25 Of The Best Songs About Luck And Being Lucky

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Luck is a fascinating concept, with cultures having their own symbols and traditions associated with it. It is described as a force that brings good fortune seemingly by chance.

Despite its intangible nature, the idea of luck plays a significant role in our lives. It influences our decisions, behavior, and how we interpret events.

And so today, we have come up with 25 of the best songs about luck and being lucky. Have fun reading!

1. “Lucky” By Colbie Caillat And Jason Mraz

Let’s dive right into a song with “lucky” in the title. Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat teamed up to bring us “Lucky,” a beautiful portrayal of luck in love and relationships.

In the lyrics, the narrators express gratitude for the journey they have shared and the home they find in each other. Despite the physical distance between them at times, they feel lucky to have someone they can return to.

This song celebrates the serendipity of finding love with a best friend. It highlights the idea that luck isn’t just about what you have but who you’re with.

2. “Lucky Man” By Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Up next, we have a song that discusses luck from a nuanced and complex perspective. “Lucky Man” by Emerson, Lake & Palmer was released in 1970 from their self-titled album.

The narrative revolves around a man who seems to have it all — wealth, power, and women. In a materialistic sense, the man is considered lucky by those around him. The line “Ooh, what a lucky man he was” sets the tone for the rest of the song.

But luck is far from him when he goes to war and loses his life. This is a reminder that true luck and fortune cannot be measured solely by material possessions or social status.

3. “Luck Be A Lady” By Frank Sinatra

In Frank Sinatra‘s “Luck Be a Lady,” luck is personified as a lady. This song also uses a gambling metaphor to delve into themes of chance, hope, and desire.

The lyrics find the narrator pleading with Lady Luck to stay with him through a game of dice. This suggests his desire for fortune to favor him.

However, this plea applies not just to the immediate context of the gamble. It also hints at the universal human desire for favorable outcomes in their endeavors.

In essence, “Luck Be a Lady” presents a multifaceted view of luck. It explores luck’s role in determining our immediate situations. Not only that, luck also affects our relationships and long-term fortunes.

4. “Lucky Star” By Madonna

Released in 1983, Madonna explores the concept of luck in the context of love in “Lucky Star.” Here, the narrator likens her love interest to a lucky star.

The lyrics “‘Cause you shine on me” and “‘Cause you make the darkness seem so far” attest to the effect he has on her. It’s clear how special he is for her, bringing positivity and light into her life.

And while this beloved person brings her luck, she acknowledges that “[she’s] the luckiest by far” for having him in her life. This implies that his presence brings her joy, hope, and good fortune.

5. “Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)” By Thin Lizzy

From the 1980s, we have Thin Lizzy‘s “Hollywood (Down on Your Luck).” This song is about luck in the context of fame and ambition.

In the lyrics, we find the narrator comparing Hollywood to New York and London. He shines a light on the unpredictable nature of Hollywood.

For instance, one can go from being a nobody to a star overnight. In such cases, luck or chance seems to be the main factor in the rapid rise to fame.

In addition, this song attests to the fleeting nature of success, as indicated by the phrase “down on your luck.” What this says is that the same luck that brings people to stardom can also bring forth their downfall.

6. “Sister Luck” By The Black Crowes

On our list, The Black Crowes‘ “Sister Luck” takes a unique perspective on luck. This song appears on their Shake Your Money Maker album, released in 1990.

“Sister Luck” does not celebrate good fortune or lament bad luck. Instead, the focus is on someone going through a difficult time, where luck seems to favor others and not them. This is addressed in the lines “Sister luck is screaming out / somebody else’s name.”

The fact that the narrator is overlooked by luck adds frustration to the narrative. Many people can relate to this when they see others thriving while they feel stuck in their own struggles.

7. “Good Luck, Bad Luck” By Lynyrd Skynyrd

Moving on, we have “Good Luck, Bad Luck” by Lynyrd Skynyrd from their 1994 album Endangered Species. Like the previous song, this track offers a unique perspective on luck.

The main character of the narrative seems to experience more bad luck than good. When it comes to good luck, he’s “the last to get it”; but when it’s bad luck, he’s the first to experience it.

This scenario portrays the unpredictable and unfair nature of life’s fortunes. Luck can be elusive and fleeting, and this idea adds complexity to the often-oversimplified notion of being lucky.

8. “Tombstone Shadow” By Creedence Clearwater Revival

Released in 1969, “Tombstone Shadow” by Creedence Clearwater Revival focuses on one’s bad luck. It was inspired by lead vocalist John Fogerty’s visit to a fortune teller who predicted unfortunate events.

In the lyrics, the narrator experiences many instances of bad luck. Worse, he feels that an inescapable doom is coming. This feels like a “tombstone shadow, stretchin’ across [his] path.” This shadow is a constant reminder of what lies ahead for him.

In addition, the lines “Every time I get some good news, ooh / there’s a shadow on my back” suggest the fleeting nature of good luck and how fast it can be replaced by bad luck.

9. “Best Seat In The House” By Blackberry Smoke

Up next is the 2018 song “Best Seat in the House” by rock band Blackberry Smoke. The focus here is luck through a lens of discontentment.

The lyrics reveal the narrator’s feeling that he hasn’t “been dealt a good hand.” In particular, “the odds are against [him],” and he is “a slave to the law of the land.” He laments how this has been the case all his life.

Nevertheless, the narrator wants to believe that one day, good luck — in the form of “life, love, money” — will favor him.

10. “Good Luck Charm” By Jagged Edge

Up next is a song that presents a romantic and positive interpretation of luck. Jagged Edge‘s “Good Luck Charm” was released in 2006 from the group’s self-titled album.

The song addresses the narrator’s love interest, whom he treats as his good luck charm. In other words, she brings him positivity, happiness, and fortune. This is embodied in the line “Don’t you know that you’re my good luck charm.”

In essence, the song focuses on interpersonal relationships as a source of good luck. It posits that luck is not solely a random chance. It also comes from the people around us.

11. “With A Little Luck” By Paul McCartney

From the London Town album comes the #1 hit “With a Little Luck” by Paul McCartney and Wings. Released in 1978, the luck here is a metaphor for hope and optimism.

“With a Little Luck” conveys a beautiful message for the listeners. It reminds them to be optimistic even through difficult times. It says that “with a little luck,” things can get better.

In addition, the song highlights the role of luck in overcoming obstacles and achieving success. The lyrics tell that luck is not simply a chance or fate. It’s also about positivity and perseverance.

12. “If I’m Lucky” By Jason Derulo

Recorded and released in 2017, Jason Derulo‘s “If I’m Lucky” talks about luck in the context of love and relationships.

The lyrics find the narrator hoping for a second chance after his relationship with an ex-lover failed. It could be a classic case of right love at the wrong time. He acknowledges that “things didn’t work out in this life” between them.

Despite the failure, he believes their love is true and deserves another chance. He wishes for luck to be on his side so that they can reconnect in the future. Or in the next life.

13. “Good Luck Charm” By Elvis Presley

An example of a classic song using the concept of luck as a metaphor for love is Elvis Presley‘s “Good Luck Charm.” Here, the narrator considers his love interest his good luck charm.

This song proposes the idea that love can be a source of good luck. Luck, on the other hand, is not only about external events. It can also stem from love and relationships. It causes the narrator to declare that he doesn’t need a “four-leaf clover” or “an old horseshoe” because he has her in his life.

Furthermore, the song emphasizes that the woman is not just an ordinary charm. She is a “good luck charm,” someone who brings positive change and fortune. What suggests that love as a lucky charm can transform one’s life.

14. “Push My Luck” By The Chainsmokers

In “Push My Luck,” The Chainsmokers discuss the uncertainty involved in the early stages of a romantic relationship. The narrator decides to push boundaries, which is often associated with the concept of “testing one’s luck.”

In the lyrics, “pushing one’s luck” is a metaphor for exploring an exciting but uncertain romantic connection. This suggests that luck is a matter of perspective. It involves having the courage to take chances.

In essence, this song explores luck in the context of a personal relationship. It says that luck is not just about favorable outcomes. It’s also about embracing uncertainty.

15. “Trying Your Luck” By The Strokes

Our next song comes from The Strokes‘ 2001 album Is This It. “Trying Your Luck” delves into themes of trust and uncertainty in the context of relationships.

The song works on the premise that “trying one’s luck” is part of life. This is especially true when one takes chances on love. It’s full of uncertainty, but sometimes you have to be courageous and take the risk.

Nevertheless, the narrator feels vulnerable and desperate. He goes against the odds and hopes to convince his love interest that he’s the one for her.

16. “I Feel Lucky” By Mary Chapin Carpenter

Country and folk music singer-songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter released “I Feel Lucky” in 1992. It embodies the idea of luck in a fun way.

The lyrics revolve around a person who feels optimistic about things. Despite her horoscope warning that “the stars are stacked” against her, and the thunderstorm looming on the horizon, she ignores them.

Choosing to believe in good luck, she goes to a convenience store and buys a lottery ticket. It’s revealed later to carry the winning numbers. As her circumstances show, feeling lucky is a matter of having the right mindset.

17. “Lucky Ones” By Lana Del Rey

In “Lucky Ones,” Lana Del Ray explores the themes of serendipity and love. She sings about finding a special person in a troubled world.

“Lucky Ones” suggests that finding love in unexpected places is luck at work. The line “Every now and then, the stars align” embodies this sentiment, and when she finds this person, she believes they “are the lucky ones this time.”

In essence, “Lucky Ones” focuses on luck as a factor in personal relationships rather than a force that brings success. In addition, being lucky means appreciating the good things we have.

18. “The Lucky One” By Alison Krauss & Union Station

A song that mentions luck in a multifaceted way is “The Lucky One” by Alison Krauss & Union Station. It presents the idea that being lucky is not as universally desirable as it may seem.

The lyrics describe someone who is free-spirited, loved by many, and carefree. And because of these things, he is considered lucky.

But then freedom and popularity come with their own pitfalls. This emphasizes the notion that being lucky can be a double-edged sword. It comes with benefits and disadvantages.

19. “Lucky Lucky Me” By Marvin Gaye

Up next, we have a song with “lucky” in the lyrics. Marvin Gaye‘s “Lucky, Lucky Me” appears on his 1994 album The Marvin Gaye Classics Collection.

In the lyrics, the narrator expresses his joy at being in love with his partner. He feels “lucky to be loved by [her]” and is thankful “for all the little loving things [she] do[es].” In this context, he feels lucky to be in a fulfilling relationship.

Unlike the other songs on this list, “Lucky, Lucky Me” is a little different. Instead of luck being a factor in achieving success, it’s portrayed as a catalyst for happiness and fulfillment.

20. “You Got Lucky” By Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

The 1982 single “You Got Lucky” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers carries a unique perspective on luck in the context of relationships. Instead of the narrator expressing gratitude for his partner, he claims that it’s her who is lucky when he has found her.

Known for its defiant tone, the song highlights the narrator’s worth and value. He believes his partner should consider herself lucky for having him in her life. This is embodied in the lines “Good love is hard to find … / You got lucky, babe / when I found you.”

This flips the traditional narrative of feeling lucky to have found love. The song suggests that being lucky can also be about appreciating the person who loves you.

21. “Lucky In Love” By Mick Jagger

In 1985, singer Mick Jagger released his debut solo album She’s the Boss. One of the successful singles off it is “Lucky in Love.”

In this track, Jagger takes a nuanced approach to the idea of luck. The song uses the metaphor of a gambler. He faces constant losses in life but comes out on top when it comes to love. This love is “a place where [he] still win[s].”

In addition, the narrator believes he’s “got the winning touch” when it comes to love. This suggests that luck is an unpredictable combination of chance, risk, and reward.

22. “Some Guys Have All The Luck” By Rod Stewart

In “Some Guys Have All the Luck,” Rod Stewart cries about his lack of luck when it comes to love and relationships. Unlike the other songs, this one delves into the themes of envy and longing for the love that seems to come easily to others.

In the lyrics, the narrator shows his frustrations for not having a partner. To make it worse, he observes how some people seem to be lucky with love.

In essence, the song highlights the harsh reality that love and luck are not evenly or fairly distributed. While “some guys have all the luck,” here he is complaining about the unfairness of it.

23. “Lucky” By Britney Spears

Another song carrying a unique perspective on luck is Britney Spears‘s “Lucky.” This one’s not in the context of love and relationships but fame and success.

Here, “Lucky” is a successful pop star who’s got everything she could wish for. She is beautiful, famous, and wealthy, that’s why many consider her lucky. But deep inside, she feels lonely.

“Lucky” depicts the comparison between external success and internal happiness. It says that being lucky in fame and wealth does not mean feeling lucky or fulfilled on a personal level.

24. “Lucky Man” By Montgomery Gentry

Moving on, we have “Lucky Man” by the country music duo Montgomery Gentry. Out of the songs on our list, “Lucky Man” provides a refreshing take on luck.

The song revolves around themes of gratitude and contentment. The narrator shares how sometimes he does not appreciate things, complaining instead of being thankful, but the time comes when he realizes how lucky he is to have everything he’s got.

“Lucky Man” contrasts with many songs on our list that focus on acquiring or achieving success. It’s about being thankful and realizing the blessings one has.

25. “The Luckiest” By Ben Folds

Finally, we have “The Luckiest” by singer-songwriter Ben Folds from his album Rockin’ the Suburbs. Released in 2001, this track explores luck in the realm of love and relationships.

“The Luckiest” conveys a message about the impact of finding your soulmate. When this happens, one can consider this the epitome of being lucky.

Thus, the narrator expresses gratitude for meeting his future partners. He acknowledges how fortunate he is to find a genuine love that lasts. This highlights the idea that the ultimate luck lies not in wealth or success but in love.

Summing Up Our List Of Luck And Being Lucky Songs

Now, we’ve reached the end of our post. We hope that the songs above showed you a wide array of perspectives when it comes to luck.

It doesn’t matter if it’s about success, fame, love, contentment, or gratitude. What the songs show is that luck is more than external achievements. It’s also about meaningful connections and personal satisfaction.

If you’ve come this far, it tells us you’ve enjoyed the list we’ve put together. And we’re always open to recommendations, so let us know what songs you’d like added, and we’ll add them for you. Until next time!

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