The Treble Clef

In this post we're going to be looking at what The Treble Clef is and the letter names of the notes in the treble clef.

How To Draw A Treble Clef

Here we have the treble clef which is also known as the G clef

This is because it loops and wraps itself around the note G on the stave.

Instruments that have a higher register use this clef.

Instruments like:

  • Trumpets 
  • Flutes
  • Violins
  • The right hand of the piano

Because we know that the treble clef wraps itself around the note G, we can then work out what all the different notes are on the stave.

Going up from G we have all these notes:

And going down from G we have these notes:

Letter Names On The Lines Of The Treble Clef

To help you memorise these notes it’s common to learn them by remembering the notes on the lines and in the spaces separately.

For the notes on the lines I used the phrase:

There are lots of other phrases you can use too like:

Every Green Bus Drives Fast 


Elephants GBouncing Down Freeways

It makes it a little easier to remember the notes but you could come up with your own if you prefer.

Letter Names In The Spaces Of The Treble Clef

Next, we have the notes in the spaces:

Thankfully these notes spell out a very easy to remember word so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty memorising these ones.

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