31 Of The Best Songs About Pregnancy And Having A Baby

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One of the biggest moments in someone’s life is pregnancy and having a baby. This is a remarkable journey marking the beginning of a new life.

Having a baby is a profound experience, not just for the mother but for everyone around her. This brings about a significant shift in roles and responsibilities and lots of changes to deal with.

To find out what it’s like, we have compiled 31 of the best songs about pregnancy and having a baby. Have fun reading!

1. “You’re Gonna Be” By Reba McEntire

To begin the list, we have Reba McEntire‘s “You’re Gonna Be.” This touching song shows us the profound emotions associated with becoming a parent.

The lyrics contain heartfelt words from a mom to her child, acknowledging the immense responsibility of raising a child. She acknowledges that it’s never easy being a parent. But what will never change is her love for her child.

The song is a reflection on the role of a parent in shaping the future of her child. It captures the hopes and dreams and inevitable changes. It’s about the essence of parenthood — a journey marked by unconditional love and unwavering support.

2. “All-American Girl” By Carrie Underwood

One of the most heartwarming songs about parenthood is Carrie Underwood‘s “All-American Girl.” Released in 2007, it follows the journey of a young couple from love to parenthood.

“All-American Girl” captures the transformative power of being a parent. The narrative opens with the man wishing to have a son that “he could take fishing.” But that changes when they’re blessed with a baby girl who soon has him wrapped around her finger.

The song highlights how the birth of his daughter shifts his focus to his new child. This depicts the attachment parents feel toward their children.

3. “Lullaby” By The Chicks

In “Lullaby,” The Chicks captures the deep bond and enduring love between a parent and their child. The narrator, a parent, expresses her commitment to always be there for her child, whatever happens.

Having a baby is a huge responsibility that does not stop once the baby arrives. The narrator recognizes this, addressed in the line, “Life began when I saw your face.” She promises her child that she will love them forever and won’t give them up.

The song resonates with the emotions of expectant parents and captures their anticipation and hopes for their unborn child. It offers comfort and reassurance for both the parents and children.

 4. “With Arms Wide Open” By Creed

One of Creed‘s most popular songs is “With Arms Wide Open.” This is a songwriting collaboration between lead vocalist Scott Stapp and guitarist Mark Tremonti. Stapp was inspired to write it when he found out he was going to be a father.

This power ballad captures the excitement and fear associated with becoming a parent. Stapp promises unconditional love and guidance to his unborn child. The phrase “arms wide open” represents his acceptance of his baby into his life.

In addition, the song highlights the transformative power of parenthood. It expresses Stapp’s hopes for his child to face the world with trust and openness.

5. “I Saw God Today” By George Strait

The lead-off single from George Strait‘s album Troubadour, “I Saw God Today,” is next. This was the singer’s 43rd #1 on the Billboard country charts.

The lyrics depict a man who becomes aware of life’s little miracles when his wife gives birth to their daughter. The experience is so profound and life-changing, with him comparing the experience to seeing God.

At its core, this song is a celebration of parenthood and the miracle of life. It beautifully captures the awe and wonder of witnessing childbirth.

6. “My Little Girl” By Tim McGraw

One of the strongest bonds out there is between a father and a daughter. Tim McGraw attests to that bond in his single “My Little Girl.”

This song does not mention pregnancy or having a baby. However, it explores the emotions and deep love that a father feels for his daughter, starting the day she is born.

The song opens with the narrator recalling the birth of his child. He thought she “looked like an angel / wrapped in pink.” It’s only the start of a father-daughter relationship that would see them through until she grows old.

7. “To Zion” By Lauryn Hill

If there’s an ode to a father-daughter relationship, there’s also one for mom and her son. Lauren Hill penned “To Zion” as a tribute to her son Zion David Marley.

The song chronicles Hill’s experience with pregnancy and motherhood. She became pregnant at a crucial point in her career. She faced pressure from people around her who advised her “to be smart” and prioritize her career.

Hill did not listen to them, choosing instead “to use [her] heart.” She decided to continue her pregnancy, giving birth to Zion in 1997. The lyrics express her joy for her son and celebrate the transformative power of motherhood.

8. “Bottle By My Bed” By Sunny Sweeney

No wonder Sunny Sweeney found it tough to go public with “Bottle by My Bed.” This is a deeply emotional song about her struggles with infertility and miscarriage.

For Sweeney and her husband, becoming parents is a huge dream. But that had been elusive for many years. She finally conceived, only to lose the baby in the end. The song captures the frustration and heartache brought about by a miscarriage.

The title refers to her desire to have a baby bottle by her bed. This symbolizes her longing for a child.

9. “Babyfather” By Sade

Up next is a song that captures the emotions that come with parenthood. “Babyfather” by Sade was released in 2010 from the band’s album Soldier of Love.

Lead singer Sade Adu sings about the power of love and the roles that fathers play in their children’s lives. The narrator speaks to her unborn child, explaining the love story between her and the baby’s father.

“Babyfather” resonates with the experiences of expectant parents. It highlights the strength of love between two people and their journey toward parenthood.

10. “The Mother” By Brandi Carlile

There is quite nothing like a mother’s love. Brandi Carlile pays tribute to her daughter in “The Mother,” from her album By the Way, I Forgive You.

Carlile pulled from her own experiences when she became a mother to Evangeline, whom she named in the song. She talks about her journey to motherhood and how it has changed her. It’s also about the sacrifices and lifestyle changes that come when a baby arrives.

“The Mother” provides a raw and honest look at the joys and challenges of being a mother. Listening to the song will make you appreciate being a parent even more.

11. “Speechless” By Alicia Keys

Also pulling from her own experiences, Alicia Keys dedicates “Speechless” to her son Egypt. Here, she sings about her overflowing love for the boy who “take[s] [her] breath away.”

For Keys, the birth of her baby marked a significant time in her life. The song captures the overwhelming emotions of being a mother and the love she feels for her son.

Indeed, having a baby changes a woman. Keys talks about this in the song, along with the joy and wonder associated with welcoming a new life into the world.

12. “Capri” By Colbie Caillat

In an interview, Colbie Caillat explains that she has written “Capri” for a high school friend. At a young age, that friend had a daughter she named Caprese. To fit the song, Caillat shorted the name to Capri.

The narrative revolves around a pregnant woman and her love for the baby she’s carrying. The lyrics depict her cradling her belly, eager for the arrival of her child.

“Capri” captures the anticipation and excitement that pregnancy brings and the prospect of becoming a parent. This song is a tribute to the beautiful journey of motherhood and the impact of having a baby.

13. “The Sweetest Gift” By Sade

Another song by Sade that deserves a spot on our list is “The Sweetest Gift.” It appears on their fifth studio album, Lovers Rock, released in 2000.

This song is personal for lead singer Sade Adu, as it was written for her own daughter. The lyrics talk about the profound love and joy that motherhood has brought with having a baby.

In addition, Adu sings about her feelings toward her child, describing her as “the sweetest gift.” It implies the immense joy a woman feels during her pregnancy, as well as the impact of having a baby.

14. “Unborn Heart” By Dan Hill

A sentimental song that mentions having a baby is Dan Hill‘s “Unborn Heart.” The song is written from the perspective of a man about to become a father.

The lyrics capture the excitement and anticipation when someone finds out he’s going to have a child soon. The narrator is informed by his partner of her pregnancy. It leaves him feeling “weightless,” “paralyzed with fear,” but “overcome with love.”

This attests to the overwhelming emotions that pregnancy and having a baby bring to a couple’s life. Both of them can’t wait to hear the “beating of an unborn heart.”

15. “Two Pink Lines” By Eric Church

Country music artist Eric Church sings about an unexpected pregnancy in “Two Pink Lines.” The title refers to the result of a positive pregnancy test.

Church speaks from a personal experience. He was a teenager and waited anxiously for the results of a pregnancy test.

The song captures the anxiety as he grapples with the potential consequences of the situation. He acknowledges that if the test shows one line, then he and his girlfriend can go home and forget about it. But “two means three and a diamond ring,” suggesting that they’ll get married if she happens to carry a baby.

16. “Pregnant Again” By Loretta Lynn

Among the very few songs with “pregnant” in the title, Loretta Lynn‘s “Pregnant Again” stands out. It provides an honest portrayal of the struggles associated with repeated pregnancies.

The lyrics describe a woman in a financially strained household. Aside from late car payments and mortgage dues, she is dealing with sick children. And then she finds out she’s expecting another child.

This song resonates strongly with women in a similar situation. If there’s something they can take away from the song, it’s that a resilient mother perseveres for her family despite the hardships.

17. “A New Day Has Come” By Céline Dion

Up next is Céline Dion’s “A New Day Has Come.” Released in 2002, this moving song talks about the joys of motherhood and the birth of her first child.

The song comes from Dion’s own experience. As it suggests, she has been waiting “for a miracle to come.” The lyrics reflect the overwhelming happiness and love she felt upon becoming a mother.

At its core, “A New Day Has Come” conveys the sense of a new beginning brought about by the arrival of a baby. It resonates with many listeners who have gone through similar experiences.

18. “Knocked Up” By Angaleena Presley

Another song that narrates a story about an unexpected pregnancy is Angaleena Presley‘s “Knocked Up.” She is speaking from experience, when she got pregnant with her first child.

The song describes a woman facing the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy. She and her partner have made plans for the future, but getting knocked up is not among them. Its lyrics depict how her pregnancy turns her life upside down.

“Knocked Up” manages to capture the mix of emotions that come with an unplanned pregnancy. And despite the narrator and her partner not having a good ending, her experience teaches her to be resilient and determined.

19. “It Takes A Man” By Chris Young

The country song “It Takes a Man” by Chris Young talks about pregnancy from the perspective of a man. It delves into themes of responsibility and maturity when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

The lyrics find the narrator discovering his girlfriend is pregnant. She is scared, but gives him a choice to stay or leave. Either way, she plans to keep the baby.

The narrator thinks about his future and the consequences of having a baby. He realizes that “any fool can make a baby, but it takes a man to raise a child.” By the end of the song, he accepts his new role as a father.

20. “I Got You” By Ciara

Singer-songwriter Ciara‘s “I Got You” is a heartfelt tribute to her baby son, Future Zahir Wilburn. The song reflects the love and bond between a mother and her child.

“I Got You” captures the joy and profound emotions associated with motherhood. In the lyrics, the narrator makes a promise of unwavering support and care for her baby. She promises that no matter what happens, she has his back and that he can count on her.

The music video further cements the theme of motherhood and unconditional love. It shows Ciara’s journey into motherhood, starting when she announced her pregnancy to her parents.

21. “One’s On The Way” By Loretta Lynn

Country music star Loretta Lynn wrote, co-wrote, and performed many songs inspired by family life. “One’s on the Way,” in particular, reflected her personal life. Out of her six children, four were born before she was 20.

Released in 1971, “One on the Way” is about a woman from Topeka, Kansas, who already has several children. And now she’s pregnant with another one. She compares her situation to the glamorous lives of actresses Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor. The lyrics also reference First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and actress Raquel Welch.

The song portrays the hectic and overwhelming life of a pregnant mother who also manages a busy household. And while it’s a candid depiction of the realities of motherhood, it also sheds light on the challenges of consecutive pregnancies and childbirth.

22. “Babies” By David Nail

Having babies is a life-changing experience for both parents. In the 2016 song “Babies,” David Nail shares about his and his wife’s experience after trying to conceive for so long.

The couple faced challenges while trying to conceive, and the song captures the emotional rollercoaster they experienced. Finally, in 2015, his wife Catherine gave birth to twins. “Babies” chronicles the immense joy and transformation that being a parent brings.

For Nail, “good things come to those who wait.” The song celebrates their triumph over infertility and depicts the overwhelming love a parent has for his child.

23. “The Day (That You Gave Me A Son)” By Babyface

From the album The Day, Babyface‘s “The Day (That You Gave Me a Son)” is an ode to mother and child. It also captures the joy of becoming a father, particularly to a son.

The lyrics reflect the immense happiness and sense of purpose that being a parent brings. The song opens with the narrator receiving the news of pregnancy. It causes so much excitement that he’s reduced to tears.

In some of the lines, the narrator describes his emotions upon seeing his baby for the first time. He thinks it’s a precious sight, one that makes him fall deeply in love.

24. “(You’re) Having My Baby” By Paul Anka

Pregnancy is as much about the father as it is about the mother. Paul Anka describes how it makes him feel to be a father in “(You’re) Having My Baby.”

The lyrics describe the immense joy and love the narrator feels when he learns that his partner is with his child. He expresses his appreciation and gratitude toward his partner, who chooses to have his baby. This is addressed in the lines “Didn’t have to keep it … / You could have swept it from your life / but you wouldn’t do it, no, you wouldn’t do it.”

At its core, the song highlights the transformative experience of pregnancy, as seen from the eyes of an expectant father.

25. “It Won’t Be Like This For Long” By Darius Rucker

Having a baby leads to a lot of changes. Darius Rucker‘s “It Won’t Be Like This for Long” chronicles the journey of parenthood and the changes it brings.

The lyrics open with a new father who’s up all night listening to his newborn baby cry. His partner consoles him that nights will change as the baby grows. One day, the sleepless nights will be a distant memory.

As the song progresses, it captures the different stages and milestones of the child’s growth. It also emphasizes the transient nature of each stage. It’s a reminder for parents to cherish every moment because “it won’t be like this for long.”

26. “Havin’ A Baby” By R. Kelly

Singer-songwriter R. Kelly captures the euphoria that comes with the news of expecting a child. “Havin’ a Baby” appears on his album Double Up, which was released in 2007.

The narrator chronicles the impact of becoming a parent in this song with “having a baby” in the lyrics. The song opens with him receiving the big news from his partner and becoming excited at having “a lil girl, a lil boy, a lil you, a lil me.”

In essence, “Havin’ a Baby” celebrates the impending parenthood. It highlights the power of this experience and the deep emotions that come with knowing you’re gonna have a baby soon.

27. “You Belong” By Rachel Platten

In “You Belong,” Rachel Platten sings of deep love and the anticipation of welcoming a new baby. She was inspired to write the song when she was pregnant with her daughter, Violet.

Despite not seeing her baby yet, the narrator expresses her unconditional love for the unborn child. The lyrics convey excitement as she imagines what the baby would look like. She lets her baby know that she belongs in her life even before birth.

In essence, “You Belong” captures the excitement, dreams, and emotions that come with expecting a baby. It celebrates motherhood and the instantaneous bond between a mother and her child.

28. “Three Hearts” By Alex Clare

Expecting a baby is truly a miraculous and life-changing experience. Alex Clare sings about this in “Three Hearts,” the title track of a 2014 album. This came from personal experience when his wife found out she was pregnant.

“Three Hearts” captures the excitement of welcoming a new baby. This is suggested in the line, “Now I got you and another on the way!” The title is symbolic, referring to the parents and their unborn baby’s hearts.

At its core, “Three Hearts” chronicles the journey of parenthood, from the joy of finding out about the pregnancy to the eagerness to meet the baby.

29. “Unplanned” By Matthew West

Recording artist and singer-songwriter Matthew West wrote “Unplanned” for the 2019 pro-life film of the same name. The song and film are about Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director who became a pro-life activist.

West was also inspired by the birth of his daughters. He recalls the awe of counting fingers and toes and seeing their faces for the first time. Seeing them makes him believe that there is no such thing as “accidents.”

The song conveys the sanctity and value of life, even when the pregnancy is unplanned. It highlights the miracle of life and the bond between a parent and their child.

30. “Duduke” By Simi

Nigerian singer Simi wrote “Duduke,” which appears on her To Be Honest Tour album. Simi explains that the title represents the sound that a heartbeat makes. In the context of the song, this sound symbolizes the heartbeat of an unborn baby.

The song serves as a love letter from a mother to her unborn child. It captures the special bond between mother and child, highlighting the emotions associated with feeling the baby move and imagining their future together.

At its core, “Duduke” is a celebration of motherhood. It also highlights the journey of pregnancy, which is unique for every woman.

31. “Small Bump” By Ed Sheeran

Rounding the list is Ed Sheeran‘s “Small Bump,” the fifth single from his debut studio album, +. He wrote it from a first-person perspective and was inspired by the experience of a close friend.

The lyrics capture the love of a father-to-be for his unborn child, which he affectionately refers to as a “small bump.” He had hopes and dreams for his child, such as inheriting his hair and the mother’s eyes.

The song takes an unexpected turn when it is revealed that the baby was “torn from life.” Despite the sadness, the song ends with a poignant message that perhaps the baby was needed “up there.”

Summing Up Our List Of Pregnancy And Having A Baby Songs

It goes without saying what a profound experience it is to be pregnant and have a baby. From joy, awe, and excitement, the songs above capture the mixed emotions parents-to-be experience. They provide a unique narrative on this deeply personal journey.

What’s noteworthy about these songs is their universal message: that pregnancy and having a baby form connections even before birth. These songs are proof of the resilience of parents who navigate these experiences.

That’s it for now, and we hope you liked the compilation we put together for you. If you want other songs relevant to the topic to be added, let us know!

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