10 Of The Best Country Love Songs Of The 1970s

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If there’s one thing that defined the 1970s in the realm of country music, it was the heartfelt expression of love through soulful melodies and poignant lyrics. From heartbreak to everlasting devotion, this golden era produced some of the greatest country love songs of all time.

These timeless classics, ranging from ballads to upbeat tunes, continue to resonate with audiences even today, reminding us of the power of love in its various forms.

Thus in this article, we’ll take a nostalgic journey back to the ’70s and highlight 10 of the best country love songs that captured the essence of romance during that decade. Ready to learn about them? Read on!

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1. “I Will Always Love You” By Dolly Parton

Initially released in 1974, we have the original “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton. The highly successful single topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart twice!

The lyrics of this song interpret a declaration of love from one person to another, even though one of them must part from the other. Listening to the lyrics, one can tell it is a bittersweet goodbye.

Parton recorded several versions of “I Will Always Love You” throughout her career. The first was for her album Jolene, followed by a version for the film The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas in 1982, and then again in 1995 as a duet with Vince Gill.

2. “Woman (Sensuous Woman)” By Don Gibson

Our next song is by Don Gibson “Woman (Sensuous Woman),” released as a single in 1972 from his album of the same name.

It is a simple and short song about a woman’s wiles to lure a man—in this case, the narrator—and how he is caught in her sensuous web. However, he also seems to plead with her to let him go so he can be with his true love.

When released, “Woman (Sensuous Woman)” topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The song was later covered by Mark Chestnutt, but it did not reach the same height as Gibson’s version.

3. “You’re My Best Friend” By Don Williams

Texas native Don Williams released “You’re My Best Friend” in 1975 in his album of the same name. The song tells the story of a man who has found true love and friendship and is grateful for it.

The narrator begins by expressing his gratitude for his partner’s love and companionship, saying he knows he can always count on her. He then suggests his love for her is so strong that it has helped him through some tough times and that he knows she will always be there for him.

The theme of the song is one of enduring love and companionship, and it is clear that the narrator believes his partner to be his best friend.

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4. “You Decorated My Life” By Kenny Rogers

In 1979, Kenny Rogers released the album, Kenny. It features the lead single, “You Decorated My Life,” which took the top spot of the Hot Country Songs chart.

The song describes the deep love and appreciation the narrator has for someone who has brightened up his world. It reflects on all the happy moments that have been shared between the two lovers and how those memories will continue to bring joy long after they are gone.

The lyrics also express gratitude for how the other person has made life more beautiful and meaningful. In essence, the song is about how even the simplest acts of love can change our lives forever.

5. “Behind Closed Doors” By Charlie Rich

If you want a song to show appreciation for your girl, “Behind Closed Doors” is the one. It was released by Charlie Rich in 1973 in his album of the same name. It became the singer’s first #1 single to hit the Hot Country Songs chart.

In the song, the narrator exalts the wonderful characteristics of his love—how she makes him smile, how she makes him proud, and how she’s such a lady. And when the doors are closed, she makes him so glad he’s a man.

“Behind Closed Doors” is a celebration of the love and high regard one has for their partner as well as of private, intimate love—both the kind of love one hopes to have.

6. “It Must Be Love” By Don Williams

Next up, we have another work from Don Williams. “It Must Be Love,” released in 1978 in the album Expressions, is an upbeat song about falling in love that hit the #1 spot on Billboard‘s Hot Country Singles chart.

As the title implies, the narrator wonders about the myriad feelings he’s experiencing. He can’t sleep at night from thinking of this one woman, and he dreams about her all the time—what else could it be but love?

Anyone who has fallen in love can relate to the song; it pretty much expresses how one feels, the euphoria and sometimes confusion, when finding The One.

7. “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man” By Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn

This duet from Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn is a song of overcoming obstacles for love. “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man,” was released in 1973 and was #1 on the Billboard Country Songs chart for a week.

The song is sung from two perspectives: from the Louisiana woman’s and the Mississippi man’s. They are in love with each other, but the Mississippi River—which is 11 miles wide—stands in their way. For the lovers, however, this is just a small obstacle. They’re sure to find their way to each other.

“Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man” is a reminder to those in love that nothing is too big to overcome when it comes to getting to your significant other. It’s a story that many people can relate to, and it’s one of the things that makes this song so special.

8. “Amazing Love” By Charley Pride

Written by John Schweers and performed by Charley Pride, “Amazing Love” was released in 1973 and went on to be another #1 hit for Pride.

In the song, the narrator needs to leave early but does not bother waking his partner. He instead leaves a kiss and a rose, but he’s confident that she will understand the emotions behind the gesture because her love is that amazing.

Many might interpret this as a goodbye for good, but we’d like to think that the narrator was simply on his way to work and just wanted to leave a symbol of his love for his partner to find when she wakes up.

Whatever your interpretation, it is obviously a song expounding one’s confidence in the strength and love of their relationship.

9. “Funny Face” By Donna Fargo

Another song that achieved significant success in the ’70s is “Funny Face” by Donna Fargo. Released in 1972, it reached the top spot on the Hot Country Songs chart and stayed there for three weeks. It is truly a love song from one partner to another.

Fargo was sometimes called Funny Face by her husband, and she felt this song was perfect for expressing her feelings whenever her husband said the words she sings in the song.

In “Funny Face,” she sings of how happy it makes her feel whenever her husband tells her he loves her and needs her, and for Fargo, they are the “sweetest words [she’s] ever heard.”

10. “That’s Why I Love You Like I Do” By Sonny James

One of the more popular love song of the 1970s is “That’s Why I Love You Like I Do” by Sonny James. It has two versions, one from 1956 and another from 1972. The latter was more successful in that it peaked at #1 in the Billboard Hot Country Singles.

The line “that’s why I love you like I do” is repeated throughout the song, emphasizing the narrator’s deep feelings of love. The lyrics suggest love is a powerful emotion that can make even the ordinary things in life seem special.

With its tender melody, “That’s Why I Love You Like I Do” remains a cherished classic, showcasing James’ talent for delivering heartfelt ballads that touch the hearts of listeners.

Summing Up Our List Of The Best ’70s Country Love Songs

The 1970s was a remarkable era for country music, especially when it came to expressing the depths of love. The songs above are just a few country love songs of that decade that have withstood the test of time and continue to be popular among country music fans today.

Whether it’s the soulful ballads or the uplifting tunes, each song tells a unique story of love, heartbreak, and devotion. These classics remind us of the power of love and its ability to touch our hearts in profound ways, making them essential additions to any country music playlist.

Did we leave off one of your favorite country love songs? Let us know, and we’ll add it to the list!

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