January 2019 Update

Happy new year everyone. Hope you had a good winter break and aren’t feeling as fat as me.

Just a quick update of what I’ve been up to with the site over the last month and what to expect over the next month.

Site Redesign

It’s a new year and so I thought Hello Music Theory could use a little makeover.

I’ve redesigned the site to be a little bit more user-friendly, hopefully, it feels a bit easier and nicer to use than the last one.

If you spot any grammatical errors or links that aren’t working could you let me know? I’d really appreciate it.

If you’ve purchased one of my products and haven’t downloaded it yet, the old link probably won’t work. Just email me with details of when you purchased and I’ll send over a fresh download link for you. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Another thing to mention is that old links from my previous emails might not work like they used to. Again, just contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Grade 2 Study Guide

One of my new year’s resolutions in 2019 was to try and write 1000 words every day in January.

If I’m able to keep this up it should mean that my grade 2 music theory guide gets finished by the end of the month!

​The images and the musical examples do take quite a while to make though so don’t hold me to it but early February 2019 it should be released.

Publishing More Videos

I’m also going to be releasing some more videos teaching music theory related things.

You can follow what I’m making over on our YouTube channel

December got a little busy for me and so I let my weekly publishing schedule slip. Something I plan to remedy this year.

Anyway, happy new year again and see you again for another update next month.


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