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Music loves to dive deep into the truths about past loves and mistakes. At the same time, some songs deal with the here and now.

Today, we’re going to talk about songs that attempt to glimpse into the future. Isn’t it exciting? After all, part of the excitement comes from the fact that we don’t know what tomorrow brings.

Songs about tomorrow can express hope, excitement, dread, or every emotion under the sun. So let’s see what our compilation of 10 of the best songs about tomorrow says. Have fun reading!

1. “Tomorrow” By Chris Young

In Chris Young’s song, “Tomorrow,” we see the sadness the future can hold when we know the decisions we need to make somewhere down the line. This country song is a devastating goodbye between two lovers who know they can’t make it work.

The idea of tomorrow is the deadline, so they use today to spend it like the following day won’t arrive. Both lovers know it will end, but that doesn’t stop them from loving one another.

While in this song tomorrow is viewed as something they dread and prolonging the inevitable could be considered unhealthy, it shows it’s okay to take time to process, breathe, and say goodbye.

2. “Tomorrow” By Silverchair

In our next song with “tomorrow” in the title, Silverchair explores hypocrisy and hard truths. “Tomorrow” is about taking things for granted, specifically when rich people don’t appreciate all they have.

In a way, the song shows that people with all the money can easily say that “money isn’t everything.” Ironically, they’re the ones swimming in it. Can they live without it?

The song references tomorrow because rich people procrastinate in facing their reality. It also points out that they can do that because they have the means.

3. “Tomorrow Comes Today” By Gorillaz

Our next song, “Tomorrow Comes Today,” explores the connections between today and tomorrow and how little separates them. Here, Gorillaz dives into how days and truths can blur.

There are many interpretations of this song. One that stands out is the ability of the singer to use tomorrow as a scapegoat for today. He wants tomorrow to happen now, thus sort of erasing today.

Another thing that the song tells us is that it’s easy to get lost in the world. Instead of dealing with issues today, we push them off because excuses are easy.

4. “If Tomorrow Never Comes” By Garth Brooks

Have you ever wondered what would happen if we didn’t wake up to see tomorrow? That’s the concept behind Garth Brooks‘ “If Tomorrow Never Comes.”

In the lyrics, the singer looks at his sleeping lover and makes some retrospection. We can tell how much he loves her, to the point of wondering what would happen if he never wakes up to see another day with her. It pains him to think if she’ll doubt how much he loved her.

In this emotional song, he poses the question, “Did I try in every way to show her every day, That she’s my only one?” It comes with regret, remembering the people who passed away without knowing he loved them.

5. “Tomorrow” By John Legend And Florian Picasso Ft. Nas

Up next, we have another song with “tomorrow” in the lyrics. John Legend collaborates with Nas and Florian Picasso in “Tomorrow,” which tells us to let go of all things we don’t need.

The song works on the premise of not dreading tomorrow. But before the turn of a new day, changes must be made today. The singer vows to eliminate all the extra baggage he doesn’t need to take.

This song serves as a celebration of the boundless potential that each new day brings. That’s an invitation to seize the opportunities available in the present moment.

6. “Tomorrow’s Deam” By Black Sabbath

Up next is a song that mentions “tomorrow” to signify a change of scene. Black Sabbath‘s “Tomorrow’s Dream” is about moving on from heartache or, more specifically, the relationship that caused it.

In the song, the singer views tomorrow as the time to finally leave his lover and make his dreams happen. The relationship might be toxic for both of them, prompting him to say, “I’m much better without you.”

And so he’s leaving all his sorrows and pain behind to face a new tomorrow. Still, he implores her to send him love and hope for his departure.

7. “Tomorrow” By Avril Lavigne

Both the melody and the lyrics to Avril Lavigne‘s “Tomorrow” show us that someone is losing hope. Somehow, the song explores how life rarely works out despite everyone saying it will.

The singer is unsure of tomorrow, not believing when the other person tells her it will be okay. Her doubt comes from the times he told her one thing, but it didn’t happen the way he said it would.

All her doubts make her dread facing tomorrow. But there’s a thin thread of hope, with her saying, “Maybe tomorrow.”

8. “Funeral” By Phoebe Bridgers

The next song on our list, “Funeral,” isn’t centered entirely around the idea of tomorrow. However, Phoebe Bridgers opens the song by mentioning she will be singing at a funeral the next day.

She uses the reference as an example of how her life feels horrible. Although the funeral is the following day, it doesn’t matter because she’s “so blue all the time.”

This song dives into what depression feels like. Sometimes it’s as though it will never go away, and things will never get better. Tomorrow doesn’t seem to matter, nor the present or past.

9. “Tomorrow” By MIKA

Here we have a fun, upbeat song about two people toeing the line of being in a forbidden relationship. MIKA‘s “Tomorrow” perfectly captures how it feels to be with someone you love, even if the “consequences won’t be easy.”

The singer’s lover recognizes that what they do is reckless. They both know that it will lead to regret later on. But he doesn’t care about what will happen tomorrow. The here and now is what matters.

And so they’re going to enjoy every single second of their togetherness. As long as he is with his lover, tomorrow can worry about itself.

10. “Tomorrow’s Dust” By Tame Impala

Finally, we’re at the end of our list with Tame Impala‘s “Tomorrow’s Dust.” The song revolves around the premise that living in the past wouldn’t do us good.

The song opens with various metaphors that finally lead to that premise. Several verses later, the singer addresses a person and realizes that the past indeed affects the current state of their relationship.

The line that stands out from the song goes, “And in the air of today is tomorrow’s dust.” It refers to the idea that tomorrow is already with us. In other words, what we do today directly impacts how tomorrow plays out.

Summing Up Our List Of Tomorrow Songs

Tomorrow is a powerful creative force in music, evoking many emotions. It is a symbolic and physical representation of what the future brings – positive or negative.

Using the concept of tomorrow in the list above is highly effective, don’t you think? Through them, songwriters and singers communicate their innermost thoughts and feelings with us.

The songs above are only a few of many about tomorrow. We hope you learned more about yourself through them and see what your thoughts and feelings toward tomorrow say about you.

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