21 Of The Best Country Songs Of The 2000s

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It’s tough to narrow down the best country songs of the 2000s to just a few. After all, this was a decade that gave us plenty of great tunes from artists like Carrie Underwood, Chris Young, and Taylor Swift. However, we’ve done our best to compile a list of the must-listen tracks from the decade.

So whether you’re gearing up for another night on the town or want to reminisce about good times gone by, be sure to check out our picks of the 21 best country songs of the 2000s. Read on!

1. “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” By Alan Jackson And Jimmy Buffett

We thought we’d kick things off with “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere,” which is a song by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett, released in 2003. It peaked at #1 on the US Billboard Country Songs chart in 2003 and quickly became a summer anthem.

The song is about enjoying life and living in the moment, regardless of the time. So if you had a tough day, whatever time it is, just grab a drink—alcoholic or not—and chill. After all, it’s five o’clock somewhere else in the world.

It’s a perfect song for relaxing and enjoying the present. It’s also a fun reminder to take a break when the going gets tough.

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2. “One More Day” By Diamond Rio

Next up on our list is “One More Day” by Diamond Rio. This song was released in 2000 and quickly rose to the top of the charts, spending six weeks at #1 on the US Billboard Country Songs chart. 

It’s a touching ballad about a man who doesn’t want anything in the world except to spend one more day with his love. The lyrics are heartbreaking but at the same time heartwarming, and the song will stay with you long after it’s over.

Diamond Rio’s vocal performance is flawless, and the song’s simple but effective instrumentation makes it all the more powerful. Give it a listen!

3. “Troubadour” By George Strait

George Strait is known as the King of Country and with good reason. He’s sold more than 100 million records and has been named the Artist of the Decade by the Academy of Country Music and Billboard magazine.

It’s no surprise that his 2008 song “Troubadour” is one of his most iconic. The song tells a story of a man now well past his prime. He’s thinking back of to when he was a young troubadour and famous.

Despite his age, he expresses the joy he had during that time and how he’ll always be a troubadour until he passes away. The song is a reminder that, despite all the changes over the years, we can’t really change who we are.

4. “Need You Now” By Lady Antebellum

“Need You Now” is a song by American country music group Lady Antebellum, now simply known as Lady A. It peaked at #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and topped the charts in Canada and New Zealand.

The song is sung by a man and a woman in a relationship that seems to be falling apart. However, apart, they’re missing each other. They wallow in their misery of being alone, thinking of how much they need each other at the moment.

“Need You Now” has been praised for its emotional lyrics and its catchy melody. It won Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Song of the Year in 2010.

5. “Jesus Take The Wheel” By Carrie Underwood

Fourth-season American Idol winner Carrie Underwood‘s debut single, “Jesus Take the Wheel,” was released in October 2005 and quickly rose to the top of the charts.

The song is about a woman who has hit rock bottom and is ready to give up on life. On the road with her baby, she has a car accident and is about to die, but she asks Jesus to take control of her life and save her and her child.

Regardless of what situation one might find themselves in, listening to “Jesus Take the Wheel” is a powerful reminder that there is always hope, no matter how dark life gets.

6. “Live Like You Were Dying” By Tim McGraw

One of the most popular songs of the early 21st century is Tim McGraw‘s “Live Like You Were Dying.” With over 29 million views on YouTube, the song spent seven weeks at #1 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 2004. 

The lyrics tell the story of a man who is diagnosed with a terminal illness and decides to make the most of his remaining time. He tries new things, takes risks, and spends time with his loved ones.

Ultimately, he learns that living life to the fullest is more important than anything else. The song reminds us all that we should live each day like it could be our last and make the most of our time on this earth.

7. “Home” By Blake Shelton

“Home” was initially written and sung by Michael Bublé in 2005 and covered by boy band Westlife; however, Blake Shelton‘s version, released in 2007, was the one that topped Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart.

It is a song about a man who is away from home. He’s tired and longing for the woman in his heart and the simplicity of small-town life far away. The lyrics are incredibly relatable, and the song’s catchy melody will stay with you long after it’s over.

The message of the song is one that everyone can relate to. The song has become such a huge country music classic that Shelton and Bublé have collaborated to make a Christmas version of it.

8. “I’m Already There” By Lonestar

Recorded as a tribute to fathers away from home, “I’m Already There” by Lonestar is a song that will resonate with anyone who has ever been away from their loved ones.

The lyrics are beautifully poignant and heartwarming, and the song’s simple but effective instrumentation makes it all the more powerful.

The song became an instant classic after its release, spending six weeks at #1 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 2001. “I’m Already There” is a reminder that even when we are far from the ones we love, they are always with us in our thoughts and hearts.

9. “Small Town Southern Man” By Alan Jackson

“Small Town Southern Man” was released in May of 2008. It was a huge hit, reaching the top of the country charts and becoming one of Alan Jackson‘s signature pieces.

The song is about a blue-collar man proud of his small-town roots. Even though he may not have much money, he is content with his life and the simple things that make him happy.

“Small Town Southern Man” is a celebration of the simple life. It has resonated with many people tired of modern life’s complexities. The song is still popular today, and it continues to be a favorite among Alan Jackson fans.

10. “She’s Everything” By Brad Paisley

“She’s Everything” is a song by country singer Brad Paisley, released in 2006 in his fourth studio album, Time Well Wasted. It was initially for cowriter Wil Nance’s wife, but Paisley personalized it as an ode to his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

“She’s Everything” is a song about exactly what the title says. In it, Paisley sings of the qualities of his wife, how in love he is with her, and how she is the perfect woman for him.

The song was a huge hit, peaking at #1 on the Billboard Country charts. It was certified 2x Platinum and became Paisley’s first single to cross over to the pop charts.

11. “As Good As I Once Was” By Toby Keith

If you’re feeling your old age, you might enjoy “As Good As I Once Was.” The song was co-written and recorded by American country music artist Toby Keith.

Set in a bar, the song is a story of a middle-aged man whose glory days are long gone. But while enjoying a drink, he’s challenged to a fight in order to help a friend, which makes him question if he’s still physically up to it.

The song became Keith’s eleventh #1 hit on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in August 2005. Its success helped to propel Keith’s album to the top of the charts, making it his sixth consecutive #1 album.

12. “Gettin’ You Home (The Black Dress Song)” By Chris Young

“Gettin’ You Home” is a song by American country music singer Chris Young. It was released in 2009 as the lead single from his debut album, The Man I Want to Be.

It is a sweet song about how a man appreciates how beautiful his significant other is in a black dress while having a special dinner together. He’s distracted by how amazing she is and can’t wait to get her home for “dessert.”

“Getting You Home” is still popular today and is one of Chris Young’s most well-known songs. It became certified Platinum after selling over 930,000 copies.

13. “Your Man” By Josh Turner

If you’re looking for a song that perfectly captures the feelings of young love, Josh Turner‘s 2005 song “Your Man” is a perfect choice. The song has become one of the most popular songs on TikTok, with users creating videos of themselves dancing and lip-syncing to the catchy tune.

The song’s simple yet profound lyrics speak to the heart of what it feels like to be in love and how it is a “feeling quite [this] strong.” And Turner’s deep, smooth voice makes the song even more enjoyable to listen to.

So whether you’re looking for a romantic song to dance to with your partner or just a feel-good tune to listen to, “Your Man” is sure to fit the bill.

14. “Red Dirt Road” By Brooks & Dunn

Cowritten and recorded by American country music duo Brooks & Dunn, “Red Dirt Road” is a trip down memory lane that landed the singers. The song topped Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart in 2003.

The narrator reflects on his experiences along the red dirt road of his hometown. He thinks back to the time he drank his first beer there and when he crashed his car in the area. It is also where he found, lost, and found again the love of his life.

“Red Dirt Road” is both nostalgic and reflective, and its message resonates with many fans who grew up in rural areas. The song is a classic Brooks & Dunn song that continues to offer listeners a glimpse of life in America’s heartland.

15. “You’ll Think Of Me” By Keith Urban

From songs about love and reflection, we move on to heartbreak and recovery in Keith Urban‘s “You’ll Think of Me.” Released in 2004, the song is a track from his album Golden Road.

The narrator is looking back on a relationship that ended because the woman cheated on him. He’s not sad about it; in fact, he insists she takes back all her things. She’ll be forced to think of him while she gets her stuff, but he’ll be free of her.

“You’ll Think of Me” is a sad but beautiful song, and Urban’s voice is perfect for it. It’s one of Urban’s best, which stayed at #1 for two weeks on the Hot Country Songs chart.

16. “Something More” By Sugarland

From Sugarland‘s Twice the Speed of Life album, we have the song “Something More.” It was released in 2005 and peaked at #2 in Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs.

If you’re craving more than the everyday humdrum of life, doing a nine-to-five job with nothing to show for, “Something More” could be the song for you, as it’s a relatable anthem for anyone who has ever felt stuck in a rut and longed for happiness and excitement.

The lyrics speak to the yearning we all feel for something more meaningful and fulfilling. “Something More” is a fun, uplifting song that will guarantee to make you want to sing along.

17. “Summertime” By Kenny Chesney

“Summertime” is a reflective ode to the joys of summer, with Kenny Chesney describing the excitement of young love, spending time with friends, and playing summer sports.

The track perfectly captures the nostalgia of summer with its laid-back rhythms and Chesney’s easygoing vocal delivery. The song’s overall mood of celebration makes it the perfect soundtrack for sweet summer days.

“Summertime” was released in 2005 as part of Chesney’s album The Road and the Radio. As with many of the songs on this list, it also topped the Hot Country Songs chart.

18. “Party For Two” By Shania Twain

If you’re looking for a fun, upbeat song to help get your party started, look no further than the 2004 song “Party For Two” by Shania Twain, featuring Billy Currington.

Though the lyrics have a more sensual undertone for the party of two singing the song, its infectiously catchy tune is the perfect way to get your guests moving and groove along with the music.

Twain’s and Currington’s vocals are top-notch in this song. It sold over 100 thousand copies and was certified Gold. And if you’re into pop, Twain also has a pop version with Mark McGrath.

19. “Just Got Started Lovin’ You” By James Otto

Released in July 2007 in the album Sunset Man, James Otto‘s “Just Got Started Lovin’ You” is about a man who is head-over-heels in love with a woman and is willing to do anything to make her happy.

In the song, he’s not satisfied with just their weekend get-togethers. He’s urging her to be his because even though he’s just started loving her, for him, the love he’s feeling is forever.

“Just Got Started Lovin’ You” was a commercial success. It reached #1 on the Hot Country Songs chart, becoming Otto’s first top single.

20. “That’s What I Love About Sunday” By Craig Morgan

Sunday mornings are the best. There’s something about waking up late, grabbing a cup of coffee, and relaxing that makes the start of the week feel less stressful.

Craig Morgan‘s song “That’s What I Love About Sunday” perfectly captures that feeling. The whole song is just one long list of all the things that make Sundays great. From going to church to watching football to grilling out with friends, it’s all there.

It’s a simple song that speaks to the joy of taking it easy on a Sunday afternoon. So next time you’re feeling frazzled, give it a listen. It’s certain to help you unwind.

21. “Mississippi Girl” By Faith Hill

The song “Mississippi Girl” by Faith Hill was released in her album Fireflies in 2005. It peaked at #1 on the Hot Country Songs charts, staying for two weeks, and even landed at #29 on Billboard Pop 100.

Hill sings about how people think she’s changed because of her popularity. She goes on to say her experiences have not changed her. Off-stage, she still knows everybody in town and loves wearing her old ball cap because she’s the same Mississippi girl they know.

The upbeat song kind of serves as two reminders: (1) to not assume that if a person moves away and goes on to do better, bigger things, they will change, and (2) to remember your roots, regardless of what you become in the future.

Summing Up Our List Of 2000s Country Songs

There are a lot of great country songs from the 2000s, but those listed above are some of the best. Whether you’re looking for a nostalgic ballad or a fun party tune, there’s something here for everyone.

So next time you need a little boost or something to sing along to, put on one (or more!) of these songs and enjoy.

Which other songs would you add to this list? Let us know and we’ll add them!

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