25 Of The Best Songs About Fixing Relationships

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In the symphony of life, relationships form an intricate melody. When these relationships falter, we often look for solace, understanding, and guidance.

Music, with its universal language and emotional resonance, has often served as a balm and companion during such times. From the mournful blues to the hopeful ballads, songs have a way of narrating our journey of love and the effort it takes to mend what’s broken.

In this list, we have 25 of the best songs about fixing relationships. These tracks span genres and decades, but they all share a common theme: the relentless pursuit of love and understanding. Let’s get started.

1. “Don’t Wanna Fight” By Alabama Shakes

Starting this list is the soulful rhythms of Alabama Shake‘s “Don’t Wanna Fight.” Its heartfelt plea for peace, understanding, and reconciliation is something most people who want to fix relationships will say.

The song captures the frustrations and struggles inherent in a relationship filled with disagreements. The lines “I take from my hand / put in your hands / the fruit of all my grief” exemplify this sentiment. They express the narrator’s yearning to lay down the burdens of conflict and work toward resolution.

Through its compelling narrative and emotive delivery, “Don’t Wanna Fight” is a testament to the effort and empathy required to heal and strengthen relationships.

2. “Stay With Me” By Sam Smith

When it comes to songs that capture the essence of longing and vulnerability in relationships, few do it as poignantly as “Stay with Me” by Sam Smith. This deeply moving track delves into the often unspoken emotions that linger after a fleeting romantic encounter.

The song is essentially a plea for connection and intimacy, even if just for a moment longer. It captures the universal human yearning for companionship and the fear of being left alone. This is embodied in the lines “Oh, won’t you stay with me? ‘Cause you’re all I need.”

In the context of fixing relationships, “Stay with Me” reminds us of two things. One, the importance of communication. Two, expressing our emotional needs openly. It underscores the fact that even in the most fleeting of connections, there lies the potential for deeper understanding and emotional growth.

3. “We Need A Resolution” By Aaliyah Ft. Timbaland

Up next, we have a song that does not have “fixing relationships” in the title. However, “We Need a Resolution” by Aaliyah, featuring Timbaland, explores this theme. It stands as a testament to the struggles that can arise when communication breaks down.

The lyrics delve into the heart of a troubled relationship. Both parties are tired of arguing but seemingly stuck in a loop of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

However, the lines “Let’s resolve it … / We can solve it, what’s the causes?” imply a glimmer of hope. Despite the challenges, the couple acknowledges that there is a way to fix things in their relationship and perhaps make it better.

4. “You Are A Memory” By Message To Bears

With a soothing melody that evokes nostalgia and longing, “You Are a Memory” by Message to Bears paints a vivid picture of a relationship that has run its course. Here, one party attempts to reach out “for the last time.”

Despite its melancholic tone, the song carries a subtle message about fixing relationships. Its central theme is not about dwelling on the past but rather acknowledging it as a stepping stone toward healing.

“You Are a Memory” reminds listeners that sometimes the best way to move forward is by acknowledging and learning from past mistakes. It encourages self-reflection and growth rather than lingering in regret.

5. “We Belong Together” By Mariah Carey

A chart-topping, powerful ballad is Mariah Carey‘s “We Belong Together.” As part of her studio album The Emancipation of Mimi, the song is an emotional testament to the struggle of letting go of a loved one.

In the song, the narrator expresses her feelings after ending a relationship. Regret and longing have seized her as she pleads, “I didn’t mean it when I said I didn’t love you so / I shoulda held on tight, I never shoulda let you go.” This indicates her desire for reconciliation.

The song reminds listeners of the importance of recognizing and admitting one’s mistakes. It suggests that acknowledging these errors is the first step toward mending a broken relationship.

6. “Take You Back” By Russ And Kehlani

The collaboration between Russ and Kehlani in the song “Take You Back” reflects a profound exploration of love, regret, and the longing for reconciliation. This track is a sincere plea for a second chance in a relationship that has hit rock bottom.

The lyrics indicate a deep understanding that they were part of the problem but also a strong desire to make things right.

Moreover, the song communicates the protagonist’s longing to return to the relationship they once had. This thought is clear in the lines, “Take you back, let’s be real, ’cause you’ve takin’ back me / This is hard, but I love you, we fuck up, that’s just life.”

7. “Dear Future Husband” By Meghan Trainor

Our next song is not your typical “fixing relationship” song. Meghan Trainor‘s “Dear Future Husband” provides a blueprint for what a healthy relationship should look like.

The song is essentially a list of requirements that the singer expects from her future husband. It emphasizes the importance of respect, communication, and mutual understanding in a relationship. For instance, the line “You’ve gotta know how to treat me like a lady, even when I’m acting crazy” suggests that understanding and patience are crucial in maintaining harmony in a relationship.

Moreover, the song encourages the concept of give and take in relationships. It promotes the idea that both partners should be willing to compromise and work together to keep the relationship strong.

8. “Hard To Love” By H.E.R.

In the vast landscape of soulful music, H.E.R.‘s “Hard to Love” stands out. It’s a deeply personal song that explores the complexities of maintaining love when one is dealing with past hurts and insecurities.

The song conveys the difficulty of finding love when one is burdened by past experiences. Through the lyrics, H.E.R. acknowledges her shortcomings. This understanding opens the door to growth and improvement. It thereby provides a potential pathway to mending broken relationships.

The song is a reminder that while our past and insecurities can make love challenging, acknowledging these issues and learning from them can lead to more fulfilling relationships.

9. “Strong Enough To Bend” By Tanya Tucker

A timeless tune from the country music genre is Tanya Tucker‘s “Strong Enough to Bend.” Released in 1988, this song offers a beautiful metaphor for resilience and adaptability in relationships.

Its lyrics use the imagery of a tree bending with the wind to represent a relationship that is strong enough to withstand challenges and changes. This conveys the idea that being unyielding can lead to breakage, while flexibility allows for growth and strength.

The song also suggests that strength does not lie in resistance but in the ability to adapt and change. By being “strong enough to bend,” couples can navigate through the storms of life together, emerging stronger and more united.

10. “Need U Bad” By Jazmine Sullivan

Up next is Jazmine Sullivan‘s “Need U Bad” from her debut album Fearless. In the song, the narrator expresses her yearning for her loved one after their relationship has gone awry. She states she was “so foolish to ever leave [his] side.”

She sings of her desire to fix their relationship in the lyrics, “Baby, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do / to get back what we had when love was true.” This suggests that despite the challenges they’ve faced, the singer is willing to work through their issues because of the depth of her feelings.

Overall, “Need U Bad” by Jazmine Sullivan is a passionate plea for reconciliation. It highlights the importance of communication and honesty in fixing a relationship. It also reminds us that our vulnerabilities and desires can often be the bridge that heals the gap.

11. “Just Give Me A Reason” By Pink Ft. Nate Ruess

A true song about fixing relationships is the powerful piano-infused ballad “Just Give Me a Reason” by Pink, featuring Nate Ruess from the band Fun.

The song is essentially a conversation between two lovers who are on the brink of separation. They are desperate to save their relationship. It encapsulates the struggles, misunderstandings, and insecurities that can arise in any relationship.

The song clearly mentions the desire to fix their relationship in the lines, “Just give me a reason, just a little bit’s enough … / We’re not broken just bent, and we can learn to love again.” This also underscores the power of communication, understanding, and the couple’s will to make things work.

12. “Ordinary People” By John Legend

One of the most iconic songs from John Legend‘s debut album, Get Lifted, is “Ordinary People.” This song, co-written with will.i.am, is a poignant reflection on the complexities of relationships. It speaks directly to the heart, resonating with anyone who has ever experienced the ups and downs of love.

The song acknowledges that relationships aren’t always perfect and that it’s okay to make mistakes. So if the relationship is going downhill, it’s best to just “kiss, then [we] make up on the way” to make it better.

Overall, the song is a raw look at love. It strips away the Hollywood glamor and focuses on the reality of two ordinary people trying their best to make things work and “take it slow.”

13. “Baby Can I Hold You Tonight” By Tracy Chapman

Up next is a timeless piece from 1988. “Baby Can I Hold You Tonight” by Tracy Chapman strikes a chord with listeners through its heartfelt lyrics and melodic simplicity.

The song expresses regret over past actions and the difficulty of articulating an apology. The lines “‘Sorry’ / is all that you can’t say / Years gone by and still / words don’t come easily / like sorry” poignantly capture this struggle.

The song highlights the often hard task of saying sorry and seeking forgiveness, which is a crucial step in repairing a relationship.

The song also emphasizes the importance of physical comfort in a relationship. The title itself is a plea for intimacy and connection, suggesting that sometimes actions can convey more than words.

14. “One Call Away” By Charlie Puth

Released in 2015, Charlie Puth‘s “One Call Away” is a soulful melody that has since become a beacon of comfort and assurance for many listeners worldwide.

In terms of mending relationships, “One Call Away” offers a blueprint for what it means to be a supportive partner. It’s about being there for your loved one, no matter the circumstances.

It underlines the importance of being a reliable presence in your loved one’s life, especially during challenging times. The lines “I’ll be there to save the day … / I’m just a call away” further emphasize the singer’s willingness to go to great lengths to be there for his partner.

15. “Sorry” By Justin Bieber

The first step to fixing a relationship is to say sorry, and this is what Justin Bieber‘s 2015 song “Sorry” is all about.

In this song, Bieber expresses deep remorse for his past mistakes and pleads for a second chance. The song captures his regret, which often follows a fallout or misunderstanding. It paints a picture of someone willing to admit their faults and take responsibility for their actions.

“Sorry” is also a call for understanding. By admitting his mistakes, Bieber is inviting his former lover to see his vulnerability and sincerity. This opens a door for communication and potential reconciliation.

16. “Damaged” By TLC

A song that speaks to our hearts is TLC‘s “Damaged.” It is an emotional exploration of fear and vulnerability in relationships.

The song dives into the complexities of entering a new relationship with emotional baggage from the past, offering a perspective on healing and rebuilding trust. The lyrics “My heart’s damaged … / I thought that I should let you know” express this sense of vulnerability and caution.

“Damage” also highlights the importance of communication in fixing relationships. By openly expressing their fears and insecurities, the individual is inviting their partner to understand their emotional landscape better. This transparency can pave the way for empathy, understanding, and ultimately, healing.

17. “Baby Come Back” By Player

A broken heart can hurt, and sometimes, one wishes the other person was still with them. The rock band Player perfectly describes this feeling in their hit classic “Baby Come Back.”

The song is essentially a man’s desperate plea to his lover to return to him after a fallout. It captures the emotional turmoil of realizing one’s mistakes too late and the subsequent yearning for a second chance: “Baby come back, any kind of fool could see / there was something in everything about you.”

A crucial step toward mending the relationship is admission. This is embodied in the line “I was wrong, and I just can’t live without you.” By acknowledging his fault, he is showing his willingness to change, which can pave the way for reconciliation.

18. “A Song For You” By The Carpenters

With their unique blend of soft rock and pop, The Carpenters have delivered a timeless classic in “A Song for You.” This piece is a tender expression of love and apology, an attempt at mending a strained relationship through the power of music.

At its core, “A Song for You” is an emotional confession. It’s about acknowledging mistakes, expressing regret, and promising to make amends.

A telling line in the song goes, “I’ve treated you unkindly / but darlin’ can’t you see? / There’s no one more important to me … / And I’m singing this song for you.” It’s a declaration of love that hints at the hope for forgiveness and restoration of their relationship.

19. “Lost Stars” By Adam Levine

Delving into the melodic world of Adam Levine, we find a particularly touching piece titled “Lost Stars.” This song was originally featured in the romantic comedy-drama movie Begin Again. It’s a melancholic exploration of love, loss, and the quest for understanding.

“Lost Stars” is about feeling lost in a relationship and seeking a sense of direction. The lyrics express a longing for clarity and connection amid the confusion of love.

In terms of mending relationships, “Lost Stars” suggests that, sometimes, the first step toward reconciliation is acknowledging the disconnection. The line “Take my hand, let’s see where we wake up tomorrow” embodies this idea.

20. “Forgiveness And Love” By Miley Cyrus

From Miley Cyrus, we have the soulful track “Forgiveness and Love.” It’s a beautiful exploration of two of the most potent emotions in human relationships.

“Forgiveness and Love” is about the power and necessity of these two emotions in our lives. The lyrics depict the struggle of communicating in a relationship, especially when distance and misunderstandings create barriers.

When it comes to fixing relationships, the song emphasizes that forgiveness and love are key. It reminds listeners that while relationships may have their highs and lows, it’s through these two emotions that we can mend the broken pieces and create something even more beautiful.

21. “It’s Not Over” By Secondhand Serenade


From their debut album Awake, Secondhand Serenade presents us with “It’s Not Over.” The song beautifully encapsulates the struggles and hopes in a relationship on the brink of falling apart.

In the song, the narrator is desperate to keep the relationship alive and longs to make it right. This is particularly clear in the lines “We had the chance to make it / now it’s over … / I wish that I could take it back.”

All in all, Secondhand Serenade’s “It’s Not Over” provides a heartfelt expression of the determination to save a relationship from ending. It reminds us that it’s never too late to mend what’s broken.

22. “Give Your Heart A Break” By Demi Lovato

In the world of pop music, Demi Lovato‘s powerful vocals shine in the song “Give Your Heart a Break.” This track from her album Unbroken blends energetic beats and heartfelt lyrics about love and relationships.

The song captures the protagonist’s efforts to convince their partner to let go of their fears and open up to the possibility of love again. The line “Don’t wanna break your heart, wanna give your heart a break” reflects the desire to comfort and assure the partner that not all relationships end in heartbreak.

The protagonist also urges, “The world is ours if you want it / We can take it, if you just take my hand.” This suggests that taking the risk to love can be a crucial step toward fixing and strengthening a relationship.

23. “I Won’t Let Go” By Rascal Flatts

A country ballad that tugs at the heartstrings, we have next “I Won’t Let Go” by Rascal Flatts. Released as a promotional single from their album Nothing Like This, the song is of unwavering support and commitment.

It speaks volumes about standing by someone’s side through thick and thin. This powerful message is something one would be happy to hear when one’s relationship is going down some rocky road and needs mending.

Overall, the song emphasizes the significance of being there for each other. The repeated phrase “I won’t let go” serves as a pledge to hold on, to not give up on each other, no matter how tough things get.

24. “Always On My Mind” By Willie Nelson

Recorded by various artists over the years, one of the most iconic renditions of “Always on My Mind” is by Willie Nelson. This song is a classic in the country music genre that remains beloved by fans today.

“Always on My Mind” is essentially about regret and the yearning to correct past mistakes. The lyrics are filled with apologies and admissions of neglect, hinting at a failed relationship where the singer didn’t appreciate his partner as he should have.

The song hints at mending relationships after the narrator tells his past love she was always on his mind. He begs her to tell him that her “sweet love hasn’t died” and asks for “one more chance” to keep her satisfied.

25. “Let’s Stay Together” By Al Green

We close this list with an oldie by Al Green, “Let’s Stay Together.” This timeless classic is a soulful testament to love and the desire to maintain a relationship. That is, regardless of the ups and downs that may come along the way.

The lyrics express a sense of contentment and happiness derived from being with a loved one, “whether times are good or bad, happy or sad.”

The song also acts as a reminder of the importance of sticking together through thick and thin. It emphasizes the need for commitment and the willingness to work through difficulties. These are key aspects in fixing and strengthening relationships.

Summing Up Our List Of Fixing Relationship Songs

As you have read, these songs hold a special place. They touch upon universal themes of love, regret, reconciliation, and resilience, offering comfort during difficult times.

Each one serves as a reminder that every relationship has its ups and downs. But it’s the willingness to work through these challenges that truly strengthens the bond. It inspires us to reflect on our actions, express our feelings, and strive for better communication.

So the next time you find yourself in a rocky relationship, turn up the volume and let these songs guide you toward reconciliation and healing.

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