Grade 5 Music Theory Practice Papers


This is a digital download of five of our unique PDF Grade 5 Music Theory Practice Exams to help you, your child or your students prepare for and pass the 2019 ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory Exams.

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Grade 5 Music Theory Past Paper Samples

Here's some examples from our grade 5 music theory practice papers. We've put them together by analysing the last six years of actual ABRSM grade 5 past papers to help you be prepared for all the types of questions that could come up. Click here to go back and see the other music theory practice papers for different grades we have. 

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Why use our Grade 5 Music Theory Practice Papers Pack

Our most popular and download product on our site is our grade 5 practice exams pack. If you, your child or students have an ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory exam coming up then taking some practice tests before the big day is crucial to ensuring a pass.

Sitting mock exams helps you:

  • Get used to answering within a time limit
  • See the style of questions and what is expected
  • Find out what your strengths and weaknesses are

Our Grade 5 Music Theory Exam Paper Pack contains 5 unique PDF mock tests to help you get to grips with everything that could come up in the ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory exam.

What types of questions are asked?

All of our grade 5 music theory papers have been put together by painstakingly reviewing the ABRSM syllabus and the last 6 years of actual grade 5 exam papers to make sure it includes every type of question that could be asked. With over 150 exercises for you to get stuck into you’ll be more than prepared.

The types of questions that are asked are:

  • Naming and writing out notes and their values as well as their corresponding rests
  • Adding missing time signatures to extracts (all previous time signatures plus irregular time signatures 5/4, 7/4, 5/8 and 7/8)
  • Rewriting an extract of music with the notes grouped and beamed correctly (including irregular time signatures)
  • Identifying notes in any of the four clefs (treble, bass, alto and tenor) in any key signature (up to 6 sharps and flats)
  • Identifying the letter names and technical names of marked notes (in any of the four clefs and in any of the keys)
  • Transposing an extract of music up or down an octave from any of the four clefs to any other clef
  • Transposing an extract of music at concert pitch from music written for an instrument in Bb, A or F and vice versa
  • Identifying and writing out scales, key signatures, tonic triads in any major or minor key (up to 6 sharps and flats)
  • Identifying an enharmonic equivalent of any note in any of the four clefs
  • Identifying and writing out chromatic scales
  • Identifying and writing out harmonic and melodic intervals, simple and compound starting on any note
  • Adding missing bar lines to extracts
  • Adding missing rests to extracts
  • Identifying chords (root, 1st inversion and 2nd inversion) forms of the tonic, supertonic, subdominant and dominant chords and any of the keys for this grade.
  • Identifying and writing out various cadences
  • Choosing appropriate chords for a melody in the keys of C, F, D or G
  • Identifying the correct definitions of grade 5 performance directions
  • Identifying the mistakes in an extract of music and rewriting it correctly
  • Identifying and writing out various ornaments
  • Rewriting an extract of music with notes and rests of twice or half the value
  • Rewriting an extract of music from simple to compound time and vice versa
  • Answering questions about an extract of music including questions about standard orchestral instruments 

This way you'll know what to expect in the real thing.

All The Model Answers Included

As well as all of the grade 5 practice papers we have included all the model answers so you can mark the exams yourself to see where you're going wrong and improve.

No more relying on your teacher to mark them or buying additional answers papers.

"I bought the grade 5 practice paper pack and have found them to be very helpful. Customer service and replies to emails are very speedy.

Doug Flemming - Teacher, UK

"Fantastic resources created by Dan. My son used only these and got a high mark in the ABRSM Grade 5 theory. Apart from the resources Dan is wonderful and responds to any questions we may have. He went the extra mile to explain intervals to me. Thank you Dan. I owe my sons success to you!"

Kauser Ismail - Parent, Dubai

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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