13 Of The Best Worship Songs About Peace

Written by Dan Farrant

Worship songs that focus on peace are a unique genre of Christian music. They highlight themes of tranquility, harmony, and serenity amid obstacles.

What’s good about these songs is that they can bring comfort and solace to the listeners. They are not just for personal reflection but can also be used in communal worship settings to foster a spirit of unity and peace.

Here, we have compiled 13 of the best worship songs about peace to help you calm your mind and draw you close to God. Read on!

1. “Peace” By Bethel Music And We The Kingdom

The worship song “Peace” by Bethel Music and We the Kingdom powerfully communicates the theme of peace even in times of turmoil and uncertainty.

In the lyrics, the narrator describes scenarios of fear and adversity, such as a heart overcome by fear. and being surrounded by enemies. The latter can be a metaphor for obstacles that make life difficult.

However, the lyrics evoke a sense of calm, comfort, and hope, making it a source of solace for listeners. Despite the challenges, peace is the antidote. The song emphasizes that peace is not just an abstract concept but personified. It can be found in God and the goodness around us.

2. “Find My Peace” By Naomi Raine

A song with “peace” in the title is up next. Naomi Raine sings about peace that comes from a close relationship with Jesus in “Find My Peace.”

The song, released in 2020, speaks to a longing for closeness to Jesus, who is described as the ultimate source of peace, joy, and security. The narrator years for this peace, especially during the dark times. The line “I find my peace in you” embodies the central message of the song – that true peace can be found in Jesus.

In addition, “Find My Peace” suggests that peace is not just a state of calm. It is a sense of assurance and protection that comes from God.

3. “Prince Of Peace” By Hillsong UNITED

Just like the previous song, Hillsong UNITED‘s “Prince of Peace” is about peace that comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus. In this case, He is referred to as the Prince of Peace. The title comes from the book of Isaiah.

The line “My heart a storm, clouds raging deep within” speaks to the internal storms of life we face. In Jesus can peace be found, bringing tranquility and assurance.

The song invites listeners into a place where they can worship and surrender everything to God. By doing so, they can begin the process of transformation and find peace in their hearts.

4. “Perfect Peace” By Laura Story

In Laura Story‘s “Perfect Place,” the song mentions “peace” from the perspective of God. It suggests a conversation between God and the listener, where the former offers solace and reassurance in times of hardship.

The song’s opening lines indicate a call to trust and rely on God during the dark times. This idea is further reinforced by the lines, “Though this life is hard, I will give you perfect peace.” Here, peace is described as a divine gift from God that can provide believers assurance even when they face trials.

Notably, the song implies that “perfect peace” isn’t just the absence of conflict. Rather, it is a profound sense of calm and well-being that comes from being in God’s presence.

5. “Rest In Me” By Todd Vaters

The central idea behind “Rest in Me” by Todd Vaters is surrendering and trusting in God. The lyrics suggest an invitation from God, asking listeners to rest in His presence and find comfort.

The listeners will find a message of hope and encouragement in the lyrics. The song emphasizes the idea that they can find peace in times of hardship by resting in God’s care. The line “rest in me” highlights this concept. It indicates that peace comes from letting go of worries and anxieties and trusting in God’s providence.

In addition, the song says that peace comes from having a deep relationship with God. This is the kind of peace that goes beyond human understanding and guards hearts in times of trouble.

6. “Peace Be Still” By Hope Darst

Sometimes, it’s easy to get afraid when we are tossed by gigantic waves of challenges. But Hope Darst‘s “Peace Be Still” is a prayer and a weapon against fear and anxiety.

The song promises that despite life’s storms, we can find peace through faith and trust in God. Peace serves as a fortress around our minds and hearts, protecting us even when we face obstacles. It comes from surrendering to God and saying “yes” to the seasons of life He places before us.

Also, the song is a declaration of trust in God’s providence. It emphasizes that even in times of uncertainty, we can find healing, tranquility, and calm when we trust in Him.

7. “Give Me Your Peace” By Gateway Worship

In times of personal turmoil and struggle, we can come to God and find peace in His presence. This is the central idea in Gateway Worship‘s “Give Me Your Peace.”

The lyrics depict a plea to God for peace in the middle of internal storms that the narrator is facing. The song’s opening lines say, “The storm inside it brings me to my knees, Nowhere to hide this weight is crippling.” It paints a picture of someone overwhelmed by life’s difficulties, seeking refuge and solace.

The line “Give me your peace” is a request for God’s divine peace, the kind that possesses the power to calm external and internal storms. This peace is a relieving force that can alleviate all burdens, pain, or struggles.

8. “Be Still” By Hillsong Worship

Life can be overwhelming sometimes. We face endless difficult situations that challenge our resolve. Hillsong Worship‘s “Be Still” bears the message that in the middle of turmoil, we can be reassured that God provides peace.

The lyrics tell us that God is in complete control, even when life seems chaotic. This is best expressed in the lines “Be still and know, That the Lord is in control.” This is a comforting assurance that peace can be found when we surrender control to God.

This surrender doesn’t mean inaction, though. It is about trusting that God is working in situations we can’t fully understand on our own.

9. “The Peace Of Christ” By Tommy Walker

The worship song “The Peace of Christ” by Tommy Walker delves into the concept of peace as a gift of God in times of need. It is a powerful force that holds and surrounds us, providing comfort, security, and calm.

The lyrics emphasize that the peace that comes from Christ is greater than our comprehension. However, it offers a deep sense of serenity no matter our circumstances.

“The Peace of Christ” also serves as a prayer for this peace to envelop us in times of turmoil. It tells us to open ourselves to receive this gift and allow it to guide and support us through life’s obstacles.

10. “I Speak Jesus” By Charity Gayle

In “I Speak Jesus” by Charity Gayle, invoking the name of Jesus is a means to attain peace. Released in 2021, the song is part of Gayle’s album Endless Praise.

The lyrics directly state, “I just wanna speak the name of Jesus, Over every heart and every mind, ‘Cause I know there is peace within Your presence.” What this simply says is that uttering the name of Jesus can bring calmness.

The song further suggests that speaking His name invites His presence, and His presence inherently brings peace. This peace is available to all who call upon His name.

11. “Peace” By Anna Golden

One of the worship songs with “peace” in the lyrics is Anna Golden’s “Peace.” This beautiful song portrays peace as an experience found in nature and the quiet moments of life.

In the lyrics, the narrator describes finding peace in various natural settings such as rivers, streams, mountains, and fields of green. It shows that peace is a state of calmness that can be experienced in solitude or communion with nature.

In other words, it’s seeking and finding peace in the simple aspects of life. Peace is an enduring state that one can access regardless of circumstances.

12. “Eye Of The Storm” By Ryan Stevenson

When life’s storms batter us, we can run to God and find peace in Him. Ryan Stevenson‘s “Eye Of The Storm” encapsulates the idea of peace as a state of calm despite the chaos around us.

The song uses the metaphor of a storm to represent life’s challenges, difficulties, and chaotic moments. In the middle of this, God remains in control. He provides peace and the assurance that nothing can bring us down and away from Him.

The lines “In the eye of the storm, You remain in control” suggest that we can find peace and serenity despite the trials. This peace comes from our faith and trust in a higher power.

13. “My Lighthouse” By Rend Collective

Words are not enough to express how reliable God is, especially in our dark moments. In Rend Collective‘s “My Lighthouse,” the worship band praises Him for being “the peace in my troubled sea.”

In the lyrics, the lighthouse serves as a metaphor to represent god as a source of peace, hope, and guidance. The lighthouse stands firm and unchanging, providing a beacon of light in the darkest times, just as God provides peace and hope.

This suggests that God’s presence brings calmness and serenity, even when we are surrounded by turmoil and chaos. He also constantly guides us, just like a lighthouse guides ships to safety through stormy waters.

Summing Up Our List Of Peace Worship Songs

Trails are a part of life on Earth. These can overwhelm us or bring us a heavy burden to carry around. But the songs above remind us that we can unload our burden to God and find inner peace in His presence.

Should you find yourself in the middle of life’s storms, you can go back to this list. Let the message of these songs bring you comfort, knowing you are in the presence of a divine power who can bring you enduring peace.

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