. “Faint” By Linkin Park

Get ready to rock and roll with our next song, “Faint” by Linkin Park, released in 2003. This electrifying anthem, part of the epic album Meteora, is a rollercoaster of intensity that’ll have you hooked from the first beat.

At its core, “Faint” is about the band dealing with frustration and all the internal and external hurdles they faced. The chorus, “I won’t be ignored / Time won’t heal this damage anymore / Don’t turn your back on me,” speaks about deep feelings of desperation and neglect.

With its intense vibes, killer vocals, and a rock-rap combo that hits hard, it’s no wonder this song is a fan favorite. It will make you rock to the beat, making it a must-listen for anyone into awesome music. 

6. “Flowers” By Miley Cyrus

Prepare to feel a garden of emotions as we move on to our next song, Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers,” from her 8th studio album, Endless Summer Vacation (2023).

As soon as it was released, the song became almost everyone’s favorite song and a massive hit due to its relatable lyrics. The lines “I can buy myself flowers / write my name in the sand / talk to myself for hours” express an ex-lover’s acceptance of being independent after no longer needing anyone else to feel complete.

In 2023, “Flowers” became the best-selling global single. According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), it earned over 2.5 billion subscription streams globally. It is currently Cyrus’s most successful song.

7. “Fifteen” By Taylor Swift

Let’s now dive into the teenage whirlwind of Taylor Swift’s “Fifteen,” released on August 31, 2009, as the fourth single from her album Fearless.

The song talks about teenagers experiencing high school for the first time. It captures their innocence, dreams, and the importance of love when everything feels impossible and uncertain. It reminisces the journey into adulthood, experiencing love and thinking you met the one. 

As Swift takes us on this journey through the song, we can’t help but smile, thinking about our younger selves. It serves as our time capsule that makes us remember what we were growing up.

8. “Fergalicious” By Fergie

In 2006, Fergie, an American singer, songwriter, and rapper, released the song “Fergalicious” from her debut studio album, The Dutchess. The song features playful and sassy lyrics that celebrate the singer’s glamorous lifestyle and self-confidence.

If you are looking for an anthem of self-love, then you found the right song. This track portrays a woman who knows her worth and is confident about who she is.

“Fergalicious” became a cultural phenomenon, with its catchy hooks and memorable lyrics making it a go-to anthem for those seeking a boost of confidence and a good time.

The song was a commercial success in the United States after it peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was soon certified 4x Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

9. “Feather” By Sabrina Carpenters

Up next is Sabrina Carpenter’s “Feather,” which was released in August 2023. Two months later, the singer released a horror-inspired music video for the song, which also became a trending topic.

“Feather” delves into the emotional journey of letting go of a toxic relationship, embodying the liberating sensation of becoming lighter after cutting ties with negative influences in one’s life.

Its disco-influenced pop sound serves as a backdrop to Carpenter’s narrative of personal growth and self-emancipation, resonating with listeners who have faced similar experiences of overcoming adversities within relationships.

As a recent release, “Feather” is still gaining attraction. It already has over 30 million views on YouTube and counting!

10. “Foolish” By Ashanti

In 2002, the American singer Ashanti released an R&B song titled “Foolish,” which served as her debut single from her self-titled album. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts, as well as the UK Hip Hop/R&B chart.

“Foolish” tells the story of a woman trapped in an emotionally draining and unfaithful relationship, but no matter how frustrating it is, she keeps coming back to that same love.

It is a story of heartbreak and regret as the protagonist realizes the foolishness of staying in a love that is not reciprocated and respected.

Ashanti captured the hearts of the listeners and the people who saw themselves in the song, as it shows that love is really powerful, but it also brings you pain.

11. “Fighter” By Christina Aguilera

Get ready to tap your feet and sing along to our next “F”-starting song, “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera, who received praise from music critics for her powerful vocals and empowering lyrics. The song was released as the third single from the album Stripped in March 2003.

Aguilera mentioned that growing up in a very chaotic and abusive home where she no longer feels safe, she started writing and found her therapy through it.

In the song, she reflects on overcoming challenges and becoming stronger after difficult experiences, both in relationships and personal growth.

So whether you need a boost of confidence or just want a song to belt out to, “Fighter” is there to remind you that you can overcome anything and come out on top.

12. “Fantasy” By Mariah Carey

Next is a masterpiece from Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy,” which was released on September 1995 by Columbia Records as the lead single from her album Daydream. The song became a global success and topped many charts all over the world.

“Fantasy” spreads a message about the euphoric and dreamlike experience of being in love. It conveys a sense of joy, liberation, and excitement that comes with a romantic relationship.

The song expresses the idea that love can create a fantasy-like world where everything feels magical and gives a beautiful experience.

“Fantasy” continues to be one of those feel-good songs everyone runs to for parties and celebratory events due to its infectious energy and, of course, Carey’s radiant vocals.

13. “For The First Time” By The Script

From their album Science & Faith, the Irish pop-rock band The Script released the song “For the First Time” in 2010, which became an anthem to people who experienced being lost but found their way back.

Their music video, which has garnered over 40 million views on YouTube, tells the tale of a couple facing hard times in their relationship. Despite the challenges, they take a moment to think about what went wrong and how their love evolved into its current state.

In the end, they rediscover their connection. It’s a portrayal of the kind of relationship difficulties many people experience, capturing a piece of real life that viewers can connect with.

14. “Fight Song” By Rachel Platten

Since its release in 2015, Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” has become one of the go-to tracks for people facing obstacles and self-doubt in their lives.

Platten said she spent nearly a decade trying to make a successful music career. When she wrote “Fight Song,” she was going through a hard time, and she needed hope and a reminder to always believe in herself.

The chorus, “This is my fight song, take back my life song,” gives us the message of conquering adversity and reclaiming control amidst challenges to secure a victorious conclusion.

15. “Forever After All” By Luke Combs

Our next song is from the country singer Luke Combs. “Forever After All” is part of the singer’s 2019 album, What You See Is What You Get. The track climbed to #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Combs dedicated the song to his wife, Nicole Hocking. He told Billboard that without his wife, “Forever After All” wouldn’t happen. The song was about the next chapter of their story, and it will always mean a lot to them, as it was the first song he wrote in their home.

“Forever After All” has become a timeless anthem for couples and is often used for weddings and romantic celebrations. Combs’ heartfelt delivery, combined with the sweet tune and heartwarming lyrics, is a reminder that we can find everlasting love after all.

16. “Follow You” By Imagine Dragons

The American band Imagine Dragons released “Follow You” in 2021 as one of the singles from their fifth studio album. The song received positive reviews and achieved commercial success, reaching high positions on music charts.

The band’s frontman, Dan Reynolds, revealed the story behind the song. He and his wife, Aja Wolkman, were about to get a divorce. He wrote the song after they patched things up and got back together.

The song teaches us that true love is not just about the good times but also about being there for each other during life’s storms. “Follow You” reminds us of the importance of being present for each other and nurturing unconditional love.

17. “Fly Me To The Moon” By Frank Sinatra

Get yourself a dance partner as we move on to “Fly Me to the Moon,” originally titled “In Other Words.” First recorded by Kaye Ballard in 1954, Frank Sinatra made the song even more popular in 1964.

“Fly Me to the Moon” played a huge part in NASA’s Apollo program, as it was one of the songs played when former astronaut Buzz Aldrin played it on a portable cassette player just before landing on the moon. 

Frank Sinatra’s version holds a special place in everyone’s heart because of his smooth and iconic rendition. Not only that, but the dreamy and romantic lyrics make the song a perfect anthem for couples on any romantic occasion.

18. “Flashlight” By Jessie J

From the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack, we have “Flashlight” by Jessie J. The song was co-written by Sia, Sam Smith, Christian Guzman, and Jason Moore.

“Flashlight” is a powerful and uplifting song that highlights the importance of support and being the source of strength to someone you care about. Jessie J’s strong, emotive vocals and the song’s motivational lyrics contributed to the track’s popularity.

The chorus of “Flashlight, “I got all I needed when I got you and I look around me and see a sweet life / I’m stuck in the dark but you’re my flashlight,” conveys the message of how even the dark times, we can still find light in someone and vice versa.

19. “4 Minutes” By Madonna Ft. Justin Timberlake And Timbaland

Let’s groove with the infectious vibes of “4 Minutes” by the Queen of Pop, Madonna, featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. The song was released in 2008 as the lead single of Madonna’s 11th studio album, Hard Candy.

“4 Minutes” can be interpreted differently, but for most people, the song is about urgency and making the most of your time. It emphasizes that time is running out and we have to act quickly.

The repetition of the phrase “Time is waiting, / we only got four minutes to save the world” instills a feeling of immediacy and a need to take prompt action.

The song also reminds us to let go and live the moment amidst life’s hustle, and the dance floor offers a sanctuary where we can find liberty in the beat.

20. “Fairytale” By Alexander Rybak

Our next “F”-starting song is “Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak, who wrote and performed the song during the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 and won. “Fairytale” was also included in the singer’s debut album, Fairytales.

The song speaks about being optimistic in love. Everyone yearns to find their soulmate and love like in fairytales, but it’s not easy getting there. Thus, this song is our reminder that despite the failures and setbacks, it will still lead us to our happily ever after.

“Fairytale” achieved commercial triumph and topped the charts in several European countries. Since then, Rybak has become a well-known figure in the music industry.

21. “Friday I’m In Love” By The Cure

English rock band The Cure released “Friday I’m in Love” in 1992. It’s the second single from their ninth studio album, Wish, and became one of the group’s well-known and commercially successful tracks.

The song plays with the idea that being in love can make even the most ordinary routines in life feel special. It is a feel-good anthem that celebrates the power of love, capturing the giddy feeling of looking forward to something, like a weekend with the person you adore.

The repetition of the line “It’s Friday, I’m in love” suggests that love has the power to elevate one’s spirit and make specific moments, like Fridays, feel special and significant.

22. “Fly” By Nicki Minaj Ft. Rihanna

Next is an anthem of resilience and rising above challenges, “Fly” by Nicki Minaj, which features the one and only Rihanna. It was released in 2011 as the final single from Minaj’s debut album, Pink Friday.

The lyrics “I am not fly, I am levitation, / I represent an entire generation” are sung by Minaj. This encapsulates a message of confidence, uniqueness, and cultural impact, reflecting that she is not just an artist but a symbol and inspiration to empower her generation.

“Fly” did not just peak in the charts of the United States but also of other countries. It also earned a Platinum certification from the Australian Recording Industry Association (RIAA).

23. “From This Moment On” By Shania Twain Ft. Bryan White

In 1997, the country-pop star Shania Twain gave us one of the greatest anthems of love, titled “From This Moment On.” The song was released as a single from Twain’s Come On Over album and achieved commercial acclaim.

The lyrics express the emotions and promises exchanged by two people as they declare their everlasting love and commitment to one another.

As this song continues to be one of the best soundtracks to weddings and whispered vows, it stands as a poignant reminder that love has the incredible ability to weave its tune and create a melody lasting a lifetime.

24. “Friends Will Be Friends” By Queen

Released as part of Queen’s 1996 album, A Kind of Magic, “Friends Will Be Friends” proves that the band can resonate deeply with their listeners.

Written by Freddie Mercury and John Deacon, the song speaks about the importance of friendship, camaraderie, and loyalty. The line “Friends will be friends, right ’til the end” captures the idea that true friends will remain steadfast and supportive until the very end of life’s journey.

Queen, with their musical prowess, has crafted a universal ode to loyalty and unwavering support. Over the years, “Friends Will Be Friends” has become a powerful reminder of the strength found in true companionship.

25. “Favorite Girl” By Justin Bieber

Our last “F”-starting song is from the pop superstar Justin Bieber. “Favorite Girl” was released as a part of his debut extended play My World, which came out in 2009.

The song conveys a message about romantic relationships during adolescence. This captures the naivety and innocence of young love, making it relatable to many experiencing early romance.

Though the song didn’t secure a position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it still found notable success in Bieber’s home country, Canada, and made a mark on the Canadian Hot 100.

Summing Up Our List Of F-Starting Songs

So that wraps up our exploration of songs with titles starting with the letter “F.” From love ballads to anthems of friendship, the F-list has brought us a mix of emotions and melodies.

But, hey, we’re sure there are more fantastic “F”-titled songs out there. If you’ve got any favorites we might have missed, feel free to share! After all, music is a journey, and there’s always room for more tunes on the playlist.

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