13 Best Songs About Spring Of All Time

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Though we can surely appreciate what each season has to offer, spring is probably the best one. Spring is the breath of fresh air we need after long, cold winter days. Its rains are cleansing in that they wash out winter and welcome new life.

Nothing feels better than soaking up the sun while the birds sing again. It gives us hope and makes us excited about new possibilities.

Songs that celebrate this magical season should do the same. They should be upbeat, light, and healing. To get you started, we compiled 13 of the best songs about spring. Read on!

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1. “Here Comes The Sun” By The Beatles

Starting the list is the Beatles’s “Here Comes the Sun,” which perfectly sums up what we love about spring. The lyrics of this pop-rock song are simple but say everything it needs to. The sun is coming out to melt away winter and return smiles to our faces.

What’s not to love about this song? The melody makes you feel lighter when you listen to it. And the words tell you that while things seemed dark before, it’s going to be all right now, so you don’t have to worry anymore. All you have to do is enjoy a bright and beautiful spring day.

2. “Mr. Blue Sky” By ELO

It seems like there is no shortage of songs that show appreciation for the sun. ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky” paints a picture of the perfect spring day: no more rain, no more clouds, and bright sun. It is a celebration of spring and all it brings, even though the singer keeps asking why it hid away for so long.

In the song, the singer voices what many of us think of spring: We look forward to its arrival after the dreary winter months.

The melody of this song is not quite as light as “Here Comes the Sun,” but it’s very upbeat and catchy all the same.

3. “A Beautiful Morning” By The Rascals

With plants sprouting in spring, it can be a symbol of hope and opportunities. The Rascals’s “A Beautiful Morning” talks about plans to enjoy the beautiful morning by being present and appreciative. It also highlights using the time to make plans for the future.

Another beautiful message of the song is that each moment of sunlight is a blessing. Therefore, it shouldn’t be wasted by staying indoors. In other words, one must get out there and let the sun caress the skin—let the sun be a source of energy and inspiration.

4. “Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most” By Ella Fitzgerald

Despite Ella Fitzgerald’s breathtaking voice behind “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most,” the lyrics are kind of a downer. The song is based on a line from T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, which explains a lot since the story is quite somber.

The narrator talks about how someone is heartbroken. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate the happiness that comes with spring, but she feels bitter and depressed. Notably, the song puts side by side all the best parts of the season and the sadness she feels due to the absence of her lover.

5. “Waiting For The Sun” By The Doors

There are a lot of ways to look at the Doors’ “Waiting for the Sun.” It could be a wartime song, particularly since it came out in the Vietnam era, or it could be about someone imagining a future. Yet another explanation could be someone being disappointed with life.

However you look at it, this straightforward, mellow rock song celebrates the arrival of spring after the wet, cold days of winter. According to the song, there’s a feeling of freedom in the air. There’s an invitation to live how you want to in the sunlight. It’s a nice thought, don’t you think?

6. “Spring Again” By Biz Markie


If you’re looking for something light and fun to listen to, try Biz Markie’s “Spring Again.” With its hip-hop beat, it’s an entertaining rap song where Markie reminisces about childhood during springtime.

The song mentions things that occur in spring. The temperature rises, the grass grows back, the birds sing, and the sky looks its best. It also talks about getting dressed up nice for Easter and going to Coney Island to eat cotton candy.

Spring is a time for new things, like love. It’s always the right time to feel happy and optimistic.

7. “It Might As Well Be Spring” By Frank Sinatra

You know that Frank Sinatra can sing about any subject, and it’ll sound like the most interesting thing in the world. His smooth, effortless voice keeps his listeners engaged in the song. Take “It Might as Well Be Spring” as an example. The song talks about someone who is suffering from spring fever.

The singer laments the time of year because it doesn’t match how he feels inside. He’s bursting at the seams with life and the energy of spring to the point of restlessness because there’s nowhere to put it. We can all relate to that feeling in one way or another.

8. “April Come She Will” By Simon & Garfunkel

The spring fever continues with a number from the legendary Simon & Garfunkel. “April Come She Will” is a slower pop-rock song that personifies the spring and summer months.

What you’ll like about it is that it’s a short, sweet song that celebrates what’s good about each of these months. They talk about April showers and the peacefulness of May. These can also be seen as a metaphor for a girl’s changing moods. 

Simon & Garfunkel released this song in 1966 on the album Sounds of Silence. It’s been covered several times by other artists throughout the years, like Colin Linden, Eric Johnson, and Josh Groban.

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9. “Southland In The Springtime” By Indigo Girls

People who are into folk songs might like “Southland in the Springtime” by the Indigo Girls. This one is all about spring in the south.

The singer is from the north, but she thinks there’s no place like the south during her favorite season, spring. She mentions Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana, all of which have different springs.

She describes rather specific aspects of springtime life, which paint a vibrant picture for us. The smell of diesel, black coffee, farmland like a tapestry and a bag of boiled peanuts transport us to another place and time. It’s incredibly descriptive and poetic.

10. “Grazing In The Grass” By The Friends Of Distinction

This song by Friends of Distinction will surely get the funk out of you. After all, who wouldn’t be entertained by a song from the perspective of a cow?

Yes, you read that right. “Grazing in the Grass,” a mix between funky disco and R&B, talks about a cow’s observations during springtime. The cow is enjoying its day by simply grazing in the grass.

It observes other things too. The sun is shining through the trees, the vibrant flowers are blooming, and the birds are playing. Perhaps it’s safe to say that spring is the cow’s favorite season of all.

11. “Spring Is Here” By Nina Simone

Don’t be fooled by the title, which gives us the thought that it might be about good things. Despite the hope and opportunities that spring symbolizes, Nina Simone’s “Spring Is Here” is about the opposite.

Simone’s recording is a smooth, moody ballad that dances between yearning and love. Spring normally delights and inspires her, so she’s feeling a noticeable absence this year.

She poses a lot of questions that show why spring does not excite her. Despite the arrival of the season, her heart is not happy. She goes as far as saying that it’s perhaps because nobody loves her.

12. “Spring Fever” By Elvis Presley

This rock song is an absolute bop. It’s fun and catchy with just the right amount of upbeat. And with Elvis Presley behind the song, you’ll enjoy listening to this.

In “Spring Fever,” it seems like the whole world is in love after winter ends. Its symptoms can be compared to those of a fever—hearts are racing, temperatures are rising, and the bees are buzzing.

Elvis Presley recorded “Spring Fever” in 1965 for his movie Girl Happy. A fun, adventurous song like this goes well with a film like that. Presley’s character is a musician who gets hired to watch over the daughter of a mob boss while she’s on Spring break. Chaos ensues, naturally.

13. “Some Other Spring” By Billie Holiday

Unfortunately, Billie Holiday’s “Some Other Spring” is about someone heartbroken. It seems like spring is a polarizing time of the year since people either love it or hate it. Interestingly, the entire spectrum of emotions comes from the same aspects of the season.

The lyrics say that spring is full of new life and new love. It equates to happiness. But in some cases, spring makes people bitter. The singer is probably somewhere in between. She’s saying that she’ll try to think positively about these things in the future, but not this spring.

Summing Up Our List Of Spring Songs

When we hear the word spring, we think about beautiful things. Hope, love, opportunities, and a new start. On the other hand, some people think of sad things, as some of the songs above showed you.

But we can all agree that these songs describe springtime in all of its glory. Some touch on the joy and excitement of spring, while others simply appreciate the sun and its light. 

Listen to them all. We’re sure you’ll have a new favorite by the time you get to the end of the list. And if there’s a spring song you want us to include, don’t be shy to reach out to us. We’ll include it in the list for you.

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