15 Of The Best Songs With The Number One In The Title

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It’s nothing new to see numbers incorporated in certain songs. Those with the number one in the title often signify triumph, uniqueness, and the pinnacle of success.

You’ll see from the list below that these songs celebrate the essence of being at the top. Some songs carry powerful messages of unity and connection. Others symbolize a special moment or an unforgettable experience in one’s life.

Today, we have compiled 15 of the best songs with the number one in the title. Read on to find out more.

1. “One Way Or Another” By Blondie

Let’s start this list with the 1978 song “One Way or Another” by the rock band Blondie. This track captures the relentless pursuit and determination encapsulated within the concept of “one.”

“One Way or Another” suggests a singular focus on achieving something. The number in the title emphasizes this determination. It’s about chasing a goal, and the narrator has plans of reaching one desired outcome no matter what.

In addition, the song conveys the narrator’s strong will and certainty for that one result they’re aiming for. This is a representation of an unwavering intent and the lengths one goes to to achieve a specific goal.

2. “Another One Bites The Dust” By Queen

One of the most enduring songs of the rock band Queen is “Another One Bites the Dust.” The term “bite the dust” means dying or losing in a game.

This song with “one” in the lyrics is all about scenarios of defeat and failure. The number in the title emphasizes the falling of individuals, one after another. The title and the chorus suggest a continuous succession of people facing some form of literal or figurative downfall.

This song is considered the band’s best-selling single. It peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #2 on the Hot Soul Singles chart. It won an AMA for Favorite Rock Single and earned a Grammy nomination.

 3. “Back At One” By Brian McKnight

The romantic ballad “Back At One” by Brian McKnight lays out a series of steps in a romantic relationship. Each one builds upon the last toward a goal of enduring love.

The concept of “one” signifies a fresh start, a return to the beginning. This indicates a desire to start fresh or reignite an existing relationship with renewed commitment.

In the context of the song, the steps leading back to one highlight the journey of nurturing a love that feels right. This emphasizes a cyclical process where love is continually renewed and affirmed.

4. “Dear One” By Larry Finnegan

Imagine receiving a letter from your beloved telling you that they have found someone else. That’s the narrative behind “Dear One” by Larry Finnegan.

“Dear One” seems to denote a special person as it’s associated with terms of endearment. It is a reflection of heartfelt devotion toward a loved one. It’s akin to saying that the person is the only one in your heart.

Surprisingly, the lyrics of the song convey heartbreak. The narrator receives a letter from his lover, telling him that she has found someone who “stole [her] heart away.”

5. “For No One” By The Beatles

Released in 1966, “For No One” by The Beatles is all about the end of a relationship. Paul McCartney wrote the song with a contribution from John Lennon.

The number one signifies that the connection once shared between two people is now gone. The phrase “for no one” suggests that the efforts and time once dedicated to the significant other are now rendered meaningful.

The number one here does not represent a position or importance. Rather, it emphasizes the solitude of a once intimate bond.

6. “One Day Closer To You” By Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Our next song is “One Day Closer to You” by Carolyn Dawn Johnson. This track is about longing and anticipation for a future relationship.

The lyrics follow the narrator, whose married friends ask her when she’ll settle down. They argue that time goes by, and there are only a few men worth marrying.

However, the narrator trusts that she’ll meet the right man at the right time. Each day that passes brings her one day closer to being with him. It denotes a countdown of sorts, where each day is a step closer to the fulfillment of love.

7. “One Moment In Time” By Whitney Houston

The sentimental ballad “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Houston was released in 1988 for the 1988 Summer Olympics. It revolves around the idea of believing in yourself despite the challenges.

The number in the title reflects the idea of an unparalleled event — the pinnacle of one’s achievements. This is the moment when the individual stands out as the best.

The song conveys the theme of seizing that “one moment” to shine after hard work and dedication. It’s about the journey to get to that time in which your unique talents are recognized.

8. “…Baby One More Time” By Britney Spears

One of the best-selling singles of all time is Britney Spears‘ “…Baby One More Time.” It was released in 1998 and became a worldwide hit. It also topped the charts in more than 23 countries.

Lyrically, the song captures teenage heartache through its relatable lyrics. The narrator realizes the mistake of letting her ex go and now wants to reconcile with him.

The phrase “one more time” suggests a desire to return to a moment or feeling. It emphasizes the narrator’s wish for just one more opportunity to experience a relationship that has ended.

9. “One Of Us” By Joan Osborne

One of the most successful singles in the mid-90s is “One of Us” by Joan Osborne. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 1995 and earned three Grammy nominations.

“One of Us” reflects on the nature of God and spirituality. The number in the title conveys the idea of singularity and unity. It suggests the possibility of God being a singular entity who might be living among us as one of us.

At its core, the song explores the idea of the divine being intimately connected to the human experience. The “one” here is a powerful symbol of the oneness of humanity and divinity.

10. “One Love” By Bob Marley And The Wailers

From the album The Wailing Wailers by Bob Marley and the Wailers comes “One Love.” Quite simply, this song encapsulates the idea of universal love and unity.

The number one reinforces the message that we are part of a single human family. It calls for people to come together with one love and one heart. This highlights the power of unity.

The line “Let’s join together and I’ll feel alright” is an invitation to unite in the spirit of mutual understanding. The song is an anthem that encourages peace and the recognition that we share a common destiny.

11. “Just One Look” By Linda Ronstadt

Released in 1978, Linda Ronstadt‘s “Just One Look” is about the instantaneous power of love at first sight. The song is from her ninth studio album, Living in the USA.

The number in the title emphasizes the significant moment when the narrator sees someone and is immediately smitten. This suggests that sometimes, it only takes one look to feel a deep connection with someone.

In essence, “Just One Look” captures that pivotal and defining moment encapsulated in seeing a person for the first time. It highlights the idea that it can have a lasting impact on someone’s life.

12. “One Sweet Day” By Boyz II Men And Mariah Carey

The deeply emotional song “One Sweet Day” by Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey is up next. This ballad is about mourning the loss of a loved one.

In the lyrics, the narrator reflects on the regret of not having the chance to say goodbye. The song conveys the impact of a single day that the narrator wishes they could have to reunite with the one they have lost. It reflects their longing for just one more opportunity to express their love.

“One Sweet Day” suggests that even a single day is enough to bring some comfort to their grieving hearts. It’s a tribute to the bond between the departed ones and those who are left behind.

13. “One Last Time” By Ariana Grande

The dance-pop and EDM song “One Last Time” is by Ariana Grande. It was released in 2015 from her album My Everything.

Lyrics-wise, the song follows the narrator who’s yearning for closure and redemption in the wake of a past mistake within a relationship. She asks her ex-lover to spend one last time with her despite knowing he has already moved on with someone else.

The “one” in “One Last Time” conveys a sense of finality and urgency. It highlights a plea for a single opportunity to make things right before parting ways for good.

14. “One” By Ed Sheeran

In “One,” Ed Sheeran uses the number one to signify the unique and irreplaceable nature of a past love. It’s about the narrator having only one person for him, emphasizing a deep emotional connection.

The lyrics reflect on his lingering feelings despite the end of their relationship. He wishes that his ex still harbors similar feelings for him.

Through the lyrics, the song communicates the message that no one else can take the place of his beloved. This resonates with the idea of “the one” in romantic relationships.

15. “One” By Metallica

Finally, we have a song that mentions “one” and explores a harrowing narrative. “One” by Metallica is about a World War I soldier who sustained catastrophic injuries.

The vivid storytelling is set against the backdrop of the war. The narrator is a victim of his wounds, having lost his limbs and jaw. He is unable to speak, hear, or see. He comes out of a coma in a hospital room and reflects on his life.

In the context of the number “one,” the song uses it to explore themes of individual suffering. It emphasizes a singular, isolated experience amid a backdrop of broader conflict.

Summing Up Our List Of Songs Titled With The Number One

As you’ve seen, songs that feature the number one in the title share a common thread. They highlight singular experiences, moments, or emotions.

From our list, the motif of “one” is versatile and universally relatable. It reflects the songwriters’ attempt to contain complex feelings and stories into a single, potent concept.

We hope you liked the compilation we prepared for you today. And if you want some songs added to the list, let us know, and we’ll be glad to add them for you.

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