Grade 2 Music Theory Worksheets


39+ pages of our PDF Grade 2 Music Theory Worksheets covering all the topics you need to know for the ABRSM theory exam. You have over 350 exercises to complete plus all the model answers are included.

  • 330+ exercises
  • Instant download
  • Model answers included
  • Money-back guarantee

Samples Of Our Grade 2 Exercise Sheets

Here are a few examples of what you get when you download our grade 2 music theory worksheets. Or you can go back and view our other graded music theory exercises packs here.


Why Use Our Grade 2 Worksheets Pack

We’ve put together 39 pages of PDF grade 2 music theory worksheets covering everything that you need to know for the ABRSM grade 2 music theory exam. By completing these worksheets along side your studies you will grasp all the topics and techniques needed to prepare for and pass the grade 2 music theory exam.

Each worksheet goes in depth to the topic with over 350 exercises to complete and put into practice all the things that you’re learning about.

As they are PDFs you can print them out as many times as you need.

What topics do these worksheets cover?

Our Grade 2 Worksheets Pack covers 8 different topics which are:
  1. Ledger Lines
  2. Time Signatures
  3. Major Keys
  4. Triplets
  5. Minor Keys
  6. Grouping Notes and Rests
  7. Intervals
  8. Performance Directions

All the model answers included

As well as all of the worksheets we have included all the model answers so you can mark the exams yourself to see where you’re going wrong and improve.


Reviews Of Our Grade 2 Theory Worksheets

Here are some of the reviews from some of our customers who have used our grade 2 theory worksheets.

Hillary - Parent, South Africa
“Hi Dan, yes they really helped my son to revise for his exam. Thanks for all your hard work putting them together.”
Connie - Student, UK
“I enjoyed completing your worksheets and feel a lot more confident about my grade 2 exam. Thanks.”

What's Included In This Download?

Upon purchase you’ll receive a zip file which includes the following 16 files:

The worksheets:

  1. Ledger Lines – 1.0 MB
  2. Time Signatures – 1.0 MB
  3. Major Keys – 1.8 MB
  4. Triplets – 0.5 MB
  5. Minor Keys – 1.6 MB
  6. Grouping Notes and Rests – 0.6 MB
  7. Intervals – 2.4 MB
  8. Performance Directions – 0.1 MB

As well as all the answers:

  1. Ledger Lines Answers – 2.8 MB
  2. Time Signatures Answers – 3.7 MB
  3. Major Keys Answers – 4.6 MB
  4. Triplets Answers – 0.8 MB
  5. Minor Keys Answers – 5.6 MB
  6. Grouping Notes and Rests Answers – 5.5 MB
  7. Intervals Answers – 2.7 MB
  8. Performance Directions Answers – 0.1 MB

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re pretty pleased with our grade 2 music theory worksheets and we’re sure that you’ll like them too. However, they’re not free and as you are paying for them we want you to be a happy customer.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your download and we can’t make it right, we’ll give you your money back.