21 Of The Best Songs About The Weekend Of All Time

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Everyone would agree that the best thing about the week is the weekend. We enjoy our work or love going to school, but it’s a different mood when the weekend comes around.

Songwriters use the weekend as inspiration for songs about having a good time and relaxation. At the same time, songs are an avenue to show that the weekend isn’t as fun as it should be for some people.

It’s all about perspective, which is why there are so many songs about the weekend that cover a wide range of emotions. So here are 21 of the best songs about the weekend. Enjoy reading!

1. “Lonely Weekend” By Kacey Musgraves

We are starting the list with a Kacey Musgraves song about the sadness a weekend spent alone can instill in us. “Lonely Weekend” is about loneliness and how powerful an emotion it can be.

The lyrics find the singer spending the weekend on her own. All throughout the week, she and her lover didn’t have a chance to hang out. And now that Friday comes around, he’s going out of town again.

While she is afraid of missing out on all the fun, she knows it’s what she needs. She’s a big girl who recognizes that it’s fine to be alone sometimes.

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2. “Kings Of The Weekend” By Blink-182

On a more exciting note, we have “Kings of the Weekend” from Blink-182. It’s all about claiming the weekend as your time to let loose and not worry about anything else. It’s the type of song you listen to at a party, which is fun and fitting.

Notably, the band’s singer and guitarist Tom DeLonge revealed in an interview that he wrote simpler lyrics to their songs. This is mainly so they could keep up with the fast pace of the punk rock genre.

This works particularly well here as that’s what the weekend is all about: not overthinking things and just having fun. Moreover, one might argue the weekend goes by just as fast as punk rock plays. The lyrics mention how Monday is the end of the fun, so until then, they’re ruling the weekend.

3. “Weekend” By Kane Brown

Another song that mentions “weekend” in the title is Kane Brown’s “Weekend.” Spending time with his friends at a lake house inspired Kane Brown to write this song.

Brown mentions some of their summer activities in the lyrics. However, the song leans more on the romantic side and describes his perfect weekend. For him, it starts when he gets off work, buys some cheap beer and wine, and meets up with his love.

The two can spend their weekend dancing, skinny dipping, and having fun long into the night. Even if they’re just staying in bed sleeping, as long as he’s with his girl, the weekend is being spent right.

4. “The Weekend” By SZA

In our next song, SZA shares her perspective on polyamory in “The Weekend.” The song came out in 2017 from her album Ctrl.

The lyrics tell us that she is fully aware that the man she sees on the weekends is also seeing two other women during the weekdays. However, she doesn’t mind that nor take insult from it.

She doesn’t view him as her boyfriend and doesn’t consider his relationship with those women serious as well. In her mind, they’re just being wild and enjoying life.

As long as he shows up over the weekend, she doesn’t mind other women having him during the rest of the week. She does hint in the lyrics, however, that she wants more than just two days with her man.

5. “Here Comes The Weekend” By Roxette

We are going back to the lonely side of the weekend with our next song with “weekend” in the lyrics. Roxette may be declaring “Here Comes the Weekend,” but she’s far from being happy.

In the lyrics, the singer sees the weekend as a miserable reminder that time is passing. She is in love with someone, and every weekend he doesn’t show up is another week of feeling hopeless.

Every weekend spent alone only makes her feel worse. Saturdays and Sundays feel the same. It hurts more knowing that her man is not around at a time when she needs him the most.

6. “Hymn For The Weekend” By Coldplay

The lyrics in Coldplay’s song “Hymn for the Weekend” don’t directly reference Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. According to frontman Chris Martin, the song is about a person who is like an angel in his life.

In the lyrics, the singer pays tribute to this person, seeing her as an “angel sent from up above.” He says that she is there for him “when I was down, when I was hurt.” She is the one who helps him in times when he is helpless.

The song is able to capture that euphoric feeling when you have someone you love and who loves you just as much. It feels like being “drunk and high.”

7. “Weekend Wars” By MGMT

Next on our list is “Weekend Wars” by MGMT. This indie rock band released the song in 2007 as part of their Oracular Spectacular album.

“Weekend Wars” has different interpretations according to how you look at it. But one way to interpret the lyrics is through the eyes of someone who’s fighting boredom and the mundane life most of us live.

According to the song, weekdays are repetitive. Weekends are the only break, but two days isn’t enough time to enjoy it. The singer searches for something to do but there is nothing new and it’s what’s killing him. He feels lost in a cycle that he doesn’t know how to break.

8. “Weekend Song” By Billy Joel

Up next is “Weekend Song,” which is easy to relate to because most of us have experienced what the singer is going through. In a song that mentions “weekend,” Billy Joel sings about spending money that he worked hard for.

From the lyrics, we discover that, like the rest of us, the singer works a nine-to-five job. On this particular weekend, he’s planning to make good use of the money he received from payday.

Specifically, he plans to meet up with his lover at the train station. He can’t afford a grand vacation, but he can unwind with her. The idea of having “a meal and a shower and a change of clothes” is exciting enough. Even though he might end up spending all his money, he knows it’s worth it.

9. “Weekend Woman” By Weezer

In 2017, American rock band Weezer released “Weekend Woman” from their Pacific Daydream album. Here, he uses the weekend as a metaphor for a love affair that lasted much too short for his liking.

The weekend is a short part of the entire week. It’s fitting to represent a short part of someone’s life as a whole.

The lyrics reference falling in love on a Sunday and drifting apart on Monday. One night is a short time to fall in love, let alone watch it end. Even then, all the singer wants is to see his weekend woman.

10. “Livin’ For The Weekend” By Fitz And The Tantrums

Our next song, “Livin’ for the Weekend,” is about doing exactly that. Fitz and the Tantrums sing about how even when things get difficult, they persevere because the weekend is their one thing to look forward to.

When nothing is going on in someone’s life, sometimes the little things are all that matter. Living for the weekend means that having tough weekdays is worth it because, after it all, there are days worth looking forward to.

Some people view the weekend as too short. Others take it for what it is and allow it to be that spark of hope after a long week.

11. “One More Weekend” By Audien And MAX

The weekend is a time frame in Audien and MAX’s song “One More Weekend.” The singer is begging a lover to stay for one more weekend to convince her their love is worth it.

It’s not clear whether the singer made a previous mistake. Or perhaps he just wants to convince her they’d be a good fit. No matter what it is, he expresses now how much he wants and needs this person.

He wants the weekend of no outside stressors or real life to get in the way and to prove they’re perfect for each other.

12. “weekends” By Hojean

We have another song about wanting to right the wrongs of the past. Hojean’s song “weekends” reminisces about having his lover in bed on a Sunday.

The lyrics mention how the singer doesn’t realize how much he wants his lover until she’s gone. He remembers things about her, her voice, and even her snoring.

The moments and memories flood him to the point where dreams are better than his reality. He says he slept on Sunday “cause in my dreams you’re here, everyday.” But reality bites, and he finds himself not knowing what to do.

13. “Working For The Weekend” By Loverboy

Similar to previous songs on our list, “Working for the Weekend” is an ode to everyone who works all week so they can enjoy the weekend when it comes around. For the Canadian rock band Loverboy, life is short and all about the little moments that give it meaning.

In the lyrics, the singer mentions how “everyone’s working for the weekend.” They want new romances and second chances, both of which they can find on the weekend.

That’s because they have the time and money to do what they want. It’s the time to go out and be in the show and just enjoy the weekend.

14. “Out On The Weekend” By Neil Young

The country ballad “Out on the Weekend” by Neil Young talks about a man moving to start anew and a woman he can’t get out of his head. The title refers to the chorus when he leaves his house on weekends and can’t help but feel lonely.

Neil Young wrote this song in a way that sounds beautifully heart-breaking, but the lyrics are interpreted in several ways.

Whether the boy has never felt joy or he’s felt so much joy he can’t fathom it, he’s lonely on the weekend and struggles with his emotions. He can hear the woman calling him, but he feels lonely and doesn’t know how to respond. It makes him sad because it seems like they can’t connect.

15. “Ruin My Weekend” By Jordan Davis

Imagine having Jordan Davis tell you that you can “Ruin My Weekend.” That sounds like another way to say “I love you.” And he tries to get that message across in his 2020 song from the Jordan Davis album.

In the song, we find him chilling out and drinking at the bar on a weekend. But just a call from his girlfriend and he’s willing to abandon his plans for the night. That’s how much important she is to him.

That’s mainly because nothing comes close to being as good as she is to him. He shows his dedication by allowing her to ruin his weekend whenever she wants.

16. “Friday I’m In Love” By The Cure

For the English rock band The Cure, Friday is the best day of the week or the weekend. In fact, they dedicate an ode to it through the song “Friday I’m in Love.”

We can definitely relate to the band’s sentiments regarding this day of the week. The singer can care less about Monday to Thursday, and even Saturday and Sunday. But when it’s Friday, he’s so happy he feels like he’s in love.

The song goes on to describe his ideal Friday night, with dressing up and going out to have fun. It’s about the way people act on Friday as well, with a two-day break ahead of them.

17. “Waiting On The Weekend” By YUNGBLUD

In “Waiting on the Weekend,” YUNGBLUD sings about a love interest that doesn’t seem to feel the same way about him. The title refers to how the singer can’t wait for the weekend so he can speak with her.

The last verse of the song mentions a “maybe.” This gives the impression that weeks are going by because he loses the courage every weekend to speak to her. It leaves him wondering if she feels the same and if she’s waiting for him to talk to her, too.

The weekend symbolizes the end of a week, and in this song, it represents always looking forward to something and never truly living in the present.

18. “Every Other Weekend” By Reba McEntire

Is there anything more painful than a song about a divorced couple who’s still in love with each other but doesn’t have the courage to admit it? This is the tale behind Reba McEntire‘s “Every Other Weekend.”

In the song, we find the couple who have joint custody of their kids trading them off for the weekend. We see the perspective of both parents, and it’s kind of disappointing to know how they miss one another but don’t do anything about it.

Perhaps it’s the fear of going through the painful parts of their marriage again. Or perhaps it’s simply a case of not having the courage to tell their children. The saddest part is that singular moment when they meet to exchange the kids when they feel like a family again.

19. “Love On The Weekend” By John Meyer

It’s easy to get lost in the busyness of the week. We have obligations to attend to left and right that we can’t wait for the weekend. And for John Meyer, “Love on the Weekend” seems like a perfect idea.

In the lyrics, we find that the singer and his lover do not have much time together in the week. She’s busy at work and he can’t wait to take her somewhere far away from their bustling lives.

And now that the weekend is here, he wants to take advantage of it by spending it with her. But he knows that the weekend will be over soon. He can’t wait for the next weekend to come.

20. “Saturday Sun” By Vance Joy

While “Saturday Sun” is about Saturday, this day lies within the middle of the weekend and is ultimately the day where we have fewer worries. Vance Joy captures the light and weightlessness we feel on these sunny days through his music.

The weekend is also the time for us to make plans to travel or take a drive somewhere new. The singer meets someone on one of these adventures. The woman is from the West Coast and he wonders whether she’s the one.

From the lyrics, it seems like he’s been alone for quite some time and he’s tired of it. He’s longing to have someone around. And after meeting this woman, he can’t wait to make the long drive to see her again.

21. “Goodbye Weekend” By Mac DeMarco

Our last song on the list is “Goodbye Weekend” by Mac DeMarco. The single was from his 2014 album Salad Days.

In “Goodbye Weekend,” the people around the singer think he’s up to no good and just wasting his life. They think that all their advice would change him for the better.

But the singer couldn’t care less about what other people tell him. He wants them to know that they don’t have a say in his life. He’s essentially telling everyone to leave him alone. It’s his life, and he will choose what to do with it.

Summing Up Our List Of Weekend Songs

From the songs above, the weekend is what most people look forward to. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet up with friends and family and relax after a tiring week. It’s a chance for us to breathe and prepare for the following week.

Don’t be surprised if not all people share the same sentiments, though. How we look at the weekend really depends on our experiences.

But whether you love or hate the weekend, we hope you found new favorites from our list.

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