10 Of The Best Songs About Vermont: Green Mountain State Playlist

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When you think of Vermont, what comes to mind? Quiet country roads, sprawling mountain ranges, and pristine lakes?

Whether you’re visiting the state for the first time or a local, Vermont has an undeniable raw beauty. It’s no wonder that the state’s natural graces would inspire a few songs.

In this post, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best songs about Vermont, and any listener can find something to enjoy in this multi-genre collection. So read on to discover a catchy tune to add to your playlist.

1. “Moonlight In Vermont” by Frank Sinatra 

First, a well-known song, “Moonlight In Vermont,” written by Karl Suessdorf, is a soft, melodic tune about finding love in the state. But, we love Frank Sinatra’s version as his silky voice takes you through the sycamore trees and along the white ski slopes.

As with many songs about the state, it centers on its famed natural beauty and snow-covered sights.

Sinatra’s version has become a common feature in Vermont weddings. Despite his association with the song, he wasn’t the original singer of it. Rather, it was first performed by the country singer Margaret Whitling.

What’s more, “Moonlight In Vermont” has countless covers, from Willie Nelson to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. 

2. “Green Mountain State” by Trevor Hall

Another song where the connection to the state is in the title, “Green Mountain State” by Trevor Hall, which was released in 2014.

If you were unaware, Vermont is known as the Green Mountain State, and the lyrics to this song speak of its serene natural beauty, quietness and the sheer amount of leaves!

The soothing instrumentals of this song encourage the listener to find a way and appreciate the lakes, leaves, and fields of Vermont and it’s a great addition to this list.

3. “Vermont Girl” by Joan of Arc

Next up is a slow rock melody with haunting vocals, “Vermont Girl” by Joan of Arc. The song was released in 2018 on the band’s 1984 album.

This heartfelt song describes a girl growing up in Vermont’s countryside and going through her coming-of-age. It’s a relatable, raw melody, as many rock classics are.

If you’re a fan of indie, emo, or 90s-style rock, it’s worth listening to appreciate this unique perspective on a girl’s memory of Vermont.

4. “The Vermont Song” by The Breakfast

Next, “The Vermont Song” by The Breakfast is a funky, upbeat psychedelic rock tune. The Breakfast released this song in 1999 on their album Psychedelic Breakfast

With themes centering around the beauty of Vermont’s nature, peace, and love, it’s got a classic rock feel with a more modern quality.

In particular, The Breakfast makes references to snow-capped mountains, one of the most famous features of the East Coast state.

For anyone missing Vermont, the lyrics of autumn leaves, snow-capped mountains, and clean streams will surely bring you back to the state.

5. “Vermont” by Dead Winter Carpenters

Continuing, “Vermont” by Dead Winter Carpenters is yet another song that makes its reference to Vermont in the title.

If you haven’t heard of them before, Dead Winter Carpenters are a mix of bluegrass and folk-rock, and they’ve been rising in popularity since their formation in 2010.

This classy rock ballad features a string instrument accompaniment giving it that folksy heart. The lyrics again call out to Vermont’s hallmark features of autumn colors and chill air that helps ground the singer. Taking time to appreciate the state’s extraordinary beauty can sometimes be all that’s needed.

An overall upbeat tune, this song is a great reminder to enjoy the everyday wonders, no matter where you are.

6. “Carolina” by Ferdinand The Bull

Here’s another folksy song titled “Carolina” by Ferdinand the Bull. This indie-folk band began in Pennsylvania, and their 2018 album broke into a few radio charts.

You might be fooled into thinking this song is about north or south Carolina, but the lyrics center around a relationship that seems to be dealing with complications under the Vermont moon. It’s a surprisingly catchy song with heartfelt lyrics.

Ferdinand the Bull delivers one of the most distinctive songs about Vermont and offers a poignant juxtaposition of Vermont’s serenity with the tumult of a relationship facing challenges. 

7. “Just Give Me Moonlight In Vermont” by Amy Allison

This next song references the first song on this list. Amy Allison’s modern 2000s single “Just Give Me Moonlight in Vermont” is a longing melody for the romantic moonlight found in Frank Sinatra’s “Moonlight In Vermont” classic.

Allison brings a classic, jazzy feel to the song as she wishes to experience the type of romance that could be found under the Vermont moon. It’s no wonder that she can nail the feeling of old jazz so well, as she’s the daughter of the famous jazz pianist Mose Allison.

If you like the classics but want to feel it from a more modern perspective, this is an interesting twist on one of the most enduring songs about Vermont.

8. “These Green Mountains” by Diane Martin and Rita Buglass Gluck

Following that, here is “These Green Mountains” which is the official state song of Vermont. It was arranged by Diane Martin and composed by Rita Buglass Gluck.

This song has a soothing melody that reinforces its moving lyrics celebrating the incredible natural beauty of the state. Although a relatively short composition, it speaks adoringly of Vermont’s green mountains and its picturesque silver waters. 

Of course, its central theme is the state’s green mountains. These majestic landmarks are a core part of Vermont’s identity, featuring on the state flag and state seal.

It replaced “Hail to Vermont” in 2000, which was a more jaunty tune but had a somewhat similar focus on the state’s natural beauty. 

9. “Parking Lots and Mountain Tops” by James Kochalka Superstar

Up next, “Parking Lots and Mountain Tops” is an oddly energetic pop-rock song that declares James Kochalka Superstar’s love for Vermont’s natural and more mundane beauties.

The catchy tune has a funny and surreal vibe as he declares his love for his home state. This type of song is just what you might expect from a man better known for his bizarre comics, as James Kochalka Superstar has held Vermont’s cartoonist laureate.

It’s a short song, but its burst of energy and quirkiness does not hide its affinity for Vermont.

10. “The Vermont Waltz” by Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen

Finally, a classical duet, “The Vermont Waltz” by Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen, is a song with plenty of heart. It paints beautiful pictures of the sights typical of Vermont while wishing warmly for the comforts of the state.

As with most songs on this list, “The Vermont Waltz” features lyrics that celebrate its majestic landmarks. Yet, as the soft lyrics reference meadows and mountains, it also highlights some of the state’s iconic landmarks, like Smuggler’s Notch and Quechee Gorge.

This song is soft and speaks lovingly of Vermont as the only place they need in the world. Its warm vocals pair perfectly together with comforting instrumentals and evoke the classy feel of the state’s rich history.

Summing Up Our List Of Vermont Songs 

Songs about Vermont have plenty of feeling. They praise natural beauty and have plenty of love for the state. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or feeling homesick, these songs can bring comfort to the ear.

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