25 Of The Best Songs About Friendships Ending

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Losing a friend is never an easy experience! Sometimes circumstances cause us to sever ties with them. Other times, it’s a mutual decision to call it quits.

Whatever the case, it is hard to see somebody you previously considered dear to you drift away. In some situations, though, the friendship ending is for the best.

Regardless of your unique situation, you’ll often need a song to help you deal with the emotions. From the heartbreaking sadness of experiencing a friendship breakup to the bitter frustration of becoming ghosted, here are 25 of the best songs about friendship ending. Read on to learn more!

1. “Real Friends” By Camila Cabello

True friends are hard to find. That’s probably why they are considered treasures. Camila Cabello knows about the difficulty of finding “Real Friends.” This laid-back ballad appears on her self-titled debut studio album in 2018.

Lyrically, the singer reflects on her past life as she yearns for a genuine friendship. Many of her supposed friends proved to be fake. They’re the kind of people who are not loyal as they keep “switching sides.”

So what’s the point of being in circles with these people? The singer says she doesn’t need people who let her down and make her feel alone.

2. “Bad Blood” By Taylor Swift Ft. Kendrick Lamar

Is there anything more painful than being betrayed by the person you trust? Take it from singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar, who have some acid words for the other person in “Bad Blood.”

Swift is pulling from her own experience regarding a person whom she considered a close friend. The lyrics of her song embody the emotions of being betrayed. There is always the hurt from that person making “a really deep cut.”

What the person did leads to bad blood between them. And perhaps it’s for the best. After all, how can she trust someone who knows where she’s the weakest and use it to hurt her?

3. “Someone You Loved” By Lewis Capaldi

“Someone You Loved” is a tune recorded by Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi. It’s the third single off Capaldi’s 2nd EP, Breach, in 2018, but later incorporated into his debut album, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent

This tune is about realizing how much you took somebody dear to you for granted, only to realize it when they’re not there anymore. The lyrics focus on dealing with the emptiness and how difficult it is once things don’t work out as you’d wished.

Initially, there was speculation that Lewis composed the tune about his former girlfriend, Love Island cast Paige Turley. However, the singer later revealed the song borrows inspiration from family bereavement, particularly the loss of his grandmother.

Regardless of what inspired him, losing a girlfriend or a grandmother, both were a special kind of friend to him at one point in his life.

4. “People You Know” By Selena Gomez

American singer Selena Gomez pretty much sums up a friendship ending in “People You Know.” This song is the seventh track of her third studio album, Rare.

Lyrically, the singer talks about relationship changes and how these shifts may feel sudden. For instance, friends suddenly turn “from people you know to people you don’t.” Understandably, it is hard to accept this change.

She looks back on the past, seeing how good their friendship was. They were “on fire.” But that same fire had burned her, making her realize she had wasted her time and love on the wrong people.

5. “Old Friends” By Jasmine Thompson

There are people who come to know us more than we know ourselves. According to English singer Jasmine Thompson, these are our “Old Friends.”

True to its title, the song is all about old friends. You can feel the loneliness in the singer as she speaks of how much time she spends away from them. She misses them more as she sees the stark difference between them and her new friends.

The singer makes a comparison between her old and new friends. Unlike the new people in her life, her old friends knew when she needs someone to rely on. They knew when she was going through a tough time. This is not to downplay her new friends. They’re cool, but no one can take the place of her old pals.

6. “Over You” By Miranda Lambert

Losing a person important to you, whether a lover, family, or friend, is a bitter pill to swallow. In “Over You,” country singer Miranda Lambert has to face the aftermath of losing someone special.

In the lyrics, the singer recalls the moments when she was still with him. She should have gotten used to the cold of winter or his absence. But the fact he’s gone still stirs painful emotions.

She sings, “But you went away, how dare you?” People have tried to comfort her and that soon she’ll be fine. But there’s no getting over him. The only consolation is the thoughts of him that keep her company and the memento he left.

7. “We Don’t Talk Anymore” By Charlie Puth Ft. Selena Gomez

“We Don’t Talk Anymore” is a heartbreak tune by American singer Charlie Puth, featuring the smooth vocals of Selena Gomez. It featured on Puth’s third studio album, Nine Track Mind.

This pop tune is about realizing that the strong relationship that was full of joy and love is no more. The lyrics embody sadness, regret, and longing for the good old days.

The heartbreaking element of this track is that the two people can no longer find a way to restore their previous connection, as they “don’t talk anymore like they used to.”

8. “Backstabber” By Kesha

A friend who becomes your backstabber is never a friend in the first place. Kesha‘s “Backstabber” comes from her debut album, Animal. The track talks about the negative effects of gossip.

What we can glean from the lyrics is that these backstabbers used to be the singer’s friends, namely Katie and Jeanie. Despite being a good friend to them and doing them favors, they have the audacity to spread lies about her.

They lie, twist facts, and try to manipulate her all the time. The singer is getting tired of hearing gossip from people about her and wishing they would shut their mouths.

9. “I Lost A Friend” By FINNEAS

Some friendships are not meant to last, as FINNEAS tells us in “I Lost a Friend.” The song is autobiographical and inspired by a childhood friend he lost.

Lyrically, the singer explores the idea of losing a long-time friend. He compares losing him to a lot of things, such as losing keys, wallet, money, and time. Basically, things that had never happened to him yet.

He recognizes that the friendship ending leaves him feeling sad. He knows he’ll have sleepless nights thinking about his contribution to the end of the friendship. On the other hand, he pulls consolation from the bad experience by telling himself that the other person was “a friend I never had.”

10. “I Don’t Fuck With You” By Big Sean Ft. E-40

Hip-hop tune “I Don’t Fuck with You” is by rapper Big Sean, featuring the legendary E-40. It’s the lead track from Sean’s third album, Dark Sky Paradise.

This fast-paced, headbanging tune is all about Sean venting his angry feelings to a girl he previously adored—a great listen right after a heartbreak or fallout with your female bestie.

Sean released the track soon after calling off his engagement to Naya Rivera. Rivera started dating and married actor Ryan Dorsey on the same date arranged for her wedding to Sean. Despite the speculation this song was Sean’s way of throwing shots at Rivera, he insists that she wasn’t the addressee.

11. “Breathe” By Taylor Swift

Friends are like our brothers and sisters. We give a part of ourselves to them that when the friendship unexpectedly breaks up, we feel as if we cannot breathe. Taylor Swift‘s “Breathe” is a country-pop tune that perfectly captures that sentiment.

Lyrically, “Breathe” embodies heartbreak and the pain of losing a close friendship. The singer acknowledges that friends change and drift apart. But she is upset because they shared so much together, only to end up separating.

Friendships ending are never easy, according to the song. It’s like breaking up with a lover, sometimes much worse. But the singer concedes that nothing can save them “from the fall out.”

12. “Feelings Fade” By Gnash Ft. RKCB

Nothing lasts forever, even friendships. That’s what American rapper Gnash tells us in “Feelings Fade,” the fifth track from his album Me. The song features Los Angeles-based alt-pop band RKCB.

In the song, the singer makes a statement about how “feelings fade when people change.” Between him and his friend, he remains the same while the latter plays his games. And he’s tired and sick of fake people, hope, friends, and love. Even “best friends can become your enemies.”

He has a lot of regrets in the end, wishing that his friend had never wasted his time. But at the same time, he recognizes the role his friend had in his life. He even wonders if he’ll be all right now that he lost his friend.

13. “Real Friends” By Kanye West Ft. TY Dolla Sign

Like any relationship, friendships go through the wringer sometimes. In a song with “friends” in the title, Kanye West lets us know about his struggles, not just with friends but with his family as well. The hip-hop song “Real Friends” also features the vocals of Ty Dolla Sign.

Lyrically, West raps about his estranged relationships with his family and friends. The song questions whether there are genuine friends, a common theme we are all familiar with.

But in the song, the question is prompted by the real intention of those around him. Are they his friends for who he is or for his money?

14. “Fake Friends” By Bebe Rexha Ft. G-Eazy

Like Bebe Rexha, we want to know, who needs “Fake Friends”? This single, featuring G-Eazy’s rapping, was released as part of Bebe Rexha’s second EP, All Your Fault.

This song tackles the complexities of genuineness in friendships. We can tell how Bebe Rexha hates fake friends, saying she doesn’t need them. All they know is to toss you once they no longer need you. And she’s not afraid to call out these fake people.

“Fake Friends” borrows inspiration from Bebe Rexha’s own experiences. After moving to Los Angeles from New York to pursue her career, Bebe experienced loneliness. Instead of folding in self-pity, Bebe reassures herself that she doesn’t need fake friends.

15. “Dead To Me” By Kali Uchis

When worse comes to worst, we treat undeserving friends like they’re dead to us. Singer-songwriter Kali Uchis shares the same sentiment in “Dead to Me.”

In the song, the singer doesn’t want anything to do with the other person. We can’t blame her, as he sounds to be the wrong person to be around. First, he’s mad at what she does. Second, he’s obsessed with her.

She makes it clear that now he is nothing to her. Not an enemy, but certainly not a friend either. So there’s no reason for him to establish any communication with her. She wants him to know he’s dead to her, so he might as well do the same.

16. “Flesh Without Blood” By Grimes

There are heartbreaks from separating from a lover. Then there are heartbreaks from friendships ending. Grimes‘ “Flesh without Blood” falls under the second category.

At first glance, it might seem like a heartbreak song. However, Grimes admitted that it’s about good friends who no longer see eye to eye. Listen to it carefully, and you’ll hear the sadness and anger in the lyrics. Obviously, her friend has changed, as she no longer “see the light I saw in you before.”

But the singer doesn’t care anymore as she admits that she doesn’t like her the way her friend didn’t like her. She beseeches her friend to let her go.

17. “Small Talk” By Katy Perry

Pop star Katy Perry had something to say about friendships ending in her song “Small Talk.” Capitol Records released the track as a single, and Perry later included it as a bonus track to her sixth album, Smile.

Lyrically, Perry addresses an ex-lover. She laments the conflicting feelings that emerge after a breakup once intimacy and love fade and emotional distance grows.

From strangers to lovers to strangers, the singer just can’t believe that with everything they’ve experienced together, she and her friend are now down to having small talk when they see each other instead of talking about forever.

18. “It’s Time To Go” By Taylor Swift

Despite good intentions, sometimes you have to know when to leave a friendship. Just ask Taylor Swift, who appears on our list for the third time with her ballad “It’s Time to Go.”

The song embodies resilience in the face of a difficult situation. In this case, breaking away from a friendship. The singer encourages her listeners to pay attention to their gut once it tells them to leave, no matter how hard it seems.

The lyrics provide a hearty and clear account of the feelings that may arise when you need to leave a toxic friendship.

19. “Don’t Speak” By No Doubt

“Don’t Speak” is a tune by the American rock band No Doubt. It’s the third track off their third studio album, Tragic Kingdom.

The song is about the end of a close relationship. The singer is devastated by the idea of losing a best friend. You can feel the loneliness and anger as she pleads with the friend to explain why they’re leaving.

“Don’t Speak” is a classic heartbreak song that borrows inspiration from the band’s experiences. Lead singer Gwen Stefani penned the lyrics after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend and fellow band member Matthew Wilder.

20. “Why We Ever” By Hayley Williams

While Hayley Williams‘ “Why We Ever” talks about a romantic interest, the message can also be applied to a friendship.

This smooth ballad revolves around disconnection from someone from one’s past. The singer laments about their friendship deteriorating, perhaps from lack of communication. She no longer remembers what his voice sounds like or how he looks now.

It makes her question why they have come to that point of saying goodbye. She apologizes for freaking him out with her actions and assures him that she only wants to talk things over with him.

21. “Judas” By Kelly Clarkson

This song by Kelly Clarkson borrows from Judas’s story, and we all know what he did to Christ. “Judas” is a song from Clarkson’s third studio album, My December.

True to its title, the track is about betrayal. The lyrics embody the bitterness and anger of realizing that your close friend goes behind your back.

The singer is understandably upset, knowing she has always been there for him. After what they’ve been through, he has it in his heart to deceive her, leave her out, and let her down.

However, she is resolved to never be like him. Despite the disappointments, she will not allow him to poison her.

22. “Somebody That I Used To Know” By Gotye

Next up, “Somebody That I Used to Know” is another song whose meaning can be applied to both romantic relationships and friendships. Gotye collaborated with Kimbra on this track for his album Making Mirrors.

In the lyrics, the truth couldn’t be clearer. It does not explicitly mention “friendship ending” in the lyrics, but the meaning is obvious. A friendship breaking up makes way for sadness and resignation. The people who were once our friends become just someone we used to know.

However, the singer feels disappointed when his friend treats him like a stranger. It turns out the other person is the one who’s eager to cut ties, going as far as changing their number.

23. “Fake Friends” By Sigrid

Here, we have another song with the idea of friendship ending in the lyrics. In “Fake Friends,” singer-songwriter Sigrid declares that “it’s better to walk away than run with fake friends.”

The singer talks about how it’s better to stay away from fake people and be strong in that decision. She must be thankful that “bad things come to an end,” even if that’s friendship.

These fake people only come around whenever she’s doing great. But they are nowhere to offer her support when she’s in need.

The song reminds us that we shouldn’t invest emotions and energy into people who don’t care at all.

24. “We Used To Be Friends” By The Dandy Warhols

As friends are an important part of our lives, it’s sad when friendship is lost. This song does not state “friendships ending” in its title, but “We Used to Be Friends” is just another way of saying it.

The song is by the alternative-rock group Dandy Warhols. The band released the track in 2003 as the lead single of their album Welcome to the Monkey House.

Lyrically, the song embodies the theme of a lost friendship. The singer talks about his experiences with his former best friend. He reflects on all the good times and how, unfortunately, they don’t talk anymore.

It’s sad when friends fall apart due to misunderstandings. It creates a gap that widens and widens until you’re no longer friends.

25. “Bad Friend” By Rina Sawayama

As singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama says in “Bad Friend,” it’s crazy how fast things can change. One minute you’re best friends. The next, you’re strangers.

The singer recalls one particular memory with her friend in Tokyo. That night, they had “nothing to lose” and only cared about having fun. They were best friends. Or so she thought.

It’s not to say the singer does not regret losing a friend. In fact, she recognizes her own contribution to why their friendship falls apart. She claims she overreacts and is “a bad friend.”

Summing Up Our List Of Friendship Ending Songs

Sadly, some friendships end. When they do, it’s emotionally overwhelming. It’s difficult to move on from these people, regardless if you or they are the reason for the fallout.

To overcome these emotions and move on, it’s necessary to appreciate the memories you shared. These songs share various perspectives on how to deal with this situation.

So whether you regret that you didn’t make an effort to mend the relationship or feel lonely and sad, these songs can be the first step to moving forward.

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