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Eyes are the windows to the soul, and music uses them as an inspiration in all genres. They come in different colors, and today we’re onto green eyes.

Did you know that this is the rarest eye color in the world? No wonder green eyes are a widely-used source of inspiration for many art forms.

Songs, specifically, use green-eye imagery to evoke emotions of love, infatuation, and yearning, among others. You’ll see that from the compilation we have prepared for you. Without further ado, here are 15 of the best songs about green eyes. Read on!

1. “Green Eyes” By Coldplay

Starting off our list is “Green Eyes” by Coldplay. The band’s production of this stunning ode to the person they refer to as “Green Eyes” is one of their best songs overall.

Chris Martin’s voice is gentle and sweet as he tells this woman with green eyes how she had changed his life. It is about how she’s able to help him get the weight of hardships and sadness off his shoulders.

This song focuses on the person who is his rock. Not only does he talk about her beauty, but how he can’t live without her after everything she’s done for him.

2. “Green-Eyed Lady” By Sugarloaf

This 1970 Sugarloaf song about a “Green-Eyed Lady” is one of their biggest hits to this day. With upbeat, funky tunes that carry through the song, the theme of this woman being this beautiful, impressive force works perfectly.

The song has only a few lines, but it repeats “green-eyed lady” throughout. The singer is paying tribute to all her positive virtues.

For him, she is a lovely lady who lives her life to the fullest. She is passionate and kind to all. These traits make her desirable and powerful. Her green eyes only add to the magic she possesses.

3. “Green Eyes” By Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

Our next song that mentions “green eyes” is different from the previous two on our list. In Nick Cave and the Bad Seed’s song “Green Eyes,” the lyrics focus on the desire the singer holds for a woman with green eyes.

This song is slow, and the words are repeated. It’s as if he were usually speaking, showing a lack of emotion.

Instead of using green eyes as a romanticized description, it’s used as his way of acknowledging the woman. He doesn’t know her name; he just wants her for the time being so he can momentarily ignore his problems.

4. “Green Eyes” By Joseph

Yet another song with “green eyes” in the lyrics is Joseph‘s “Green Eyes.” Here, the three-piece sister act romanticizes the eyes with this specific color.

Joseph sings about throwing their pride away and coming clean about their feelings for a person. They make the connection between green eyes and green lights, cleverly comparing the two.

The lyrics express that seeing this person’s green eyes makes them want to go and tell her everything. It’s a simple rendition with guitars, drums, and piano. But the huge focus is on the lyrics and the multiple beautiful voices singing them.

5. “Green Eyes” By Arlo Parks

In our next song, British singer-songwriter Arlo Parks reminisces on her summer with her lover, who she is no longer with because others cannot accept them. “Green Eyes” is gentle and soothing, and Parks’s vocals are stunning as she tells her lover she doesn’t blame her.

In the song, she acknowledges how cruel people can be. At the same time, it’s difficult to maintain a relationship without self-acceptance.

Despite the song’s title, “green eyes” is found nowhere in the lyrics. This seems intentional, especially with how she repeats the lyrics of her lover crying, the judging eyes, and the color of green. Green can be a natural color, but it is also the color of envy. It’s a beautiful song with a title that makes you think.

6. “Everything Has Changed” By Taylor Swift Ft. Ed Sheeran

Though “Everything Has Changed” only mentions green eyes once, the entire song is beautifully written about meeting someone for the first time. Taylor Swift collaborated with Ed Sheeran to bring us this love song.

Just like in real life, you notice the person’s eyes first. This song sings about how you can see so much of a person in their eyes. That’s why they’re called the window to the soul.

The beginning of the song’s chorus is about seeing their eyes and how they immediately feel at home. That prompts the singers to say they want to know the person better. And, even without saying it, begin a relationship with them.

7. “Big Green Eyes” By Alan Jackson

This country song by Alan Jackson uses different pieces of imagery to describe the impact of green eyes. “Big Green Eyes” is about how his baby’s eyes are soft, bright, and sweet, and he can feel her love for him through them.

He sings about thinking of her green eyes all the time and how they’re ingrained in his memory. Not only are the green eyes metaphorically imprinted in his mind, but the color of the green eyes is beautiful and difficult to forget.

Simply, this song is an ode to a woman having green eyes. He is indeed lucky to have found someone who loves him for who he is.

8. “Her Eyes Turn Green” By Josh Abbott Band

As you will see from our next song, the Josh Abbott Band’s “Her Eyes Turn Green” takes a different approach to describe green eyes. Instead of expressing how the eyes make them feel, it’s about being able to read how she feels through them.

The lyrics talk about this woman with green eyes who is going through a painful moment in her life. She tries to hide it though behind her smile.

However, what she truly feels comes out when she cries, thus the line, “her eyes turn green when she cries.” The beauty of the song is how her eyes turn green when she smiles, too.

9. “Emerald Eyes” By Fleetwood Mac

This 1973 hit song “Emerald Eyes” by Fleetwood Mac refers to a powerful and enigmatic woman. She is so incredible that using green to describe her eyes is inadequate.

Fleetwood Mac states throughout the song that the woman is a mystery. From the lyrics, we can also see how strong she is as a person. The singer finds in her a place of calm and peace.

The repetition of this throughout the end of the song leads us to believe that this woman may be intimidating. But the singer thinks that this quality is beautiful. He refuses to let her power stop him from finding serenity alongside her.

10. “Green Eyes” By Kate Wolf

To add another song with “green eyes” in the title, here’s “Green Eyes” by Kate Wolf. She sings about her lifelong partner whose eyes notice everything around them.

She acknowledges him after they withstood all the hardships they faced together. And now their knowledge of each other brings them peace.

It’s a beautiful song about love and what it takes to have a relationship with someone who loves you as much as you love them.

It takes patience and understanding to be in a relationship. And Kate Wolf sings about how her lover knows how she feels and what she needs without her needing to tell him.

11. “Green Eyes” By Uncle Chris

This smooth and slow song by Uncle Chris is about one’s struggle to let the other person know about his feelings. In “Green Eyes,” he is overwhelmed with fear, asking, “Will it even matter anyway?”

In the lyrics, the singer is afraid that he’ll lose this person by expressing his love. But he is also struggling to keep it in.

Yet, the moment he sees her green eyes, his feelings just keep becoming stronger and harder to keep within. He itches to know whether the woman thinks about him the way he does.

12. “Green Eyes” By Jake Scott

A lot of people can definitely resonate with Jake Scott‘s “Green Eyes.” This song talks about that first spark you feel with someone that you want to become a part of your life.

This summertime song is about a girl moving to California. He befriends her by giving her a ride and almost immediately falls in love with her. Her green eyes remind him of the California coast.

We can understand if he feels “like I’d known you my whole life.” He takes things slow upon knowing she came from a heartbreak. But he’s hopeful that she’ll be his one day.

13. “Green Eyes” By Erykah Badu

The beginning of “Green Eyes” by Erykah Badu is her convincing herself and her ex-lover that her eyes are green because she eats her vegetables. In the second verse, the song changes, and the truth comes out.

“Green Eyes” is really about being jealous, particularly when you’re fresh from a breakup. You feel bitter toward your ex’s new flame, and it’s so easy to deny all the negative emotions inside you.

The song is well-written, and its length points toward how heartbreak can take a long time to get over. Even if you don’t love the person anymore.

14. “Pink Hair, Green Eyes” By Balcony

Have you ever experienced seeing someone for the first time and can’t stop thinking of that person? It’s like you’re put under a spell. Balcony‘s “Pink Hair, Green Eyes” basically plays around with that premise.

In the lyrics, the singer catches a glimpse of someone in a crowd. This person seems interesting as she has pink hair and a pair of green eyes. He feels drawn to them, even from far away.

He thinks he’s seen someone magical just from seeing her hair and eyes. And now he can’t stop thinking about her so much that he wishes he’d never seen her at all.

15. “Green Eyes” By Wavves

Our last song refers to a person as “Green Eyes” to emphasize the impact that the person has on the singer. American rock band Wavves released this song in 2010 from their King of the Beach album.

In the lyrics, the singer talks about how he has tried to stop liking her green eyes but can’t. He tries running away but says he isn’t fast enough and isn’t man enough to quit.

The song becomes sad rather than emotional or upbeat when the singer expresses how his friends hate him. But he doesn’t care because he has this woman with green eyes.

No matter how you interpret this song, it’s about finding someone so addicting that consequences don’t matter.

Summing Up Our List Of Green Eyes Songs

As you can see above, green eyes are a huge inspiration and topic in the music industry. While these songs are mostly titled “Green Eyes,” there are thousands of songs that talk about green eyes.

No wonder, though. Green eyes are beautiful and rare, making them the ideal subject for most songs.

The songs above are on our list because they range in emotions and show different perspectives on what green eyes mean to a person. We hope you liked the selections we made about this topic.

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